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Show opened with an interview by an angry Cactus Jon, Jim Dudley, and Stevie Roberts, who demanded to know why Death was recieving a title shot. The three were attacked from behind by the Dark Riders, who weilded metal bats. Death then arrived on the scene, and announced that this Friday the fWo as we know it will cease to exist.


Ultra Violet vs. Primetime

Ultra VioletPrimetime

In a warm-up for his Internet title-shot match, Primetime dominated against the former cruiserweight champion. As Primetime climbed to the top rope to execute a frog splash, Wolf Fang grabbed the leg of Primetime, sending him face first into the mat. Unaware of what happened, Ultra Violet executed the purple piledriver for the pinfall victory. Primetime then grabbed the microphone and demanded police protection for his title shot match on Friday.

Result: Ultra Violet by Pinfall


Pestilence & Famine vs. Death & War

Death & War

Rather than wrestling, the four Dark Riders proceeded to bring David Spencer, Sid Snow, Hiroshima and the Great Waru out bound in rope. The Dark Riders proceeded to beat on the helpless wrestlers, finally setting fire to entry ramp to prevent outside interference. Stevie Roberts came in through the crowd, and was attacked by all four Dark Riders, who proceeded to set his arm inside a steel chair, and deliver leg drops from the top rope. Medical personel came to ringside to help Roberts, who suffered a fractured arm, and perhaps career-ending injury.

Result: No Contest


Black Quicksilver vs. Machina

Black QuicksilverMachina

Black Quicksilver (and Stump) arrived with Stump, and Machina came to the ring with two large inflatable dolls dressed as Rudo and Billy James. Machina proceeded to inform the crowd that these two inflatable dolls were better partners than Rudo and James, and had better records. Rudo and James came to ringside, and began to throw trash in at Machina, who further berated them. Black Quicksilver executed a DDT as Machina turned around, and quickly pinned him for the victory. Rudo and James mocked Machina, who challenged them to a confrontation next week to "split the Lone Gunmen once and for all".

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall


Jim Dudley vs. Scotty Cool

Jim Dudley

An even match between both wrestlers, Scotty Cool finally gained the advantage and attempted the Scotty Dropper, only to have Dudley deliver a spinning heel kick to avoid the move. Dudley then locked on the figure four, using the ropes for leverage, which caused Cool to submit. After the match, War came to the ring and broke a steel chair over the back of Dudley, causing him to be taken out on a stretcher.

Result: Jim Dudley by Submission


Femme Fetale vs. NXS

In a total squash, Briana and Queen Bee took turns squashing the out of shape nXs, who bickered between themselves during the match. VL came to the ring to watch the action, and was attacked by the Falcon who was disgused as a fan in the crowd. Femmes Fetale used a spiked piledriver for victory, and then were chased from the ring by War and Famine, who weilded lit chairs.

Result: Femme Fetale by Pinfall


Boston Strangler (c) vs. Falcon

Boston Strangler (c)

Not used to a regular match with rules, the Falcon was out of his element, but quickly recovered and began to use quick power moves to dominate the match. As the Falcon attempted a pinfall, the Strangler reversed out of it and applied his submission finisher hold in the center of the ring for the victory. As the Strangler left, VL came to the ring, hobbling, and proceeded to attack the dazed Falcon. The Flying Frenchie then came out of the crowd and piledrove both wrestlers before leaving the ring.

Result: Boston Strangler by Submission


Ice (c) vs. New Ninja

Ice (c)

The New Ninja stayed on the attack with quickly timed aerial moves, stopped by the occasional power move by Ice. Ice finally catches the New Ninja in a tree of woe, but the Dark Riders hit the ring and begin to attack both men, with War and Famine delivering a double powerbomb on the New Ninja to the outside of the ring, badly injuring the wrestler. As Ice was attacked, Cactus Jon, Chris Universal, Ultra Violet, Scotty Cool, Scott Slugger, Briana, Queen Bee, the Texas Kid, and more fWo stars hit the ring, chasing the Dark Riders from the ring. Death once again vowed revenge this Friday, in the Lumberjack title match with Ice.

Result: No Contest