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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

Baltimore saw the best of the UTA and VCW in a great night of wrestling.

The night began with a solid match between Jason Spire and Elvis McDonald. McDonald seemed off his game tonight. Spire gave it his all in front of the UTA Army. Elvis got hit with "In-Spired" and Spire made the cover for scored the win.
Mickey Buchanon and Dan Benson put on a show. Benson had the momentum going his way and was able to put Buchanon away with his finisher "The Shocker". He seemed ready for his Second Round Ring King match.
Ian Michaels Hate took on Conrad Teller. The two brawled and the Baltimore UTA fans loved every second. Teller looked like he was set to put Hate away but Ian countered Teller and was able to finish Teller with a Brainbuster for the victory.
Skylar Montgomery faced current VCW Internet Champion Tommy Lipton. Montgomery showed everything he had and almost beat the Champion. He hit an Evenflow DDT but the champ was able to kick out before Three. Lipton showed why he is champ and put Montgomery away with the "Lipton Slam".
The Main Event. Sean Jackson and Mike Harrison ended the night and had the crowd on their feet. Both athletes gave it their all and the crowd ate it up. Harrison bounced off the ropes and was caught in the mug with a Big Flying Knee from Jackson. Sean made the cover and got the win.
As Jackson celebrated in the ring someone jumped the guard rail. That someone happened to be The Spectre. Jackson and The Spectre fought each other as the fans went crazy. Spectre picked Jackson up and tossed him to the outside. A great night worth every penny.