FWO: PAIN HOUSE SHOW - 01/29/1999

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PAIN I opened to a short video biography of mainland China. fWo stars arrived in Beijing at various times through the day, and shots were shown of the fWo superstars enjoying their surroundings. From Scotty Cool looking at the Great Wall of China, the Flying Frenchie, Primetime and Mitch Wilson taking photographs inside the forbiden city, to Ultra Violet marveling at the giant purple tapestries of the Hi-Ning Temple. The camera then converged on the mainland arena for PAIN I.

Ultra Violet vs. Total Eclipse

Ultra VioletTotal Eclipse

The Total Eclipse came to the ring to the awe of the crowd. The Eclipse looked angry and hungry, and it was explained that the small portions he had been recieving since arriving in China were contributing to his foul mood. Ultra Violet came to the ring with Violet, and inside the ring UV dangled a package of Twinkes in front of the large man. Starving, the Total Eclipse shoved the Twinke, and UV's arm, into his mouth. Yelling in pain UV began to punch at the large man's stomach, but he soon discovered that "nothing can move the Eclipse". As the Total Eclipse continued to try and eat the Twinkes and the arm holding it, the ref disqualified the big man. Thinking fast, Violet began to stare off mindlessly into the shiny ring ramp while fWo security hit the ring armed with large slabs of beef to distract the Eclipse.

Result: Ultra Violet by DQ

Austin Davis vs. Chaos

Austin Davis

The lights dimmed and fire licked up from the edge of the ring ramp as War and Plague made their way to the ring with Scott Taylor. Plague ripped at his hair as he went, screaming and cursing at the onlookers. War stepped into the ring, and pointed to the rafters of the arena, where a large "he is coming" banner was hung. The two stood watching the entrance ramp and awaiting Austin Davis, but Davis snuck through the audence and attacked the Dark Riders from behind. Davis quickly shoved Plague from the ring and then began to repeatedly kick War in the kneecap. Seeing the Dark Riders in trouble, Scott Taylor jumped onto the ring apron to confront Davis who pulled him inside the ring. With a quick twist of Taylor's arm the crowd could hear an audible snap as Davis fractured the left arm of a screaming Scott Taylor. During this Plague rolled back into the ring and caught Davis from behind in a head lock. War held Davis' legs as Plague continued to work in the headlock on a rapidly fading Davis. In a last ditch effort to stay in the match Davis lashed out with a hard kick to the face of War and dropped down to his knees, turning the headlock into a jawbreaker. Davis then attempted a cover, but as he did so the lights in the arena went out, and a large form was seen running to the ring. A moment later the lights returned and Davis was out cold in the ring with Plague's arm draped over him. A large man dressed in black was seen exiting the ring entrance as the ref counted to three. Coming to, an evil smile crossed the face of Austin Davis before he silently stalked from the arena.

Result: Chaos by Pinfall

Briana vs. Stone


As the cage was constructed cameras picked up Briana and Stone, who were already fighting backstage. The two brawled down to the ringside area, and finally into the cage. Briana took the advantage and whipped Stone into the steel side, following this up with a lariat. With Stone on the mat Briana dropped the knee and applied an ankle-lock hold in an attempt to take away Stone's ability to climb the cage. Backing up, Briana went to the side of the cage and began to climb, but Stone crashed her body into the wall, which caused Briana to lose her balance and come crashing to the mat. Stone delivered a few kicks before going to the second rope to drop an elbow on Briana. Because of her weakened leg she took too much time, and Briana moved out of the way, slamming Stone's face into the mat as she fell. Stone lay helpless as Briana applied a figure four, causing further damage to the leg. Briana then climbed to the top rope, and aided by the cage wall delivered a 450 splash onto the downed Stone. At this point, Stone appeared unconcious, as Briana began to climb the cage wall to win the match. As Briana neared the top of the cage, Stone opened her eyes revealing that she had been faking her condition, and crawled to the cage door. As Briana climbed over the top and headed down Stone quickly crawled out of the cage and won the match. Angry at this turn of events, Briana picked the steel steps and dropped them on Stone's head.

Result: Stone

VL vs. Cactus Jack


VL came to the ring with the woman's title and a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire. VL gave the finger to the fans in the crowd, who at once grew angry and began pelting her with bowls. A hearse then drove to the arena, and several attendants removed a casket from the hearse. As VL looked on confused, the casked opened and Cactus Jack stepped out of it. Both wrestlers paced each other, reluctant to lock up in the ring. VL taunted Jack with the bat, who kicked it out of her hand as he charged her. VL ducked aside, and put Jack in a headlock, but Cactus Jack powered out of it and battered VL with a running lariat and repeated kicks. Jack then clotheslines VL to the outside and signaling to the crowd he removed the ringside mat. VL sees this coming and gets to her feet, and lands a splash onto Jack and into the concrete. Laying dazed for a few moments, both get back into the ring where VL gets the upper hand with a series of kicks and suplexes, and finally lands in a flying elbow. VL attempts to lock on a pumphandle suplex, but Jack delivers a headbut and slides to the outside to recover. At this point Jack is bleeding badly from the head and arm, and VL is smeared in Jack's blood. The two exchange punches, and as VL attempts a DDT Cactus Jack blindly grabs a chair and breaks it over the head of VL and himself. Both continue to brawl on the outside, up and over the announcing table, and finally onto the casket. Outside VL works on the left leg of Jack with dropped kicks, a figure four, and a modified kneebreaker. Back inside the ring and going for a lariat, VL gets trapped in the ropes, and Jack goes to the outside to work on the helpless VL with a steel chair. Cactus Jack tries to land a clothesline but VL frees herself and rolls back and Jack crashes to the floor. As Jack enters the ring again, both chops which ends when VL suplexes Jack off the second rope and through the announcers table. VL follows up on this, attempting to land a splash with a steel chair in hand. Jack gets a leg up and strikes the chair as VL falls to the ground. The two continue to brawl around the ring until Cactus Jack and VL climb on top of the casket, and Jack attemps a piledriver. VL strikes Jack in the groin then, and delivers the piledriver herself, and covers him, thus earning the victory. Both leave the area bloody and badly beaten.

Result: VL by Pinfall

Chris Kidman Jr. vs. Mathew Zhuk


Zhuk comes to the ring to a surprising reaction from the crowd, who appeared to be behind the fWo superstar. Kidman came to the ring with the Misfits, and the four stood outside the ring and went about their usual duties there. Kidman waved to fans in the arena, and Zhuk attacked from behind with quick punches and chops, but Kidman retaliated with a spinning heel kick that sent Zhuk to the outside. As Zhuk climbed to his feet Kidman ran to the ropes and then executed a plancha to the outside, catching Zhuk unaware. Rolling Zhuk back into the ring, the two continue a fast-paced brawl on the inside of the ring, which just as quickly spilled to the outside, where Zhuk caught Kidman and drove him head-first into the steel corner. This badly dazed Kidman, who lay on the mat and was nearly counted out by the ref. Back in the ring Kidman seemed to come to his senses and the two men paced each other again before locking up. Neither man was able to gain the clear advantage, as both wrestlers continued with a fast-paced move set, ending with Zhuk catching a tornado DDT from the second rope on Kidman. Zhuk continued the attack in the corner with quick sidesweep kicks, Kidman ducks one and catches Zhuk with a punch to the jaw. Kidman then trapped Zhuk in a sleeper hold. Zhuk was finally able to escape, and attempts a sleeper hold of his own, but Kidman turned the hold into a slam into the corner. Kidman attempted a suplex, but Zhuk kicks him back and attempts a cross body which misses Kidman. Kidman attacks back with quick chops, and lands a spinning heel kick sending Zhuk to the mat. Kidman then in a rare move locked Zhuk in a figure four in the center of the ring. Zhuk attempted to reach the ropes, then tried to reverse the hold, then goes for the ropes once again. Kidman is unable to keep the hold applied and breaks the hold, dragging Zhuk back to the center of the ring. Kidman attempted to apply the figure four once again, but Zhuk kicks him away and lands a quick suplex. Zhuk and Kidman both fight to get on their feet, and trade quick blows, ending when Kidman lands another spinning heel kick. Zhuk rises goes to the corner and attempts a quick pinfall, but Kidman rolls through for the two count. Kidman then attempted a huricarana, which Zhuk counters into a face-first powerbomb. Both men trade quick pinfall attempts, and Kidman attempts to attack once again in the corner, but Zhuk uses a low blow to escape. With Kidman dazed Zhuk lines up a superkick, and lands it on Kidman. Zhuk quickly rolls up Kidman for the pinfall victory. As Zhuk celebrated his win, a siren began to wail and Doomsday came to the ring. With Stevie Roberts leading them, Doomsday beat down both Kidman and Zhuk before leaving the ringside area. An angry Zhuk and Kidman watched them leave.

Result: Mathew Zhuk by Pinfall

Limo arrives

Limo arrives

A limosine arrives at the arena, much to the confusion of fWo personel. fWo security informed the driver that all scheduled fWo stars were already in attendance. From behind the camera man unseen hands delivered a hard chop to the back of the head, and the footage was lost...

Dreamers (c) vs. French Foundation

French FoundationFrench Foundation

The French Foundation arrived in the ring first, along with the Flying Frenchie. The Dreamers then come to the ring with the lights casting a strange blue hue into the crowd. Oracle starts off with Mitch Wilson, and the two exchange armbars and stiff punches. Both men tag out and Prophet and Primetime fight, which finds the larger Prophet with the upper hand, as he attacks Primetime in the corner and delivers a side suplex. Primetime hits a quick shot to the groin, which send the big man to his knees. Primetime then works on the leg of Prophet in an attempt to take away his mobility. Primetime tags in Mitch Wilson, who dominates the downed Prophet in the ring. The Foundation continue to use frequent tags to keep fresh men in the ring, with the momentum solidly behind Wilson and Primetime. Finally Orcale is tagged in, and he finally gets the momentum going for the Dreamers. Oracle and Prophet use frequent double team moves and attacks to the legs and back of Wilson, who is trapped in the Dreamer's corner. As Primetime is tagged in, Prophet comes in as well, and Prophet uses hard chops to send Primetime into the ropes. Primetime strikes out at the leg of Prophet, which is already injured from the earlier attack. This allows Primetime to make a few pinfall attempts before tagging in Wilson. Wilson sets up Prophet and is able to pick him up as Primetime goes to the top rope and assists with a spiked piledriver on Prophet. Wilson rolls up Prophet, but before the pinfall can be made Ground Zero come to the ring and begin attacking both teams. The match quickly breaks down to a six-man brawl as fWo refs and security arrive to maintain order.

Result: No Contest

Stevie Roberts vs. Crucifix


Roberts came to the ring with Doomsday, and Roberts at once begins to taunt and flirt with the women at ringside. Roberts was wearing a shirt that read "Butt Out, Dad" and invited any of the Chinese women in attendance to go home with him that night. Roberts then looked around the arena and asked where the goofy freak he was facing was. At that, Crucifix decended from the rafters on a steel cable from behind Roberts. Roberts turned to face Crucifix, and Crucifix grabbed the neck of Roberts for a quick chokeslam. Roberts got confused to his feet, and Crucifix applied a quick Reverse Crucifix Powerbomb, and drove Roberts into the mat. Crucifix then quickly pinned Roberts as the rest of Doomsday looked on uncertainly.

Result: Crucifix by Pinfall

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Ice

Flying Frenchie (c)Ice

Ice came to the ring and quickly grabbed the microphone from Matt Panzer's hands. Ice told the crowd that he too was upset at Scott Slugger's injury, and told the crowd that he was going to make certain he "visited" him at the hospital at the first opportunity he had. Ice then smirked, and told the Frenchie to get his frog ass to the ring. The Frenchie came, but along with James Armstrong, who was wearing a ref's uniform and was announced to be the guest ref for the evening. Ice grew angry at this, and at once started the match with a hard shove of the Frenchie to the outside. As the Frenchie tried to get to his feet, James Armstrong applied the count, but seemed to lose track of what number came after "2". Back in the ring Ice whiped the Frenchie into the ropes, but before Ice could deliver a lariat, James Armsrong informed Ice that he had to check him for weapons. A frustrated Ice submited to this, and the Frenchie quickly climbed to the top rope and executed a flying dropkick. The Frenchie then went to the outside for a steel chair, and wacked Ice over the head with it. During this, James Armstrong discovered a spot on his shoe and polished it, oblivious to the actions inside the ring. Ice recovered and hammered away with body blows to the champion, and finally went for a cover, but James Armstrong was out of position. Growing frustrated, Ice attempted a series of suplexes, but could not get the three count due largely to James Armstrong's poor counting skills. Ice finally grabbed Armstrong and informed him that he was going to hurt Scott Slugger, bad, if Armstrong didn't count correctly. Armstrong promised he would count better, and Ice then set the Frenchie up for a piledriver. However, James Armstrong informed Ice that he had to check the Frenchie for weapons to be fair. Angry, Ice stalked the ring as Armstrong frisked the Frenchie, and then seemed to actually hand the Frenchie a pair of brass knuckles. As Ice went for the move again, the Frenchie clocked Ice with the knuckles and rolled him up. True to his word, James counted (much) more quickly, and awarded the match to the Frenchie. Angry at this turn of events, Ice grabbed Armstrong and began to repeatedly chokeslam him to the canvas. Seeing this, the Frenchie escaped out of the ring, leaving James to get mauled by Ice.

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall

Scotty Cool (c) vs. Darkness


Darkness came to the ring with the arena in total black light. Darkness stood in the ring stoicly and awaited the arrival of Scotty Cool. Scotty came to the ring looking haggard and concerned, obviously showing the multiple pressures on his mind. Scotty Cool entered the ring, and the two men stared at each other. Previously, the two had faced in their respective tag teams, but now the match was for the World Title and the two quickly locked up. The match began with punching in the center of the ring, with Cool taking the advantage and tossing Darkness into the corner. Cool mounts a strong ground attack but is unable to keep Darkness on the mat, and the two fall to the outside. Brawling around the ring, Cool attempts to slam Darkness' head into the steel steps but Darkness was able to reverse it and slam Cool's head instead. Darkness applies a choke hold on Cool, but Cool was still too active and thus Darkness slammed him to the arena floor instead. Back in the ring Darkness tossed Cool into the ropes, and Cool got tangled up there. Darkness laughed, and repeatedly kicked the head of the helpless Cool as the ref attempted to free him. Cool began to bleed badly from his forehead, and showed signs of nearing unconciousness. With Cool untied Darkness continued to attack inside the ring with combinations of punches, kicks and undercuts, with the occasional use of a suplex or scoop slam. Cool was helpless, and Darkness finally readied Cool for a Powerslam. As he did so, the crowd rose as Cactus Jon slowly made his way to the ring. Darkness turned to confront Jon and wave him back to the backstage area. In a desperation move, Cool grabbed the leg of Darkness and pitched him over, grabbing the legs for a quick surprise pinfall. Cool then fell back as his name was announced the winner, and Darkness looked on in disgust. Cactus Jon then looked back up the entrance ramp, and signaled. From the top of the entrance ramp came eight previously unseen wrestlers to the ring, and Cactus Jon grabbed a microphone. Jon informed Cool, Darkness, the crowd and the fWo that he had brought along a few "friends". Jon then ripped off his fWo shirt revealing a "TCW" shirt underneath, and introduced the crowd to Eron the Relentless, "Mr. Moneybags" Scott Wasner, Tom the Bomb, Jason Funk, "The Origianal" Mike Bear, The Foreign Phantom, Street Doggy and Frank "Leatherman" Snow. The wrestlers jumped into the ring and began to attack the already tired Cool and Darkness. fWo wrestlers and security hit the ring, as chaos broke loose on the arena and the cameras went off the air...

Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall