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January 4th 2016, Cleveland Ohio

 Wolstein Center, CSU Campus

13,500 in attendance

Angel Kash wrestled Ursla Areano to a 15 minute time limit draw

Amy Harrison won a three way match with MVC and Zhaliah Fears by pinning Fears after the Broken Ugly Face in 9:09

Jeff Andrews won a Body slam challenge match with Santa Claus in 11:22

Perfection pinned Xander Hayes following the Photo Finish at 13:36

Cayle Murray over Jack Hunter with the Chainbreaker at 16:41

Mikey Unlikely beat Will Haynes in a Cleveland Street Fight following a DDT onto the concrete floor in 23:54

UTA World Champion Eric Dane with Bobby Dean at ringside beat Lew Smith following a Stardriver at 26:15