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New Ninja vs. Ice


In a very physical match, the New Ninja was able to pull out the victory when Ice became distracted by the Brawler, who was wandering around in the crowd with a large "slushie" sign with Ice's face on it.

Result: New Ninja by Pinfall

Oracle vs. Darkness

Oracle came to the ring to his usual entrance. As Darkness and Oracle went after each other in the ring, Oracle started the match out strong, but weakened to the stronger and bigger Darkness. Becoming frustrated, Oracle attacked Darkness with his crystal ball... earning him the DQ.

Result: Darkness by DQ


Primetime vs. Fallen


Primetime put up an aggressive match against the quiet and brutal Fallen. Fallen was given the biggest challenge yet to his career... but was able to reverse a pinfall for a quick victory. After the match Primetime and the Shocker attacked Fallen, joined by the Showstopper... after which the Primetime players confronted their former teammate. Fallen escaped broken through the crowd.

Result: Fallen by Pinfall


Briana vs. Black Quicksilver

Black Quicksilver


Briana dominated the match, easily overpowering the confused Black Quicksilver, who kept turning to the stump for advice. After Briana landed a drop kick in the corner, the Black Quicksilver attacked with stump while the ref was not looking, and scored the pinfall. An angry Briana paced the ring, until footage of her arriving at the arena was shown on the Travis-Tron... taken by the mysterious stalkers for have been following Briana of late.

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall


Boston Strangler (c) vs. Dark Angel

Boston Strangler (c)

Back on his game after the beating he took on Friday, the Strangler outmanuvered the champion, who seemed more intent on weakening the current champion that winning the match. As the Strangler made the Dark Angel submit, Darkness entered the ring and attacked the Strangler with a chair. Darkness and the Dark Angel celebrated in the ring, proving that rumors of their breakup were unfounded.

Result: Boston Strangler by Submission


Chris Universal & Ultra Cool vs. Austin Davis & Lone Gunmen

Chris Universal & Ultra CoolChris Universal & Ultra CoolAustin Davis & Lone GunmenAustin Davis & Lone Gunmen

The match never began as Ultra Cool was still dealing with getting their candy-filled car repaired. The Lone Gunmen came to the ring dressed as Steve Austin and Goldberg, making fun of Austin Davis, who they claimed was too frightened to show up. Davis emerged from the crowd and attacked both Lone Gunmen, laying them both out before Chris Universal hit the ring and the two brawled. The match was re-scheduled to Sunday Slaughter.

Result: No Contest


Jim Dudley Interview

Jim Dudley Interview

As the show was ready to go off the air, a commotion occured, and out came Jim Dudley, much to the dismay of the fWo officals. Dudley hit the ring and began to call out Death, the Dark Riders, or anyone who dared get into the ring with him. Apocolyptica hit the ring, and began to attack Dudley, but officals broke the two up. Death then appeared on the top level of the arena, and made further threats toward Dudley. Dudley simply smiled, and announced that he had a surprise for Death, and signaled a strange woman to come into the ring. Death seemed enraged at the appearance of the visitor... and made his way to the ring as the cameras went off...