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WARPED85: 4 Year Anniversary - 3/8/14 - Wichita, KS - Wichita Ballroom

Main Event - Evolution Championship
Adam Stryker(c) vs. Mr. Rottentreats
-Adam Stryker was victorious in a tournament for the vacated Evolution Title after Mr. Rottentreats suffered an injury out of the country and was unable to make it back to defend the title. He insists he's still the champion. We'll find out.

Former Stablemates Collide - FnX Rules
William Wallace vs. Crowbar
-AbominationZ has been banned from WARPED by Joey Matthew. Two of the former members will face off in the barbaric confines of F'n Xtreme rules. The World Title will not be on the line, per the ruling of Joey Matthew.

Singles Grudge Match
Hugo Strange vs. Jason Richards
-After Hugo eliminated Jason Richards in the Cover Charge Combat Match, Richards was none too happy. In fact, some say that it was the distraction from Richards that allowed Cameron MacNichol to eliminate Hugo Strange. These two will settle things in a singles match.

Singles Match
Cameron MacNichol vs. Jason Stone

Singles Match
Anton Chase vs. Cameron Breslin

Singles Match
Seth Moore vs. Ariel Shadows
The three previous matches all feature established WARPED talent Cameron MacNichol, Anton Chase, and Seth Moore, taking on newcomers to the company in Jason Stone, Cameron Breslin, and Ariel Shadows.

Pre-Show Match:
The scheduled pre-show match of Ariel Shadows vs Seth Moore was abruptly stopped for two reasons - a giant sheep and a giant fork. That's right, SHEEP SHEEP brought back hardcore forking. As the two combatants were prepared to square off in a match that was only for the live crowd, the giant SHEEP SHEEP appeared with a giant FOAM FORK and chased around Seth Moore, Ariel Shadows, and even the referee. Not only did he playfully tap each person with the FOAM FORK on their heads, chest, legs and faaaaaaace, but SHEEP SHEEP also insisted on attempting to put said FOAM FORK up Seth Moore's rear end.

Old MacDonald had a farm but SHEEP SHEEP had a fork, ee-ii-ee-ii-ooh no..

SHEEP SHEEP chased Seth Moore around the ring while Ariel Shadows, while trying her best to take this seriously, broke down and died laughing. She didn't literally die, and thankfully nobody did, but its fair to say that this was a well thought out plan that was executed to perfection by the cuddly costume-wearing person known as SHEEP SHEEP and his FOAM FORK! #BringBackHardcoreForking indeed... now everyone needs a shower.

WARPED85: 4 Year Anniversary - 3/8/14 - Wichita, KS - Wichita Ballroom

Thank you for your purchase of this WARPED Wrestling DVD "WARPED85: 4 Year Anniversary"


DVD Extra: Joey Matthew's Pre-Show Speech

Seated at his brown desk, with laptop, coffee cup, pencils and paper atop it, and a big plant behind him next to the window overlooking the snowy Wichita day, is President Joey Matthew. In casual white v-neck shirt and black dress coat, Joey smiles as he begins to address the roster.

President Joey Matthew: "To the men and women that make up the WARPED Wrestling roster, hello. I'll keep this as short as possible. This isn't pre-thought out. This isn't scripted. This is just the words coming out of my mouth at the time. So, if I forget something, hey, don't hold it against me, right? Heh..

I just want you all to know that I thank you for your support in this shitty time. Two months off with not much information given? Yeah, that's awful. Yet here you are, ready to fight. Ready to cut those promos. Ready to interact. I love it. This place has a passion that I've not seen for a long, long time in any fed out there. We all have grown together over the years, and been there during each other's highs and lows. We're a family. I'm so proud to run this fed as best as I possibly can (except those last couple months..) and I am thrilled that you're sticking with us.

We've got plans coming up after the Wichita show that will kick off our new style of touring, something we mentioned a couple months back in a press release. Also, we're heading back to the UK and we're going to do a joint show with FRONTIER again. Now that the original owner is back in charge, I can't wait to take part in that again.

No bullshit here - we're in a rebuilding phase. That's my fault, I admit it. But I can't rebuild without you. We need to get our fed's name out there on the news sites, on Twitter, on every platform possible. We need new faces to see what we're doing. We need old fans to come back and realize we're still alive and kicking out at twoooooo~! Please, if possible, do your part to help us rebuild. We need to freshen up the roster. Recently, we've added four new talents to the family, and that's great! But we need more. Trust me, I've noticed, as much as you have, that the match-ups started to get stale. Everyone can only face each other so many times before it gets stagnant. Let's keep that from happening, and let's get that new member initiative started.

So, in closing, I want to again thank you all for your continued support, and I want you all to know that this Saturday in Wichita is a huge event for us - because come on, how many companies reach it to four years? We have. You have. Be proud of that. Now, let's kick some ass."

Fade to black.


WARPED85 - 4 Year Anniversary

The scene fades back in to a live and rowdy crowd here in the Wichita Ballroom in Wichita, Kansas for WARPED85 - 4 Year Anniversary Show! The fans are at standing-room only in this medium-sized venue, sold out at 1,580 fans!


Opening Singles Match: Cameron MacNichol vs. Jason Stone

Randy Long: "The opening contest at WARPED85 - 4 Year Anniversary, is set for one fall! Introducing first, making his WARPED debut - from Washington, DC, weighing in at 225 pounds - Jason "The Warrior" Stone!"

Power Metal by Steel Warrior plays over the sound system as Jason comes out wearing red MMA shorts with black wrestling boots, elbow and knee pads on as he comes skipping down to the ring as he blows kisses mainly to the female fans as he slides under the ring and goes up the turnbuckle and puts his arms to the side with the boos from the crowd with the ladies cheering him as he climbed down from the turnbuckle and skips a bit while waiting for his opponent to come out.

Randy Long: "And his opponent. From Detroit, Michigan - weighing in at 200 pounds - he is 1/2 the Tag Team Champions - Cameron MacNichol!"

As the riff of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” hits the PA system, Cameron MacNichol, Tag Team Title around his waist, walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder.

Tony D: "Welcome in fans to WARPED85! This is our 4 Year Anniversary Show and we are live in Wichita, Kansas at the Wichita Ballroom! I'm Tony D and as always I am joined by Kris Red."

Kris Red: "You damn right you are, Tony D! WARPED is here; have a can of beer! Get excited, bitches! And look who we have joining us at the commentary table. Late, as usual."

Dylan Daniels: "Fashionably Late, Kris. That isn't going to stop me from enjoying some WARPED Wrestling action, is it, Tony D?"

Tony D: "No it isn't! And here we are with one half of the Tag Team Champions, Cameron MacNichol, taking on a newcomer to WARPED and the sport, as Jason Stone is about to have his first match EVER!"

Dylan Daniels: "Jason Stone sure picked a hell of a place to have his first match, Tony!"

Kris Red: "You aren't kidding, Double D. Yet, conspicuous by his absence on the card tonight is one Leon Stone. Any chance these two are related, and/or did Leon Stone get plastic surgery, a haircut, and did he dye his hair?"

Tony D: "From what I can tell, they are two very different and unrelated people."

Kris Red: "That's what they WANT you to think, Tony D.."

Dylan Daniels: "Leon Stone doesn't have the mental capacity to plot such shenanigans, Kris."

The two men are on opposite ends of the ring of each other as the referee calls for the bell to kick this match off. They lock up and Cameron MacNichol immediately backs him into the corner. He releases him and Jason Stone looks a little baffled. Cameron says 'come on, this is it' and motions for him to lock up again, and they do. The 10 year vet once again backs the 1 minute rookie into the corner and releases again. Jason sighs and slaps himself in the cheeks to hype himself up. He and Cameron lock up once more and Jason locks in a side headlock and smiles widely. His happiness is soon taken away as Cameron MacNichol escapes and hits a belly to back suplex!

Kris Red: "I've never seen someone so happy to lock in a side headlock."

Dylan Daniels: "He doesn't look too happy after beautiful belly to back by the Dirty Mac."

The fans laugh at Jason Stone as Cameron has just out-wrestled him yet again. "Dirty Mac" chants fill the ballroom in support of 1/2 the Tag Team Champs. The two men lock up in the center of the ring and Jason Stone puts a thumb in the eye of Cameron MacNichol! The fans boo and Jason once again smiles.

Kris Red: "The boy is very proud of his thumbage."

Dylan Daniels: "I might have to take this kid under my wing, Kris. That was perfect placement!"

Jason Stone runs to the corner and quickly climbs up the turnbuckles. Cameron follows after and clubs him in the back!

Tony D: "I'm not quite sure what Jason Stone was thinking going to the top so early in the match but he's about to pay for it."

Cameron climbs to the top and hooks Jason's arm over his shoulder and then falls back with a super belly to back suplex!

Kris Red: "And pay for it he did!"

Dylan Daniels: "Forget what I said about taking this kid under my wing."

Cameron MacNichol gets to his feet as Jason Stone grabs at his back, struggling to get back up. Cameron MacNichol helps him up and lifts him onto his shoulder, runs and powerslams him to the mat! The fans cheer as Cameron gets back up and puts his arms in the air.

Tony D: "This is a walk in the park for Cameron MacNichol."

Dylan Daniels: "No kiddin', Tony. Cameron is eating Jason Stone's breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!"

MacNichol calls for the clothesline from hell as Stone slowly gets to his feet. He turns around and MacNichol levels him with the vicious clothesline!

Tony D: "I imagine the other 1/2 of the Tag Champs, Mr Rottentreats, is looking on at his partner decimating Jason Stone in this match."

Dylan Daniels: "Of course he is. The Wicked Clown Of WARPED doesn't take being 1/2 of the Tag Champs lightly."

Kris Red: "What if Mr. Rottentreats knows Jason/Leon's SECRET, eh?"

Tony D: "Oh stop it."

The fans cheer as Cameron allows Jason to slowly get to his feet and that's when he locks in the Cobra Clutch!

Kris Red: "The Stranglehold!"

Jason Stone IMMEDIATELY taps out and The Dirty Mac releases the hold. Jason collapses like a sack of potatoes and the fans cheer as "NIB" by Black Sabbath hits the PA System.

Randy Long: "The winner of the match - Cameron MacNichol!"

Dyan joins her brother in the ring and hands him the Tag Team Title as the two hug and celebrate. The fans applaud as MacNichol is victorious.

Tony D: "Well that was perhaps the shortest opening match in WARPED history! I can't believe how easy Cameron MacNichol made that win look."

Kris Red: "Tony D, you know as good as I do that Jason Stone came into this fight unprepared and unaware of the trouble he was getting into. Cameron MacNichol is no joke!"

Tony D: "No, he certainly is not. Though something tells me that his tag team partner won't have it so easy tonight when Mr. Rottentreats takes on Adam Stryker for the Evolution Championship."

Kris Red: "That's right! We'll find out finally who the LEGIT Evo Champ is! Treats never got beat for the title. Stryker isn't the real champ!"

Tony D: "Well you left a couple items of the story out there, Kris. Let's not forget that Mr. Rottentreats was injured out of the country and was not going to be able to defend the title when he was needed here in WARPED, so he was stripped of the gold by President Joey Matthew."

Kris Red: "Exactly, he never got beat for the title. Adam Stryker won a lackluster tournament and pinned Leon Stone to become the champion. Big deal."

Tony D: "Perhaps if Mr. Rottentreats had been less difficult with the Joey Matthew then we'd have a different situation here."

Kris Red: "Well I don't know how different it could be. Treats has a title. Stryker has a title. Will the real Evolution Champion please stand up! Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?"

Dylan Daniels: "No comment. I wouldn't want to be accused of being biased."

Tony D: "Those two do battle tonight in our main event. But up next, we've got another newcomer in WARPED Wrestling named Cameron Breslin, as he goes one on one with a WARPED Original - Anton Chase."


A Message

We cut to a video clip of Laurel Anne Hardy with a long green fake fur coat over her ring gear, standing before a bare wall. She's wearing a pointy party hat. She pulls a popper and colourful streamers blast over the scene.

Laurel Anne Hardy: "WOO! Yeah. Happy birthday, WARPED, happy motherfuckin' birthday! I'm so, so gutted I couldn't be there in person tonight. Matches in the UK three days straight I'm afraid. But I cannot wait to see what happens because even the smallest WARPED show is the most insanely mindblowing spectacle in wrestling. For an occasion like the four year anniversary, you know there are gonna be stops pulled out that nobody even realised were on the organ. Have a good one guys, here's to the next four years, and I promise you have not seen the last of Laurel Anne Hardy in the WARPED ring!"

She blows a party horn and flashes a sideways peace sign, and we fade out.



Backstage in the locker a camera catches up to Hugo Strange and Missy Von Eerie getting ready for Hugo's match.

Camera Man: "Hugo Strange, any thoughts about your match tonight against Jason Richards?"

Hugo looks at the man and smiles.

Hugo Strange: "To be honest the only thing on my mind about is how great our match is going to be. Jason we are going to burn this motherfucker down; we are going to show each and every person that bought a ticket or the dvd why WARPED wrestling is the best in the world. Now this is an important match for me because it marks my first steps towards the WARPED WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! WORLD YOU BETTER HOLD ON TO YOUR BALLS, BECAUSE WARPED IS BACK AND WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!"

Camera Man: "We also heard that you have a big surprise. What is it?"

Hugo Strange: "After my match everybody will find out."

Hugo steps out of camera view and the scene fades.


Singles Match: Anton Chase vs. Cameron Breslin

Randy Long: "The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air as the fans boo.

Randy Long: "And his opponent- From Miami, Florida, weighing in at 174 pounds and making his WARPED Wrestling debut - "Bulletproof" Cameron Breslin!"

The arena lights dim down. A voice is heard throughout the speakers.. "Welcome To Miami" then Welcome To Miami By Pitbull hits the airwaves. Cameras pan too the stage as strobe lights focus on the entrance a Cameron Breslin makes his way out from the back wearing a Miami Jersey. Cameron grips his jersey then shakes it as he walks towards the ring. Cameron reaches ringside as he holds his hand up showing the "U" sign then he leaps onto the ring apron. Cameron turns with his back facing the ring as he shows the crowd "305" chain around his neck before getting into the ring. Cameron kisses his chain and hands it too ref then he removes his jersey and tosses it in the corner. The music fades as Cameron stretches and cracks his knuckles.

Kris Red: "Well this kid certainly has a good energy about him! Cameron Breslin. What are the odds that in the same show we gain another Stone AND another Cameron? Wild stuff. I will call him NewCameron."

Dylan Daniels: "You call him NewCameron, and I'll call him, BallerAsFuck Cameron."

Tony D: "Cameron Breslin is a rookie in this business, just making his debut last year. This is his first WARPED match tonight and he's got quite the challenge ahead of him in Anton Chase."

The bell sounds and these two meet in the middle for a lock up, but rather than lock up, Chase boots Breslin in the gut and drops him to a knee. Chase continues the assault with repeated right hands as he backs him into the corner.

Kris Red: "Speaking of Anton Chase, he's started this off with a lot of fire!"

Dylan Daniels: "If BallerAsFuck Cameron isn't careful, he'll get burned."

Chase continues to hammer away with right hands in the corner until the referee finally forces him out of the corner and off of Breslin.

Tony D: "Anton Chase, former Tag Team Champion and Evolution Champion, really doesn't seem to be taking too well to this newcomer Cameron Breslin."

Kris Red: "He's showing this kid who's boss! Smartening the youngster up, that's all."

Dylan Daniels: "I'm digging this new aggressive side of Anton Chase."

Chase raises his arms in the air and the fans boo. He shrugs them off and goes back to work on Breslin. Chase with an irish whip attempt, but Breslin counters and attempts Slice Bread #2 up the ropes, but Chase doesn't follow through with the move and Breslin lands on his feet. Chase then hits a sudden PELE KICK! Breslin goes down and Chase covers..



Kick out!

Kris Red: "What a kick from Anton Chase. We don't usually see him do that move so early in the night but then again this is the 4 Year Anniversary Show so I imagine we'll see everyone pull out all the stops tonight to impress."

Tony D: "Without a doubt, you're probably right. WARPED is in a rebuilding phase, just like Joey Matthew said at the front of the broadcast, so now is the time for everyone to step up and get noticed!"

Dylan Daniels: "Tony, if you're lucky. Maybe Joey will rebuild the commentary team and it'll be Tony D and Dylan Daniels. Canary is the new Red!"

Kris Red: "Don't flatter yourself, old man."

Anton Chase brings Breslin to his feet and backs him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Breslin hits the ropes then slides between the legs of Chase. Chase turns around and goes for a clothesline but Breslin ducks, then hits a Japanese Armdrag! Chase back up.. and Breslin hits another Japanese Armdrag! And for a third time - Chase rises, charges and... Japanese Armdrag!

Tony D: "Cameron Breslin showing off his quickness now!"

Breslin hits the ropes and Chase gets to his feet just in time to be hit with a spinning wheel kick to take him back down! Breslin with a cover..



Kick out!!

Kris Red: "Judging by the dumbfounded look on Anton Chase's face, I'd say NewCameron took him by surprise with that bunch of offense."

Anton Chase gets to his feet and Breslin delivers a gut kick and then a kick to the back of his legs, taking him down to his knees. Breslin backs up and charges in for a Shining Wizard, but intentionally feints the attack, and catches Chase off guard with a reverse roundhouse kick to the back of his head!

Tony D: "Look at how fast he executed that move!"

Breslin covers..



Kick out!

Breslin continues on his opponent as he brings Chase to his feet and goes for an irish whip, but Chase counters and sends Breslin into the ropes. Breslin holds on and Chase charges at him but Breslin gets a boot up, only for Chase to block it and kick the other leg out from under Breslin, dropping him to the canvas. Chase takes a moment to gloat and taunt the crowd, and of co urse they reign boos down upon him. He says "watch this" as he hits the ropes and charges toward a downed Breslin, but Breslin then brings his feet up and monkey flips Chase over the top rope and down to the ringside area!

Kris Red: "What a monkey flip! It sent Anton flying!"

Cameron gets up and pumps his fists as the fans cheer this newcomer on.

Dylan Daniels: "That caught him by surprise."

Cameron rolls out of the ring and brings Anton to his feet. He pushes him back into the ring and slips under the bottom rope and covers..



Kick out!

Chase grabs at his lower back as Breslin brings "The Future" back to his feet. He backs him into the ropes.. Irish whip - Chase counters - Breslin bounces off the ropes and Chase charges at him with a clothesline but Breslin ducks! Both men continue their charge toward the ropes, and as Breslin bounces off his side, Chase jumps onto the second rope and springboards back with a missle dropkick that connects in the center of the ring! Chase gets to his feet and puts his arms out, showboating to the fans as they give a light applause for that great move. Chase puts a foot on top of the chest of Breslin..


Kick out.

Tony D: "Anton Chase with a very nonchalant pin attempt there after that impressive springboard missle dropkick."

Kris Red: "I think Anton is made that NewCameron is getting so much offense on him tonight. Chase needs to stop playing around and finish this!"

Breslin starts to get up to his feet and Chase delivers a few forearm smashes, backing him into the corner. He lifts Breslin up and places him up top and climbs. Chase looks to execute a Superplex and he lifts Breslin in the air and both men come crashing down in the ring! Chase grabs his back but is able to crawl and lay over Breslin..



Kick out!

Chase grabs the legs of Breslin and stands up, hooking and twisting his legs around Breslin's.

Tony D: "Chase looking for a Sharpshooter now."

Chase isn't able to lock the move on, as Breslin balances with his hands behind his head and he twists his hips enough to roll Chase to the side and escape the hold. Breslin gets to his feet just in time for Chase to lift him up on his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry but Breslin slips out from behind and attempts a Backslide but suddenly brings Chase down on his head with extra force!

Dylan Daniels: "Nice Backslide Driver!"

Tony D: "He dropped Chase on his head with that one!"

The crowd pops at the impressive move from Breslin and he makes a cover..



Kick out!!

Kris Red: "So close for NewCameron!"

Breslin says 'that's it' and brings Chase up to his feet and sets him up for what looks to be a Fisherman Buster, and as he lifts him up, Anton Chase slips out and rolls Breslin up with a school boy but the momentum is too much and Breslin is able to roll through and escape the pinfall. Both men up.. Chase goes for a clothesline but Breslin blocks it and grabs Chase by the head for a Cutter but he runs up the middle and top ropes and flips back with Slice Bread #2! Breslin makes the cover!




Kris Red: "He tried for that earlier in the match and it didn't work out but this time he nailed the Slice Bread #2!"

Breslin stays on his opponent as he brings him up and puts him between his legs. He lifts Chase up for a powerbomb but Chase rolls through in a Sunset Flip pinning predicament..



Kick out!

Both men roll backward and get to their feet, Chase a little quicker, as he SUPERKICKS Breslin right in the jaw and brings him in between his legs, puts his arms out signalling for the Chaos Theory as he lifts him up and drops him on his face with his finishing maneuver(Styles Clash)!

Tony D: "Chaos Theory connects!!"

Chase makes the cover..




Tony D: "Anton Chase picks up the win!"

The bell sounds as Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the PA System.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Anton Chase!"

Anton Chase pushes himself up off the mat and points to his arm for the referee to raise it, and he does just that. The fans boo as Chase celebrates his victory over the newcomer Cameron Breslin. Fade ..


Later Tonight: Adam Stryker defends his Evolution Title against Mr. Rottentreats, who claims to be the real Evolution Champion


Adam Stryker: “I pride myself on being a champion.”

Camera shows us the back of Adam Stryker, where “Be a Champion” is tattooed. Then we cut to the ring, with Adam Sitting on a chair, dressed in his ring gear and “Free Bearhugs” t-shirt.

Adam Stryker: “There’s nothing better than raising a championship belt up over your head in victory. Nothing.”

We see scenes of Stryker winning titles over the past 8 years.

Adam Stryker: “What does it mean to be the Evolution Champion for me?”

We watch highlights from the match against Leon Stone where Adam won the championship, while he continues his speech.

Adam Stryker: “Pride. Honor. The ultimate victory. Being on top of the mountain.”

We cut back to the ring where Adam is facing the camera.

Adam Stryker: “It means everything.”

Back to the pre-taped footage, where we see Adam’s celebration after the match.

Adam Stryker: “I won this title fair and square. I didn’t go to some foreign country to get injured and didn’t bitch afterwards.”

Once again, we see Stryker in the ring and he slings his Evo Championship over his shoulder.

Adam Stryker: “Seriously. As your Evolution Champion, do you want a weird clown who bitches and whines about not being at the top of the mountain because of someone better than him… or do you want a guy who gets out there on every possible occasion, even if he has to travel halfway across the country, and delivers? Of course you want number two. That’s me. That’s Adam Stryker.”

He raises the belt up above his head.

Adam Stryker: “Your real WARPED Wrestling Evolution Champion.”

Fade back live to the ring...


Singles Grudge Match: Hugo Strange vs. Jason Richards

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first - from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 195 pounds - "The Lone Wolf" Jason Richards!"

The lights go out as a loud howl is let out through the entire venue the music begins to play through the sound system of the venue. He appears slowly stepping through the curtain looking out of the crowd. He begins slowly walking towards the ring as he holds out his hand as the people slap it. He walks over grabbing a chair standing on it putting on foot on the guard rail making a slashing motion across is throat. He jumps down and then jumps on the apron stepping through the ropes he walks over stepping up to the second rope he let's out a howl jumping down he begins stretching in the corner staring at the entrance way waiting on his opponent

Randy Long: "And his opponent. From Calgary... Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 315 pounds - "The Canadian Madman" Hugo Strange!"

The arena goes dark as the opening rifts to Red Fangs “Prehistoric Dog” starts to blast out of the PA system. Hugo steps out on to the ramp with Missy Von Eerie and throws both hands up in the air the crowd pops and Hugo and Missy starts marching to the ring pointing and talking shit to whoever is in the ring. As Hugo gets to the ring he throws the world title up into the ring and then rolls in under the bottom rope. Once in the ring Hugo hops to his feet and grabs the world title and stands in the center of the ring pointing and jawing with his opponent.

Tony D: "There's the former World Champion, the most successful rookie year for anyone I've seen in a long time.Hugo Strange won the Tag Team Title, Evolution Title, and World Title all in his first year here at WARPED and in his first year in wrestling too!"

Kris Red: "That's quite the rookie year, Tony D. Jason Stone could take a few notes on how to be a successful rookie if you ask me!"

Dylan Daniels: "I hate to say this about Jason Stone, but it's all down hill from here for that kid."

Tony D: "Let's not forget that Hugo is the first ever WARPED Grand Slam Champion as well. This man has done quite a bit in his short time here but tonight he faces a man who's hungry and ready to make his mark."

Kris Red: "He's a hungry, lone wolf, Tony D. Jason Richards must know what's in store tonight as he faces the previous World Title holder and a man who has been on a roll and the leader of WARPED for quite some time."

Dylan Daniels: "I wouldn't exactly call Richards a Wolf, Kris. He's pretty much just a tail."

Kris Red & Dylan Daniels: "Adam Stryker's Tail!"

Kris Red: "Jinx!"

Tony D: "Children please!"

The bell sounds and the two men lock up in the center of the ring. They struggle for control and the larger Hugo Strange forces Jason Richards into the ropes. The referee makes Hugo break the hold and he does. Richards then delivers a kick to the gut, and Strange counters with a right hand. Richards returns with a right hand of his own, and another, backing Strange into the ropes, but he immediately sends him running with an irish whip. Strange hits the ropes and grabs on to them. Richards runs but Strange back body drops him over the ropes - Richards lands on the apron! Richards tries to vertical suplex Strange over the ropes but Strange hooks his foot on the bottom rope. He then suplexes Richards into the ring but Richards lands on his feet! Strange turns around and Richards leaps up in the air - dropkicking Strange and sending him over the top rope and down to the floor!

Tony D: "What an exciting way to kick off this match!"

Kris Red: "The back and forth between these two in the first minute has been incredible! Richards got the upper hand on that exchange."

Richards raises his arm in the air and stomps the mat, getting the crowd hyped as he watches Hugo Strange get to his feet. Richards bounces off the ropes and leaps through the middle and top rope with a Suicide Senton Atomico!!!

Kris Red: "What a maneuver!"

Dylan Daniels: "I'll hand it to the kid this time. That. Was. VICIOUS!"

The crowd is on their feet and cheering as Jason Richards just hit the amazing move. He slaps hands with a few of the fans at ringside and goes back to Hugo, bringing him to his feet and rolling him in the ring. Richards climbs up on the apron and to the top turnbuckle. Strange gets to his feet and charges at the corner, clips the legs of Richards, and Richards' groin takes the impact as he drops onto the top buckle. He falls forward and lands on the mat as Strange continues with the offense. Strange drives his boot into the face of Richards with a face wash once, twice, three times, and a fourth. He now runs to the far end of the ring and returns as the fans "ooOooOOOOOOOOOH!" - Hugo with a big sideswipe boot to the face once more! "YEAH!" shout the fans upon impact. Hugo raises his arms in the air and they cheer.

Tony D: "Running Facewash from Hugo Strange. Both men are impressing this crowd in the early stages of this match."

Dylan Daniels: "I don't know why they call that a face wash. Look at how dirty the sole of Hugo's boot is!"

Strange pulls Richards out of the corner and whips him into the ropes. Richards bounces off and Strange catches him in a sleeper hold. Richards counters with a belly to back suplex! Richards gets to his feet and then hits a Standing Somersault Leg Drop!

Tony D: "What athleticism!"

Richards makes the cover..


Kick out!

Tony D: "Kick out at one! These two guys aren't wasting any time going after each other tonight."

Kris Red: "That move was cool but not as cool as the Red Star Press. Just sayin'."

Dylan Daniels: "I'll see your Red Star Press and raise you a barbwire laced Misery's Highlight Reel."

Kris Red: "Pfft!"

Tony D: "This match was booked after a little issue stemming from the Cover Charge Combat Match back at Not So Silent Night where Richards was eliminated by Strange, and not too long after would cost Strange to be eliminated. For that, neither man would go on to face the World Champion that night."

Dylan Daniels: "Being a sore loser, isn't very honorable!"

Richards brings Strange to his feet and delivers a right hand, backing him in the corner. Irish whip attempt.. but Strange blocks it and sends Richards into the corner. Richards steps up on the corner and Strange follows, but Richards backflips over him! Strange turns around and Richards goes for a kick but Strange blocks it, throws the leg sideways, causing Richards to spin around 180, and Strange executes a Canadian Backbreaker! Strange with the cover..



Kick out!

Dylan Daniels: "Forget what I said earlier, because THAT. Was VICIOUS! I can't believe he kicked out!"

Strange brings Richards to his feet and boots him in the gut. Irish whip.. Strange ducks down as Richards returns and Richards slips over Strange and goes behind with a reverse waistlock. Strange elbows his way out and hits the ropes, returning right into the arms of Richards and an Exploder Suplex!!

Tony D: "Exploder Suplex! And a cover!"

Dylan Daniels: "Jason Richards is out to prove something tonight!"



And a shoulder up before the three count."

The Lone Wolf brings The Canadian Madman to his feet and looks to go for the J.R. Driver, but Strange escapes and counters with a wrist lock. Richards rolls forward, and backward to escape, but Strange pulls him in for a Full Nelson SLAM!

Tony D: "The Moose Bomb! Great counter!"

Dylan Daniels: "BOOM!"

And a cover..



Kick out!!

Kris Red: "Annnd the Moose Bomb usually sets up The Moose Killer, that devastating Burning Hammer. Let's see if that's what Hugo has in mind.."

Hugo brings Richards up to his feet and, just as Kris predicted, he brings Richards onto his shoulders in setting up for the reverse death valley driver. But Richards delivers some rapid elbows to the side of Strange's head! He then grapevines his legs around one arm and his arms around the other and falls to the mat with a crucifix to the mat, and he holds him there for the cover!




Tony D: "Two! Just two!!"

Richards brings Strange to his feet and sends him into the ropes. He goes for a Super Kick, but Strange ducks out of the way. Both men spin around and Richards nails Strange with a Roaring Elbow out of nowhere! Richards now tries to hoist the bigger man up onto his shoulders but he can't!

Tony D: "Richards couldn't get him up for the Emerald City Flash!"

Kris Red: "That's not good!"

Dylan Daniels: "I hope he isn't regaining all of that weight!"

Richards grabs at his back and staggers to the corner as Strange shakes off the cobwebs from the Roaring Elbow. strange runs at Richards with a BIG BOOT but Richards sidesteps and Strange gets caught up with his leg on the top rope!

Tony D: "Jason Richards dodged that one and now Hugo is all hung up!"

With one of Strange's legs already on top, Richards is able to hoist Strange's other leg and body to the top rope. He turns around and pulls Strange down over his shoulder and maneuvers him up and over into a piledriver!

Tony D: "Emerald City Flash!"

Kris Red: "He found a way around it!"

Richards covers..




Kris Red: "This one is ova!"

The bell sounds! "Swear it to the sun" by Voodoo Johnson hits the PA System and Richards has won this match!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Jason Richards!"

The fans applaud and cheer as Richards gets to his feet and has his arm raised in victory. He grabs at his back, selling the effects of lifting the big man up, but he is able to stand tall and celebrate. He climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans as they continue to cheer him on.

Tony D: "Would I be wrong in saying that this has to be the biggest win in Jason Richards' WARPED career?"

Dylan Daniels: "Not just his WARPED career, but his wrestling career in general."

Kris Red: "Pinning someone like Hugo Strange? Absolutely no way you're wrong about that. This is big for Jason Richards and I think he knows it!"

Tony D: "Let's not take away from the efforts of Hugo Strange tonight, because this match was damn even for a majority of the time. But in the end, Richards found a way to hit his finishing move and that proved to be all she wrote for Hugo Strange."

Richards hops off the turnbuckle and spots Hugo Strange rising to his feet. Strange nods approvingly with one hand on his head and the other extended. Richards accepts and the two shake hands, satisfying the fans in attendance as they stand and applaud these two men for their efforts tonight.

Tony D: "What a great show of respect."

The crowd is cheering as Hugo gets to feets and looks at the fans and call for the mic.

Hugo: Did you guys like that?

The crowd pops.

Hugo:Give it up for Jason. That man is the true definition of a stand up guy. Jason Richards is the last of a dying breed a true class act and a hell of a wrestler give it up to Jason.

The crowd pops.

Hugo:Good glad you all enjoyed that! the best thing about what we do is hearing you people enjoying the show. We as wrestlers live a crazy life; between the traveling and having to deal with shitty promoters. Plus the drama in the back. I guess what I am saying is you fans make dealing with all the shit wroth while. Now along this journey I have met some amazing and talented guys. PKA has taught me a lot, Seth Moore my other brother from #colormeWARPED. Dylan Daniels you have been a big part of my wrestling life and personal life and I am blessed to have been lucky to have met you. Trests you bastard you have been like a brother to me and one of my bests friends thank you.

Missy enters the ring.

Hugo:Now you all know Missy, Missy here as played a huge part of my life and she has become more than a friend.

Hugo drops to one knee and takes Missy's hand.

Hugo: Missy Von Eerie will you marry me.

The crowd pops and starting "SAY YES!, SAY YES!, SAY YES!"

With tears in her eyes she shakes her head and mouthes the word "YES!" Prehistoric dog starts to blast through the house PA system as they embrace and kiss and the crowd cheers.

Tony D: "Wow, a proposal! And she said yes!"

Kris Red: "Well a big congratulations to those two lovebirds."

Dylan Daniels: "Can you feel the love tonight? I can. I feel it."




Fade into Mr. Rottentreats in front of a mirror, painting around his eye patch. Austin Sanders appears in the mirror, but out of frame. Sanders speaks and Mr. Rottentreats continues to don his battle paint as he digests the question.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Being the WARPED Evolution champion means.. A hell of a lot more to me than most think it does. It’s more than just another title to me. I remember being a teenager and tagging along with Dylan Daniels when he wrestled for Headstrong Wrestling. Those Evolution Title division bouts were the matches that kept me hooked. Those men were the work horses of the promotion. And despite what you may have been lead to believe. I’m one of the hardest working horses in this industry! I took a rib and turned it into a consistent trip to the pay winda, baby. And the fact that all three of my uncles have once lusted after this title.”

Treats opens his trench coat to reveal the freshly polished WARPED Evolution Title around his waist. He turns so the camera can zoom in on it.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Made the victory over Leon Stone so much sweeter. This Evolution title to me, is the closest link to a long standing tradition that WARPED possesses. I could sit here and list the amazing title reigns in Headstrong Wrestling, or I could drop to my knees and praise William Wallace and everything he did for this title with his reign. But, I won’t. Simply because, I’m not aiming to be the next Man With No Name, Johnny Kae, Tyler McPherson, Anton Chase, or William Wallace.”

The Wicked Clown of WARPED holds his index finger up for the camera.

Mr. Rottentreats: “I’m the first.. Mr. Rottentreats. As for the accusation of being a TSK clone, Twiztid spat it best when they rapped. I’m not a clone, I’m a Frankenstein. Created through the vision of a master mind. As a matter of fact, this monster was created from the vision of four masterminds. That’s what how the Daniels family tree differs from the Stryker family. The Stryker’s, they train wrestlers. Us? We take wrestlers and turn ‘em into monsters. Look at the work we did with Hugo Strange. Within his first year in the business, he became the first Triple Crown champ in WARPED history. And he won’t even hesitate to tell you either. Go ahead, ask him.”

Mr. Rottentreats digests another question; his good eye bouncing about as he readies to answer.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Is the main event extra pressure? Come on, Austin. You do know you’re talking to the Whole F’N Sideshow, right? Every match I’m in, is the main event of any show. And no, I’m not phased at all by any of the titles that Adam Stryker brags about. He don’t have them anymore, they don’t matter. Besides, this is WARPED. And this right here.”

The WARPED Evolution title is jerked away from the waist of Mr. Rottentreats and he places it on his left shoulder.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Is the only Evolution title that matters. I’ll even put this above WARPED’s World title. Hell, every promotion under the sun has a ‘world’ title. I know it’s been defended around the globe, and against different nationalities. But, the Evolution Title is what makes WARPED, WARPED. This, and well, me!”

A sheepish grin creeps across the clowns face as he digests another question.

Mr. Rottentreats: “How dare you even question who the real Evolution champion is, Sanders. I thought we were homies! I gotta revoke your ninja card now. You’re lookin’ at the real Evolution Champeen! And I’m going to cement that tonight. I’ve heard the accusations, bitching and moaning, blah, blah, blah! Let me ask you something Sanders. If you happened to drop everything at the request of a favor for Joey Matthew. And it just so happened you were retaliated against in another country. Not to mention whilst being in said country to defend your Evolution Title . Now, let's add in the fact that I was going above and beyond for WARPED, by defending that title whilst they're on hiatus. Then let’s say Joey unlawfully stripped you of said title.. Wouldn’t you be pissed too?”

The sheepish grin melts into a distorted frown; the clowns eyes light up.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Of course you would. I drop everything for Joey Matthew, I cancel prior commitments, I skip birthdays, holidays, national pancake day. JUGGALO DAY! All for Joey Matthew. You see, it doesn’t matter to me whether WARPED is on hiatus for 3 months or 3 years. I’ll be there when that card is announced. Simply because, I love WARPED. Hell, people wanna bring up tattoos. I’ve got a WARPED ‘W’ behind on my neck. I’ve got an inside joke between Grendel and I tatted on my ass cheek. When I'm not wearing something that covers my elbows, check out the SHEEP SHEEP that takes up most of my arm. I'll admit that out of anger, I went and had Joey Matthew tatted on my inner thigh, with his mouth wide open. Because, he can eat a dick! JUST KIDDING, JOSEPH! Bygones become bygones tonight, remember? Win or lose, I’m turning over a new leaf. If I lose tonight, which I won’t. I’ll work my way up from the bottom. Hell, I’ve done it before, and I can do it again. If I win, which I will! I’ll continue to work my way up the WARPED ladder. Until I’m at that top rung against whomever the WORLD champion may be at the time.”

The Pagliacci of Professional wrestling chuckles before answering the last question.

Mr. Rottentreats: “Of course I’ve got some soon to be famous last words. I’m Mr. Rottentreats. Not only am I a WARPED Original & the REAL WARPED Evolution champeen! I AM WARPED!! Fuck, your honor!”


Tony D: "I can't wait for that match still to come later tonight.."


FnX Rules Match: William Wallace vs. Crowbar

Randy Long: "The following contest is a FnX Match set for one fall! There will be no countouts, no disqualifications, falls count anywhere and weapons are encouraged!"

The fans pop!

Dylan Daniels: "This gentlemen, is my cup of tea. My area of expertise, if you weel. And I hope they kill each other!"

The arena blacks out as Crank begins to fill the arena. 30seconds into the song Wallace appears, standing at the top of the entrance way lit up by one single spot light with his head down. At the 4-second mark he kicks into life raising his World Title up and shouting abuse at the booing fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Randy Long: "Introducing first - from Inverness, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds, he is the reigning WARPED World Champion - William Walllllllaaace!"

As he approaches the foot of the entrance way he jumps and rolls under the bottom rope, getting to his feet and spinning a few times before taunting the fans and raising the World Championship high above his head.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Long Beach, California, weighing in at 246 pounds - Crowbar!"

"Headbanger Victimized" hits the arena with the lights pulsing a deep red. Crowbar steps onto the stage wearing blue jeans, converse sneakers, a black t-shirt and black leather jacket. He extends his arms out and soaks in the hate from the crowd, laughing the whole time before looking out and saying "I love you all, too!". He heads down the ramp, stopping at the end to look around the ring, when suddenly William Wallace comes from out of nowhere with a stiff clothesline that takes Crowbar down to the floor! The house lights come up and the referee calls for the bell!

Kris Red: "What a cheapshot!"

Tony D: "And here we go! William Wallace is wasting no time going after his former Abominationz Stablemate!"

Dylan Daniels: "What has Crowbar done to piss these guys off? First Treats, now Wallace. THE MEGAPOWERS HAVE IMPLODED!"

Wallace is now stomping away at the chest and abdomen of Crowbar while he's on the floor. Crowbar manages to fight his way up to his feet, shoving Wallace back, but Wallace pulls him in and slams him against the steel barricade that divides the fans with the ringside area. Crowbar does his best to block as Wallace delivers stiff right hands to the face. Crowbar fires back with one of his own that stuns Wallace for a moment and allows Crowbar to make his way in the opposite direction. Wallace follows, and delivers a right hand, but its blocked by Crowbar and Crowbar returns the favor with multiple right hands that rock the World Champion and almost take him off his feet. But, no. Wallace staggers back toward the entrance aisle as Crowbar continues to lay in the punches! Wallace tries to slide into the ring but Crowbar grabs him by his leg and pulls him out. Wallace with a knee to the gut, though, and an Irish Whip into the barricade, sending Crowbar back-first into it!

Tony D: "This is all perfectly legal in an FnX Match. No Rules. No Disqualifications. No countouts! Pinfalls count anywhere and weapons are ENCOURAGED!"

Kris Red: "Its brutality at its most brutal, Tony D. It's F'n Xtreme!"

Dylan Daniels: "I don't know about all of that, Kris. So far, this match is just, Fa. I wa.. I mean THEY WANT BLOOD!"

Wallace comes after Crowbar, who gets an elbow up and connects with the jaw of the Scotsman. He staggers back and Crowbar pounces at him with a quick clothesline.

Tony D: "What a hard clothesline, dropping the 3x World Champion."

Kris Red: "The ONLY three time World Champion, Tony D!"

Tony D: "Crowbar is also a former World Champion, winning that title back in December 2010!"

Crowbar pulls Wallace to his feet and knees him in the gut, then rolls him into the ring. Crowbar slides in just as Wallace is getting to his feet, and Wallace delivers a right hand but its blocked by Crowbar who then fires back with repeated right punches. Irish whip.. Wallace off the ropes and Crowbar hits a standing dropkick!

Dylan Daniels: "POW! Right in the kisser!"


Dylan Daniels: "After being dropped on his head from the top rope to the steps outside the ring by Treats, I doubt he's even at 60% right now."

Crowbar, in the corner catching his breath, looks on as Wallace comes at him. Boot to the gut from Crowbar, but Wallace is persistent now as he delivers a hard punch that, if it wasn't for the ropes, Crowbar would be down. Crowbar grabs at the back of his neck as Wallace irish whips him into the opposite corner, and charges in, only for Crowbar to step aside - and Wallace stops himself before colliding with the turnbuckle. He turns around and Crowbar goes for a spear, but Wallace kicks him in the FAAAAAAAACE and plants him with a DDT!

Kris Red: "Ouch! Right on that injured neck."

Dylan Daniels: "Wu-Tang Clan said it best, PROTECT YA NECK!"

Wallace makes the cover..



Kick out!

Crowbar rolls under the bottom rope and down to the ringside area as Wallace watches him trying to escape. He shakes his head, then rolls out in pursuit. Crowbar reaches over the barricade as Wallace approaches, and Crowbar brings up a chair and drives it into the gut of Wallace!

Tony D: "That chair shot is perfectly legal, folks. FnX Rules apply!"

Kris Red: "And how appropriate for Crowbar to be the first to introduce a weapon. The foundation of his WARPED career was built on his epic FnX matches!"

Dylan Daniels: "Pfft, I could take him!"

Crowbar drives the chair into the gut of William Wallace once more, and this doubles him over to allow Crowbar to slam the chair off his back! Wallace drops to the floor and Crowbar throws the chair aside. He brings Wallace up and whips him into the steel steps!

Tony D: "As big and as tough as William Wallace may be, I think Crowbar might have the advantage when it comes to FnX matches."

Dylan Daniels: "Are you kidding me? Wallace is a loon! He's perfect for this type of match."

Crowbar puts his arms in the air and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. He immediately grabs back at his neck, though, trying not to put too much strain on it. He spots the ring-bell on the commentary table and picks it up. Wallace, leaning up against the barricade, is unexpecting as Crowbar charges and drills him with the ring-bell!


This causes Wallace to be sent into the first row of fans! Crowbar smiles and drops the bell. He reaches over the barricade and grabs Wallace by his long, red hair. He yanks him to his feet by the hair and drives his face into the top of the barricade and it'd appear that Wallace has been busted open!

Kris Red: "William Wallace is seeing red right now, Tony D, and that impact with the barricade might open that cut even more."

Crowbar pulls Wallace back up by his hair, then manages to vertical suplex him over the barricade and down onto the floor! Wallace grabs at his back and Crowbar grabs at his neck upon impact.

Tony D: "That's a move that looked to have hurt both men."

Crowbar crawls toward the ring apron and looks under for some sort of weapon to use. He stands up empty handed, and goes to the other side of the ring to continue his search. He pulls out his namesake - a crowbar - and holds it in the air to show the fans. Crowbar makes his way back around the ring to a recovering Wallace, who boots Crowbar in the gut and hurls him face-first off the ringpost!

Tony D: "Well Crowbar got his crowbar but he might had taken too long to find it cause William Wallace is back in this!"

Wallace slams Crowbar's head off the post again and pushes him under the bottom rope. Wallace climbs onto the apron and starts climbing the turnbuckle to the top.

Tony D: "And now what does William Wallace have in mind? We don't see him go to the top very often."

Crowbar starts up to his feet as the fans get on THEIR feet to see what's about to happen. Crowbar stands and Wallace leaps off with a big Shoulder Tackle!

Kris Red: "That's six-six, two fifty-four pounds of a shoulder tackle from the top rope!"

Wallace makes the pinfall cover..



Kick out!!

Tony D: "Wallace nearly picked up the victory there, but Crowbar was able to kick out."

Both men rise up to their feet and Wallace delivers a punch, followed by a gut kick. Irish whip from Wallace, countered by Crowbar. Wallace off the ropes.. Crowbar with a clothesline - Wallace ducks - go-behind, German Suplex!

Tony D: "That's a great German Suplex, or Scottish Suplex, despite who ya ask!"

Wallace holds on, though, and brings Crowbar back up for a SECOND German Suplex!

Kris Red: "Could he be going for the trifecta?"

Dylan Daniels: "If his neck wasn't bothering him beforehand, it will be after this."

His fingers clasped together still, Wallace brings Crowbar up to his feet for yet another German Suplex to make it a three-fer! Wallace covers..



Shoulder up!

Tony D: "Such a near fall!"

Crowbar grabs at the back of his neck as he rolls onto his stomach, and Wallace looks down with confidence at his challenger tonight. Blood trickles from his forehead, down his face, but he continues on. He brings Wallace to his feet and drops him on the back of his head with a Russian Legsweep. Wallace covers..




Wallace brings Crowbar to his feet and whips him hard into the corner, and Crowbar hits back-first and staggers forward into Wallace who kicks him in the gut and lifts him in the air with a vertical suplex and he holds him there for a few seconds, before bringing him down into a powerslam!

Tony D: "Sinister Urge from the World champion!"

Wallace then makes a cover..



Thr - kickout!

Kris Red: "So close! Wallace is putting a beating on that injured neck of Crowbar's."

Dylan Daniels: "Who would have thought we'd be witnessing the AbominationZ exact revenge on themselves?!"

Crowbar starts crawling toward the ropes to try and escape, grabbing at the back of his neck one moment, then reaching out to crawl the next. Wallace doesn't let him get far as he pulls him up from his trunks and turns him around. Gut kick from Wallace, and Crowbar is reeling up against the ropes. Wallace runs the opposite direction, bounces off the ropes and goes for the SPEAR but Crowbar sidesteps and Wallace is launched through the middle and top rope and crashes at ringside!

Tony D: "Whoa, look out!"

The fans applaud as the World Champion is laid out at ringside now. Crowbar grabs at his neck as he slowly makes his way through the ropes and steps down onto the floor. He pulls Wallace up by his hair and delivers a snap suplex onto the steel chair from earlier! Crowbar makes a cover..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Falls count anywhere in an FnX match and Crowbar was close to winning the match with that one."

Crowbar goes searching and quickly finds his namesake weapon. Wallace, grabbing at his back, starts up to his feet just in time for Crowbar to come up from behind and begin choking Wallace with the crowbar! Wallace, tongue out and all, reaches for something to help him escape. Crowbar's face is filled with intensity as he pulls back on the black weapon, trying to cut off all oxygen from Wallace's head. Wallace drops to both knees, and Crowbar finally releases, and Wallace doubles over, gasping for air. Crowbar isn't done though as he grabs a hand full of hair and pulls Wallace's head back and begins driving the sharp edges of the crowbar into the open wound on Wallace's forehead! Blood gushing out more than before now as the cut gets wider and deeper!

Dylan Daniels: "We've got ourselves a gusher, ladies and gentlemen!"

Tony D: "Crowbar is in his zone right now!"

Kris Red: "This is what FnX is all about!"

Crowbar continues to scrape the forehead of Wallace with the weapon, driving it in, when suddenly Wallace cracks Crowbar squarely in the skull with that steel chair! Crowbar drops his crowbar and staggers back into the barricade. He seems dazed and out of it as William Wallace, on all fours, starts to slowly get to his feet.

Tony D: "I'm not sure Crowbar was going to stop with that gruesome punishment had Wallace not grabbed that chair!"

Chair in hand, William Wallace sets his sights on revenge. He hurls the chair at Crowbar and wraps it around his skull!


Kris Red: "Crowbar is wearing that steel chair like a F'n Bowtie!"

The fans chant "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" but Wallace isn't done as he charges in and SPEARS Crowbar, causing the barricade to disconnect!

Tony D: "There's the spear after all and with much more impact this time!! Wow!"

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" continues to chant the fans in the Wichita Ballroom. Wallace has his arm draped over Crowbar's body and the referee counts..




Kick out!!

Tony D: "Only a two count!!"

"What the HELL?" shouts William Wallace at the referee, who insists it was only a two count. This displeases the World Champion. He covers again.



Kick out!

Wallace grunts and wipes some of the blood from his vision. A fan nearby yells "YOU SUCK, WALLACE!" and Wallace shoots him a glare that nearly causes that fan to lose his lunch.

Tony D: "I wouldn't rile William Wallace up if I were that fan."

William Wallace gets to his feet and pulls Crowbar out of the wreckage and hoists him up on his shoulder. Crowbar slips out from behind and Wallace turns around - Crowbar looks for a Cutter - but Wallace shoves him face-first into the ringpost!

Tony D: "Looked like Wallace might had been going for the Highland Fling, then Crowbar wanted a KFO - and oh man!!"

Wallace then applies the Loch Ness submission hold!

Kris Red: "Oh man is right! Loch Ness submission!"

Crowbar brings his leg up just in the right spot and hits a LOW BLOW on Wallace! The fans pop as Crowbar then leaps and hits the KFO cutter!!

Tony D: "KFO! KFO! KFO!"

Crowbar rolls onto his stomach, grabbing at his neck, while Wallace lays motionless after having his face driven into the floor.

Kris Red: "Boy crowbar just pulled that KFO out of nowhere didn't he?"

Tony D: "He absolutely did but it looks like that may had not been the best plan landing on his injured neck on that floor."

"FnX! FnX! FnX!" chants the fans!

Kris Red: "I absolutely LOVE FnX matches! Joey needs to bring back that damn FnX Title so we can see these more often and I think these fans would agree."

Tony D: "I think you're right, Kris! These two men are putting their bodies on the line and no title, not even Wallace's World Title, is on the line! That's what its all about here at WARPED at our 4 Year Anniversary Show!"

Crowbar gets enough energy to crawl a foot over and drape his arm over the body of William Wallace. The referee counts..





Tony D: "WAIT!"

The referee is picked up by a giant 7 foot man!

Kris Red: "That's Gefahr! The Insurance Policy for William Wallace!"

The fans erupt in boos. Gefahr politely places the referee down, his feet touching the floor. The referee looks like he's seen a ghost. Gefahr turns around and Crowbar is standing up.. Gefahr charges and nearly decapitates him with a BIG BOOT!

Tony D: "OOH! His neck!!"

Dylan Daniels: "His neck, his face, and his ego are going to be bothering him tomorrow!"

Gefahr isn't done as he takes his big right hand and wraps it around the throat of Crowbar. He pulls Crowbar to his feet with the one hand and points at the announce table.

Tony D: "We better move!"

Tony D, Kris Red & Dylan Daniels back up from the wooden table and clear off their paperwork as Gefahr lifts Crowbar in the air and chokeslams him through the table! Wallace gets to his feet and staggers toward the big man and pats him on the back. He drops down and hooks both legs on Crowbar. The referee is reluctant to count for a moment before Gefahr shouts out something in German and he counts right away!




The referee shakes his head and calls for the bell as the fans erupt in boos. Psyko Dalek - "Crank" hits the PA System as Gefahr assists a bloodied William Wallace in getting to his feet. The referee hands Wallace his World Title and he confidently raises it in the air. The fans boo him but he doesn't give a shit. Gefahr raises Wallace's arm in the air as the referee attends to Crowbar, still laying on the destroyed table parts.

Tony D: "What a match we just witnessed, but nobody wanted it to end like that, with interference."

Kris Red: "This monster, Gefahr, which translates to HAZARD in German, was just that to this match, a hazard. Crowbar's neck could be broken after that big boot and chokeslam through the table. We need some help out here."

Gefahr assists Wallace in walking up the aisle as the medical staff rushes down the ring to check on Crowbar, who seems to be unresponsive. The medics call for more help and a stretcher is rolled out.

Tony D: "Despite the fact that Crowbar and William Wallace were a part of the most dominant and destructive stable in WARPED history, it's never good to see someone get injured like this."

Kris Red: "You're right, Tony D. Wallace hasn't changed one bit. This match started with a sneak attack, and that's exactly how it ended too."

Medics put a neckbrace on Crowbar and gently place him onto the stretcher and lift it up.

Tony D: "Well there you see the medical staff getting Crowbar onto that stretcher. Let's hope its nothing serious."

They roll him around the ring and up the aisle way. Crowbar raises his fist in the air and the fans cheer / applaud.

Kris Red: "At least we know he's conscious."

Dylan Daniels: "The WARPED Faithful just ruined a perfectly good slow clap moment with their haphazard palm smacking."

And suddenly from out of nowhere comes Anton Chase, flipping the stretcher over! The medics shout at Anton to stop immediately but he ignores them as he gets on top of Crowbar and starts punching him in his neck brace! Anton rips the neck brace off and starts stomping at his skull!

Tony D: "What in the hell is Anton Chase doing!?!"

Dylan Daniels: "Joining the WARPED vs AbominatiionZ fight a few months to late, Tony D!"

The fans boo as Chase continues to put the boots to Crowbar.

Kris Red: "Somebody come out and save this man!"

Tony D: "Who do you expect to save him?! He's spent the last two years pissing off the entire roster!"

Finally, the referees rush out to try and put some space in between Anton and Crowbar. The medic staff also try to create the barricade between the two. Anton has a sick smile on his face and he yells out "Just like I said, Crowbar! I'm not letting YOU get in the way of my quest for the World Title! This is a rebuilding phase not only for WARPED but for Anton Chase, and this is anyone's future that tries to stop me!!!"

Anton spits on Crowbar as he makes his way toward the back and medical staff tend to Crowbar once more.

Tony D: "Well that was just sickening. What has gotten into Anton Chase?"

Kris Red: "The kid said it right there, just like he did earlier this week. He realizes WARPED is in a rebuilding phase and apparently he sees this as an opportunity to get people's attention. I tell ya one thing - he sure got my attention."

Tony D: "I imagine he's got Crowbar's attention as well. I'd hate to be Anton Chase when Crowbar heals."

Dylan Daniels: "He sure as hell has my attention!"

Fade to black...



Don't miss WARPED Wrestling on tour this March and April in the Detroit area for the Murder Mitten Mayhem Tour!

WARPED kicks off its new touring concept mid-March and our first stop is in Detroit, Michigan! Thanks to our friends at Hertz Rent A Car, Pizza Kitchen, Elwood Bar & Grill, The Town Pump Tavern, Ciccarelli's Sports Bar, and Faygo, we'll be bringing four big shows to the Detroit area starting March 16th and ending April 20th with us running our biggest venue to date in the United States.

WARPED86: 3/16 - Dearborn, MI - Ford Community & Performing Arts Center
WARPED87: 3/30 - Detroit, MI - Comerica Park
WARPED88: 4/12 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore
WARPED89: 4/20 - Detroit, MI - Cobo Center

A percentage of proceeds from all events go to Detroit Nonprofits & Charities.

Furthermore - WARPED will then head to the United Kingdom to join Pro Wrestling FRONTIER with a joint show on May 4th at Olympia Theatre, Liverpool.



We fade backstage to President Joey Matthew's office where WARPED Reporter Kelly Calloway walks in with a mic in her hand and a camera man behind her. Joey smiles.

Joey Matthew: "Kelly, hi. I was expecting you. What's on your mind?"

Kelly Calloway: "Well first based on what we just saw, what are your thoughts on Anton Chase's actions?"

Joey Matthew: "Well that was a bit unexpected, now wasn't it? While he could've seriously injured Crowbar, I must say, that's grabbing the ball and running with it right there. I just hope Crowbar's not too banged up so we can all see him get some revenge on Anton Chase."

Kelly Calloway: "Nicely stated, sir. Speaking of Crowbar, and William Wallace, and really all of Abomination - "

Joey Matthew: "Who?"

Kelly Calloway: "Crowbar?"

Joey Matthew: "No the other.."

Kelly Calloway: "William Wallace?"

Joey Matthew: "No, no.."

Kelly Calloway: "Abominationz?"

Joey snaps his finger and points at her.

Joey Matthew: "Yes! That's the one. Who's that?"

Kelly Calloway: "Abominationz? The stable of William Wallace, Alexander StarrZoe, Crowbar, some version of Mr. Rottentreats, and others that have run rampid over WARPED for nearly two years now?"

Joey Matthew: "Oooh! I know. You mean the past."

Kelly Calloway: "I'm..confused."

Joey Matthew: "See, this is the 4th Anniversary for WARPED. This is a new year. This is a new start. A rebuilding phase. I'm not going to worry about the past, cause right now, its all about the future. Abominationz have been destroyed and will never be seen in WARPED ever again. I think that's clear based on the great FnX match we saw between former stablemates moments ago, and the fact that I've taken care of Alexander StarrZoe's desire to work elsewhere and ignore the company that supported him for the last few years."

Kelly Calloway: "So you honestly think that they're gone?"

Joey Matthew: "Kelly, trust me. I'm done playing those games that that group of guys insisted on playing. It's over. Tonight, we escape the past, and we evolve into the future."

Kelly smiles.

Kelly Calloway: "Thank you for your time."

She looks at the camera.

Kelly Calloway: "Back to you guys at ringside."



Main Event Evolution Championship Match: Adam Stryker(c) vs. Mr. Rottentreats(c?)

The lights in the Wichita Ballroom fade out. A spotlight illuminates a figure atop the fog filled ramp way. The opening notes of “Still Standing” by Rehab bellow through the venue.


”I’m still standin’! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!”


”I’m still standin’! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!”

The figure spins around when Danny Boone’s voice hits the PA, revealing himself to be the Real WARPED Evolution Champion, Mr. Rottentreats. He begins a stroll down to an unusual visual in WARPED; more than a few outstretched hands. The Wicked Clown of WARPED strokes his chin with a perplexed look on his face. After observing the situation he stretches his arms out to meet the hands of the WARPED Faithful that are participating.


Dylan Daniels: "A perfect example of the rebuilding process. He’s stated that he’s willing to let bygones be bygones with Joey Matthew."

The confused look on the WARPEDalo’s face morphs into joy as he approaches ringside and makes his way around the ring to even more outstretched hands. A smattering of “Fuck that guy!” chants start in various spots of the crowd. Mr. Rottentreats plays along by ascending the ring steps and thumb pointing to himself with the cadence. The now wide smiling clown swats the chant away and pats his heart before mouthing ”I Love you all!”. He wipes his wrestling boots on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and handing the WARPED Evolution title to the referee.

Dylan Daniels: "He looks so serious tonight, I guess he’s not.. Clowning around."

“Wrong Side Of Heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play on the PA. All lights in the arena slowly fade as the guitar echoes through the arena. Only one light shines down on the entrance ramp. No Adam Stryker, and the spotlight is usually his cue. Mr. Rottentreats continues to disrobe as he questions the referee. The spotlight continues to shine as Randy Long, the Referee, and Mr. Rottentreats stare toward in the entrance way.

Dylan Daniels: "I read on twitter that there was a scheduling conflict. This is the risk you take double booking yourself."

“Wrong Side Of Heaven” continues to play, no sign of Adam Stryker in sight. Meanwhile in the ring Mr. Rottentreats and the referee seem to be in a heated discussion. The timekeeper signals to cut the music.

Randy Long: “Ladies and gent..”

Mr. Rottentreats grabs the microphone from Randy Long’s hand. The referee is overheard shouting, “I’ve got to count him out, Treats!” Treats shakes his head no before tapping the microphone.

Mr. Rottentreats: “If you count him out, I can’t make claim on what is rightfully mine! Let’s give him another chance. I’ve got it on good authority that he’s on his way right now! I bet if you hit his music again, he’ll magically appear in that spotlight.”

Dylan Daniels: "Is that a sign of respect on Mr. Rottentreats’ behalf?"

“Wrong Side Of Heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play on the PA. All lights in the arena slowly fade as a sound of guitar echoes through the arena. Only one light shines down on the entrance ramp revealing.. Vaughn Ronie Jr.

Dylan Daniels: "So much for not clowning around. This kid’s the biggest clown in the bunch!"

The crowd immediately showers him with jeers, the look on his face indicates he feels the same way about them. The Purveyor of RARE Professional Wrestling Paraphernalia jogs down to the ring to have a word with Mr. Rottentreats. Vaughn Ronie Jr. can be over heard advising his older brother to let the referee count Adam Stryker out. This begins an argument that’s cut short by the lights going out.

Dylan Daniels: “Was Joey not able afford the time needed here in the Wichita Ballroom?"

“Wrong Side Of Heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play and the guitar echoes through the arena. Only one light shines down on the entrance ramp as Adam Stryker slowly walks out from the back and stands there, looking down toward the ring mouthing “Did you think I got scared, clowny?”. The crowd erupts into “So-Cal Switchblade” chants.

Dylan Daniels: "The jam packed Wichita Ballroom can’t seem to make up their minds tonight!"

He starts walking towards the ring as the song comes to its first verse. Which can’t be heard for the now dueling “So-Cal Switchblade” and “Pagliacci” chants. He enters the ring between the middle and the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle immediately; spotlight still illuminating the WARPED Evolution Champion. As the chorus of "Wrong Side of Heaven" hits, Adam performs his cut-throat taunt and then just poses on the turnbuckle with his arms spread.

Dylan Daniels: "Now, that’s intimidating!"

"Arms wide open, I stand alone. I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone. Right or wrong, I can hardly tell. I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell. I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, righteous side of hell."

Stryker hops off the buckles, hands his title over to the referee. The “So-Cal Switchblade” begins to stretch as he eyes down his challenger, and Randy Long begins the ring introductions.

Randy Long: “The following contest, is your Main Event of the evening. And is for the WARPED Evolution Championship.”

The Referee holds up both WARPED Evolution Championship titles for the crowd to see.

Randy Long: “Introducing first, in the corner to my right. Accompanied to the ring by, Vaughn Ronie Jr. He makes his way here from The Carnival Grounds, by way of tiny tricycle. He is the Whole FUCKIN’ SIDESHOW! And he is, your REAL Evolution champion! Mr. Rottentreeeeeeaaaats!!”

A smattering of “Real Fuckin’ Champ” breaks out in the Wichita Ballroom. Mr. Rottentreats mouths “Ya heard that didn’t ya, Adam? REAL Evo champ.” He throws his arms in the air as he stares a hole through Adam Stryker.

Dylan Daniels: "This crowd has quite the potty mouth tonight."

Randy Long: “And his opponent, the defending WARPED Evolution Champion!”

The wording breaks Adam Stryker’s focus. Randy Long notices and apologizes, but doesn’t correct himself. Meanwhile the row of WARPED Faithful directly in Adam Stryker’s line of set, start a “You’re a phony!” chant. Clearly referencing the twitter back and forth from earlier in the week.

Randy Long: “He comes to us from, Los Angeles, California. He is, The So-Cal Switchblade. ADAM STRYYYKEERRRRrrrrr!!”

The referee signals for the bell. Mr. Rottentreats extends his hand offering a handshake in the spirit of competition. Weary of the clown’s motives Adam Stryker smacks his hand away. Treats glances at his hand then questions Stryker. Stryker points to ringside at Vaughn Ronie Jr. The handheld camera picks up Vaughn Ronie Jr., saying “Don’t you worry about me. I’m here for your protection!”

Dylan Daniels: "It’s true, ya know! He’s golden gloves champeen, quite the protection policy if you ask me."

Stryker responds with, “Just stay outta the way!” Treats attempts another show of sportsmanship and the crowd erupts with “Shake His Hand” chants. Stryker looks at Treats’ hand, then to the crowd, and back to Treats’ hand again. The So-Cal Switchblade slowly extends, then retracts it at a moment’s notice.

Tony D: "Adam Stryker is quite hesitant to accept the handshake offer from Mr. Rottentreats."

Dylan Daniels: "Completely understandable hesitation on Stryker’s behalf. Treats is my nephew, and I still wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him."

After a small verbal back and forth amongst the two competitors; Mr. Rottentreats and Adam Stryker finally engage in a stiff lockup. Both men refuse to budge but Adam Stryker manages to back Treats into the corner. As soon as his back hits the turnbuckle pads, Treats shouts; “Get him off of me, ref! Do your job!” The referee obliges wedging himself between the two and starting the five count.


Two! Adam Stryker yells “Tell him to let go, and I’ll break it!”

Three! Treats responds with “You first!”


Dylan Daniels: "Where’s my knife?! Someone needs to cut this tension!"

Both men separate in the nick of time. Stryker throws his hands up in the air and backs away in a mixture of frustration, and confusion as to why Treats didn’t attempt something dirty on the break. Treats stays put as he eyes his competition. Both men circle the ring. In an instant their hands are locked, and they’re chest to chest in a tight Greco roman knuckle lock.

Dylan Daniels: "Good god almighty! It’s the TEST OF STRENGTH!!"

Tony D: "These guys aren't messing around tonight."

Kris Red: "Of course not, Tony D. Come on! This is the main event of the 4 Year Anniversary Show and its for the Evolution Title. No time to mess around."

Neither man is giving an inch on this hold. The crowd starts the dueling “So-Cal Switchblade” and “Pagliacci” chants once more. Adam Stryker attempts to overpower Treats by inching up on his tip toes, to no avail. Treats takes advantage of Stryker’s positioning and hooks his left leg around Stryker’s right and brings him to a knee. Treats quickly uses Stryker’s left knee to position himself with his crotch in Stryker’s face. A Cheshire cat like grin creeps across his face, just before he begins to wiggle his hips in Stryker’s face. This results in a smattering of “Eat A Dick!” chants.

Dylan Daniels: "Treats, paying tribute to his long-time friend, Douglas Divine!”

A furious Stryker nails Treats just above the belt line with a head butt. Treats drops off of Stryker’s knee and back to the mat, landing on his feet; both men maintain the hold. Stryker slowly inches to his feet as Treats shakes the head butt off. Treats jumps up to Adam Stryker’s thighs and sends him up and over with a monkey flip, following through with a pin attempt.


Dylan Daniels: "Treats looks to end this one ear.. Ah nevermind!"

Stryker bridges up with all of Treats newly gained weight on top of him. Treats uses Stryker’s thighs to pop himself into the air and drive his weight back down into Stryker’s core for another pin attempt. Stryker pops into the bridge before the referee can attempt the count. The momentum sends Treats up and over, Stryker follows through. There’s too much momentum on Stryker’s behalf for a pin attempt. Stryker inadvertently pulls Treats to his feet. Treats takes advantage of the situation and ascends the ropes while both maintain the knuckle lock. In a flash Treats is sitting on Stryker’s shoulders attempting a RottenRana. Stryker refuses to break the hold and allow the rana. Instead Treats is swung a full revolution and slammed directly into the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "Ouch!"

Dylan Daniels: "He hit that turnbuckle with his surgically repaired shoulder! Yikes!"

Stryker yanks Treats out of the corner and scrapes his forearm across the clown’s face while making the pin attempt.

Dylan Daniels: "I can’t stand him, but that’s an effective cover."


Tony D: "Treats kicks out with force!"

Another pin attempt by Stryker, followed by an even quicker kick out.

Kris Red: "And another quick pin attempt and a kick out. I love this. What a great honor for these two men to face off in the only title match at this anniversary show."

Stryker follows this with several pin attempts which eventually turns into a series of vicious cross faces. Treats finally fights to the ropes, forcing the ref to call Stryker off. Treats rolls out of the ring at Vaughn Ronie Jr’s feet, pointing toward his now missing eye patch and clutching his surgically repaired left shoulder.



Treats is rolled back into the ring by Vaughn Ronie Jr. after Stryker backs away from the ropes.

Tony D: "That Vaughn Ronie Jr. likes to get a little too involved. He'd better be careful he doesn't get Mr. Rottentreats disqualified."

Kris Red: "Can't win the title on a DQ, Ronie! Cut it out!"

Treats pulls himself into the corner and places his hands on the top ropes, telegraphing a spring up. As he hits his feet, his face is smashed with a rolling elbow. The impact sends the gauze that remained on Treats left eye to ringside. Treats misses a wild swing at Stryker, then quickly covers his face. Stryker lands a vicious right hook to Treats’ left side which seats him on the bottom turnbuckle.

Dylan Daniels: “Brutal kidney shot!"

A chant of “Stryke Him Down!” erupts as Treats covers his stomach. Stryker backs away assuredly creating some distance between himself and Treats in the corner. He motions for the crowd to quiet down. Stryker takes off full speed and leaps into the air aiming a Headhunter Kick (Busaiku Knee Kick) right at Treats’ face! Stryker catches nothing but turnbuckle accompanied by a “YOU FUCKED UP!” chant. Still favoring his side and shoulder, Treats pulls himself up with assistance from the ropes. Without hesitation he grabs a waist lock on Stryker and attempts an O’Connor roll. Stryker thwarts the attempt and uses his strength to send Treats rolling backwards.

Dylan Daniels: "Round and round he goes, when he stops.. Well he stopped."

Kris Red: "Brilliant analysis."

Treats rises to a knee, but doubles over still feeling the effects of the right hook. Stryker brings all of his weight down on the shoulder, neck, and upper back of treats with Nero’s Decay. Stryker wastes no time in covering the clown.



Treats kicks out with slightly less authority than before.

Tony D: "The effects of the match are wearing on these men, especially evident from the way Treats just kicked out."

Treats reaches up to grab Stryker from his back, but Stryker swats his hand away, than rises to his feet. Treats fights his way to the ropes through a series of boots from Adam Stryker. Treats quickly slides under the bottom rope to evade. Stryker smartly backs away, giving his opponent space to re-enter the ring. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Vaughn Ronie Jr. has caught Stryker’s attention with his attempt at getting a chant started for Treats. This is the opening Treats needs to shake off the cross faces, body blow, and being slammed into the turnbuckle. He pulls himself up to the ropes and eagerly awaits Stryker to turn around. Vaughn Ronie Jr. Points past Stryker who turns to meet Treats’ springboard lariat attempt with an Ace Crusher!

Tony D: "What a counter!!"

Stryker signals that it’s over before shooting a half nelson and rolling Treats to his back. He makes the pin attempt with another assist from a vicious cross face.



KICKOUT! Stryker is up to a knee in disbelief. Stryker reaches for Treat’s arm and he’s rolled up with a quick inside cradle.



Dylan Daniels: "Treats’ almost pulled a fast one on Stryker."

Stryker sits in the center of the ring in shock, his back to Treats, who pounds the mat in frustration. The dueling chants resurface once more as Treats crawls to the ropes. Stryker now to his feet sees Treats using the middle rope for assistance; hauls off and punts Treats in the gut. Treats rolls out of the ring, clutching his stomach in agony. Vaughn Ronie Jr. is stopped dead in his tracks as Stryker ignores the referee and follows Treats to the outside. Stryker turns his back to roll Treats back into the ring. Vaughn Ronie Jr. cocks his fist with Stryker’s back turned. Stryker turns around and Vaughn Ronie Jr. cowers behind his own arms. This happens a couple of times. Unbeknownst to Stryker, Treats is riling the crowd with a series of goofy dance moves, which will surely lead to a suicide dive.

Dylan Daniels: "Here comes one of my favorite moves, boys! Clown walk con heeeeeelo!"

Vaughn Ronie Jr. points into the ring just in time for Treats to feint a suicide dive. Stryker ducks and covers, then realizes he wasn’t hit. He looks up, to be met with Treats poking him in the eye from the apron as the front row yells, “TWO FOR FLINCHING!” The referee reprimands Treats for the eye poke before beginning the 10 count.


Kris Red: "How many friends did Mr. Rottentreats buy front row tickets for? Those guys are all about some clown business."

The clown laughs it off as Stryker wildly swings his arms about attempting find a target.


Treats backs into the corner then takes to the air landing on Stryker’s left shoulder with a running Shooting Star Press off of the apron. In obvious reference to Treats’ recent weight gain, the crowd erupts with a “FLY FAT ASS, FLY!” chant.

Dylan Daniels: "Come on, Wichita! That chant is supposed to be exclusive to me!"


Treats kicks the ringside mat in agony, while he clutches his gut. Stryker seems to be out cold as the count continues.


Tony D: "A ten count being administered by the official for this match."

Vaughn Ronie Jr. tends to his brother as Stryker slowly reaches for the ring skirt and nearly pulls it off the ring.


Treats is leaning up against the guardrail with assistance from Vaughn Ronie Jr., still clutching his midsection.


Stryker manages to pull himself into the ring with assistance from the bottom rope.


Tony D: "Stryker is back in .."


Vaughn Ronie Jr. assists the stumbling Treats from the guardrail to the ring apron.

Kris Red: "Mr. Rottentreats better break that count or his hopes for being the Evolution Champion are out the window!"


Treats collapses to his knees.


The handheld camera picks up Vaughn Ronie Jr. apologizing to Treats, just as he hoists him up and shoves him under the bottom rope.

Dylan Daniels: "Vaughn Ronie Jr. always playing brother’s keeper."

The count is broken and Stryker is already to his feet. He attempts to pull Treats away from the ropes, but the clown hangs on for dear life. Stryker attempts again, but Treats manages to pull Stryker into a Drop Toe Hold that hangs him out to dry on the middle rope. Treats takes this time to slowly ascend the ropes. Stryker showing ring awareness quickly pulls the top rope down and crotches Treats on the top turnbuckle.

Dylan Daniels: "Someone best call his fiancé and let her know, kids are not in their future!"

Stryker rises to his feet and motions that he’s about to put the Pagliacci of Professional Wrestling out of his misery. Stryker ascends to the middle rope and hoists Treats up then attempts to cross his legs. Treats fights it off and shoves Stryker off the middle rope. Stryker lands on his feet and attempts the move again, only to be met with Treats biting his nose! Before the referee can even attempt to administer the five count, Treats shoves Stryker back to the canvas again. Bleeding from the nose, the now angered Stryker charges the corner; attempting to use his speed. Treats catches him on the ascension and attempts a Gourd Buster from the top. Stryker lands on his feet, and he’s met with a diving double axe handle attempt! Stryker counters the double axe handle with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Treats is instantly sent up in the air and met with an uppercut on his way down! The Wicked Clown Of WARPED is out on his feet, but not for long. Soon thereafter he’s met with a vicious rolling elbow that causes him to collapse to the canvas!

Dylan Daniels: "So much for regaining full use of his eyesight."

Stryker in a moment of excitement forgets his ring positioning close to the ropes. He covers Treats and hooks the near leg.



THRE.. Vaughn Ronie Jr. places Treats’ far leg on the bottom rope and points it out to the referee! The crowd erupts with a mixture of jeers and cheers alike.

Tony D: "There again is Vaughn Ronie Jr. getting involved and perhaps he just saved Mr. Rottentreats from losing this match."

Stryker can’t believe it! Right away he notices where Vaughn Ronie Jr. is and slides out of the ring. Vaughn Ronie Jr. back pedals around one corner of the ring. The ref starts the count.

Dylan Daniels: "Stryker needs to stay focused on the task at hand!"



Dylan Daniels: "Vaughn Ronie Jr. Is proving this isn’t his first rodeo with immaculate back pedaling skills.”


Kris Red: "Run, Junior!"



A seething Stryker closes in on a cowering Vaughn Ronie Jr.


Vaughn Ronie Jr. continues to back pedal in fear, until he trips over the ring steps!


Kris Red: "Ohhhh..boy.."

Vaughn Ronie Jr. quickly scoots backward, but Stryker is even closer.

Tony D: "Meanwhile the ref is counting Stryker out an-"

SE…. Out of nowhere, Treats once again lands on Stryker’s left shoulder, saving his younger brother with a Bermuda Triangle Moonsault. Vaughn Ronie Jr. quickly thanks his lucky stars before assisting his brother back in the ring. Treats reverts to his old ways by unwrapping his wrist tape and tossing it aside for the referee to pick up. Vaughn Ronie Jr. rolls Stryker in while the referee is distracted by the litter. Treats makes sure to put himself between Stryker and the ropes. The clown slowly attempts a pin, making sure to drag the wrist tape across the bridge of Stryker’s nose. He violently hooks a leg.



Dylan Daniels: "He missed a perfectly great opportunity to put his feet on the ropes!"

Treats shrugs it off and receipts Stryker with a series of cross faces of his own. Vaughn Ronie Jr. jumps up on the apron and begins to berate the referee. Treats takes this as his signal to unwrap the rest of his wrist tape and choke Stryker with it. The dueling chants start up again, this time the “So-Cal Switchblade” chant over powers “Pagliacci”. Treats pulls Stryker to his feet and hooks his right leg. He waves his arm in the air telegraphing a Swinging Fisherman Suplex. Stryker thwarts the attempt by holding onto Treats’ tights. Stryker manages to free his leg and land a picture perfect, tights assisted Fisherman Suplex of his own. The referee reprimands Stryker for grabbing the tights. Stryker responds with “JUST COUNT!!”



Dylan Daniels: "The biggest factor in that pin attempt, was the referee. Stryker had no right to yell at that poor referee."

Tony D: "To be fair, I imagine Stryker is a bit frustrated at this point with the continued interference from Vaughn Ronie Jr!"

Stryker is in disbelief at the sudden kick out from Treats; as well as the “Rottentreats” chant that suddenly begins to swell within the confines of the Wichita Ballroom. In a shocking twist, the crowd is making an attempt to rally WARPED’s most hated! Treats uses the fans emotion in an attempt at a second wind. Stryker is up to his feet, and charges at Treats as he pulls himself up in the corner. Treats dives out of the way avoiding The Stryke! Stryker hits the middle turnbuckle shoulder first. Treats rebounds off the ropes to gain moment and flies through the air attempting a corner splash. Stryker moves and responds with a go behind and a series of head butts to the back of Treats. Treats breaks his grip on the ropes and flies through the air landing neck and shoulder first! Stryker bridges upon impact of the German Suplex.



THRE- Treats manages to kick out, just in the nick of time! Both Stryker and Treats are in disbelief at the near fall. The crowd is on their feet and going absolutely ape shit for this contest! Suddenly from the back, the manager that Stryker hates, Ryan Casey, approaches ringside. The man quickly attracts Vaughn Ronie Jr’s attention. He wastes no time in advancing toward him. Only to be met with a slap!

Tony D: "That's Ryan Casey! Stryker's manager with a slap on Vaughn Ronie Jr!"

The sound of the slap grabs Stryker’s attention who approaches the ropes in an attempt to shoo away the manager. Stryker reaches the ropes just as Vaughn Ronie Jr. lays him out with a hard left haymaker and immediately begins to shadow box in celebration to a chorus of boos.

Kris Red: "Holy shit!"

The handheld camera picks up his proclamation of “I ain’t afraid to knock a bitch out!”

Dylan Daniels: "Hashtag GoldenGloves, Hashtag KnoxvillesStillMad"

Tony D: "Dear God, Vaughn Ronie Jr. just knocked out Stryker's manager!"

Stryker doesn’t know whether to attack Vaughn Ronie Jr. or return his focus to the match. Treats stalks his prey and catches him just as he turns around. Treats drives Stryker into the turnbuckles with a Russian leg sweep. Treats follows this up, with a hellacious Snapmare driver. Still maintaining his grip, the WICKED Clown of WARPED hoist a dazed Adam Stryker to his knees and rolls forward with him. Just as Stryker’s shoulders touch the mat, Treats scissors Adam’s leg and commits to a plank position to complete the Rotten Rollup.




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: “Your winner, and NEW WARPED Evolution Champion! Mister Rotttttttentreeeeeeeeeeeats!!”

A “Real Fuckin’ Champ!” chant erupts as “Still Standing” by Rehab blasts over the PA.

Dylan Daniels: "Great, Mr. Rottentreats is now a two time Evolution champion. I’m never going to hear the end of it!"

The fans pop as Mr. Rottentreats is awarded the Evolution Championship that Stryker held and the original that Mr. Rottentreats kept. Treats holds the titles in the air!

Tony D: "What an amazing match! These two were putting it all on the line, and for once, no awful Abominationz involvement, and plenty of great competition!"

Kris Red: "Well there was that brief issue with Vaughn Ronie and Ryan Casey."

Dylan Daniels: "Hashtag GoldenGloves!"

Kris Red: "Hashtag RottentreatsIsTheNewChamp!"

Dylan Daniels: "Hashtag CanaryIstheNewRed!

Kris Red: "Hashtag OhNoYouDidnt."

Tony D: "Oh please stop!"

Mr. Rottentreats celebrates his victory with Vaughn Ronie Jr. at his side as the fans give off more of a positive reaction than one would normally expect for Treats to get. Stryker looks on from ringside and nods his head at Treats. He then looks down in disgust at his manager, Ryan Casey, still laid out from that punch. Stryker walks past and the camera pans back to Treats celebrating in the ring.

Tony D: "The Whole F'N Sideshow is now the Real F'N Evolution Champion!"

Kris Red: "He's not a clone or a fake or a fraud. He's the real deal tonight!"

Inflated balloons suddenly start getting floated around the building, pushed up by fans and bounced around. Catering crews bring out giant birthday cakes with "Happy Birthday WARPED" written on them in red icing. The birthday party is on!

Kris Red: "Oh man, can we end this now? I wanna get in line for some of that cake!"

Dylan Daniels: "Me first!"

Kris Red: "Fly, fat ass.. fly.."

Dylan Daniels: "You damn right!"

Tony D: "We do have to get out of here, because I'M going to be first for cake. For Dylan Daniels, Kris Red, and everyone else here tonight, this is Tony D; we thank you for watching and we'll see you next time! Goodnight!"

The fans chant "WARPED! WARPED! WARPED! WARPED!" as the DVD comes to its end.