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LIVE from Detroit Michigan the fWo presented Sunday Slaughter to a capacity crowd. Questions were in the air as to the status of the fWo Internet title, and the show started right off with the Flying Frenchie marching to the ring, alone, with a look of determination on his face.

Internet Title Decision

Internet Title Decision

The Flying Frenchie got into the ring, and called out the commissioner of the fWo, Mr. Beaven. The Frenchie waited uncomfortably while he made his way to ringside, looking and acting uncomfortable with the situation. Travis carried with him the fWo Internet title, and took the microphone. Travis told the Frenchie and the crowd that he had watched the match, and agreed that the victory by Austin Davis was underhanded, and was not a fair pinfall. As the Frenchie grabbed for his title Travis went on to say that he had also spoken with the referee, and that in the interest of stability with the fWo officals union, he must yeild to the referee's ruling for the match. With that Travis called out Austin Davis, who came to the ring with a giant smirk on his face. Travis handed the title to Davis, but before Davis could grab it announced that because of the method used for obtaining the pinfall, a rematch would be scheduled in two weeks, at the Road To CyberSlam II house show. Travis also announced that to level the playing field, Primetime wold be assigned as guest ring announcer, and Mitch Wilson would be assigned timekeeper. Finally, he would be assigning a guest referee for the match... Chris Universal. Davis responded to this by grabbing his title, and swatting it over the head of the commissioner before stomping from the ring. Upset with the cards dealt him as well, the Frenchie spit on the downed commissioner, and left the arena angry.

Ground Zero vs. Doomsday

Finally getting to the first match of the evening, Wolf Fang and Jackhammer came to the ring along with Fyre, who had both arms around Wolf Fang's neck, and looked cautiously up at the rafters. The rafters were strangely silent this night however, and Ground Zero warmed up in the ring as Stevie Roberts and Famine made their way to the ring. Roberts at once began to insult Wolf Fang, who took him down to mat with a quick leg sweep. Wolf Fang attempted to follow up with an armbar, but Roberts kicked Wolf Fang in the groin, and followed up with a series of quick leg drops. Roberts tossed Wolf Fang into his corner, allowing the tag to Jackhammer, and kicked him in the kneecap to ground the large man. Roberts stomped the face, and refused to tag in his partner, showing an example to Scotty Cool by his performance. Roberts went to the top rope, but did not see Chris Kidman and Samuel Smooth come to ringside. Kidman grabbed the leg of Roberts, causing him to topple to the outside. Kidman and Smooth beat down the Doomsday member as Famine came into the ring to get the ref's attention, but Jackhammer grabbed the big man and piledrove him to the mat, getting the three count despite him not being the legal man. Outside the ring Kidman and Smooth completely demolished Roberts before returning backstage.

Result: Ground Zero by Pinfall

Black Panther vs. Crucifix

Black PantherCrucifix

The Black Panther came to the ring with the International Title, and held it up for the crowd as Crucifix came to the ring. The Panther was well recieved, seemingly getting more and more popular in the fWo. Crucifix climbed into the ring and the pair locked up at once in the center of the ring. The Panther won the contest of strength, and grounded Crucifix, who still holding onto the hands of the Panther slid under the legs of the Panther and flipped the Panther over. Behind the Panther now, Crucifix ran to the ropes and hit a running drop kick which took the Panther to the outside. Crucifix climbed to the top rope to perform a flying plancha to the outside, but the Panther rolled out of the way in the nick of time. Moving quickly now, the Panther quickly suspended Crucifix on the ring ramp upside down and climbed to the top rope himself. The Panther dove off the turnbuckle and landed a flying elbow on Crucifix, who tumbled to the floor. The Panther rolled Crucifix into the ring and went for a pinfall, but could only get a two count. Going to the top rope once more, the Panther attempted a frog splash, but Crucifix used the momentum of the Panther against him, rolling him up for the pinfall victory. After the match both men stared each other down, with Crucifix gesturing toward his waist.

Result: Crucifx by Pinfall

Brandi (c) vs. Fyre

Brandi talked to the ring along with a badly limping Stevie Roberts. Brandi stood in the ring, and told the crowd that she was fighting the lacky tonight, but that she knew who the crowd really wanted to see get her ass kicked, and that was Stone. Despite the fact that it was publicly known that Stone was not at the arena that night, Brandi told her to get to the ring, unless she was too gutless to show. Stone didn't appear, and Brandi mockingly called for Fyre to come to the ring. Fyre came out onto the entrance ramp, but as she did so loud wolf howls went up from the rafters, and the lights dimmed. High above the ring the Wild Thing looked down at Fyre, who at once fled from the ramp into the backstage area. Brandi was awarded the match when Fyre refused to come to the ring, and Brandi and Roberts left the ring more somber than they entered.

Result: Brandi by Ref's Decision

Machina Interview

Machina Interview

Machina came to the ring along with the rest of the Lone Gunmen, and stood silently inside the ring. Machina stood silently for some time, and finally held up a single door handle, which appeared to have purple fingerprints on it. Machina then slowly reached for a microphone, and looked at it quietly. Machina then told the crowd that he was a successful man, and a good man, and was still going to be their president. Machina told the crowd that he tried to turn the other cheek while one wrestler was dragging his name through the mud, insulting him, mocking him, and trying in every way he could to prevent his righteous work. But Machina could no longer close his eyes to the villiany of one Ultra Violet. Machina told him that it was time to take the garbage out of America, because just like when you pick a dirty, festering scab off your arm, it is time to pick the purple scab out of the fWo. Machina then told Ultra Violet that he was going to be taken out tonight, by none other than Sid Snow... and told Ultra Violet to get his ass to the ring right now.

Sid Snow vs. Ultra Violet

Sid SnowUltra Violet

Ultra Violet made his way to the ring, checking both arms for scabs and looking confused. Machina and the rest of the Lone Gunmen left the ring, leaving Sid Snow alone with Ultra Violet. Sid began to preen and fluff his hair, looking at his reflection in the shiny turnbuckle. Wondering what was so interesting, Ultra Violet walked over to the turnbuckle to get a look for himself, and at once became absorbed by the shiny metal. Sid, annoyed because Ultra Violet was hogging the turnbuckle, began to shove Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet ignored Sid, and Sid paced the ring looking angry. Sid finally charged Ultra Violet, but at the last second Ultra Violet lost interest and bent down to lace a boot. Sid crashed into the turnbuckle, and fell backward, over Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet fell backward on top of Sid, and the ref counted to three. Outside the ring Machina became enraged, screaming "I'm going to get you, Ultra Violet!"

Result: Ultra Violet by Pinfall

Cactus Jack vs. Austin Davis

Austin Davis

Cameras cut to an empty high school gym near the Detroit arena. Cactus Jack strode onto the court, where there was not even a ring set up. Austin Davis ran in behind him with a steel chair, and broke it over the back of Jack. The chair broke into pieces and Jack fell to the ground. Davis picked Jack up and tossed him into the stands. Davis then followed it up with a running leg drop, which Jack rolled out of the way and caused Davis to crash through the stands. With half his body still on the outside of the stands Jack went looking for a weapon, and finally settled on a metal trash can. Jack picked it up and dropped it on Davis' legs, causing further damage. Davis fell through the stands, and Jack went looking for the control to wheel in the stands. Jack found it, and the stands began to retract, with Davis scrambling for safety. Jack did not see Davis escape the stands, and Jack began to leave the arena. Davis ran up from behind, shoving Jack face-first into a glass trophy case. With Jack bleeding badly from the face Davis lined up a chair, and struck hard, sending Jack to the floor. As a ref came over to tell Davis to cover Jack, Davis grabbed the ref and tossed him into the wall, eliminating the ref. Davis continued to wreck havok in the arena, finally shoving the camera crew to the ground, and causing the feed to cancel out.

Result: No Contest

French Foundation vs. Dreamers

French FoundationFrench Foundation

The French Foundation stalked to the ring, all three members looking angry and annoyed, but the Flying Frenchie looked most upset. Inside the ring the three waited for the Dreamers, who made their way to the ring under a pale blue light. Oracle and the Frenchie started it off inside the ring, with the Frenchie being unusually more agressive. The Frenchie delivered a stiff German suplex, and followed it up with a running lariat before tagging in Mitch Wilson. Wilson attempted a texas cloverleaf submission hold, but Oracle was able to escape and tag in Soothsayer. Soothsayer held the upper hand for a short time, but Mitch Wilson grounded the wrestler with a drop toe hold, and applied a ankle lock submission. Before Soothsayer could tap out, Prophet entered the ring and broke the hold. A brawl erupted between all six men, but while the ref was trying to get Prophet out of the ring the Frenchie struck with a pair of brass knuckles on Soothsayer. Soothsayer went down, and Mitch Wilson covered him for the pinfall victory. All six men entered the ring again, and a brawl proceeded as the cameras went off the air...

Result: French Foundation by Pinfall