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Show opened to Travis signing the offical matches between the fWo and the invaders. As he finished the final contract, WWF star D-Lo Brown demanded that he be on the card as well. Travis told him that no other stars were available, and D-Lo announced that he would fight someone on Friday, or fight Travis.


Chris Universal vs. Hellrazor

Chris Universal Hellrazor

In a tough match, Chris Universal pulled ahead thanks to a timely distraction by Megan Dawn. Universal covered for a surprise pin. As Universal left the ringside area, Maivia and the rest of the Nation attacked Universal, until Stevie, Scotty, and UV chased them off.

Result: Chris Universal by Pinfall


Primetime vs. Jim Dudley

PrimetimeJim Dudley

Jim Dudley easily had control of the match using his technical skills. After a missed cover, Primetime was able to rally and climb to the top rope with a foreign object. Before he was able to attack, Ric Flair made his way to ringside and shoved Primetime off the ringpost, claiming that he wanted Dudley in good shape for their match. Primetime won the match by DQ, but was attacked by Wolf Fang as he made his way up the entry ramp. Wolf Fang placed him in the Wolf Bite, and officals had to pry off the angry Fang.

Result: Primetime by DQ


Ultra Cool vs. Rudo & James

Ultra Cool
Rudo and James arrived arguing with each other, and were easily dominated by the quick teamwork of Ultra Cool. As they argued, Machina arrived at ringside and began to yell at both of them. All three men brawled, earning them the count-out victory. Machina announced that he wanted another shot at Ultra Cool, but with a real partner, not Rudo or James.

Result: Ultra Cool by Pinfall


Black Quicksilver vs. Famine

Black Quicksilver
At one point using "stump" as a weapon, Black Quicksilver easily polished off a flusterd and confused Famine. As Famine was lectured by Pestilence and Death, the Black Quicksilver was attacked by D-Lo Brown, claiming that Quicksilver was a disgrace to the sport. A match was signed.

Result: Black Quicksilver by Pinfall


Jackhammer vs. David Spencer

In a quick match, Jackhammer piledrover Spencer for the easy cover. During the match, Machina came out to scout both men, but walked disgusted to the backstage area.

Result: Jackhammer by Pinfall


Scott Slugger (c) vs. Pestilence

Scott Slugger (c)

With Terry Funk doing commentary, Scott Slugger pinned Pestilence after a series of blows. Pestilence spent time mocking the crowd and Famine, who was at ringside. After the match, Pestilence and Famine got into a shoving match, which was broken up by Death, who got War to attack both men. Slugger met face to face with Funk after the match, but no blows were exchanged.

Result: Scott Slugger by Pinfall


Ice Interview

Ice Interview

Ice is interviewed about his upcoming match with the Giant. After many questions, Ice simply answers, "The bigger they are, the harder I kick their ass. Bring all the nWo'ers you want, I'll destroy them too!"


Heaven's Demons (c) vs. Femme Fetale

In a back and forth match, several near falls occured. Using crisp, clean tags, both teams gained the lead several times. Finally, Darkness was able to power out of a Figure Four attempt, and cover Queen Bee for a quick pin. After the match, a courier deleved a garbage can lid to Briana and Queen Bee, with the word "Soon" written on the top.

Result: Heaven's Demons by Pinfall


Cactus Jon vs. New Ninja

Cactus Jon

As the two fought, Jon using brawling and Ninja using ju-jitsu, Cactus Jack arrived at ringside, and at once entered the ring attacking both men. Jon had to be restrained by officals and drug to the backstage area in order for the next match to begin.

Result: No Contest


VL Tha Murdera (c) vs. Cactus Jack

The match roamed all around the arena, into the backstage area, and finally into the dressing room area. VL used Sid Snow as a weapon to attack Jack with, as Jack grabbed Shane Austin and begin hammering him into the wall. After Jack attacked VL with a large suitcase, Cactus Jon appeared on the scene and DDT'd him into a small television. VL covered him for the pin, as a massive brawl erupted backstage.

Result: VL Tha Murdera by Pinfall