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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Cincinnati, Ohio at the U.S. Bank Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

The first show after Wrestleshow was chocked full of great action.
Scotty Addams and Will Haynes started the night off. The two stars went toe to toe in front of the sold out crowd. Haynes went for his finisher "The Kush" but missed giving Addams the opportunity to counter and hit a Double Arm Spike DDT for the win.
Drew Stevenson and UTA newcomer Chris Hopper had a duel. Hopper got frustrated with the ref after nearly getting the pinfall victory. Stevenson got to his feet and nailed the "Final Conflict" when Hopper got his head back into the match. Stevenson made the cover and got the win.
Xander Hayes took on Mike Harrison. Harrison showed why he is one of the top stars in the VCW. He ended the match after landing a Shooting Star Press and getting the 3 count.
Log Habben faced Chance Von Crank in the next match. Crank dominated the match not giving Habben many chances to land any offense. Von Crank hit the "GodBooked" on Habben. He made the cover and won the match.
The Main Event. Abdul Ahad faced Ian Michaels Hate in the last match of the night. Hate beat up on Ahad most of the match. Hate seemed too cocky, Ahad was able to hit the "Isha" knocking Hate cold. Ahad made the cover and sent the fans home happy.
Worth every penny.