FWO: APOCOLYPSE NOW '98 - 10/29/1998

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Mitch Wilson vs. Sid Snow

Mitch WilsonSid Snow

Mitch Wilson appeared on the fWo Giant Screen and demanded a better opponent than Sid Snow, whom he called a "loser" and beneath his efforts as a wrestler. When Mitch Wilson failed to come to the ring, the match was awarded to Sid Snow, who appeared happy that he had won a match.

Result: Sid Snow by No Contest


Flying Frenchie (c) vs. Cactus Jon

Flying Frenchie (c)Cactus Jon

In a brutal match, the Flying Frenchie wrestled an aggressive style, pushing Jon into the barb wire on the ring ropes, and lacerating the skin of the Canadian. As the Frenchie pounded Jon's head into the cage wall, the Falcon came to the ring to observe. The cage wall then collapsed, and the wrestlers spilled out into the crowd. As the Frenchie and Jon re-entered the ring, Jon was able to pin the Frenchie for the title. After the match the Falcon insulted the Frenchie, leading him to attack the Falcon, and knock him unconcious.

Result: Cactus Jon by Pinfall


Briana vs. VL vs. Brandi vs. Apocolyptica

Brandi failed to appear for the match, and soon after the bell had rung a disgusted and obviously annoyed VL smacked both Briana and Apocolyptica with a chair, and walked out of the match accusing the fWo of racism and sexism. Brandi then arrived to attempt to compete, but with torn clothing, and fWo officals strangely arrived to take her away. Briana gained the upper hand and pinned Apocolyptica, but after the match Fyre, Wynd, Fathom and Stone arrived to attack Briana. As Fyre prepared to shave Briana's head, Stevie Roberts came to make the save, but was overwhelmed and spray painted with the "bWo" insigna.

Result: Briana by Pinfall


Black Quicksilver vs. Fallen

Black QuicksilverFallen

In a hard fought match, Fallen traded attacking the Black Quicksilver for the Stump, which was at ringside. As Fallen beat on Stump on the outside, the Black Quicksilver landed a superkick, and brought Fallen into the ring for a silver splash, which then allowed him to pin Fallen, and become the new Cruiserweight champion.

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall


Lone Gunmen (c) vs. Ultra Cool

Lone Gunmen (c)Ultra Cool

Ultra Cool dominated the match, at one point tossing Rudo into the AOL broadcasting table, and demolishing it. As Machina was worn down by Scotty Cool, he signalled Rudo to go get help. Rudo was threatened by Scotty Cool, and ran under the ring to hide. As Ultra Violet and Scotty Cool got Machina in a pinning combination, Rudo in a large M&M costume came up through the ring brandishing a chainsaw, and the match was called.

Result: Ultra Cool by DQ


Boston Strangler (c) vs. Darkness

Boston Strangler (c)

The Strangler and Darkness fought a very physical match, at one point joining forces when Oracle had come to the ring and attempted to attack Darkness. As the two continued to battle, the Strangler was able to apply the crossface chickenwing. Darkness fought to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Darkness then trapped the Strangler in a sleeper hold, but Oracle once again stepped onto the ring apron, and swung his crystal ball at Darkness, missing him and cracking it over the head of the Strangler instead. Darkness then re-applyed the sleeper hold and scored the submission victory from an unconcious Strangler.

Result: Darkness by Submission


Jim Dudley (c) vs. Death

Jim Dudley (c)Death

Jim Dudley came to the ring with Kristine, the reported ex-wife of Death. An enraged Death charged Dudley, attacking him from behind on the outside, and then slamming Kristine to the floor. Death continued to maul Jim Dudley in and out of the ring, but the tide was turned when Death went for a taser, that Dudley grabbed and tossed into the crowd. Dudley then gained the upper hand, but a low-blow by Death gave him the advantage once more. As Death prepared to finish Dudley off, Apocolyptica came to the ring and hit Death with a chair before stalking off. Ceasing the advantage, Dudley applied a figure four, making Death say "I Quit", and ending his fWo career. After the match the fWo roster came out to help celebrate, but Austin Davis landed a quick jawbreaker on Dudley from behind before being chased into the crowd by Universal.

Result: Jim Dudley by Submission