FWO: PAIN HOUSE SHOW - 02/12/1999

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Cactus Jack vs. VL


The match was a brutal one, with both wrestlers coming to the ring and brawling all over the arena. Both wrestlers brawled up into the second stands, and then toppled over the railing and into a beer and pizza vendor. With both wrestlers bloody and broken, the ref declaired the match a no-contest. The beer was declaired okay.

Result: No Contest

Lone Gunmen vs. Ground Zero

Lone Gunmen

Both teams wrestled a solid match, with the advantage staying in nobody's corner for long. Most surprisingly was the Shocker's performance, which was domiant. However, in the middle of the match the Dreamers (Prophet and Soothsayer) came to the ring and attacked Rudo and the rest of the Lone Gunmen on the outside. Unable to make a tag, the Shocker was worn down by a 2 on 1 advantage, and was finally pinned.

Result: Ground Zero by Pinfall

Matthew Zhuk (c) vs. Apocolyptica


Zhuk came to the ring looking determined, and quickly dominated the match, making up for his loss at Warfare. Zhuk pinned Apocolyptica after a flying headbutt from the top rope, and continued to punish Apocolyptica. Briana came out from the dressing room and chased Zhuk from the ring before helping Apocolyptica from the ring, and raising her arm in victory.

Result: Matthew Zhuk by Pinfall

Austin Davis (c) vs. Darkness

Austin Davis (c)

A steel cage was set up, but both men started the match on the entrance ramp, which led to Darkness picking up Davis and tossing him into the crowd. Bleeding badly, Davis picked up a chair from a fan and broke off a leg, using it to bludgeon Darkness. At this point the ref explained that the cage was set up as a tool of destruction, and that it was not a cage match. Davis choked out Darkness with the leg, and then rammed him face first into the cage wall. Darkness recovered from this and both men climbed up the cage. Both men traded blows from the top of the cage, and Chris Universal ran to the ring, weilding a wrench. Rather than use the wrench to attack, Universal loosened the bolts on the cage wall, allowing the side Darkness and Davis were on to crash out into the fans, with Davis and Darkness crushed underneath. Coming to his sense first, Darkness picked up the cage wall, got out from under it, and dropped it back on the head of Davis. Darkness then climbed on top of the cage wall and Davis beneath, and began stomping into Davis' face. With Davis bloody and battered, Darkness covered and pinned Davis for the title.

Result: Darkness by Pinfall

Ultra Violet (c) vs. Flying Frenchie

Ultra Violet (c)Flying Frenchie

Ultra Violet climbed into the ring first, unaware that as champion there is an unwritten code that he has to come out last. The Frenchie slid into the ring, and both men went at it. The Frenchie had the upper hand, and climbed to the top rope. The Frenchie attempted a moonsault, but Ultra Violet dodged and rolled him up for a quick cover. With UV needing only one more cover to win, the Frenchie slid to the outside. The Frenchie recovered on the outside, and began to taunt UV to come and get him. UV did, and both men ran circles around the outside of the ring. As UV ran, a hand reached out from under the ring and tripped UV, who fell on his face. Acting quickly, the Frenchie tossed him into the ring and quickly covered him. With the match evened up, both men drew back to catch their breath. Ultra Violet took the opportunity to wave to the crowd, and the Frenchie delivered a superkick to the back of the head. This only resulted in a two count however, and the Frenchie attempted a submission hold. The Frenchie then waved to the crowd himself. Seeing this, Ultra Violet began to wave as well. With UV distracted again, the Frenchie delivered a spinning heel kick. Still unable to get the three count, the Frenchie attempted another submission hold. The Frenchie grew frustrated, and finally both men got back to their feet. Thinking quickly, the Frenchie pointed up the ramp and exclaimed "what's that!" UV turned to look, and the Frenchie quickly rolled him up for the pin, and the title. As the Frenchie celebrated, UV and Violet sadly walked back to the backstage area where UV discovered his car, painted jet black, with "The French Foundation" sprayed on the side. On the roof "Better Food, Better Women, Better Wrestlers", was written. Growing angry, UV shook his fist in the air with the arm that was not holding the Internet Title, which UV had forgotten to give to the ref. Back inside the arena the Frenchie began to yell and shove around the ref, who could not find the title at ringside for some reason...

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall

Scotty Cool & Stevie Roberts vs. Dark Riders

The Dark Riders come the ring together, War and Plague leading the way with Scott Taylor slinking around behind. Scotty Cool came out next, by himself, and looked alarmed. Cool got in the ring alone, while backstage some sort of commotion was taking place. Down the entrance ramp came Stevie Roberts, drug to the ring by Stone and the bWo. Stevie Roberts was tossed into the ring, and looked annoyed at this. Ceasing the advantage, War began pummeling Stevie from behind. Stevie fought back, and finally tagged in Scotty Cool. Cool unloaded on the Dark Riders, who both fell backward and out of the ring. Stevie meanwhile attempted to run from the ring, and Stone quickly grabbed Wynd and pulled up her shirt to flash Stevie. Stevie was stunned by this, and Stone easily caught up with him and drug him back to the ring. Scotty meanwhile looked to deliver a weak Scotty Dropper, but it caught War who went down to the mat. Scotty pinned War, and then attempted to slap hands with Stevie Roberts, who simply spit on Cool and walked out of the ring. Scotty Cool and Stone celebrated inside the ring as Stevie Roberts walked to the backstage area muttering "I'll get that old man... show me up will he?"

Result: Scotty Cool & Stevie Roberts by Pinfall