Posted by Rumor Man Stan

La Flama Blanca met with UTA Doctor Dan Paesano today and was cleared to make his scheduled appearance on Sunday's Wrestleshow.

He told me that he's been doing agility exercises and some light strength workouts. His leg seems to be holding up with very little discomfort which is a good sign.

He said, "It will be different going 100% in the ring but I'm not missing this match. I don't care if my leg fell off, I will be in Greenville no matter what."

Hopefully his pride isn't getting in the way of his health.  Blanca himself said, "Anything can happen in the ring". The possibility of a severe injury in his first round Ring King match against IM Hate has crossed his mind. "I owe it to the UTA fans, the organization, and myself to show up and give it my best, hopefully I come out the winner and advance".

We will see what transpires Sunday Night.