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Ha... what a Hostile Takeover we have for you this week... HA! Oh yeah... we're going to have a ONE match Hostile Takeover next week, unless I get writers. And btw, there won't be a match/writer limit, so, technically there can be a 20 match HT, but I know there won't be because I doubt you even read this little information. Oh yeah, starting now, if I feel like it, I'm going to start randomly firing people here and there, so, if you don't start activly rping, I can take you out of angles as a warning sign, and if you don't pick it up again, I'm going to take you off the list... Cappeash?
Show started off with cool flashing lights. It was the top ratings point in the entire show, because everyone loves flashing lights.

Barbed Wire Ropes Match
Sam Potright vs. Phyre

Sam Potright went crazy, but both men lost by a time limit draw, because they both can go kiss my ass. After the match, Potright continued to attack Phyre, as Wed Anderson came out with a flaming board, and hit Potright over the head with it. Nobody cared.

The board members got into a bitchy arguement, which I don't think you should read. Ford and Will were talking about screwing over Cappy, as the phone rang. Ford picked it up, and it said that the Gund Arena was booked on the 17th, and that the show was moved to the 20th. Then they got into a fight with Jamie and Evan, as Trent tried to keep them together.

Special Challenge
High Flyer vs. Shawn Arrows
Flyer eventually took this match after nailing Arrows in the head with a viagra bottle. After the match, the Devastators actually came down to help Arrows up, but Arrows shuned them away. Still nobody cared.

Psycho Jay came out and started bitching about some sort of title shot he was promised. Because the board was too busy, Rob Kestler came out from the back. He said, sure Jay... I'll give you a shot, and sorry for being a poo. Cassie then came out and vetoed that... as Evan Levine came out from the back. Levine stated that if Jay want's the title shot, he's going to have to beat Stone later tonight. Stone looked ready, as Jay was about to leave, but LiGiL came from behind. Rob Kestler, being busied by Cassie, didn't see it at all.

LiGiL vs. Nicholas Kain
LiGiL defeated Kain after Scott Stone caught Kain with the North American Championship. Normal two on one beatdown as MDK came out and saved Kain.

Pacific Title Match
Capital Punishment vs. Gerrard Heart -c-
Gerrard Heart won this matchup after the rules were stated that Capital Punishment had to do all this stuff that was stupid and crazy. Everyone booed and threw shit into the ring, because everyone hates everyone in the IWO. Gerrard Heart got on a microphone and said "Everyone hates Me, I quit..." so, I guess that's another talented rper you inflated egos decided to take out. Ha... funny games you were playing.

September 8th
Not a Night of Champions
Main Event
Psycho Jay vs. Scott Stone
Jay eventually defeated Stone, causing Evan to be very dissapointed. For punishment to Stone, LiGiL and Levine started to double team Stone. Eventually, out from the back ran Tyler Johnson, as he pushed LiGiL and Levine out of the way. The Prime Time Soldiers Semi-ruinited... but it's unknown if Stone is still with Levine.

End of crappy card.
Next Weeks Hostile Takeover
Battle Royal
Winner Recieves world Title Shot after Autumn In Hell.
Losers can and probably will be Fired
Random people chosen from the IWO.