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The set comes to life with two chairs facing each other, a table in the middle. With a Wrestle UTA banner acting as a backdrop, the camera begins to pan inward as Marshall Owens and Sean Jackson steps into the shot. Making their way towards their respective chairs, Marshall to the left and Sean to the right, they both sit down at the same time. Of course, both are well dressed in their respective suits and Sean is sporting the Ace In The Hole briefcase which is placed on the floor.


Owens: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Marshall Owens and as always, I'm here with Mr. Ace In The Hole himself, Sean Jackson."

They exchange smiles.

Owens: "How are you today Sean?"

The former Dynasty member leans back comfortably in his seat, the smile getting wider for only a moment.

Jackson: "Life is good Marshall, life is very good."

For a brief moment, the Dallas native raises the briefcase up in view of the camera, before placing it back on the floor.

Owens: I can see that, so how does it feel to finally have the briefcase back from that lying thief La Flama Blanca?"

The smile disappears at the mention of LFB.

Jackson: "It feels good Marshall, to finally be back in possession of the one thing that matters most to me, the Ace in the hole briefcase."

Slowly the smile begins to return.

Jackson: "To finally be back in the world championship hunt where the current champion now has to look over his shoulder twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Just the way I like it."

Marshall begins to stroke his chin, as a new question comes to mind. A door opened by the mention of the new champion.

Owens: "Speaking of the new champion, Eric Dane had a meteoric rise to the UTA World Championship. In just around six months or so, Mr. Dane was able to maneuver himself into the championship hunt and did something that nobody else could, beat La Flama Blanca for the championship. But just as you said, he now has to rely on that sixth sense because at any time..."

Marshall points to his client.

Owens: "You can cash in and become the first ever three time winner of the UTA's top championship."

Now THAT is what the Mental Rapist wants to hear. It was a struggle without the briefcase, but now he has his old mojo back and is ready to take care of business.

Jackson: "You are absolutely correct Marshall. You see, while I could sit back and pick my moment, Dane was full throttle towards his ultimate goal, the UTA World Championship. He was that object appearing in Blanca's rear view mirror, and there was no surprise as to what he wanted to accomplish. Well now he is no longer the hunter, but the hunted."

There is a twinkle in the eye of the former UTA champion. After defeating Jason Cashe at International Affair, he has that sense of entitlement that goes well beyond the Ace in the hole briefcase.

Owens: "I know you had a master plan in place, and your spot chosen for the cash in against Blanca. Why didn't it take place in Tokyo?"

Now THAT was a legitimate question.

Owens: "Why didn't you chose the Tokyo Dome as the place to strike?"

Mr. Ace In The Hole nods. Not only is he the Mental Rapist, but he's also a man who thinks several moves in advance. Anybody can play checkers, but it takes someone special to win at chess.

Jackson: "That was an easy decision to make Marshall. Once I defeated Cashe, I still had to get my briefcase back and I knew that wasn't going to be an easy task. But when I did get it, the mental preparation needed simply wasn't there. As beaten up both Blanca and Dane were, I could have cashed in..."

The Dallas native raises his index finger and wags it for the camera.

Jackson: "But what would have happened had Szalinski continued with the shenanigans? what would have happened had he chosen Dane over me?"

Definitely legitimate questions. The former Dynasty members shakes his head. It was no secret to anyone that Szalinski and Jackson had their problems in the past.

Jackson: "No, at one point I did consider cashing in. But when Madman came out in the referee's shirt, I quickly changed my mind."

In keeping with the Eric Dane topic, Marshall decides to notch it up a bit.

Owens: "Any words for Eric Dane tonight? any messages you want to send his way?"

That draws the million dollar smirk that Sean Jackson is so known for.

Jackson: "Absolutely Marshall, but it is nothing that Dane hasn't already figured out for himself. Outside of Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker, there aren't many people who know Eric Dane like I do. I know his strengths, just as I know his weaknesses."

Mr. Ace In The Hole turns his attention to the camera.

Jackson: "And when I strike, it will be during a moment of weakness. You have your enemies Dane, there's no denying that. You have screwed over so many people during the years, so all I have to do is sit back and wait. Now that you've got the bullseye on you, I can have all the patience in the world to wait for my moment, and when I do..."

Sean turns back to Marshall Owens.

Jackson: "He won't even see it coming."

Talking about cashing in is fun, but his client does have a match coming up and it is against an old foe. That being....

Owens: "Sean, you will be heading to Canada in a few weeks to face Zhalia Fears. She beat you by disqualification several months ago after you blasted her with a steel chair, and then she almost won the Ace in the hole briefcase. How can you finally dispatch this nutcase, this woman who doesn't even belong in the same ring as a superstar such as yourself?"

Ah yes, Zhalia Fears. A person the Mental Rapist has no problem discussing.

Jackson: "Come on Marshall, the only reason we are discussing this woman is because I blasted her with a steel folding chair. Sure she climbed the ladder, sure she actually touched the briefcase, but the wrestling world knows she never stood an actual chance of winning. She's a woman, her involvement in professional wrestling should be to find a man, get married and pop a few buns out of the oven."

This draws a bit of laughter from Marshall.

Jackson: "Then those kids can grow up watching video of their mom getting the crap kicked out of her by the greatest wrestler on UTA's roster, Mr. Ace In The Hole Sean Jackson."

Trying to get serious again, Marshall asks one more question in reference to Zhalia Fears.

Owens: "Well despite that fact, the two of you have a big fight coming up this December. How are you going to approach it?"

Now the Texas native gets extremely serious. Personally, he is getting sick and tired of the Fears talk and plans on putting an end to her.

Jackson: "I am training harder than ever Marshall. You have seen my workouts, you know damn good and well how serious I am taking this match. What she felt at Ring King will be nothing compared to what she will feel on December 7th when I have every intention on eliminating her once and for all."

Again the Mental Rapist turns towards the camera.

Jackson: "Zhalia, there's a reason I have held the top belt in UTA on two previous and separate occasions, just as there's a reason I have always been in the hunt. For over a year I have been one of the most consistent people on this roster and believe me..."

The former champion stands up, showing off the expensive suit and the briefcase that represents the three seconds it takes to once again become the UTA World Champion.

Jackson: "You don't acquire all this by being some woman who lives on the motto of being oh so close."

Still staring at the camera, Sean points. He is sending a message directly to his opponent for Wrestleshow 49.

Jackson: "So do yourself a favor Zhalia, find a man, marry him, and then take your scrawny ass into the kitchen. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so stop thinking you are this world class athlete and go cook for somebody..."

This is music to Marshall's ears.

Jackson: "Stop being selfish for a change."

Once finished with the insults, the former Dynasty member adjusts his suit and sits back down in his seat.

Jackson: "Sorry about lowering myself to her level Marshall, but I do believe the little girl needs a dose of the truth."

The Attorney to the stars nods.

Jackson: "She sits there, fooling herself into believing that she's something she isn't, and it takes something away from the sport I make money in. Instead of facing a worthy challenger, I have to face a watered down version of Alex Beckman and it isn't fair. I defeated Jason Cashe and deserve to move upward, instead of down."

Owens: "Before wrapping this up Sean, I need to address something that has been brought up on social media regarding your match with Cashe."

Adjusting in his seat, the Dallas native gets that *oh really* expression on his face.

Owens: "Mr. Cashe has taken to twitter and has called you a cheater..."

Sean rolls his eyes.

Owens: "Basically trying to belittle your hard fought win at International Affair. What say you?"

The response is quick.

Jackson: "Leave it to Jason Cashe to try and cheapen my win. He talked himself up bigger than life, he lived on two victories over me in a company that no longer existed, and thought the same would happen here in UTA."

The camera pans in tight on the face of Mr. Ace In The Hole.

Jackson: "But what he didn't count on was the fact he got extremely lucky in that other company, and when he faced me in Tokyo, that luck ran out."

Marshall continues.

Owens: "Cashe even went as far as to claim you won due to Benson's interference. That had it not been for..."

The Mental Rapist throws his hands up in disgust.

Jackson: "Yeah, and I responded already to that garbage. Look, the fact of the matter is that despite Cashe attacking him for no reason, Dan Benson was the ultimate professional and called that match right down the middle. As far as I'm concerned, he did a better job than any official UTA has on the payroll and that's saying a lot."

Owens: "You know, I have to agree Sean. He did the best job of all the refs during International Affairs, and deserves to be recognized."

The Dallas native nods.

Jackson: "Absolutely. But sore losers like Jason Cashe only want to tear him down, only want to cheapen his efforts because it makes them feel better. But me, I appreciate what Dan did that night, putting all personal feelings aside and calling the match like a true professional. He should be proud, I know that I am."

Nodding in approval, Marshall receives his cue to wrap things up.

Owens: We all are Sean, we all are. Well ladies and gentlemen, that's all we have for this edition of a Sitdown with Sean Jackson. Be sure to catch Wrestleshow 49 in Vancouver on December 7th when my client Sean Jackson takes on Zhalia Fears in the Main Event."

Marshall leans in to shake hands.

Owens: "Good luck Sean, even tho you won't be needing it."

Accepting the handshake Mr. Ace In The Hole smiles.

Jackson: "Thanks again Marshall."