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1st November 2012 - Action Packed - From in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The LPW logo and Best Studios logo flash across the screen before clips of Instant Classic begin to play. The key highlights are the Last Man Standing match, Shayne Adams' road to the Wildcard Championship, and the LPW Championship Main Event. The video clip comes to and end, but instead of the Action Packed theme...



“Calm Like A Bomb” by Rage Against the Machine begins to blast over the sound system in Toronto, eliciting one of the biggest cheers in recent LPW history as the winner of Instant Classic’s main event can be seen making his way through the crowd. A sea of fans reach out to touch him, and his championship, but he seems a little hesitant to actually let them do so as he hops the barricade and makes a beeline for the timekeeper’s table.

As might be expected, Steve grabs himself a microphone.

The reigning LPW Champion rolls onto the apron and under the ropes, climbing up to his feet and making his way to the second rung of the turnbuckle. He hoists the LPW World Championship high over his head, grinning as the place explodes into cheers. After the reaction dies down a notch, he hops off the turnbuckle and drops his feet to the canvas, before pacing toward the middle of the ring and raising the microphone.

Steve Solex: Ladies and gentleman, I give to you -, YOUR two time LPW Champion!

Solex raises the title into the air once again, as the crowd cheers ferociously. Solex then drapes the title over his right shoulder before continuing.

Steve Solex: Thank you, thank you. I’ve come out here as your LPW Champion to make good on some promises. Promises that I didn’t necessarily make, but that I’m out here tonight to honor. The first promise? Well, shit...I think I just walked out here with the LPW World Championship, didn’t I? See, that’s one of the many promises that Scott Stevens made, but couldn’t fulfill. He promised to be standing here tonight holding not one, but TWO championships-- and he failed on both accounts. But we all knew that would happen, didn’t we?

The arena explodes again, cheering on Solex as his smile widens. For good measure, he hoists the belt into the air again, which only intensifies the reaction.

Steve Solex: But there’s a second promise, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s quite possibly the most important. Ya’ see, a few months back Scott Stevens made a promise, a bet, a little wager if you will with a man who doesn’t belong here. A man who isn’t one of us. A man mired in... controversy. You know him as HOW’s Mike Best. Scott Stevens told the world that if Mike Best beat him in the Reign Supreme tournament, that he would grant him a shot at his LPW Championship. Now, obviously Scott Stevens is not the champion, so that bet? Well, one would think that bet is null and void, now isn’t it? Unless... unless there was a man who could make good on that bet, right here tonight. Unless there was an LPW World Champion who wouldn’t back down from an overrated bully like Mike Best. Is there a champion like that in the building?

Solex takes his thumbs and points to his chest.

Steve Solex: This guy right here. Mike Best, may in fact, own a victory over me. This is a fact, but be rest assured that...that shit ain’t happening again. So, I stand in the middle of this ring, with the LPW Championship draped over my shoulder and challenge you Mi...

“Don’t Hate Me” by Nerfherder interrupts Steve Solex as he stands in the ring, addressing the Torontonian crowd. There is a buzz in the crowd that soon turns to a roar, both boos and cheers as HOW World Champion Michael Best steps through the curtain with his championship belt and a microphone in his hand.

He limps toward the center of the stage, a black blazer and LPW Reign Supreme Champion t-shirt covering an obvious mess of bandages, along with one wrapped firmly around his head. He winces as he adjusts the HOW World Championship, slinging it from his right shoulder to his left.

The crowd continues to buzz, but inside the ring Steve Solex looks unimpressed. Smirking, he raises the LPW World Championship into the air, to a huge ovation from the Toronto crowd. Mike sneers right back at him, and raises his own in the air. This time, there is a lot more cheering than booing.

Mike Best: Hey Solex... mine’s bigger.

This brings a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd, obviously filled with a lot of fans not only of Legacy Pro Wrestling but of HOW and the whole Best Studios network. Solex shakes his head, looking like he wants to roll his eyes.

Mike Best: Steve... Steve... I’m sorry to interrupt the little demonstration of self-fellatio you have going on out here, but I think maybe I misheard you. And you know, that’s probably all it was-- I’ve had this awful ringing in my ears, ever since HOW’s Rumble At The Rock. So you’ll have to forgive me, but I could swear I just heard you say that... that you were going to honor the title shot that I was granted by Scott Stevens? Is that... is that what I heard, Steve?

Steve Solex: Not that you are worthy of anything honorable, Mike...but yes, that is the case. Scott Stevens obviously let that mouth of his run and run and run, like he usually does, and made a deal that he ultimately couldn’t make good on. So, in the interest of keeping the good name of LPW intact, and in the interest of every fan in this building and watching at home I’ve decided that I will once again take on a task and complete a mission that Scott Stevens could never handle. And that, friend, is making this LPW Championship the one true championship under the Best Studios banner.

Mike Best: Well would you look at that? The old ear canals are working just fine, whaddya know? Mr. Solex, that’s just fantastic news. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like a big old hug. Can you feel that? All that love in the air? Boy, you could cut it with a knife and serve it up with a big scoop of ice cream.

Inside the ring, Solex rolls his eyes and motions for Mike to get on with it. The crowd boos, wanting less sarcasm and more action.

Mike Best: I’d say thank you, Steve, but like you said... you’re not doing this for me. Of course, you’re not doing for LPW, either, are you? Or for the fans? No-- I think we all know better than that. I think we all know that this has nothing to do “good names”, or being the “good guy”. This, like everything else, Mr. Solex, is about you. About your ego. About that aching feeling in the pit of your pride that wakes you up in the middle of the night. Most of all, Steve, it’s about that asterix hanging out at the end of your title, isn’t it? “Steve Solex, LPW World Champion... Asterix.”



Solex scowls, as the crowd boos once more. Anyone who was cheering for the HOW World Champion as he made his entrance has forsaken him at this point, but he doesn’t much look like he cares. The bemused smirk has left his face, as he turns serious.

Mike Best: How does it feel to have lost cleanly in the center of the ring at Reign Supreme, to see my hand raised, and still be standing in the middle of that ring with the LPW World Championship? To know that the only reason you were in the main event of Instant Classic was because Mason Hardt screwed me over, and that you’re holding that title on a technicality? Most importantly, Steve Solex... how does it feel to know that no matter how hard you try, and how many matches you win, I’ll always be the big fat “one” staring back at you, from your losses column? How does it feel? You know, to be almost undefeated?

Solex grits his teeth, stomping toward the ropes and motioning for Mike to come down to the ring. The crowd cheers at the possibility of a one on one confrontation, but Mike shakes his head and stands his ground.

Mike Best: You’d like that, wouldn’t you? To beat up an injured man? You’re a coward, Solex-- that’s pretty out in the open. You were afraid to come to HOW and play with the big kids. You were afraid to stand in that ring and admit that you were cashing in on a title shot that didn’t belong to you. You aren’t out here for me, Solex-- you’re out here for you. You need to beat me. You need to give me my rightful shot at your title, and you need to win, because if you don’t? Then none of this means a damned thing. The title around your waist will be nothing but a reminder of your failure, and that’s a fact, Jack. See you can fool all these people who paid for their tickets. You can fool all the boys in the back. Hell, you might even be able to fool me, Steve-- but you can’t fool yourself.

Mike shakes his head pitifully at Solex, who is looking angrier and angrier in the ring. He’s itching for a fight, but clearly Mike isn’t going to give him one here tonight.

Mike Best: As the LPW Reign Supreme Champion, I felt it was important for me to be here tonight. I wanted to see the look on your face, to see if you could come out here and hold that title with a straight face. And you can, Steve, so props to you. Props for having absolutely no self respect. Props for hiding your insecurities under silly words like “sportsmanship” and “honor”.So let me ask you a question, Solex. You wanna prove that you’re the man who should be holding that title, and not just a dude who happened to beat Scott Stevens? Cause let’s be honest, there’s a lot of that going around these days. You wanna fight me?

Solex slowly nods his head, as the crowd explodes into cheers of excitement. Mike takes a step toward the ring, but stops.

Mike Best: Well I’m in no condition to fight you, Steve. I’m not medically cleared to wrestle here tonight. But I will be. I’ve already marked the date on my calendar. The powers that be around here know that I’m the rightful heir to that LPW World Championship you’re holding, and that’s why they made me the referee at Instant Classic. And that’s why they flew me out here tonight. To announce that Saturday, December 15th, 2012, Mike Best will be LIVE on pay-per-view, competing for the LPW World Championship!

The roof practically blows off the building, as a slow smile crosses over the face of a nodding Steve Solex.

Mike Best: You’d better take care of my title, Steve. Because come December 15th, it’s finally coming home to where it belongs.

Mike sneers toward his LPW rival, dropping the microphone on the stage and listening with glee as the thousands in attendance cringe at the feedback. The HOW World Champion holds his title aloft one more time before turning toward the curtain and making his way backstage.

Steve Solex stares at the entrance way, holding on to the LPW World Championship with intensity in his eyes as the camera cuts away.

The Begining WAS Your End

The scene begins to cut to an ad but the image fades abruptly as darkness envelopes the scene. The sound of suffering permeates the audio, two grown men sobbing somewhere in the dark. Suddenly, a door is kicked open and light floods into the once creepy, pitch black room. The light reveals the two kidnapped LPW officials, fresh tears wetting their distraught faces, and they cry out in sudden terror, squinting their eyes in the unaccustomed light.

Soundman: No more! Please!

Cameraman: LEAVE US ALONE!!

Soundman: PLEASE!! NO!!

The silhouette of a lone figure stands in the doorway, and the outline against the light reveals a dark cape blowing in the wind. A man in a dark grey mask enters the room and kneels next to the two men who are now blubbering in fear.

Masked Man: You are afraid…but you have nothing to fear from me.

He begins to untie the sound guy’s wrists because he looks like he is having a mental breakdown.

Masked Man: I’m only here to help, and rid LPW of villains like this Fiend.

The masked man now unties the cameraman from the wall, and both victims collapse feebly to the ground sobbing their thanks.

Masked Man: No need to thank me, I am but a servant of the common man, unlike this Devereaux character I have heard of, who abandons his fellows at their most crucial time of need. I am here to save LPW from this depravity no matter what the color of your collar, or if you even have a collar.

Sirens are heard in the distance and he cocks his head to the two men huddled on the ground.

Masked Man: Just calm down, hold it together, an ambulance is on its way.

The caped figure then rises from his crouched position next to the two LPW victims on the floor, and walks back into the light pouring in from the doorway. To no one in particular, he begins to speak.

Masked Man: The casualties of LPW’s craven depravity may have nothing to fear from The F.o.G., because they are just victims of these senseless acts of malice, and they have surely suffered enough…but…



With the gloved hand of a superhero that stops halfway up his arm, he makes a threatening fist before the camera.

Masked Man: But the men who would commit such despicable sacrifices for attention…



With a sweep of his cape he is gone, disappearing into the night, and we are left with just a voice, speaking over the sound of incoming sirens, growing ever louder, ever closer.

Masked Man: They have much to fear from me.

The scene fades to just an imprint of a fist in the screen with the words “What Would Justice Do?” just below it. The image fades out to that ad that had begun to show before.

HOW Thursday Turmoil

Boston John (3-2) vs. Mark Deveraux (4-1)

The scene comes up just as Mark Devereaux is climbing into the ring, with Boston John already inside.

Henson: Great, now we have some nutjob in a cape running around. Generally speaking, I’m all for crazy around here, but this place is starting to look more like an asylum than a wrestling promotion.

Ash: While I hate to agree with you, I have no choice. With the co-owners going after each other from the start of the new LPW, things have been more interesting that usual regarding roster choices and other decisions. This rematch between Devereaux and Boston John is a prime example.

Henson: Who cares about these two dicks.

Ash: Plenty of people, Rick. Back to my point, these two guys never expected to be opening the show when they got here tonight. Or what about Xero, Professor Keller, Judah Snow, and Arrows? For those of you who haven’t checked us out on twitter today, Eli Xero is now making his debut against Judah Snow and Keller is debuting against Arrows.

Henson: What we need is a unified LPW…under Mason Hardt.

Ash: I don’t know if Hardt is the answer, but again I agree. LPW needs stability at the ownership level if things are going to continue to progress. But enough about all of that, a belated welcome to all of you watching at home. We never expected to kick off the show with Solex offering a title shot to HOW Champion Mike Best, but that is what we got. While the ownership issues have produced a few odd moments as of late, I have to say they have been on point with our PPV Main Events.

Henson: Bullshit. Stevens should be the one getting the shot…



Devereaux has finished up his entrance and now waiting for the match to start.

Roth: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with the winner earning an opportunity to compete for a shot at the Wildcard Championship. Introducing first, from South Boston, Massachusetts…BOSTON JOHN!

And his opponent, hailing from Dearborn, Michigan…MARK DEVEREAUX!

Ash: These two men now have the opportunity to pick up where they left off at Instant Classic. The former Champion and the former challenger will compete for a chance to face either Drew Siler or Psycho Sam in a number one contender’s match.

Henson: A match which will determine who will get to take the title from Shayne Adams.

Ash: How can you still bag on Shayne Adams after his win.

Henson: It’s easy, really.

The bell rings and the two men immediately lock up in the center of the ring. Boston John uses his power to take advantage, pushing Devereaux backwards, forcing him to stumble and land on his back. Suddenly the lights go out. “Meet the Monster” by Five Finger Death Punch hits the speakers, immediately the crowd show’s their feelings for LPW’s newest monster. Seemingly half the fans cheer while others boo. It means nothing to Eli Xero, who steps out onto the stage with John Burns following behind just after the lights come up. Project 13 walks confidently to the ring, eyes set on both Boston John and Mark Devereaux who are now watching him intently.

Ash: Eli’s coming and things are about to get interesting!

Henson: If he destroys both of these guys, I will personally shake his hand.

Xero gets down next to the ring and looks up at each of the two men staring back at him. He leaps up onto the ring apron in one fluid motion as the two competitors beg for him to come in. Seemingly out of nowhere the large man springboards into the ring and takes both men out with a double clothesline. You can feel the shock from the crowd as Eli springs back up to his feet and begins bouncing off the ropes. Both John and Mark are up to their feet in just enough time to be on the wrong side of a double shoulder block. Xero is again back up to his feet, letting out a primal scream as he does so. He reaches down and grabs both men by the hair and brings them to their feet. He cinches one arm around each before lifting them both into the air. He holds them there for just a second before executing a crazy one man double suplex. Project 13 is again up to his feet, this time pushes both men out of the ring.

Roth: This match has been ruled a no contest!

Ash: This man is a beast.

Henson: This man is my hero! Well, second hero!

Officials rush to ringside to tend to the fallen wrestlers as Xero paces around the ring, motioning for someone else to come out. The crowd begins to boo loudly, not for Xero however, instead for Judah Snow. Snow steps out onto the ramp and looks down at Eli. Judah gives a slight smirk, followed by a middle finger and then begins running down the ramp. He slides into the ring, where Xero gives him the courtesy of getting up before getting destroyed by a vicious clothesline.

Ash: I guess this match is going to happen now! This is a mad house!

Henson: This is chaos and it is all Colt Marshall’s fault! Hardt 2012!

Eli Xero (0-0) vs. Judah Snow (1-1)

The bell rings and Eli doesn’t waste a moment in bringing Snow back up to his feet. Before Snow realizes what is happening, he finds himself being held upside down. It is only for a moment though as Xero drops him down with The Omega Complex! Xero simply puts an arm on Judah as the ref begins to count the pin.




Ash: I’ve never seen someone dominate people like this!

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall…ELI XERO!

Xero stares into the camera, pure aggression on his face as the scene fades out to an ad.

Prof. Keller, The Equation, and You... Obviously Don't Belong

The scene to the backstage area, a locker room to be exact, but one that distinctly befits that of a professor, complete with worktable and flip-style chalkboard. As the angle pans out we see Prof. Keller standing next to the board in his lab-coat that is no doubt hiding his wrestling attire considering how close it is to his match. Frowning, the professor stares intently at his latest unfinished equation on the board which reads “LPW-Fanbase+Lame = Eli Xero,” and we can see Kinji pacing nervously by the door, occasionally opening it to peek his head out only to snap his head quickly back in the room and swing the door shut again. Annoyed as ever, Prof. Keller suddenly rounds on Kinji.

Prof. Keller: Damn you, Kinji, STOP IT!! Eli Xero is not coming to eat you…



Kinji begins to look slightly relieved until…



Prof. Keller: …he has clearly already fed tonight.

Kinji’s eyes widen again in terror.

Prof. Keller: Besides, it’s distracting as hell, and obstructing what could be the most important equation mankind has ever developed… well… as far as LPW is concerned anyway, so STOP IT!!

Kinji braves a few words of admiration for his all-around idol, gesturing to the equation on the board.

Kinji: But Po-fessa, it pah-fect!

Prof. Keller shakes his head, slipping slowly back into his thoughts.

Prof. Keller: No… No… Don’t you see, Kinji?

One disapproving glare at Kinji tells him all he needs to know.

Prof. Keller: Ha! Of course you don’t! There’s no up-angle here, no loop… This equation only leads to the slow decline, and consequently, the collapse of LPW itself…



Kinji is all but forgotten as he erases the equation on the chalkboard and begins to quickly write another…



Prof. Keller: No, indeed… There has to be another way… And I’m going to find it!

He pauses to look over the developing equation: “LPW=Fanbase-Eli Xero+….” Then without warning he hit’s the board so hard in disgust that it begins to spin.

Prof. Keller: NO!! NO!! NO!!! That doesn’t…. That…



The board slowly stops spinning, finally coming to a rest with the blank side facing Prof. Keller, almost taunting him to try again, and… Inspiration seems to wash over him from somewhere as he just stares at the clean slate.

Prof. Keller: Kinji! I’ve been such a fool!

Relief washes over Kinji’s fragile frame, letting himself believe that the great professor has finally decided against this nonsense.

Prof. Keller: The answer has been right in front of me the entire time! The equation staring me right in the face ever since I laid eyes on that mindless beast!

Kinji closes his eyes with his shattered hopes as the professor begins to scribble frantically on the board once more.

Prof. Keller: Of course! The fans don’t even belong in the equation, because they simply don’t matter... at all! It’s so simple!

He finally steps back to admire his mathematical perfection, and the camera begins to zoom in on the chalkboard, revealing: “LPW+ME-Eli Xero=AWESOME”



Prof. Keller: Come on Kinji…



Prof. Keller rolls his neck and shoulders, warming up.

Prof. Keller: It’s time to set this breakthrough into motion.

Kinji obediently, if not regretfully, holds the door for Prof. Keller, but...

Kinji: Po-fessa... How you know he no eat me?

Prof Keller: Because Kinji... I know everything.

He finally heads through the door as the scene cuts to another area backstage.

The Alibi

“Mr. Do it Yourself” Drew Siler is making his way through the Action Packed backstage hallway still in casual clothes, and there’s an audible face pop from the crowd inside. Apparently having just arrived at the building, he greets the random staff member here and there as he strides calmly to his private locker room with Old Tom not far behind. Tom suddenly pulls up short as if remembering something.

Old Tom: Damn!

Drew stops and turns around as well.

Drew: What?

Old Tom: I… uh…



Cane in hand, Old Tom rifles through his pockets trying to find something.

Old Tom: …forgot somethin’ in the rental.

Drew: What is it?

Not waiting for an answer.

Drew: You want me to run and get it real quick?

Drew is already walking back the way they just came, but Old Tom stops him, acting… different.

Old Tom: No, no… I’ve got it.

Drew: You sure? I mean I can just run and-

Old Tom: I might be old, but I’m not that old boy! I think I can make it back before your match. Now calm down, and go suit up!

Drew: Alright, alright, I’m goin’.

Drew makes a mock gesture of surrender, and turns to walk away, but instead of departing immediately to go get whatever he forgot in the rental, Old Tom uncannily lingers in the area making sure Drew leaves as the shot cuts back to ringside.

Prof. Stan Keller (0-0) vs. Shawn Arrows (4-3)

Prof. Keller starts off the match in dominant fashion. He shows what a man dedicated to winning is capable of against an opponent is seems mentally lost and out of focus. Arrows pulls out some of his old tricks, trying to miraculously take the match when he is near defeat. Keller is too smart for his tricks, however, eventually capitalizing and winning the match via Singularity.

Instant Classic Replay

Your Threats Go Unanswered

The broadcast cuts backstage to the locker room area. LPW newcomer Braden Matthias is seen holding a piece of paper, examining the content of it. He quickly discards the paper when he notices the cameras red light is solid, signaling he is now live.

Voice off screen: Just like we practiced.

You could hear the whisper of motivation towards Matthias off screen. Matthias took three quick breaths, looking as if he was about to crap out a baby

Matthias: Your threats mean nothing to me Fiend! You honestly believe for one second, I'm just going run in fear and quit because some man hiding behind a mask tells me to. Well you’re wrong, you don't scare me. I'm not some puny little camera man that jumps at his own shadow. Your scare tactics may work on everybody else but they will not work on me. I see right through that mask, and you know what I see a scared pathetic little child.

He sounded very rehearsed and shaky at times. His hands intertwined with each other repeatedly as he toyed around with them.

Matthias: And tonight I will prove it. I'm bringing the fight to you, and I will expose you as that scared pathetic little child. Tonight will be my night. Tonight LPW will witness the true talents of Braden Matthias.

Matthias turned his attention away from the camera, thinking the broadcast was completed.

Matthias: That was easy. Let’s hope Fiend isn’t watching.

Voice off screen: *COUGH* Camera still rolling.

Matthias: What!

OKAY - Shoot the Messenger

The show cuts to a dark room. Except this time, Fiend's face fills the screen. The bright light shines from the top of what appears to be a handheld camera, given the poor shakey camera work and how close it is to his face.

His eyes pierce down the barrel and into your soul.

FIEND: Matthias. I gave you an offer to let you walk away from our match.

To let you walk away and become my messenger.

His breathing is amplified by the face mask over his mouth. He shakes his head as if disappointed.

FIEND: This offer was your salvation. Your only chance to walk away from this.

He turns viciously, screaming into the camera.


A sampler seems to pick up the sound bite of Fiend screaming "NOW YOU'RE DEAD!" and plays it over and over again in the background. Fiend is able to speak over the top of it.

FIEND: I offered you this salvation as pity to what it must be like being Trev Echo's son.

He clucks his tongue and shakes his head.

FIEND: Now I pity you.

Your stupidity tells me that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

He chuckles to himself.

FIEND: Guess I better just


The tree...


He laughs as the sampler continues to play the sound bite of him telling Matthias he is dead. The scene cuts to static.

Fiend (0-0) vs. Braden Matthias (0-1)

It was clear from the start that Matthias was intimidated by the beastly Fiend. He wouldn't let it get in the way, however, taking control of the match in surprising fashion. The more Braden was able to work offensively, the more his confidence grew. It would be the confidence that would lead to his defeat, however. One high risk move is all it took for Fiend to take control of the match, and once he had it he never relinquished it. Fiend leaves the match victorious by way of The Butterfly Effect.

Rock Gets Rolled

The scene cuts backstage where a group of backstage workers and Psycho Sam are hovering over something. As the camera comes in closer we see that it isn’t something, but someone. Rock, Psycho Sam’s strange manager, is out cold on the concrete floor. No one seems to be aware of how he came to be in this situation. As the camera begins to cut away you catch a glimpse of Old Tom walking away from the scene in the background.

Co-Main Event

Gideon Valdez (2-2) / R.M. Strong (0-1) vs. Shayne Adams (9-5) / Steve Solex (9-1)

The scene cuts back to ringside.

Ash: That looks a little suspect, don’t you think?

Henson: Don’t be a conspiracy theorist Danny. It is just an old man wandering around. This kind of thing happens all the time. I think they are called Silver Alerts.

Ash: I don’t know, just seems like a coincidence.

Henson: If you want to talk coincidences, then how about our co-Main Event. The two title holders in LPW, the two men who once faced off at Instant Classic to crown the first ever LPW Champion, are teaming up against a couple of nobodies. Favoritism much.

Ash: It is a showcase match, that doesn’t mean that Valdez and Strong don’t have a chance here.

Henson: Of course it does, they are BOTH already in the ring!

Ash: Touché.

“Calm Like a Bomb” by Rage Against the Machine hits the speakers, prompting the Wildcard Champion and LPW Champion out onto the stage. The crowd goes crazy as each man shows off their gold for everyone to see. Solex looks at Shayne Adams and gives a little nod towards the ring. Adams responds with a nod of his own and the two men begin to make their way ringside. The two men quickly enter the ring and begin posing with the titles.

Roth: The following contest is a tag team match and is your co-Main Event of the evening. Introducing first, the team of Gideon Valdez and R.M. Strong.

And their opponent, the Wildcard Champion Shayne Adams and YOUR LPW Champion…STEVE SOLEX!

The crowd again erupts.

Ash: I can barely hear anything in here right now over this lively Toronto crowd. They are excited to see their two Champions team up tonight.

Henson: They are the only ones.

Solex allows Adams to start first, and while Shayne is ready to go, Strong and Gideon are arguing about who will start first. Shayne having waited long enough hit’s a running enzuguri to Gideon’s temple that sends him crashing to the floor. Strong tries to hit a short clothesline but Adams ducks and hit’s a head scissor takedown and after Strong is taken to the mat, Shayne immediately locks in an armbar submission. The ref checks and Strong shakes his head no. Gideon still shaking away the cobwebs makes his way back onto the apron. Strong makes his way to his feet and Adams transitions the armbar into a top wristlock which Strong counters with a thumb to the eye. The ref starts yelling at Strong by the breach of rules and Strong holding his arm goes over and tags in Gideon. Gideon hops over the top rope and spears a dazed Adams. He hooks a leg.



Gideon picks up Shayne and takes him back down with a snap mare which he follows up with a kick to the spine. As Adams is in pain, Valdez bounces off the ropes and nails Shayne in the face with a low dropkick. He begins to stomp away at Adams until the ref pulls him off. The ref warns that he was close to getting disqualified but Gideon pushes the ref out of the way. As Gideon makes his way back to Adams, he jumps up and connects with a Spencerfield Stunner. As both men lay on the mat the ref begins to count.



Both men slowly crawl to their corners.




Valdez tags in Strong.



Shayne jumps and tags in Solex. With Solex coming in Strong stops in his tracks. Strong attempts a clothesline but Solex ducks and picks up a head of steam as he runs the ropes and hit’s a clothesline of his own. After the contact, Strong jumps up to only get knocked back down by another clothesline. Strong bounces up again to only get knocked right back down with another clothesline. Solex drops an elbow to the fallen Strong and goes for the cover.



Gideon makes the save.

Ash: Both teams are looking solid tonight, almost as if they have been teaming up for years.

Henson: Oh come on, stop blowing smoke up people’s asses!

As the ref is trying to get Valdez out of the ring, Solex makes his way over to Gideon and grabs him. As the referee is trying to separate the two Gideon sprays red mist in Solex’s eyes. Solex is stumbling around the ring holding his eyes while Gideon helps Strong to his corner. Strong makes the tag and Gideon slithers his way into the ring stalking a vulnerable Solex. Gideon just taunts the blinded Solex by slapping the world champion across his face which the champ responds with a wildly missed punch that Gideon just laughs at. As he continues to taunt him, Valdez doesn’t see the wildcard champion tap the arm of the world champion. Valdez kicks Solex in the gut and goes for the Black Widow’s Whisper but instead he eats a top rope shoulder block from Adams. Adams follows it off with a rolling thunder senton. He turns over and hooks the leg.





Adams hit’s the mat in frustration and waits for Gideon to get up. He goes for the roundhouse kick to the head but Valdez ducks and hits Shayne’s eyes with green mist. With Shayne now blinded, Gideon tags in Strong. Strong goes over to Adams and hits rights and lefts to the body of the wildcard champion that stagger him. Strong kisses his right hand as he cocks it for the knockout blow. As Shayne staggers forward, Strong unleashes fury and sends Shayne to the canvas after getting hit by Strong’s stone like punch. Pin.





Solex is able to break up the pin and the last nanosecond.

Ash: Solex saves the day!

Henson: Yay…



Solex picks up Strong and hit’s a snap ddt. He then proceeds to choke Strong to allow Shayne to recover. The ref begins to count.





Solex lets go of the choke and tells the ref he has until the count of five. Solex makes his way out of the ring to await the tag from his partner. As Adams slowly makes his way to his corner and tags in the world champion, Strong has already tagged in his partner. They both rush each other and knock each other down with a double clothesline.





Both men begin to stir.




They both make it to their feet and begin to trade punches in the center of the ring. Gideon begins to get the better of the exchange but Solex quickly puts an end to that with an uppercut to the throat which Solex follows up with a superkick to the face that sends Valdez crashes through the ropes to the ground outside the ring. Solex slides under the ropes and picks up his opponent and tosses him back into the ring. Strong tries to sneak up on Solex but Solex sees it coming and tosses Strong into the steel steps head first. Solex climbs back into the ring and hits another superkick as Gideon is getting back up. Solex tags in Adams and instead of leaving the ring he motions Shayne to do a double team. Solex lifts Valdez onto his shoulders in position for a fireman’s carry. Solex tells Shayne to grab his head. They proceed to nail a death valley driver and ddt combination move to Gideon. Shayne goes for the pin.




No! The world champion just pulled his tag partner off their opponent.

Ash: What? I don’t understand?

Henson: Swerve! Solex is coming back to the dark side!

Shayne looks at his partner confused and Solex motions for one more time. Solex picks up Valdez and hit’s the Solexplex and lets go. He motions for Shayne to climb the ropes. Shayne reluctantly climbs to the top rope and nails the Grapevine. He makes the cover.




Ash: Swerve my ass! Solex just wanted to put on a show!

Henson: Stupid showboat…



Roth: The winners of the match by way of pinfall, the team of Shayne Adams and Steve Solex!

The two champions celebrate in the ring, showing off their hardware for all of the fans to admire.

HOW Rumble at the Rock Replay

The Truancy

The scene shifts to a private backstage locker room, and there’s another face pop from the crowd when we see “Mr. D.i.Y.” Drew Siler paces nervously back and forth in front of the camera wearing a Bluetooth earpiece and holding his phone.

Drew: Come... on…



He’s clearly irritated.

Drew: Come on, Tom… What the hell man…



Again the voicemail. Again no answer.

Drew: Forget this shit! My shot at the Wildcard Title, my main event, and the asshole misses it!

Drew rips the earpiece away and throws it along with his phone. They crash somewhere offset but he‘s oblivious. Siler halts his pacing, and takes a breath before looking up at the camera. Calm. Or that‘s the aim anyway.

Drew: Well, Sam, looks like Old Tom didn’t even bother to show up for the match we have been working so hard for, so I guess you’re gonna have to ‘knock some sense’ into me yourself, huh? Though I don’t know about how ‘simple’ it’s going to be for you, like you for some reason seem to think. Then again, you are a psychopath, so who knows… Perhaps you don’t study for your matches. Perhaps not even The Rock has warned you about who you are about to step into the ring with.

He makes his way to the door, barely able to contain himself from running to the ring right now.

Drew: No problem, Sam... I’m about to give you a firsthand experience tonight, and it’s going to be anything but ‘simple’ for you. I don’t need Old Tom to take you out, even with the help of that weirdo that follows you around like a lap dog, The Rock, because it’s not about how psychotic you are, it’s about being the better wrestler… The better man.

He shrugs in the doorway.

Drew: Obviously, that’s going to be me. There’s a reason my fans labeled me “Mr. Do it Yourself,” because I don’t need chairs or garbage at ringside cheering me on to pull off amazing feats of athleticism, and ultimately, walk away with victory after victory, so… In the end, you’re just a statistic, Sam. In the end, you’re just another number in my victory column on the new “Mr. D.i.Y’ites” merchandise, another number on my new t-shirt, because after tonight, after wiping the mat with you… We ARE 4-0.

The shot fades out to an empty locker room as the door closes behind him.

The Struggle for Power

The scene cuts backstage to David Flores, who is wearing a vintage red Mike Best “Jesus” shirt and is standing next to Francis James.

Flores: Thanks for joining me Mr. James. We’ve made efforts to get time with both Colt Marshall and Mason Hardt, but neither man has returned our messages. I’m sure you’re close to the situation going on; can you shed any light on things?

James: Following the events at Instant Classic as well as some of the events here tonight, both men have agreed to try and meet privately to hash things out and get LPW back on the right track.

Flores: How are these talks going? It is clear that neither man is a fan of the other.

James: They are going. That’s all I can say. It is my understand that one, if not both, will be addressing the LPW fans on the next Action Packed.

Flores: Well we look forward…



James: Excuse me, if I may.

Flores: Please, continue.

James: Due to the attack of both Mark Devereaux and Boston John, there has been an agreement made between the co-owners. Tonight’s Main Event will no longer be for the opportunity to compete for the number one contendership to the Wildcard Championship, instead it will be FOR the number one contendership.

Flores: So the winner of Siler and Psycho Sam will meet Shayne Adams on December, 15th with the title on the line?

James: That is correct. Now if you’ll excuse me.

Flores: Absolutely, thank you again for your time. Guys, back to you.

The scene cuts back to ringside.

Henson: HOW traitor…



Ash: Ignoring my colleague, that is a lot of big news. The owners working out a solution and yet another big match made for our December 15th PPV!

Henson: When Shayne Adams loses his belt!

Ash: You keep that up and he’s eventually going to confront you.

Henson: Yeah, right…


Main Event

Drew Siler (2-0) vs, Psycho Sam (4-4)

Ash: At any speed, it is Main Event time!




As STP’s Scott Weilan pierces the airwaves with his infamous soliloquy the entire arena erupts at the inevitable…






The beat kicks in and out steps “Mr. D.I.Y.” Drew Siler to a roar of cheers loud enough to vibrate the dome. He pauses at the top of the ramp smirking, and playfully gestures with his hands ‘come on, you can do better than that’ ….and they do.




Satisfied, he nods approvingly and makes his way down to the ring not wasting any more time. He mounts the ring apron with a knee and steps between the ropes holding both arms up in a ‘#1’ salute to a final pop from the crowd. Drew then picks a neutral corner as STP fades from the PA system.

Ash: Siler has let it be known in his short career here in LPW that he wants a shot at the Wildcard Championship. Tonight he can earn a shot by going through his opponent tonight, Psycho Sam.

Henson: Sam has been on a tear recently, showing his truly psychotic tendencies and winning by any means necessary. This won’t be a cake walk for Siler, not by a long shot.

The lights go pitch black as the opening of "Fall Back Down" by Rancid plays. Once the vocals for "Fall Back Down" start, Psycho Sam walks to the stage, snarling. When the chorus starts, luminous blood drops from the ceiling onto Psycho Sam, who then runs towards the ring. Sam then slides under the ring and bites the ring ropes. He then climbs up towards the turnbuckle and gives the bird to the audience, wiping the blood off him.

Ash: And here is the aforementioned psychotic one.

Henson: No Rock with him, obviously. But I don’t think he’ll need him tonight. He’s close to getting a title shot and depending on how the ref wants to call this match, he could be one violent tendency away from getting the shot.

Roth: The following contest is your Main Event of the evening and is for the number one contendership to the Wildcard Championship. Introducing first, standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 219 pounds. Fighting out of Cincinnati, Ohio…Mr. DiY…DREW SILER!

And his opponent, standing 6 feet and 9 inches while weighing in at 296 pounds. From the Island of Alcatraz…PSYCHO SAM!

The hum of the crowd and the tension in the air as these two LPW names stare each other down in the ring gives off that electrifying big fight feel you bought your ticket or made sure you tuned in for. Drew Siler suddenly goes for a lock-up with Psycho Sam, but Sam just takes a stride and throws him clear across the ring. Drew quickly rolls to his feet shaking it off, and Sam just stares at him shaking his head ‘no, not gonna happen’ as the crowd boos him. Drew goes in for another lock-up, but being the faster opponent, fakes it and quickly slithers behind Sam in a waist-lock… But Sam fires behind him with back-elbows to Drew’s head… 1!!… 2!!… 3!... 4! ELBOWS TO THE FACE!! And Drew finally releases the hold stumbling back into the ropes where he is quickly met with A HUGE BOOT TO THE HEAD!! The momentum of the boot is so powerful it sends Drew flying over the top rope, spilling to the outside covering his face. He tries to pull himself up to get back in there as the ref starts his count, but Sam sees an opportunity and all 6’9’’ 295 lbs. of Psycho Sam is suddenly launched over the top rope to the outside in a FLYING CROSSBODY THAT SMASHES DREW BACK TO THE ARENA FLOOR!

Ash: I can’t believe what I just saw!

Henson: You can’t deny that Psycho Sam wants this match, not after something like that.

Sam knocked the wind out of himself, but gets up beating on his own ribs to show the crowd he doesn’t care… In fact, he enjoys it! The many Siler fans in attendance find themselves wondering how he can ever put away a psycho who doesn’t care to destroy himself just to destroy Drew! They do manage to boo, but even worse, Sam seems to feed on them as he lifts Drew straight UP INTO A BIG BEAR HUG!! He holds Drew there for a few seconds letting him scream in pain and softening up his back, but then charges straight for the ringpost AND NEARLY BREAKS DREW’S BACK AGAINST THE STEEL!! The echo of spine on metal causes a huge gasp from the fans, but instead of letting Drew’s body crumple to ringside once more, he rolls him into the ring breaking the ref‘s count at 8, and quickly follows for the cover…






Sam just stares sadistically at the ref who instinctively takes a few steps back defending his 2 count. He gives the ref a silent warning, and then pulls Drew to his feet only to send him into the ropes with an irish-whip… Drew bounces off the ropes and ducks under a huge clothesline attempt by Sam, he then bounces off the opposite ropes with even more momentum and goes for a flying cross body with a lot of air to it… BUT SAM CATCHES HIM IN A HUGE POWERSLAM!! In a blink Sam’s huge frame is on his feet, and he now uses the ropes to gather some momentum, coming back to Siler’s prone figure on the mat at a full run… AND HIT’S A HUGE 295 LB. LEG DROP!! Sam doesn’t even bother to hook a leg, he just sits there in the same position he landed, with a leg over Drew’s throat for the cover!




Ash: Psycho Sam with two early near falls on Drew Siler.

Henson: Siler better step his game up if he wants to back up everything he’s been saying the last few weeks. Otherwise he may just end up being another Shayne Adams.

Sam doesn’t bother with the ref, he just lifts Drew back to his feet and sends him reeling backwards against the ropes with not 1, not 2, but 3 huge right hands! Drew feebly tries to hold up his dukes to ward off the blows, but Sam is finished pummeling for now, and sends Drew running to the opposite ropes with another irish-whip... Drew bounces off with plenty of momentum while Sam ducks his head down for a big back-body drop, and even though he telegraphs it, he still catches Drew on the way back through, throwing him up vertically nearly 12 ft. in the air… BUT DREW TURNS HIMSELF IN MID-AIR AND HIT’S A HUGE MISSLE DROPKICK!! Drew’s feet connect square with Sam’s face, and the force is enough to take the big man off his feet for the first time to a HUGE pop from the crowd! Feeling the momentum slowly shift Drew rolls to his feet, but so does Sam, who isn’t nearly hurt enough to stay down… Indeed, he’s more pissed off than injured, and charges madly at Siler, who sees it coming and drops Sam face first to the mat with a drop toe-hold! Before Drew can try to keep him down with a hold, the big man pushes himself quickly to his feet again, and again Sam rushes at Drew like a mad bull, but this time Drew catches him in a hip-toss, using everything he’s got to get the big man over and send him crashing to the mat! This time Drew doesn’t give Sam a chance to get to his feet, and begins dropping a series of elbows across his chest with perfect form, beating out a rhythm in which the crowd begins to count along with after two...




Drew rolls back to his feet just as quick as when he was dropping the elbows, and begins planning a new attack, thinking the elbows should keep Sam down long enough, but… To everyone’s chagrin Sam is STILL struggling to his feet! Drew quickly capitalizes on the situation however, not letting Sam recover his senses, or even regain his posture. He throws his left leg over Sam’s left shoulder while he is still doubled over, and grabs the big man in a front-face headlock at the same time, taking him back to the mat… DREW’S GOT THE CROSSHAIRS LOCKED IN TIGHT!!! Sam begins to writhe in pain on the mat, and the ref begins his futile task of asking someone like Psycho Sam if they want to submit, and even Drew is forced to wonder if he is only feeding the big man’s rage.

Ash: This might be it! Siler might be putting him away!

Henson: Not so fast!

When slowly Sam begins to stir from the mat, pushing himself up to his knees… Slowly… Gathering his breath… His strength…. Drew looks on, eyes wide with growing panic, and tries to cinch the hold in even tighter… But nothing short of a giant trash compactor could squeeze the life out of this man, and slowly, steadily, Sam pushes himself from his knees to his feet, with Drew still holding on via The Crosshairs submission... Sam just stands there with Drew hoisted up 10 ft. in the air for a frozen moment in time before finally… PLANTING DREW THROUGH THE MAT WITH A ONE-ARMED, SIT-DOWN POWERBOMB!! Expectantly, there is a collective gasp from the crowd as Sam nails the move. He remains sitting and holding onto one of Drew’s legs for the pin.




Sam shoves Drew’s leg away from him with disgust, and once again begins staring down the ref with that look in his eye as he gets to his feet. The ref stands his ground however, pointing to his stripes and his officials badge as if Sam cared, threatening immediate disqualification if he lays one hand on him. Sam just turns from the ref, no longer caring what he has to say about his stripes, if he ever did care, and begins to go back to work on Siler with a bombardment of big right boots anywhere he can connect and the crowd boos Sam instinctively. He then looks around smiling sadistically, making it clear to all the Siler fans out there that he’s got plans for their little hero, and hauls Drew to his feet by the hair of his head. Sam then sends Drew flying into the ropes with another hard irish-whip, and then screams out at the top of his lungs as he gives the middle finger to the entire crowd… FUCK YOU LARIATO!!! Sam goes for his finisher, that HUGE clothesline…. But in an amazing display of athleticism, Drew hooks Sam’s clothesline arm just as he ducks under it, swings himself behind Sam with his momentum, AND THEN DROPS HIM BACKWARDS IN A CRUCIFIX PIN!! The ref slides in for the count…




Sam struggles and kicks with his legs…





Ash: What a match!

Henson: Both these men better be glad they aren’t challenging for the title for another month…oh who am I kidding, whoever wins this could probably beat Adams tonight if they wanted.

Both men roll to their feet, but neither with so much ease anymore. Drew is trying to keep the kindled flame of a comeback going, and the crowd is getting behind him, but Sam is trying to snuff out the momentum before Drew can even get it going… Sam goes for a HUGE right hand, but Drew ducks under the telegraph once more, and catches Sam with a perfect standing dropkick right on his chin… But the kick only dazes Sam, not stop him. He goes to take another swing at Drew, but Drew catches him with another dropkick to the face while Sam has his arm reared back… But again the big man stays on his feet, only staggering backwards against the ropes. Sam shakes his head as if clearing the cobwebs, and with unbelievable tenacity makes another rush at Drew, so AGAIN Drew nails him right on the chin with a 3rd standing dropkick, BUT THIS ONE IS FINALLY ENOUGH TO KNOCK SAM OFF HIS FEET!! There’s a HUGE pop from the crowd as they throw their support behind Drew again, and he couldn’t look more relieved that Sam is not a machine after all, but flesh and blood like him…Except… Sam is already getting to his feet again!! Wasting no time, cause who could afford to, Drew rushes in just as Sam begins to stand up, and… FACEBUSTER!!! Drew just drove Sam’s face through the mat with that one, and he rolls the big man over with a bit of effort for the pin.




Not to be deterred, Drew goes back to his desperate offensive, gripping onto Sam’s bald cranium to lift this giant to his feet. Drew then tucks Sam’s head under one arm and goes for a snap suplex… But Sam blocks it! Sam then nails Siler in the gut trying to break the hold, but somehow Drew holds on, and fires back with a hard right knee to Sam’s sternum, then… DDT!!! Drew plants Sam head first to the mat, but doesn’t roll him over, letting Sam lie there face down instead. Drew then positions himself backwards over Psycho Sam, AND LOCKS IN A REVERSE STF INTO A BACKBRIDGE!! THE D.i.Y. BRIDGE!!! Siler’s got it locked in right in the middle of the ring!! And for the first time Sam truly screams in pain over a submission hold as the ref drops to the mat next to him, asking him over and over if he wants to give up. Sam only yells back with incoherent outbursts while trying to somehow reach the ropes without being able to drag himself anywhere. Drew hangs on to the hold in an amazing display of mat wrestling, and it just might be enough to put Sam away as he begins to fade, refusing to tap. The ref gets up looking like he might even call the fight before he lets Sam pass out hopelessly from pain. The ref glances imploringly at ringside as if Danny Ash or even Rick Henson might have answers. Then he glances at the timekeeper as Sam begins to fade. But suddenly Sam comes alive with a start. Somehow Sam’s huge figure is able to stretch his hand out far enough to maybe get the rope.The ref takes one last look back and gets ready to call for the bell.


Ash: What will it take to put away this new and improved Psycho Sam!?

Henson: Complete and total annihilation. I don’t know if this new Sam has quit in him.

Sam hangs on with those two fingers for dear life as the ref yells over the crowd for Siler to release his patented submission… To his absolute disbelief that is. Drew releases the hold only to roll over and stare in shock, mouth agape, as he sees that, yes indeed, Sam was somehow able to reach the ropes. Feeling the pressure of the hold gone, Sam’s arm collapses back to the mat, but now it’s Drew’s turn to unload with a barrage of boots to his downed opponent. Apparently Drew doesn’t question the morals of it anymore, trying to pull out all the stops to keep the big man down. To earn that Wildcard shot. Finally, he drops back a few steps gesturing with his hands for Sam to get to his feet, planning a big finish, and Sam slowly pulls himself up using the ropes, but as soon as he turns around… Drew charges in… for what move exactly we may never know, because Sam sees him coming and dips his head low, catching Siler in a HUGE back-body drop over the top rope, sending him soaring through the air, and after an unbelievable hang-time, finally comes down…



Henson: What the fu…



Ash: Look out!


Drew lands in a sickening crash that reverberates throughout the arena, and Danny Ash and Rick Henson are both suddenly forced to their feet out of pure shock and awe, standing there with that deer-in-the-headlights look on their faces, like someone just drove a semi right through the building. You can see the men talking but clearly the audio has gone out due to the crash. The crowd, Siler fan or not, all gasp in horror at the sight, and at the replay going off over and over on the video screen. Most don’t know what to make of it as they look down on Drew Siler lying motionless amidst the debris and wreckage of broken wood and ruined monitors, but a small “this-is-awesome“ chant begins to take up from somewhere across the sea of fans. Sam just grins wickedly as he takes in the scene of carnage, blood beginning to trickle down his face from the two sockets of empty cartilage where a nose used to reside, adding to the surrealism of it all. After regaining his senses, he jumps outside of the ring as well to follow up on the destruction he has wrought at ringside, and the ref starts up a count warning Sam to get back into the ring. He stands over Drew posing to the crowd, flexing to a chorus of boos, precious breathing time. Sam then grabs Drew by his hair and hauls him to his feet from the wreckage of wood, metal, and wires, before picking him up in a gorilla press, high over his head to the further awe of the crowd, AND THEN DROPS DREW FACE FIRST ONTO THE FAN BARRIER!!! Siler’s head snaps back violently as his skull ricochets off the metal fan barrier, and again lies helpless on the outside with Sam just standing over him, but the ref is still counting…





Sam lifts Drew’s limp body from the ground and throws him over his shoulder, carrying him back to the ring….


He rolls Drew in under the bottom rope, but now Sam might now make it….



NO!! Sam scrambles into the ring just before the ref calls for the bell!

Sam goes back on the attack, stomping away at Siler once more, before finally dragging him to his feet. After letting Drew stand there wobbly, taunting him, Sam kicks Drew in the gut, doubling him over at the waist. Sam then uses his height to easily step over Drew’s back, locking Drew’s arms behind Sam’s legs for a… LEG TRAP SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!! MURDER IN THE ASYLUM!!! HE HIT IT!!! Sam holds on to Drew’s legs for a sit-down pin…







Sam is now beside himself with rage and threatens the ref venomously while Siler just lies there on the mat, doing what he can to just breathe, stunning the entire building with his resilience, and refusal to stay down, even though one of Sam‘s signatures, yet unable to mount a steady offense against this monster. Boos begins to pick up for Sam to leave the ref alone, which he does, but only because he wants to inflict more pain on Siler, not because of anything the ref said. Sam then uses Drew’s hair to haul him to his feet again, and backs him into the nearest turnbuckle with a few HUGE right hands that are REALLY connecting, causing the crowd to wince at every blow. Drew slumps into the corner using the turnbuckle to hold himself up, and spits out a mouthful of blood that runs down the front of him. His bottom lip and inside of his mouth is noticeably busted good from one of those right hands, and already beginning to swell, but Sam isn’t about to let up. He follows Siler into the corner WITH A HUGE BOOT TO THE FACE!! Sam just holds the boot there, pushing hard against Drew’s face, using the ropes for leverage. Drew is literally caught between a rock and a hard place as the ref begins to count for Sam to release the hold…








Sam removes his boot from Drew’s face just before the ref decides to disqualify him, and Drew once again slumps against the turnbuckle. Sam quickly follows up with a couple more right hands to the face before launching Drew into the opposite turnbuckle via irish whip… Sam runs in behind Drew to greet him with a big splash, but Siler leaps onto the second turnbuckle, and then launches himself backward at Sam… hitting Sam in the jaw with a momentous spinning enziguri! The force of the shot creates a smack so loud it cuts through the vibe of the air, and takes Sam clean off his feet nearly knocking his lights out to a HUGE face pop from the crowd. Siler barely even knows where he is, but retains enough of his senses, or maybe it’s purely instinct, to throw an arm over Sam’s body for the cover…






It must be pure instinct, because despite the beating, Drew is trying to pull himself up, while Sam rolls to his feet still seeing stars from that kick, but it looks like Sam is actually going to get to his feet first instead of Drew… And he does! Sam flips off the crowd once more and screams “FUCK YOU LARIATO!!!” before bouncing off of the opposite ropes for momentum and charging straight for Drew Siler who just managed his footing in the middle of the ring… But Siler ducks under the telegraphed clothesline finisher, hooks on to Sam’s extended arm, and uses the centrifugal momentum to spin completely back around in front of Sam… CATCHING HIM IN A CLUTCH TORNADO DDT!!! What a comeback!! Everyone is on their feet looking on as Drew rolls Sam over for the pin…






Drew pushes himself up onto his knees, but just sits there with his hands clasped over his head staring at Sam’s prone figure on the mat, remembering Sam’s bloody victory at Instant Classic over Gideon, wondering what he can possibly do, if anything, to keep this man down. Finally, Drew gets to his feet, but leaves Sam where he lay. Deciding instead to ascend the top rope with his back to Sam with a screaming, cheering crowd behind him. He glances over his shoulder at Sam to measure the move one last time, holds up an index finger in the ‘#1’ sign, and then flips backward off the top rope going for a huge MOONSAULT!!!


Drew’s ribcage crashes down hard across Sam’s knees, who reacted just in time, and Drew now writhes in convulsing pain on the mat, holding his midsection, curled into a ball. He’s finished and Sam knows it as he rolls Drew over for the pin…




Sam puts his feet on the ropes, cheating for added leverage…




The crowd is booing ferociously, but the ref STILL doesn’t see it….



The ref saw Sam’s feet on the ropes at the last millisecond, and just kicked them off himself!! AND SAM IS LIVID!! Sam is in the Ref’s face in a heartbeat screaming at him, not about the count, but about having the nerve to kick HIM! A PSYCHOPATH!! Again the ref resorts to the stripes, threatening DQ, and he doesn’t mean DairyQueen… Amazingly, Sam backs off, not because of any of the ref’s threats, but because he sees Old Tom slowly striding his way down to ringside for Drew, cane in hand. The Old Man who was missing earlier and may r may not have had something to do with The Rock’s demise… Sam points an accusing finger at Old Tom, just saying “You! You! It’s You!” over and over, knowing by now that Old Tom was the one who was on the scene when someone took out The Rock, probably so he couldn’t interfere in this match to help Sam win, but now Old Tom has made his way down to ringside because of Sam’s blatant use of the ropes in an attempt to cheat a victory away from Drew, and Sam doesn’t like it one bit.

Sam simply brushes the protesting referee aside and steps through the ropes to go after Old Tom outside of the ring… BUT SILER IS UP!!! AND HE KICKS THE MIDDLE ROPE RIGHT INTO SAM’S GROIN!!! Sam just stays doubled over, mouth agape from the sudden, horrible pain, and Drew has to pull him back into the ring, setting him up for his patented slingshot suplex finish… SUFFICIENT PLEX!!! DREW HIT IT!! And Drew finds the strength from somewhere to maintain the bridge on the big man for the pin…






No! Only Two!

Both men just lie on the mat breathing heavily, spent from their efforts, and the ref picks up another T.K.O. 10 count, but upon hearing the count Sam and Drew both begin to stir, trying desperately to pull themselves up. The crowd begins to stomp and cheer, throwing their support in behind Siler, and he gets to his feet just before Sam! Siler drops back against the ropes to support himself, but then looks around at the crowd, and throws an arm up calling for the… South Town Justice??!! That’s Boston John’s huge finishing clothesline that he’s calling for, and Old Tom just covers his face in embarrassment, knowing that trying to talk him out of it will go nowhere. Drew waits for Sam to get to his feet, then charges in… SOUTH TOWN JUSTICE!! BUT NO!! Sam ducks under it just in time, and Siler turns around only to be met with… THE ALCATRAZ CLAW!!! SAM LOCKED IN THE ALCATRAZ CLAW!!!

Sam’s baseball glove-sized hand now grips Drew’s face and skull like an oversized grapefruit, squeezing with all he’s got while Drew screams and flails his arms in pain, but it isn’t long before those arms begin to go limp. Drew tries frantically to break the hold, kicking and swinging wildly at Sam, but the big man’s arm reach is too great, and Drew can’t connect… He begins to fade, slowly crumpling to the mat under Sam’s relentless grip, and the ref drops next to Drew asking if he wants to give up, but Drew, like Sam, won’t quit either. Finally Drew stops responding to the ref, and the ref is forced to lift Drew’s arm and let it fall before he can call the match…




The ref lift’s Drew’s arm again, but…



Now Old Tom is mounting the ring steps.


The ref lifts his arm again, but now Sam sees what Tom is doing…




No! Sam releases the hold and delivers a major league right hand to Tom!

Old Tom hits the ground at ringside holding his face with Sam screaming “That was for Rock!!” at him, but sixty-five isn’t THAT old, and already Tom begins to use his cane to pry himself back up to his feet, while Sam taunts him, beckoning for him to get back up and try that again. Satisfied with the inflicted damage, Sam turns his attention back to Drew who… SPIN-KICK!!! SILER JUST HIT A MOMENTOUS SPINKICK!! Drew waited for Sam to turn around to nearly take his head off with a high spin-kick, and uses what energy he has left to throw an arm over Sam, lying motionless now by the ropes… The ref slides in for the count…








The ref calls for the bell, never having seen Old Tom or the foot on the ropes.

Roth: The winner of the match by way of pinfall…DREW SILER!

Drew just lies on the mat next to Sam, both now broken figures of what first entered the ring, and the crowd mostly cheers, but for the first time in a long time, they don’t know what to make of Drew Siler or Old Tom’s questionable actions, but mostly wondering about Old Tom, considering everyone can see that Siler barely has a clue where he is, what happened, or that he even won a match… until Old Tom finally enters the ring and helps Drew up so the ref can raise his arm in victory, assuring him that he won the match, but trying to quickly usher him out of the ring and safely away from Psycho Sam before the monster wakes up.

The camera then cuts to Ash and Henson at ringside who both give a shrug and wave to the camera as the scene fades out to the LPW logo and then to black.