Posted by Rumor Man Stan

With the last few months being an up and down rollercoaster triangle in the main event UTA Championship scene, UTA management has guaranteed that at Black Horizon a single, undisputed champion will emerge from the main event to lead the company into the next phase.

In this guarantee, to ensure there can be no outside interference and that the three men have no way to introduce outside elements, the company has announced the first ever UTA Steel Hell match.

Take the ever amazing cage match and enclose it into a larger than life fully enclosed 100% steel cell, and add in that a win can only be secured by pinfall, then you have what should be the biggest match in UTA history.

A Shot of the Amazing Structure to be Erected in Miami.

Now there is talk of potentially bringing in an outside special referee to make the three count or bring in a special enforcer who would patrol outside of the cell. There is no word on if either of these possibilities have been set in motion, or if anyone has been contacted yet.