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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the Dean Smith Center in front of a sold out crowd.

Yet another great UTA Live Event in front of Twenty Thousand large.
Our night was started off with a match between Tobias Devereux and Tommy Lipton. A great technical wrestling match took place during this one. Devereux went for a Running Clothesline but Lipton pulled down the ring ropes sending Devereux to the outside. Tobias appeared to fall on his head and was not able to continue the match. He was counted out giving Lipton the win.
Mike Harrison and Perfection went toe to toe in front of the UTA masses. Harrison dominated Perfection in this contest. Perfection went to the outside and grabbed a chair and brought it into the ring. Harrison regained composure and was able to land a "Sunshine Superkick" into the chair sending Perfection to the mat allowing Harrison to get the pinfall. 
Xander Hayes and Ron Barker faced off and had a quality outing. Barker went for a Piledriver to finish Hayes but Hayes was able to to break the hold when he grabbed Barker's legs and pulled him down, sending him to the mat. Hayes went on to launch Barker into the ring post. Barker seemed out of it and was nailed in X's "Extacy". Hayes covered Barker for the 1…2…3.
Ian Michaels Hate came out to the ring with mic in hand. He wanted a match and the returning Chance Von Crank gave him one. The two men brawled and the crowd loved it. Hate hit the ropes looking to land a Big Boot but Crank caught Ian Michaels in a very Violent Spinebuster. Crank covered Hate and scored the victory.
The Main Event. UTA Internet Champion Claude Baptiste Ranier squared off with Abdul Ahad. The champion put on a clinic but Ahad was able to capitalize on CBR arguing with members of the crowd. He rolled him up for a pin with CBR kicking out just before the Three. Ahad looked to go for his finisher but CBR countered Ahad hitting the "Crab Drop" to gain the victory. Another UTA event worth every penny.