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The UTA invades Reno for another exciting live event. A taste of the VCW and many top faces of the UTA. Reno got it's moneys worth tonight.

The United Toughness Alliance was live in Reno, Nevada at the Lawlor Events Center in front of a sold out crowd.
Before the official start of this UTA Live Event there was an opening match staring members of the recently acquired VCW. Xander Hayes met Dick Fury and impressed the UTA crowd. Hayes hit the "Extacy" and followed with a pin capturing the win. Good start to the evening. Now the big boys.
Ron Barker and Dan Benson faced off picking up where Hayes and Fury left off.. Both newcomers put it all out there for the UTA fans. Barker squeaked out the victory when he caught Benson in his finisher "Perfection" out of nowhere.
Tobias Devereux faced off against Ian Michaels HateHate got one over on Devereux the last time they faced, not today. Devereux dominated and put I.M. Hate away for the 3 count.
Darian Dumont took on Log Habben in the squared circle. Habben was on his "A" game and showed Dumont why Log is the number one contender for the Internet title. Habben made quick work of Dumont and scored the victory.
Max Burke and Elvis McDonald went toe to toe in front of the sold out crowd. McDonald looked to finish Burke off with his finisher but Burke smartly moved out of the way and locked McDonald in the "Ode to Old School". McDonald was put to sleep in the middle of the ring.
The Main Event. Madman Szalinski and Yoshii put on a show in the biggest little city in the country Reno, Nevada. Szalinski seemed out matched by the mass of Yoshii for most of the contest. Yoshii went to for a splash in the corner but Szalinski moved at the last second. While in the corner Madman used the "Techmo Elbows" to perfection. Yoshii fell to the mat allowing Szalinski to go to the top rope and land a big leg drop. He made the cover and got the victory. 
Abdul bin Hussain came to the top of the entrance ramp. The former champion stared at the ring and Szalinski, the referee for the return match between Jackson and HussainMadman Szalinski stood on the second turnbuckle and beckoned Hussain to get in the ring. Hussain laughs at Szalinski and his music hits. These two will see each other at Wrestleshow. Madman exits the ring and slaps the hands of the fans. Worth every penny.