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As the show opened, Chris Finn made the announcement that Darkness would be facing the new fWo World Champion, Ice, tonight as opposed to Austin Davis, who had been suspended for 30 days. At that moment, Mathew Zhuk appeared on the SlaughterScreen and demanded that Finn inform him of who the question mark was. Finn claimed not to know, but at that moment fireworks exploded from the ringposts and Doomsday, sans Brandi, came to the ring. Stevie Roberts informed the crowd and Zhuk that he was Zhuk's mystery opponent, and that all of Doomsday would be present to ensure that his first match back would be Zhuk's last. As an angry Zhuk stared on, Doomsday shoved fans aside and sat down at ringside to watch the action.

Ground Zero vs. bWo

The bWo came to the ring, but before they could step into the squared circle, a messager delivered an envelope to Fathom. She read it and seemed to get annoyed, crumpling it up and tossing it on the floor. It was then announced that Ultra Cool was not in attendance for the evening, and they would be replaced with the winners of the tag match at Holiday Hell II, Ground Zero. Fyre at once began to flirt with Wolf Fang, who seemed pleased by this and informed Fathom that "this was what he could have had" as he kissed Fyre. Fathom and Jackhammer began to playfully spar inside the ring when Oracle and the Prophet showed up at ringside to watch the match. Distressed by this, Fyre told them to go backstage, and Jackhammer quickly rolled her up for the pin. At first upset with this turn of events, Fathom and Fyre then accompanied Ground Zero backstage laughing.

Result: Ground Zero by Pinfall

Black Quicksilver Interview

Black Quicksilver Interview

Black Quicksilver came to the ring to address his retirement. Black Quicksilver commented that he had held the belt for one of the longest reigns in the fWo, and would be turning to announcing work, appearing at Invasion! to debut his new interview segment. The Black Quicksilver then informed the crowd that he had a shock mystery guest... and that everyone will be amazed at who he will be interviewing.

Scott Slugger vs. Black Panther

Scott SluggerBlack Panther

Scott Slugger came to the ring with a slight limp, and the Black Panther asked Scott Slugger and the ref if they should call the match until a time when Scott Slugger was in better condition. Scott Slugger seemed to agree with this, then attacked the Panther from behind when he turned to leave. Scott Slugger continued to pummle the Panther, who was caught unawares by the attack. The Pather finally was able to mount an offense, and brought Slugger down to the mat with a quick drop toe hold, but Slugger reversed the hold into a hamstring pull. Suddenly, Scott Slugger grabed his leg and let go of the hold, looking to be in great pain. The Black Panther looked in at Slugger concerned, and the Slugger rolled him up for a quick pinfall. Scott Slugger then gave the finger to the booing crowd, informing them that he was simply being the person he always was.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall



A promo is shown of a dark room, smoke wafting up from the floor. As the camera turns to the only window, lightning is shown hammering down on the land. Suddenly, a face fills the screen, hair covering most of the features but a gleaming eye. As the screen fades to black, two words fill the screen: Vengence, soon. Then this word gives way to "Crucifix" before fading into black.

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Cactus Jack

Flying Frenchie (c)

Cactus Jack came to the ring with the Lone Gunmen, who began campaigning through the audence. Cactus Jack stood in the ring and urged the Frenchie out, claiming "Don't make us come drag you out of there like we did in World War II". The Frenchie came out with the tag team champions Mitch Wilson and Primetime. Jack and the Frenchie began to brawl inside the ring, with Jack using power moves and the Frenchie quickly avoiding them to land a speedy shot to the chest or face. Cactus Jack finally trapped the Frenchie on the ring post, and pulled free "Mr. Socko" and proceeded to shove it down the Frenchman's mouth. At this moment, Machina was pinning a button on a fan when VL emerged from the crowd and knocked him over with a solid blow. VL then jumped into the ring and racked Cactus Jack in the groin, causing him to fall to the mat and drop "Mr. Socko". The Frenchie kicked the sock from the ring and covered Jack, who was in great pain for the victory. After the match Machina was angry, and exclaimed that "he needed a bodyguard, and would find one on Warfare."

Result: Flying Frenchie by Pinfall

Stevie Roberts vs. Matthew Zhuk

Mathew Zhuk came to the ring, still angry at not knowing who the question mark was until a late date. Roberts came out onto the entrance ramp with the rest of Doomsday (but still missing Brandi) and then told them to go backstage and relax, as he wouldn't need their help with this "jabronie". Roberts cockily got into the ring and began to mock Zhuk by asking him how "good looking" he would be once Roberts removed his face with his fist. Zhuk retorted by delivering a hard uppercut and pummeling away on Roberts in the center of the ring. Roberts recovered and went to a corner, quickly executing a super kick which sent Zhuk down to the mat. Roberts attempted a cover but Zhuk powered out, sending Roberts into the ropes and landing a hard lariat. Zhuk then moved behind Roberts, and picked him up for a pump handle slam. Quickly holding the leg, Zhuk got the three count and the victory. Zhuk then quickly escaped through the crowd, as Doomsday ran down to assist Roberts, who loudly cursed inside the ring.

Result: Mathew Zhuk by Pinfall

Ice (c) vs. Darkness

Ice (c)

Darkness came to the ring with the arena bathed in night, as the lights dimmed to a pale blue. Darkness looked around for recent rival the Boston Strangler but found him nowhere. Ice came to the ring holding the belt, and pointing to "ICE" which was written on the belt. Darkness and Ice at once began to wrestle a power match, but it appeared as though Darkness was gaining the upper hand. Darkness finally delivered a chokeslam and trapped Ice in a sitting sleeper hold. As Ice faded and prepared to drop off, the Boston Strangler came to the ring and pulled Ice out and began to batter him with punches, earning Ice the DQ victory. Darkness climbed down from the ring and began to brawl with the Strangler before security seperated the two. Darkness stared down the Strangler as the Strangler claimed that he would have a challenge that would end their fued forever this Friday at Holiday Hell III...

Result: Ice by DQ