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Scott Slugger came to the ring to deliver an interview about his upcoming title shot at fWo Twilight. Scott Slugger informed the crowd that even though a few of them had wanted to see monkey boy get his ass stomped by Austin Davis, Scott Slugger and the Punisher Squad were going to reign over a new era in the fWo, one with himself as the leader. At that point, Machina came out to the entrance ramp and informed Scott Slugger that he was really pushing things, and ought to leave insults to wrestlers that haven't beaten him. Scott Slugger retorted by reminding Machina that he never actually eliminated anyone at Battle Bowl. Machina then informed Slugger that he would get his, and left the stage area. Scott Slugger went on to accept the challenge for the tag match at Holiday Hell and told Davis that he could find anyone he wanted, but that Ice and himself would have no trouble grinding them into the dirt.

"Great Lookin'" Matthew Zhuk vs. Texas Kid


fWo newcomer Matthew Zhuk came to the ring, but seemed annoyed at his reception with the crowd, who seemed unsure if they should cheer or boo the unknown wrestler. A determined Zhuk walked over to the sound engineer booth, and was seen motioning toward the sound effects equipment. Zhuk then re-entered the arena to his theme song "Unforgettable", but this time there was an audible "Great Lookin" chant along with it. Finally inside the ring Matthew Zhuk and the Texas Kid wrestled an even scientific match, with Zhuk staying on top of the Kid with quick successions of high-impact moves. As Zhuk hit a running powerslam, he lined up the Kid in the center of the ring for a superkick, and quickly pinned the superstar. Matthew Zhuk raised his arms in victory, and once again the chants of "Great Lookin'" came over the P/A... but this time there were a few members of the crowd that joined in with the chant...

Result: Matthew Zhuk by Pinfall

Ultra Cool vs. vs. Dreamers vs.

The Dreamers came to the ring with Oracle looking wearily behind his shoulder. Ultra Cool came to the ring to a strong reception from the crowd, and as usual signed autographs on their way to the ring. Accompanied by Violet, the team of Ultra Cool jumped the Dreamers as they entered the ring and at once used a double clothesline to send Prophet from the ring. As the teams battled, Violet took interest in a small fuzz ball that was dangling from the rafters. The fuzz ball slowly moved back up the ramp, and a giggling Violet followed it with keen interest. The fuzz ball and Violet disappeared backstage, and Wynd came out from the crowd to observe the match. Meanwhile, inside the ring Scotty Cool was delivering quick successions of suplexes to the dazed and confused Oracle, whose mind was clearly elsewhere. Scotty Cool then tagged in Ultra Violet, who attacked with quick chops. Violet meanwhile finally caught the fuzz ball backstage, which was revealed to have been pulled by a string by Fyre. A happy Violet took her fuzz ball back out to ringside, where she spied Wynd in the corner of Ultra Cool. Becoming cold and calculating, Violet obtained a can of purple paint, and tossed it over the head of Wynd. A concerned Ultra Violet looked on, but Oracle used the distraction to get a quick roll-up and pinfall. As Wynd made her way clumsily backstage, Violet's eyes grew hazy again, and she played with her fuzz ball.

Result: Dreamers by Pinfall

Black Quicksilver (c) vs. Primetime

Black Quicksilver (c)Primetime

The Black Quicksilver came to the ring with Stump and the new Tag Team Champions, Ground Zero. Primetime came out waving a French flag, and accompanied by the Flying Frenchie and Mitch Wilson. As the match began, Primetime and the Black Quicksilver traded hard blows inside the ring while outside of the ring the remaining four men eyed each other with suspicion and mistrust. As Primetime knocked the Black Quicksilver from the ring, the French Foundation at once began to stomp on the downed man, leading Ground Zero to come over and make the save. As a massive brawl began on the outside, the Black Quicksilver retrieved Stump and used it to knock out Primetime inside the ring. The ref saw this however, and called for the DQ. As the men brawled, the Black Quicksilver quickly escaped up the entrance ramp, where he was met by none other than Pestilence, who used a steel chair to knock the Black Quicksilver over the side of the ramp. Pestilence then proceeded to toss the chair on top of the fallen Black Quicksilver, and walk away, yelling "I am your Plague!"

Result: Primetime by DQ

Backstage Attack

Backstage Attack

Backstage fWo cameras quickly rushed to the Punisher Squad locker room, which had been demolished by an unknown party. As the Slugger looked on in disbelief, a masked man attacked from behind, driving Scott Slugger into the wall and kicking Slugger to the ground. Seeing this, Austin Davis ran into the room and put an arm up for the masked man to stop... but then gave a thumbs down gesture and the two continued their brutal assault on Scott Slugger before fWo security arrived to seperate the men. Austin Davis turned to a camera man and yelled, "Scott Slugger, when your ass comes too you had better look in on your buddy Ice, because I'm taking care of him too!"

Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Markus Cairn

Flying Frenchie (c)

The Flying Frenchie came to the ring with the rest of the French Foundation, and Markus Cairn, looking for some revenge stormed the ring and at once began brutalizing the French wrestler. Markus Cairn continued to beat the Frenchie until he fell outside, and then Mitch Wilson and Primetime quickly drug him to the backstage area, abandoning the match. From the ring, Markus Cairn screamed for them to return.

Result: Markus Cairn by count-out

Austin Davis Attack

Sounds of a commotion were heard from the backstage area, and then fWo security men came flying out of the arena entrance. Austin Davis followed them out, dragging with him a tied-up Ice. Austin Davis then proceeded to try and pitch the tied Ice over the top of the ring ramp, but Scott Slugger made his way out for the save. As Scott Slugger tried to save his partner, Austin Davis dropped the helpless Ice and went after the Slugger with hard kicks to the chest, before tossing him off the entrance ramp. Security hit the scene and restrained Austin Davis, who yelled at Scott Slugger that his pain was just starting...

Darkness vs. Judge Steel

Darkness entered the arena looking angrier than usual, and stalked to the ring. A very anxious and weary Judge Steel attempted to put up an offense, but Darkness overpowered Judge Steel with a quick powerslam and a bulldog. As Darkness continued to work over his opponent, Joy came out on the ring apron with two gaint dancing Barney dolls and began to sing to Darkness, wishing him a happy, happy day. Darkness stared at the joyfull scene enraged, and put Judge Steel in a sleeper hold. As Judge Steel passed out, Darkness kept his eyes locked on the face of Joy, who seemed to stumble over the words to his song a little. As Judge Steel was ruled unconcious, Darkness kept the hold applied, and began to laugh evily, keeping his eyes locked on Joy. Joy grew pale, and shuffled the dancing Barney dolls away quickly. Darkness stood, and whispered that Joy was about to feel despair at Holiday Hell.

Result: Darkness by Submission

Cactus Jack Interview

Cactus Jack came to the ring, one arm in a sling and several bandages taped to his face. Jack complimented Austin Davis on winning the match, but informed Davis that if he thinks Cactus Jack is done with him then he has another think coming. Jack then went on to ask Chris Finn what the Canadian and the strange Hard chick were doing at his match, asking exactly when his "falls count everywhere" match turned into a "fools come everywhere" match. Jack asked for some footage to roll, and on the screen were highlights from the skyscraper match between the Falcon and VL. Jack then turned to the camera and told Cactus Jon that at Twilight the two of them were going to show those ammaturs how the match was done... and that neither one of them would be leaving the arena walking.