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WARPED 44 "The New Normal"- April 1, 2012 - The Eagles Club - South Bend, IN

WARPED begins the Midwest Discovery as we debut in South Bend, Indiana!

This show has been booked by PKA.

MAIN EVENT: Losers Forced to Join Ring Crew for a Month
4 Way Elimination Match - Team Joey Members Collide

Sean Edmunds vs. The Rough Ryder vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Korrupt

Grendel's Farewell Match to be contested under FnX Rules
Grendel vs. Crowbar
-Crowbar and Grendel first faced off at WARPEDLive 5 - "Fire Away" 05.01.10 in Fairfax, VA ... this was Grendel's second match ever, and Crowbar's first in WARPED.

Special Invite Singles Match
SCW's Sabra vs. SwitchBlade
-PKA put out an open invitation for any non-contracted WARPED wrestler to wrestle a match if they'd like, and Sin City Wrestling's own Sabra will be in action as she faces the newly signed and returning SwitchBlade!

#1 Contenders for Evolution Title - Triangle Match
Leon Stone vs. Silas Bullock vs. Anton Chase
-All men picked up victories at the 2YA Event & have continued to impress over the last couple of months, and now have a shot at facing the Evolution Champion, William Wallace!

Singles Match
John Yuma vs. Gary Mac
-Two talents continuing to rise up the ranks in the company do battle.

AND: PKA will be live in the ring to address The Movement 2.0's win at 2YA, the incident concerning Alexander StarrZoe, as well as William Wallace and the future of WARPED, The Movement 2.0, Team Joey, Mr. Joey Matthew himself, the UK Tour with NEWera, and so much more.

WARPED 44 "The New Normal"- April 1, 2012 - The Eagles Club - South Bend, IN


You open the DVD of WARPED 44 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Scene 1

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from Alexander StarrZoe

The scene fades in as we see "Two Weeks Ago" on the bottom left of the screen. Alexander StarrZoë, bleeding profusely from his skull, limps up to the camera, blood pouring into his eyes, mixing with sweat, matting his hair to his head, and he has a distant look in his eyes, beady and swollen. "Wallace...retains" Starr begins to pant, "...PKA remains in control...Korrupt is the new World Champion...Ryder is bitching...Anton Chase is a shitty partner...Crowbar made it through."

Starr struggles to light a cigarette, his hands shaking violently; "I...don' about undefeated streaks; I care about championships. For more than five months, that thing was my baby, it was with me constantly, I fucking slept with the thing! Korrupt didn't earn that title, he got lucky and fuck him if he thinks otherwise. But I'll deal with him in the future; for now, and believe me when I say this; Patrick, I will be seeing you sooner than you think and it won't be to have a fucking beer at the bar. We're going to have a nice long your life depended on it."

Alexander sighs; "whatever, I've gotta go get twenty five fucking stitches in my head, but this isn't over, not by a damn long shot!" and walks away..

Scene 2

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from the new World Champion, Korrupt!

The scene fades in as we see "Two Weeks Ago" on the bottom left of the screen once again. Korrupt is seen, limping, dragging the World Championship behind him in his right hand. The camera comes up behind him as he has a sick smile on his face. He glares at the gold and licks it.

Korrupt: Did you miss me...? You look so thin...has Starr been feeding you...? Ooooh baby. You knew I'd come back for you. I always keep my work. I know...I know I didn't win the match so to say but....but I made them all see...that without me and you together this place is another pisshole anyone can enter.

Korrupt begins to breathe heavily and glares at the camera. He scowls, then suddenly that dark smile appears on his face.

Korrupt: So Joey's gone...but y'know...I'm not all that beat up about it. Because now, I'm champion, now I can start where I left off and finally...FINALLY...we can get this place in fuckin' SHAPE...!!! Since I'm here...I guess it's only right if I show people why I'm the way I's kind of a givin' y'know...? But for now...I'm gonna take a nice cold shoulder....I'm going to kick my feet up....and I'm going to take this beautiful piece of gold home with me and celebrate. Call it a honeymoon....Hey y'know who I am now...? Hehehe...ehehehehehe....HAHAHAHAA....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA....siiiigh....

His face turns neutral and limps off, the sound of the belt dragging along the ground is heard as the camera pans away from him.

Scene 3


The lights in the small Eagles Club in South Bend, Indiana dim to darkness as Warped’s theme music begins to flow through the public announce system and the multi-colored houselights begin to swirl around the building, highlighting the new Warped set before focusing on the right and quickly transitioning toward the stands as the camera focusing on the screaming and cheering faces of the fans in attendance. In the ring, Randy Long is staring down at the ring, while the fans begin to cheer “Warped! Warped! Warped!” Tony D and Kris Red make their way down to ringside and take their spot at the announce table, slapping hands with the fans on the way down the ramp. The large screen at the top of the set begins to play scenes from Warped 43: The Second Anniversary Show, showing the highlights of SwitchBlade verses Grendel and the Eight-Man Elimination match. As the music fades and the lights raise, Randy Long stands up straight and brings the microphone to his mouth.

Randy Long: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Eagles Club in South Bend, Indiana and Warped 44 as we begin Midwest Discovery! We thank those tonight in attendance and those that will watch this at home on DVD for joining us for our first of many events on Warped’s first Midwest tour in our two year history! We have an amazing show for you tonight, and…”

Suddenly, the lights in the arena dim again and “Who Shot Ya?” by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to play over the public announce system and the houselights suddenly turn orange and focus on the top of the entrance ramp. In the darkness of the building, the fans begin to chant; “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” The top of the set fills with thick white smoke and the curtain is pulled back as the former Warped World Champion of five months Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the fog. Starr looks out towards the “sea of people”, the large gouge in his head, held together only by a large amount of stitches is obvious even through the bandage wrapped around the right side of his face. He has a slight limp as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. As he climbs onto the apron, instead of climbing to the top turnbuckle or jumping over the top rope, Alex gingerly climbs between the second rope. Starr ignores all the fanfare of posing on the turnbuckle and middle rope and doesn’t even pause for the fans to continue to cheer his name. Instead, StarrZoë just screams at Randy Long; “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY RING!”, snatches the microphone from the ring announcer, and raises his hand into the air, silencing the fans completely.

Alexander StarrZoë: “Look, everyone knows why I’m out here, I’m sure everyone knows, and everyone knows what happened two weeks ago in New York, so let’s not beat around the bush; I’m no longer the World Champion, Korrupt defeated me for the championship. That’s it, that’s all she wrote, after all this time as the Warped World Champion, I’m finished and history it would seem.”

The fans begin to boo as Starr mentions the fact that he lost the championship.

Alexander StarrZoë: “I know, I know, I’m not too happy about it either, but that’s how the cookie crumble, right? I’ve got a lot to say about a lot of people, but there’s time for that, I’m out here for a very particular reason, I want to address a certain someone. Many of you saw what happened earlier this week, when I stormed the Warped Headquarters in search of the former and new owner of Warped; Patrick Kay Anthony. Now, everyone who’s witnessing this has seen what happened in New York, how I lost the match and the fact that I lost the match, but let’s be more specific. Take a fucking look at my face, there’s a crater in it, my fucking skull resembles the moon! Now, we can thank PKA and his lead pipe for not only costing me the World Championship, but putting my ass in the hospital for the night. Now, I’ve got a lot that I wanted to say to Pat earlier this week, but I couldn’t seem to find him, so now, there’s plenty of time! I want you out here Patrick and I want you out here now! I’m not going anywhere until you show up…”

StarrZoë leaves the ring and returns with a steel chair, placing it in the center of the ring and taking a seat. Suddenly, "Ricochet!" by Toy Guns begins to play and PKA appears at the top of the ramp, looking extremely confused. Patrick is dressed in his characteristic suit and slowly makes his way down the ring, shaking his head at the scene he sees before him. He climbs between the ropes, climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans before hopping down and taking up the microphone that Alex dropped to the mat.

PKA: "First off, Alex, calm down. You're seriously blowing this completely out of proportion. What happened in that match with... the lead pipe.. and.. well, that was all an accident, trust me. But for what it's worth, from the bottom of my heart, I never meant for you to lose the World Championship, and I want to take this time to apologize to y-"

Alexander StarrZoë: “…NO! Shut up Patrick! This is my time to talk; I don’t want to hear from you anymore. For two months, you’ve been talking, you’ve been the fucking mouthpiece for the Movement 2.0, you’ve been speaking for Crowbar, Wallace, and I since Joey showed up, now it’s my turn! Now, I knew you were going to come out here and tell me some bullshit about how it was an accident, how you didn’t mean to do it, blah, blah, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Come on Pat, we’re friends aren’t we? Friends don’t lie to other friends, tell me the truth Pat, you did it on purpose. Or what, what are you going to do? Lie to me again ‘buddy’, tell me it was all an accident! It’s all a lie Pat, you know it, I know, and these people know it.”

Patrick throws his hands up, sick of trying to argue with Starr and begins walk away.

Alexander StarrZoë: “You know me well enough by now Pat, don’t walk away from me, that’ll only make it worse. I don’t give a fuck what you have to say, but you see to have a need to explain yourself, so by all means, go ahead, continue to lie to these people.”

PKA: "Well, I was going to apologize, but clearly that won't matter to you. But let's be honest. Do you think I ever wanted any of this? Do you think I wanted you to lose the World Title? Do you think I wanted Joey Matthew to go nuts and turn everythign upside down? Do you think I ever wanted to be in charge of WARPED Wrestling? Hell no I didn't! This entire situation was blown way out of proportion and went a lot further than it was ever meant to go, and as sure as I'm standing in this ring with you right now, Alex, I'm sorry! I'm sorry to you. I'm sorry to the fans. I'm sorry to the boys in the back. But most of all - "

Alexander StarrZoë: “Like I said, I don’t give a fuck what you have to say anymore, so here’s how I see it. Five months Patrick, for five months I’ve been defending that championship the same way I defend Warped, like it’s my own flesh and blood and in one foul swoop you took it all away from me and did it on purpose. This isn’t the first time you’ve given Korrupt a World Championship, is it you piece of shit? You knew I would win that championship and you knew Korrupt would bounce when he lost, so instead, you decided to milk us both for as much as possible, you wanted to sell as many fucking tickets as possible, you used me like a two dollar whore so you could line your pockets. After the second anniversy show, you got what you wanted; you’re back in control. But me? I’m left with shit. I’ve spent nine months busting my balls for this place while you sat in your office, collected your paycheck and made money off of me. You rode my coattails this entire time, you rode them straight to the fucking bank and when you realized that Korrupt/Starr would make you even more money, you decided to take advantage. Well fuck that, I’m not Korrupt, I’m not going to turn around and get on my knees so you can lube me up. I’ll die before someone else gets more off my work than I do, and I promise you, you’ll be dead long before I am if you keep this shit up Patrick. For two months you rallied the troops, you lied to us all, you were doing this all for business. You’ve become the thing you hate the most Patrick. Don’t forget where you came from; when I first showed up to Warped, the one thing you despised the most was a suit with a bad comb over trying to tell you what to do and that’s exactly what you’ve become. Do I look like Joey to you? Do I look like someone who would be afraid of a pale looking asshole in chick jeans and eyeliner? I know you all too well. When you step into that office during the day, you take off the high school cheerleader makeup, you straighten up your tie, and you start acting like you just walked into a Wall Street office. You’re a two-faced, lying asshole. Korrupt and Ryder were right; you never changed, you were a lying asshole from the beginning and you still are now. Maybe Emily Corlen was right too, maybe this place isn’t worth my fucking time. I don’t care about my World Championship, which, I don’t give a fuck if Korrupt pinned me or not, it’s still my title, you handed it to him. I don’t care about SwitchBlade, I don’t care about Ryder, and I sure as hell don’t give two fucks about your apologizes, right now, right here, the only thing I care about is beating the shit out of you. Even if you don’t see what you did wrong, I’ll make you feel the same way that lead pipe made me feel.”

Starr drops the microphone and steps into PKA’s face. Both men stare each other down for a moment but after a moment of tension, security runs into the ring and breaks it up. StarrZoë rolls out of the ring and both men lock eyes as Starr walks up the ramp backwards. “I’m coming for you asshole!” Starr screams before disappearing behind the curtain.

Scene 4


Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from Silas Bullock

The scene fades in to a REACTION from two weeks ago from Silas Bullock. Silas looks into the camera. Then he looks away as if he's going to simply walk on. But instead he turns back, unable to resist the opportunity of spotlight.

Silas Bullock: "I beat the brown off that spics ass tonight and sent him packin' back to Me-Hi-Co or whatever country he was from! Now I know some people are gone question my tactics but you know what? At the end of the day, I was the one who had his hand raised in victory. God was on my side and God is on the side of the Confederate Nation! To prove that even more, I was given a bonus tonight. You see Joey Matthews was sent to the woodshed and that's good for my business. So what's next to Silas? Well, WARPED, you keep lining 'em up for me and I'll keep knockin' 'em down. A lotta people gone count this little fat-ass white man down but I'm gone keep on winning because that's what I do! I win for my people! I win for my ideas and I win for The South!"

Bullock grins and puts on his black cowboy hat.

Silas Bullock: "See ya'll later."

Fade out.

Scene 4

Singles Match: John Yuma vs. Gary Mac

The next scene takes us to the ring where it's time for our opening match! Both men are already in the ring and this match is about to begin.


With the sound of the bell, we see the two men start off fast. Both go at each other with a right hook. They each duck under each other and turn back. Gary Mac goes for the wrap up and he hooks it in. Yuma pushes him off as he takes a run at Mac. Mac does a drop toe hold as Yuma falls. Yuma gets up but is connected with a quick bulldog. He falls to the mat and Mac gets back up. Running off the ropes, he returns with a springboard body press. Yuma moves and Mac hits the floor hard. Yuma gets to his feet as he goes to Mac's head. He hooks in a headlock as Mac spins. He escapes as Yuma and him each get up. They look at each other as they stand still. Kris Red: "These guys are already going fast. Look for an exciting one here." Mac stretches for a second as the two men circle up. They approach each other and Mac throws an elbow to the side of Yuma's head. Yuma walks off as Mac goes for a reverse headlock on Yuma. Yuma walks to the ropes quick as he hangs on. Mac gets off after a three count and walks around. Yelling to the crowd, he gets a shower of boos. Tony D: "I guess you know what the people think of him." For that split second that Gary Mac shouts, Yuma gets the advantage. He runs at Mac's back as he runs his shoulder into it. Mac falls to the ground as Yuma stands. He takes a run now at the ropes and does a baseball slide to Mac's head. After that he lays on him and hooks the leg.

Tony D: "First cover of the match!"

One.. Two..

Tony D: "Kick out at Two!"

Wasting no time Yuma gets to his feet taking Mac along with him. Sending a stern kick to Mac's stomach, Yuma leaps to perform a Hurricanrana. Mac gets carried over but he rolls as he hits the mat. He gets right back up and looks at Yuma. He leaps for a dropkick and hits Yuma across his nose. Yuma falls to the mat as Mac runs off the ropes again. As he returns he performs a baseball slide of his own to the face of Yuma. He covers... one... two... Kick out!

Kris Red: "These guys are going full throttle, nonstop! I love it!"

Tony D: "What a way to kick off our THIRD year!"

Gary Mac does the same as John Yuma before as he climbs to his feet with him. Mac takes a shot to the ribs of Yuma and turns him around and hooks for an Inverted DDT.. which he hits! Gary Mac goes to his feet as he takes hold of them. He goes for a Boston Crab and hooks it in. Yuma can't move very well as he tries to break out.

Tony D: "Boston crab submission hold locked in tight from Gary Mac! John Yuma needs to get to the ropes."

Gary Mac increases the pressure as Yuma tries to get out now. Tipping over, Mac still holds it in. Yuma reaches out for the ropes but is a few inches away from them. Yuma reaches and tries to push up and crawl and he reaches the ropes!!

Kris Red: "Rope break!"

As he gets there he holds on as Mac holds it in for four counts.

Tony D: "Gary Mac must break the hold by the five count or he risks disqualification."

Kris Red: "That's just the thing, though. He's got til FIVE!"

Gary Mac gets up and he kicks Yuma across his back. He drags him now to the center of the ring. He goes for the Boston Crab again but Yuma spots it and kicks Mac across the forehead. Gary stumbles back with his hands over his face as Yuma gets up. Mac turns to find John Yuma coming at him with a Running stomach kick that connects! Yuma covers... one.... two... 3- no~!

Tony D: "Two count only!"

Yuma gets to his feet, bringing Mac along with him. He sets Gary Mac up for a Front Suplex and lifts him into the air and drops him down face-first! Yuma then grabs the arm of Gary Mac and tries for a Fujiwara Armbar but Gary Mac is able to grab the bottom rope and the ref tells John to back off and he does!

Tony D: "Wise move by Gary Mac to grab the ropes."

Gary Mac gets to his feet and tells the ref to keep John Yuma back, which he does. Mac then quickly comes out of the corner and grabs Yuma around the throat, thrusting him to the mat with an illegal choke hold! The referee starts a count of five....1...2....3...4....Gary Mac releases it and brings Yuma to his feet. He thrusts his elbows to Yuma and pushes off. He makes a run to the ropes and returns with a clothesline. Yuma falls but gets back up. Mac leans on the ropes as he shows fatigue. Yuma then charges at Gary Mac but Mac spots it as he bends over at the last second sending Yuma to the outside floor with a big backdrop!

Tony D: "Up and over he goes! John Yuma just went flying over the ropes and that wasn't a pretty landing!"

Gary Mac looks out to see Yuma lying on his back and Mac poses and the fans boo. The boos fill the air as Mac grasps the ropes. He flings his body up as he springs off the top rope. He leaps off as he flips in mid air executing a perfect somersault plancha. Yuma sees it as he rolls out of the way.

Tony D: "Oh my god!"

Kris Red: "True Dat! Mac went to heaven and now he probably feels like he's in hell."

The referee begins his count now as Yuma moves.





Yuma gets to his knee as he is followed by slight movement of Mac.


Mac tries to use the barricade as leverage as he gets to his knee as well.


Yuma slowly slides under the bottom ropes as he lies in the ring.

Mac follows as he walks toward the apron with struggle.


Mac slides under as the count ends.

Kris Red: "That move took a hell of a lot out of Mac, was it a smart thing to do?"

Tony D: "We'll just have to wait and see how things play out."

Mac and Yuma stagger to their feet as they try to get up. Making it first is Yuma who leans on the ropes. Mac takes a little longer as Yuma walks toward him. Taking blows to Mac's back is Yuma. Mac battles up as he looks at Yuma. Yuma takes a shot at his jaw and it connects... Gary Mac wobbles as he returns with a European uppercut to Yuma's jaw. Yuma staggers and kicks Gary Macin the gut! Mac bends over, grabbing his gut, as Yuma looks for a Neckbreaker but Gary Mac spins out and pushes him into the ropes. Yuma bounces off and Gary Mac grabs the legs of Yuma and trips him up, then goes for the Boston Crab again! He then turns him over and has it locked in!

Tony D: "Nice use of mat skills by Mac here."

Yuma beats the mat as he tries to reach to the ropes. He finds that he is in the center of the ring so it is to no avail. Trying to fight out, Yuma swings his arms wildly. Mac avoids them as he applies the pressure even more. Yuma beats his fist upon the mat as he just can't find a way out.

Kris Red: "Just give up kid, tap to this."

Yuma doesn't give up as he attempts to crawl again. He slides slightly as he reaches his hands out. Closer he gets but still he just can't get there. Mac yells as his pressure increases now.

Tony D: "The kid does have heart, you must give him that."

Kris Red: "What's heart without a brain!"

Yuma crawls as he is within inches of the ropes. Pounding, hoping to hit them, Yuma gives it all he has. He throws his arm out and just misses. He can't take it as he crawls slightly. He goes to tap out now as he beats his hand on the mat. For his sake, he hits the rope and hangs on. Mac thinks he tapped so he gets off. He stands and raises his arms in the air. The ref checks Yuma as Mac yells to the crowd. The referee gets to Gary Mac as he tells him that Yuma reached the ropes. Angered, Gary Mac goes after Yuma. He kicks him across the ribs and backs off.

Tony D: "There has been so much damage done to those ribs of John Yuma."

He then goes behind, locks in a waistlock, and hits a German Suplex! He holds on, and both men rise up.. Gary Mac then hits a second German!

Tony D: "We've seen him do this before!"

He keeps the arms locked and hits a third German, bridged this time! One... Two... kickout!!

Kris Red: "I can't believe it!"

Gary Mac beats the mat as he slaps Yuma over the head. He stands and drags Yuma to his feet and lifts him up for a body slam but Yuma slides behind him and lands on the apron. Gary Mac turns around and Yuma grabs his head and pulls his neck over the top rope! Yuma, on the outside of the ring, sees an opportunity as Gary Mac is on the mat. He slides in and quickly covers.. One..

Tony D: "Two!"

Kick out!

Yuma gets up as he taunts to the crowd. He gets many cheers as he sets up. Mac rises to his feet and Yuma grabs his head and spins around, hitting a neckbreaker! He covers... One.. Two... Kick out!

Yuma now pounds the mat and taunts to the crowd again as they continue to cheer him on. He calls for the Australian Death Drop and brings Gary Mac to his feet. He kicks him in the gut and lifts him up for a Firemans Carry... Gary Mac slides out behind though and pushes Yuma away... Yuma turns around and Gary Mac hits the CRESCENT KICK~ wait no he doesn't as Yuma ducks and rolls up Gary Mac in a school boy one two three!

Tony D: "What!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - John Yuuuuuuuma!"

The Times they are-a changin' by Bob Dylan hits as the fans erupt in cheers! Yuma rolls out of the ring, clutching his midsection and wearing a big smile on his face! The referee raises his arm in the air and the fans continue to cheer. Gary Mac, in the ring, is irate! He kicks the bottom rope and shouts THAT'S BULLSHIT! Yuma shrugs and smiles as he slaps the hands of fans and heads toward the stage. Gary Mac isn't pleased at all as he watches Yuma head to the back. Fade out..

Scene 5

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from William Wallace

The scene fades in with a "Two Weeks Ago" tag on the bottom left as Wallace walks up to the camera with a bandage over his head carrying his wrestling bag in one hand and the Evolution Title in the other. He unusually has a big smile on his face as he puts the Evolution Title over his shoulder.

William Wallace: "A am one happy man the night, a done what a set out to do, a kept my title and a sent Joey packin. Can't beat the feelin of beatin the crap out a some one when the reward is like that. C'yeh Later Joey, enjoy retirment."

Wallace walks off whistling the tune of "We'll be Coming" the favourite tartan Army song

Scene 6

#1 Contenders for Evolution Title - Leon Stone w/Chelsea vs. Silas Bullock vs. Anton Chase

The scene fades back in as we're in the ring ready for the Evolution Title #1 Contenders Match!

The bell sounds and these three men waste no time. Anton Chase right hands Leon Stone, and then right hands him into a corner. Garne stomps a way at him, and Silas Bullock runs over and screams a rebel yell. Chase turns around, and clotheslines Bullock. Chase picks up Stone, and stomps him two more times. Chase then carries him over, and throws him off the ropes, Stone runs off but clotheslines Chase, sending him down. Bullock is up, and turns Chase around and slaps him! Bullock then punches Chase a couple times then dropkicks him. Chase falls back into the ropes, and Bullock runs for a clothesline. Chase ducks, then neckbreakers Bullock. Stone rolls to the outside of the ring, and Chelsea comforts him. In the ring, Chase and Bullock go at it and Bullock hits a hard knife edge chop, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip by Silas.. Anton Chase off the ropes.. Silas with a Roundhouse Punch to the face! Leon Stone now tries to quickly insert himself into this mix by sliding in and rolling up Silas... one, two, kick out!

Tony D: "These three men love to go at a high speed and they are going to no doubt put it all on the line for a shot at the Evolution Championship!"

Kris Red: "Anton Chase is a former champ, while Leon Stone and Silas Bullock are both very outspoken and prosperous future champs I believe!"

Stone brings Bullock to his feet, then hits the ropes and returns with a huge clothesline but Bullock ducks, go behind, German Suplex - bridged~! One.. Two.. Kickout!

Tony D: "Impressive back and forth action!"

Bullock gets on the top rope, and screams loudly. He then comes off the top with a Moonsault and it connects! Anton Chase is up, and makes sure Bullock doesn't get the pin, as he grabs his head and brings him up, driving his face into the top buckle repeatedly. He turns him around..Chase then whips Bullock off the ropes, he bounces off them and comes back into a gut kick, then a T-Bone Suplex! Chase gets to his feet.. Stone runs at Chase, and goes for a big kick to the face, but Chase ducks and hits a Swinging Inverted Neckbreaker!

Tony D: "The Chase Factor!"

Anton Chase goes for the cover, hooking the leg... one... two...... Bullock breaks it up! He brings Chase to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Chase bounces off and gets taken down with a dropkick. Silas then covers... One... Two... and No.. Chase kicks out! Stone stands up and brings Bullock in for a suplex.. He lifts him into the air but Bullock lands behind. He goes for a belly to back suplex but Leon Stone flips out and lands on his feet. Anton Chase then meets him with a Firemans Carry and hits a headbreaker! Silas Bullock spins Anton around and goes for a right hand but Anton ducks, kicks him in the gut.. BRAINBUSTER! Anton Chase into the cover.. one.. two.. kickout!

Tony D: "Silas Bullock seems to be getting an ass kicking tonight at the hands of Anton Chase and Leon Stone as both men try to pick up the victory by pinning him!"

Kris Red: "Silas was silent the entire last two weeks which is rare. Usually he has a lot to say and nothing good I might add."

Anton brings Silas to his feet and delivers a right hand, and another, backing him into the corner. Irish whip.. Silas hits the turnbuckles.. Anton follows through but Leon Stone sideswipes him with a big dropkick! Leon then charges in at Bullock and hits a spinning backfist to his face. He then sets him up top and climbs up.. Super Hurricanrana connects! Leon Stone goes into the cover... One.. Two.. Anton Chase breaks it up!

Chase brings Stone and sends him off the ropes.. Stone bounces off and Chase goes for a clothesline but Stone ducks and then hits the Pele backflip kick! Chase is wobbly as Stone then hits the ropes and hits a SPEAR!

Kris Red: "Throwing Stones!"

Leon signals that it's all over as he brings him up and sets up for The MileStone Crucifix bomb but Silas Bullock interjects as he clubs Stone in the back and goes for a belly to back suplex, but Stone lands on his feet. He turns around, kicks him in the gut, and lifts him up and hits a Crucifix Powerbomb!

Tony D: "Leon Stone with The MileStone!"

Before he can pin him, Anton Chase grabs Stone and tosses him over the top rope and then covers Silas....... one... two... three!!

Kris Red: "Anton Chase stole the win!!"

The bell sounds and Anton's music hits. He jumps up and down as the fans cheer!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and the number one contender for the Evolution Championship - Anton CHASE!"

The referee holds Anton's arm in the air as Leon starts to get his wits about him at ringside. Chelsea helps him up and Leon Stone can't believe what happened! He almost gets into the ring but Chelsea stops him from doing so. He instead mopes at ringside as Anton celebrates!

Flower of Scotland begins to play as the Referee raises the hand of Anton Chase in victory. The Evolution champ appears to a standing ovation from the crowd. Wallace looks focused, as he stares down Anton Chase. As he approaches the ring he sits the Evolution title on the mat until he rolls in, picking it up immediately after before walking to the other side and taking a microphone.

Tony D: It looks like the Evolution champion has something to say.

William Wallace: Congratulations son, you "earned" the right to get a shot at my title, and it gets better, you get your shot...RIGHT NOW!

Wallace knocks Anton Chase over the head with the Evolution Title.

Tony D: Wallace not wanting to wait around.

Kris Red: No he wants fight!

William Wallace: Ring the fucken bell!

The Referee refuses to ring the bell as he tries to get Wallace from the ring. Wallace Knocks the referee down with a right hand and rolls to the outside ringing the bell himself. Leon Stone and Chelsea leap out of the way to make their way toward the back, not believing what's going on.

Tony D: This has gone too far now, the referee was just doing his job, what is Wallace doing.

Kris Red: Whatever he likes Tony D, he is the champion.

Wallace rolls back into the ring and picks Anton Chase up onto his shoulders.


Wallace lays Anton Chase out with his version of the TKO he calls the highland fling before covering Anton Chase.

Kris Red: What is he doing, he knocked out the referee.

Tony D: He didn't think this through very well did he?

Wallace grabs the hand of the referee who is still out cold and slaps it off the mat three times before jumping to his feet in celebration.

William Wallace: Randy do your thing an declare me the winner.

Randy is at first very reluctant

William Wallace: Son, don't make me come out there.

Tony D: You can't just go around attacking people Kris, it just isn't right. Wallace is a bully.

Randy Long: Ladies and Gentlemen, Still the Evolution Champion...William Wallace?

William Wallace: That a boy.

Wallace then proceeds in kicking both the referee and Anton Chase out of the ring.

William Wallace: Get out of ma ring you piece of shit.

Tony D: Oh dear lord he isn't done.

William Wallace: Indiana, you are welcome! WARPED fans you are welcome, Joey Mathews is gone!

A chant begins of "Thank You Wallace"

William Wallace: Why thank me? No one else does? I go out there in New York and I was the sole survivor, I was the man who pinned the new World Champion just moments after he won it so really I should be out here with both belts, but that is a story for later. My point right now is I go out in the Hammerstein ballroom and win the control PKA deserves and what does he do? He goes and shafts me! You fans pay your hard earned money to see the best WARPED has to offer, an a proved a am the best WARPED has to offer but Pat won't even book me, even after all I have done for him. Don't get me wrong, what a did in New York wasn't for him, it wasn't for you, it was for me! I couldn't give a fuck what you stinkin yanks want, everythin a have done recently is for me.

The fans erupt in thunderous boos

William Wallace: I couldn't give a fuck what use think of me, a just had to make sure Joey Matthews wasn't allowed to keep the control of this place. We came too far without him fuckin it up again. We have been goin backwards for three months now with Joey bringin in every has-been imaginable, and now that he is gone what does Pat do? He Fucks the guys that brought him back to the top. Some bitch from SCW gets on the card but I can't, more to the point she is wrestling Switchblade a guy so old he can go to museums and still be the oldest thing there. Switchy how you are still walking around is beyond me but Sabra come here to face the best in WARPED, not the old timer, do the right thing and step aside and let her experience what it is like when you want to come play with the big boys.

The Boos continue as the Switchblade chants begin.

William Wallace: Yeah chant for that piece a shit, he was the one that save this place! He didn't fuck off when times got hard now did he? He was the one that Stood up to Joey Matthews and rid WARPED of that scum bag was he? NO! Was it fuck, it was me! You people want to cheer him? Let's not forget he was on Joey's side, he wanted Joey to continue in control and he fucked off and abandoned all of you for months because he couldn't handle the pressure...

As Wallace is speaking Ricochet! begins and PKA makes his way out to the arena. Wallace looks increasingly angry in the ring as PKA makes his way down the aisle. Before he gets to the ring Lost My Way by Finger Eleven begins to play and Switchblade appears.

SwitchBlade: "Woah woah woah, cut the music."

Another "SwitchBlade" chant starts up. SwitchBlade grins and lets the crowd go for a bit before continuing.

SwitchBlade: "PKA, i'll let you do your thing, but I just wanna get this out of the way. Well it looks like everyone wants my attention this week. First Sabra, then Grendel, and now you, Wallace. For an old "has been", that's not too bad. Anyway, that little rant you were going on about me? Meh. Didn't care for it. Mostly because my old ears couldn't understand that thick accent of yours. You sound like you're gargling on broken glass or something. But from what I did gather, you apparently have beef with me. Well you know what I like to do with beef? I like to POUND on it. I like to SMASH it until there's nothing left but broken pieces. And then I like to take those pieces, and stuff them down your throat along with my boot! You have a problem with me, Scottie Boy? Well when you finish banging your half dozen or so sheep, just say the word and i'll teach you all about respecting your elders."

SwitchBlade goes to leave, but then adds something.

SwitchBlade: "Oh, and for the record, i'm not a part of Team Joey...OR Team PKA. I only care about myself, and that's all I need to whoop your sorry ass."

SwitchBlade drops the microphone and heads to the back as the fans cheer some more. PKA sighs and speaks into his microphone.

PKA: "For the record, William.. while what you did was very impressive and something I admire, I can't acknowledge that match. Therefore, that title defense will NOT count towards your record, and Anton Chase is STILL the Number One Contender!"

Wallace doesn't look pleased one bit as he throws the microphone up at PKA and PKA dodges it just in time. Wallace and his Evolution Championship head out of the ring and he confronts PKA. Not looking to get into any more messes tonight, PKA sidesteps and drops his head, not even wanting to look Wallace eye to eye. Wallace holds his Evolution Title up to where PKA can clearly see it and says something in audible before heading on toward the back. PKA runs his empty hand through his hair and sighs, looking quite stressed out, as the scene fades.

Scene 7


The hand holding the camera was unsteady - until its target was acquired that is. Sabra Nikolayev, SCW’s own Queen of Sin had accepted the invitation of her Twitter-friend and fellow Sinner PKA to feature on the current edition of WARPED. The locker she’d been assigned wasn’t much to write home about, but at least it had a door that locked - some of the places she and Gryphon had wrestled in in the past hadn’t even had that luxury. She was already in her ring gear, and had come to lean in the doorway, behind her could be seen a certain road-worn and battered leather jacket with a few inches of American Express - the truck chain Gryphon carried peeking out of the inner pocket hung on the back of a folding chair, a clear indication he too was around here somewhere.

Sabra was clearly pleased, a hint of a smile on her full lips, as a shadow was cast on her and a throat cleared. She turned as the camera swung away from appreciating her assets highlighted by her ring gear and she smiled at who she saw.

Sabra: “PKA … I was wondering when you would stop by so I could thank you for this invitation …”

PKA: “Girrrrrrrrl, you know you’re welcome anytime. How’s things back at ol’ Sin City?”

Sabra: “Busy as always. We are on a European Tour, the next stop is in Rome of all places, and yet? Here I am back in America for a night or two. Jo is right, I should turn my frequent flyer miles in for something. Like a whole casino. Specter is still Hardcore Champion, PKA. I wonder. I wonder when, you will come and take it from him.”

There was no hint of irony in her voice, apparently Sabra had complete faith that her friend PKA could dethrone a man who was insane enough to set himself on fire to retain his title. She paused, then chuckled just a little.

Sabra: “Either way, this match with SwitchBlade? I am going to have fun. Will you come down ringside to watch?”

PKA brings his right hand behind his head and scratches his hair, a look of uncertainty on his face. He’s so busy these days. Returning to SCW anytime soon? Uncertain. Being at ringside? Uncertain.

PKA: “You know, I’d love to be.”

He pauses.

PKA: “But I can’t. There’s stuff back here I gotta take care of. But I wish you all the best.. I do!”

He cracks a smile, hoping this would be okay with her.

PKA: “Tell ya what, if I can make it down, I will. If not, you understand. Right?”

Sabra laughed just a little, shaking her head but reaching to pat his shoulder.

Sabra: “Of course. Uneasy lies the head that books the show as well as wears the crown I do suppose. I will take your well wish and that will be enough.”

She paused and nodded, a sly smile coming to her lips now.

Sabra: “Yes, that will be enough. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get to the curtain. We would hate for me to miss my cue, right?”

Sabra would walk in that direction without another glance back, leaving PKA’s reaction to be caught by the intrepid camera …

Scene 8

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from SwitchBlade

"Two Weeks Ago" once again graces the screen ... SwitchBlade, still wiping blood and sweat off his face, makes his way over to the camera. He catches his breath before responding.

SwitchBlade: "So how about it? You people still think i'm 'washed up'? It only gets better from here. Now that i've put Grendel away, it's time for me to move on...and reclaim what has been, and always will be, mine; the Warped World Heavyweight Championship."

SwitchBlade walks past the camera, his message sent.

Scene 9


Fade in to the ringside area... "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy begins to blare through the arena. Korrupt comes from the back, parading around with party favors in his hands with the WARPED Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Korrupt throws confetti at the crowd with a happy smile as he rolls into the ring. He crawls up and blows his party horn in the camera lens and stands up. Korrupt throws party favors into the crowd, letting out happy screams as he marches around. He continues to blow it until his music fades out. He snatches the mic from the stagehand outside and walks around.


Korrupt pauses and lets out a loud howl as the fans boo at him.

Korrupt: Well, as you can see...I've got a lot to celebrate about. I had FUN, I got to hurt some people, and I...won...the WARPED Wrestling HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! WOOOO!!!! GIVE ME SOME LOOOOVE!!!

The fans boo and start "You Suck" chants, of course knowing what happened for Korrupt to win the belt. Korrupt looks confused, putting a hand over his chest, in a surprised manner.

Korrupt: What...? You people don't like it? Well...

Korrupt tears off the hat and spits his horn out and glares around. He takes a seat in the middle of the ring, his feet touch the mat and his knees push into his chest. The fans continue to boo as Korrupt clutches the belt tightly as he looks around with a dark glance.

Korrupt: I came back...and I managed to do something I think NO ONE was able to do that is win the WARPED Heavyweight Championship...the second time, meaning I made history my first pay per view since I was locked up in a padded cell for so many months...!! I...was able to do more than anyone in this company could do. true. And want to know something I want to thank PKA, I wanna give him a round of applause I mean...

Korrupt drops the mic and gives a big sarcastic round of applause with a big evil smile on his face shaking his head.

Korrupt: Thank you for making this possible, and you want to know something: I know why you put me in this match against's to try and play like you didn't WANT me to win. You deserve a Tony deserve something, because we both know that you wanted me to win all along. You want to try and play it off, you want to try and make it SEEM that you hate me, but deep down NEED me here.
No one else matters, it's ME. I'm the man who can change this place like I did months ago. I'm the guy who can make WARPED Wrestling, I'm the one who can destroy it, and if people don't start to open their eyes...I WILL OPEN THEM FOR THEM!!!!!!

There was a roar of boos, the fans stuck their middle fingers up chanting "Fuck You Korrupt! *clap clap clap-clap-clap* Fuck You Korrupt! *clap clap clap-clap-clap* Fuck You Korrupt! *clap clap clap-clap-clap* " Korrupt cackles to himself, and nearly tears the hair out of the back of his head, restraining himself.

Korrupt: I knew you retards wouldn't get it's because of that...I...I miss it--I MISS THE HATE. I miss being hated, because the more you hate, the more I get excited...and the more I get excited....

Korrupt stops and makes a face like he just relaxed. He opens his eyes with a bloodthirsty expression.

Korrupt: The more...pain...I can dish out. So hate me, hate..hate...HATE. No matter how much you hate me, you fuel my need to do as much as I can. I'm going to win this match tonight, and I'm going to embarrass all of those no-name cans...especially RYDER. I'm the new world champ, and it's 'bout time you bitches recognize that!

Korrupt throws the mic out of the ring and looks out a the crowd as "Empire" by Machinae Supremacy plays. Korrupt stands up slowly and then slithers under the bottom rope with a demented demeanor. He starts to make his way up the ramp with that demeanor turning into a big smile on his face...then a frown.

Scene 10

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from Grendel

In another scene from the WARPED REACTIONS from two weeks ago, the scene fades in. Grendel walks up to the camera he wipes his face off of the sweat and blood. Grendel simles at the camera and then it fades.

Grendel: At WARPED 44 I will have a huge announcement and have a request of Crowbar meet me in the ring for WARPED 44. .


Scene 11

Special Invite Singles Match: SwitchBlade vs. SCW's Sabra

Fade back in to the ring area, where SwitchBlade and Sin City Wrestling's own SABRA are standing at opposite ends of hte ring from each other.

Tony D: "After days and days of intense trash talking and excellent promo work from both SwitchBlade and Sin City Wrestling's Sabra, they now face off one on one!"

Kris Red: "I'm not too familiar with Sabra, but from what I saw from her this past week, I was quite impressed. SwitchBlade has his work cut out for him!"

Tony D: "Of course this is all happening because PKA sent out a tweet offering any outside talent to come in and give WARPED a try, and Sabra accepted! So here we are."

Kris Red: "And I must also say that Sabra herself has her work cut out for her as she's facing the second longest reigning WARPED Champion as well as a man who has the second best win-loss record in WARPED history as well."

They approach each other in the center of the ring and lock up. Sabra with a go behind and a takedown. Sabra drops down and locks in a front facelock.. reversed by SwitchBlade.. SwitchBlade into the cover one.. kick out. Sabra nips up and SwitchBlade gets to his feet.

Tony D: "Some quick mat work to start things off, and a standstill."

Kris Red: "I wonder if Sabra getting the first takedown will mess with Switchy's head at all?"

They approach each other and lock up. SwitchBlade with the advantage...spins Sabra around and goes for a snapmare but Sabra flips out of it, she then kicks SwitchBlade's legs out from under him and goes fo the cover but SwitchBlade kicks out and both get to their feet at a standoff once more.

Kris Red: "Hmm.. they're pretty evenly matched so far."

The fans applaud as the two circle the ring again. Lock up.. SwitchBlade overpowers Sabra and pushes her away into the corner. She fires back, but SwitchBlade goes for a clothesline. Sabra ducks, go behind.. SwitchBlade runs to the ropes with Sabra still holding on.. SwitchBlade pushes her back but Sabra flips out of it. She goes for a clothesline, SwitchBlade blocks it into a full nelson hold. Sabra spins out, but SwitchBlade gets her into a headlock. Sabra pushes him into the ropes.. SwitchBlade comes back and nails Sabra with a shoulderblock, taking her down to the mat. SwitchBlade off the ropes, Sabra stays on the mat.. SwitchBlade jumps over her, off the opposite ropes.. Sabra up and leapfrogs over SwitchBlade.. SwitchBlade off the ropes again.. goes for a clothesline but Sabra grabs onto grabs onto his arm.. SwitchBlade spins around though and whips her into the ropes. Sabra bounces off.. SwitchBlade drops down and she leaps over.. Sabra off the opposite ropes, SwitchBlade steps aside and pushes her across the ring and OVER the top rope down to ringside!

Tony D: "Man-err WOMAN overboard!"

Kris Red: "Sabra got tossed over those ropes.. I think she is getting an idea that in WARPED.. it doesn't matter if you are male or female, if you step into that ring, you're a wrestler plain and simple!"

Tony D: "As it should be. There aren't any bra and panties matches here!"

Sabra gets to her feet, favoring her back.

Kris Red: "Please, no talk of that. I'd not like to see SwitchBlade in bra and panties. Then again, it'd be a fun gag... Quick, get Randy Long to announce that this is a bra and panties match, then shout April Fools!"

SwitchBlade looks on from in the ring as Sabra walks long the barricade.

Tony D: "Yeah, I'm busy."

She turns the corner around the ring and SwitchBlade moves toward the ropes, looking to be setting her up for something. He then runs to the opposite ropes, bounces off and comes back with a Baseball Slide but she sidesteps and SwitchBlade slides under the bottom rope and to the floor, then she levels him with a clothesline!

Tony D: "Sabra stepped to the side and SwitchBlade missed his target and got a clothesline for his troubles!"

Kris Red: "The Legacy of Violence taking it to the first ever WARPED Champion!"

Sabra taunts to the crowd, showing off how she moved out of the way just in time and took care of business, and the fans give the SCW star a mixed response. She then picks SwitchBlade up and rolls him into the ring, then gets up on the apron and enters as well under the second rope. SwitchBlade is on his knees, rising up. Sabra stops that, and punches him over the back of his head. She then does so again, and again! This time SwitchBlade drops down, but gets back up as Sabra picks him up completely and slaps him as hard as she can acros his cheek!

Kris Red: "Only a woman can slap like that.. and it hurts like hell!"

She then backs him into the ropes and goes for an irish whip but SwitchBlade reverses and sends her into the ropes.. he goes for a back elbow but she ducks.. off the ropes.. SwitchBlade nails her with a kick to the midsection and she falls! She struggles to her feet and falls back into the ropes.. SwitchBlade approaches, irish whip.. Sabra off the ropes.. She slides under SwitchBlade's legs and nails him with a dropkick! SwitchBlade gets up, holding his mouth from the impact, as Sabra stands up, looking on at him with a smile on her face. SwitchBlade gets to a complete vertical base and the two circle each other, now realizing that this is a very close match and both have to be on their A-Game. SwitchBlade offers his hand to Sabra to shake, and Sabra goes to shake but she then slaps SwitchBlade across his face!

Kris Red: "OOH Snizap!!"

Tony D: "SwitchBlade went to show some respect but that didn't go so well."

Kris Red: "DENIED!"

She tries for another slap but SwitchBlade blocks it and goes for an irish whip but Sabra counters with a back kick to the gut of SwitchBlade! He leans over, and Sabra then spins out with a kick to the back of SwitchBlade's neck! He goes down, and Sabra covers one.. two.. kick out! Sabra picks SwitchBlade up and pushes him into the corner. She delivers a few kicks to his midsection, then goes for an irish whip to the opposite corner but SwitchBlade sends her into it instead. SwitchBlade follows up but Sabra gets a boot up, catching SwitchBlade right in the jaw. She hops up onto the top rope for a Moonsault perhaps but SwitchBlade comes over to her and clubs her in the back and she drops onto the top buckle and then drops off and lands nearly on her neck on the mat!

Tony D: "Ooh, ugly landing!"

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade with a lil DENIED action of his own there!"

SwitchBlade brings Sabra to her feet and lifts her onto the top buckle. SwitchBlade then climbs up to the middle rope and sets Sabra up for a superplex. He hooks her arm around his shoulder and gains his balance.. he then lifts hr up and takes her down to the mat!

Tony D: "Quite the superplex, but can SwitchBlade capitalize?"

The fans chant "SwitchBlade! SwitchBlade!" getting behind their favorite wrestler that's proudly representing WARPED tonight against SCW's Sabra. SwitchBlade sits up, looking like he got the air knocked out of him, but Sabra's eyes look to be rolling in the back of her head! SwitchBlade crawls into the cover.. one.. two.. kick out!

Tony D: "Just two!"

SwitchBlade decides that he has to do more to beat her.. SwitchBlade looks around the ring, and decides to climb up top. He gets to the nearest corner and begin climbing up, taking a little more time than he should. He gains his balance, and leaps off for an Elbow Drop but Sabra rolls out of the way, causing Switchy to crash and burn! She gets to her feet and gets her senses about her while SwitchBlade slowly pushes himself up off of the mat. She measures him off and as he turns around she hits her trademark Talon Kick to the face, and then pulls him in for a tombstone piledriver and hits it, sit-out style!

Tony D: "She calls that Ultimate Sin!"

Kris Red: "Impressive show of power!"

She covers.. one.. two.. kick out!

Tony D: "Sabra with the close win there!"

Sabra gets to her feet as does SwitchBlade, but not as fast as Sabra did.. Sabra with a few hard slaps to the head of SwitchBlade..She backs him into the ropes and goes for an irish whip, but SwitchBlade holds onto the top rope with his right hand. Sabra tries to pull him away but to no avail. She then kicks his hand off the ropes and he shakes it in pain. Sabra backs him into the ropes again, and he once again holds onto the ropes, this time with his whole arm. She brings her right leg up and kicks SwitchBlade in the back of his head! He stumbles away, and Sabra goes for another Talon Kick but SwitchBlade ducks it! SwitchBlade goes for a kick to her gut but she blocks it, pushes the leg down, and goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex.. but SwitchBlade headbutts her! Suddenly Gryphon, Sabra's mentor, gets up on the apron and shouts at SwitchBlade to not treat a lady like that! SwitchBlade, not amused, brushes him off. Gryphon then reaches in and tries to grab SwitchBlade on the shoulder but only slightly graces him, but it's enough to piss SwitchBlade off. He turns and lays a right hand on Gryphon, knocking him off the apron! Sabra then tries to capitalize by charging in at SwitchBlade but he kicks her in the gut and hits an Implant DDT!

Kris Red: "Implant DDT! That could be the set up for the Crucifix Neck Crank!"

SwitchBlade goes to lock in the submission hold that he calls Enter The Darkness but he notices Gryphon getting up on the apron once more! SwitchBlade gets in his face and tells him to get the hell out of there. The referee also tries to get Gryphon from off the apron and tells him to go to the back or Sabra will be DQ'd! Gryphon argues with the ref and isn't pleased at all as the fans chant 'na-na na na.. hey hey hey.. goodbye!' and he's irate! SwitchBlade waves bye bye to him and turns around.. RED MIST! SwitchBlade ducks and Sabra spews the Asian Red Mist into the eyes of Gryphon! He drops off of the apron, dropping to the floor and screaming out, rubbing his eyes trying to regain his vision!

Tony D: "Sabra tried to blind SwitchBlade with that Red Asian Mist that she calls Dokugiri! That's scored her numerous wins in the past but it just failed!"

Kris Red: "It's safe to say that Gryphon is seeing red... actually, he isn't seeing anything!"

Sabra can't believe what just happened as SwitchBlade then hits her with another Implant DDT and immediately locked in the Crucifix Neck Crank, stretching her body and neck and causing pain to go through her entire body! She has no other choice but to tap out!

Kris Red: "And it's OVA!"

The bell sounds and SwitchBlade gets to his feet as the fans go wild! His music hits and Randy Long makes the winning announcement..

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - SwitchBlaaaaaade!"

The fans pop as SwitchBlade looks down at Sabra, shaking his head. He crosses his arms and looks at her with disappointment, perhaps because she tried to stoop to a low level of cheating to win after such a great back and forth match. He climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans as they applaud and cheer.

Tony D: "Such a great match between these two competitors. Sabra definitely held her own, but once Gryphon got involved, it seemed to all go downhill for her."

Kris Red: "Yeah, I definitely agree. I'd love to see a rematch between these two without anyone on the outside to get involved and effect the match. What a wrestling clinic!"

SwitchBlade hops down and holds his hand out as he looks down at it, perhaps considering whether or not to offer a hand to her. He then looks down at ringside at Gryphon and is reminded that she tried to blind him, and he shakes his head before heading through the ropes and walking up the aisle. Fade out...

Scene 12

Two Weeks Ago: REACTIONS from The Rough Ryder

"Two Weeks Ago".... Jessica Reyes comes out with a large bag and Ryder's chair, she doesn't even acknowledge the camera. After a moment, The Rough Ryder slowly walks out. He stops, and looks at the camera. He gets as close as possible, kneeling to look into it.

The Rough Ryder: "When Joey first contacted me about coming back to WARPED, we agreed I'd be here until the 2 Year Anniversary. I'm here to tell you all right now... I'm not going anywhere.

Crowbar, Chase, Wallace... I don't care about any of you. I don't even care about you anymore PKA. There is one man I'm talking to right now and that's you StarrZoe. Nobody pins me and gets away with it... nobody. You think losing your title to Korrupt is bad? Just wait... just wait until I get my revenge boy.

You'll be wishing that you never laced up a pair of boots... or that I did. "

Ryder shoves the camera a little bit, knocking it off balance as he exits the scene.

Scene 13

Grendel's Final Match: FnX Rules - Grendel vs. Crowbar

The bell sounds and the two men who have come so far in their careers meet face to face in the ring.

Tony D: "This is Grendel's final match in WARPED Wrestling, and he's facing his second opponent ever, Crowbar."

Kris Red: "And fun fact- Grendel was Crowbar's first opponent! These two have had numerous battles in the past and know each other quite well."

Grendel then shoves Crowbar back and he hits the ropes. Crowbar bounces backfirst off them, and comes stumbling off them into a high back body drop. Grendel laughs a bit, as the fans boo. Grendel looks at the crowd. As he turns around Crowbar runs through, and gives him a super huge clothesline making Grendel backflip and land right on his stomach. Crowbar then screams "AHHH!!" and picks up Grendel by his beard! He grabs him by his left arm, and whips him full speed across the ring into the set of ring ropes. Grendel bounces off them, and comes back into a shoulder block. Down goes Grendel hard. Crowbar brings Grendel back up and then lays a right hand into his gut. Then Crowbar kicks him in the gut, then drops Grendel with a DDT? but no! Grendel blocks it, and Crowbar falls right in his back. Grendel towers over the fallen Crowbar with a grin on his face.

Grendel drops his hand down, picking up Crowbar. Grendel clubs Crowbar over the back, then throws him at the ropes. Crowbar comes running back, and Grendel drops down, and Crowbar hits him with a DDT and this time succeeds. Crowbar covers him, and the ref drops down and counts.. one... two.... But Grendel kicks out. Crowbar then stands up, and lifts up Grendel by his head, Crowbar leans back, and swings for a monsterous right hand, but misses and spins around into a chop from Grendel! Another chop from the big man Grendel hits CROWBAR. Grendel then lifts Crowbar in the air and drops him face-first on the top buckle, then big boots him! Crowbar drops and Grendel makes his way out of the ring and lifts up the ring apron and pulls out a metal trash can filled with weapons and tosses it over the top ropes.

Tony D: "Look at what's spilled out of that trash can.. a kendo stick, a street sign, lead pipe, a crowbar, and who knows what else is in there."

Grendel slides into the ring as Crowbar gets to his feet and has picked up the kendo stick and drops it down on the back of Grendel. Grendel battles up though and shoves Crowbar away and says BRING IT ON! Crowbar then swings the kendo stick and nails Grendel in the head, but he stays up! Grendel nearly GROWLS and Crowbar swings it and hits him over the skull again! Grendel no sells and decapitates Crowbar with a clothesline! He then picks up the kendo stick as Crowbar gets to his feet and whackkkkkkks him over the head and Crowbar goes down! Crowbar gets back up and Grendel swings it at his stomach and Crowbar flips, dropping on the mat. Grendel then applies a camel clutch hold with the kendo stick and begins choking Crowbar!

Tony D: "This is a little reminicent of how Crowbar lost in the Team Joey versus Team PKA match when Cameron MacNichol choked out Crowbar with a weapon!"

Kris Red: "Except that was a chain and Grendel has the much thicker kendo stick now!"

Crowbar somehow powers his way up though, getting to a vertical base and showing off the strength he has! He then drops back and Grendel goes flat on his back! Crowbar gets to his feet and grabs his namesake - the crowbar! Grendel starts up to his feet and Crowbar starts to dig the sharp ends into the skull!! Grendel screams out and Crowbar continues to dig it in before releasing and letting the blood gush from Grendel's skull!

Kris Red: "Grendel is seeing red! From what I hear, where he's going after this match, they won't allow such a thing, so looks like he's getting it one more time!"

Crowbar now holds the crowbar weapon into the air and drives it into the back of Grendel! He powers up, though, and Crowbar can't believe it! Grendel kicks Crowbar in the gut and lifts him up for a bear hug, but Crowbar still has the weapon in his hand and starts to dig it into his skull again! Grendel screams out and drops Crowbar and he lands on his feet. Crowbar hits the ropes and comes back with a swing but Grendel grabs him around the throat and lifts him up -


He covers! one... two..... kickout!!

Kris Red: "Grendel is super human tonight!"

Tony D: "This is his final match! He wants to go out looking strong I'm sure!"

Grendel now picks up the trashcan and lifts it up as Crowbar is getting up, and he's on his knees now. Crowbar gets whacked with the trashcan in the head, denting the trashcan! But he stays up! Grendel then wedges the trashcan inbetween the middle and top turnbuckle and Crowbar gets to his feet and clubs him in the back. Crowbar with an Irish Whip.. Grendel blocks it and sends Crowbar face-first into the trashcan!! Grendel now picks up the crowbar weapon and Crowbar turns around and gets a whack to the skull from it!! He drops down and Grendel grabs a blue street sigh that reads RIGHT and he whacks it on the mat while Crowbar pulls himself up with the ropes, now bleeding from the head!

Tony D: "Crowbar is busted open!!"

Grendel then swings and nails Crowbar over the skull with the sign and Crowbar stumbles back into the corner. Grendel then cracks the sign over his head again and tosses it out of the ring. He lifts Crowbar up top and climbs up. Crowbar fights back with right hands but Grendel then starts biting Crowbar in his bloody skull!! The crowd cringes and Grendel hooks the arm and lifts him up.. SUPERPLEX! Both men are down as the fans go wild!

Tony D: "What a monsterous superplex from Grendel!!"

Grendel slowly turns over and drapes an arm over Crowbar...... One.... but Grendel changes his mind. He pushes himself up off of the mat and smiles. He picks up Crowbar, and laughs right in his face, bust Crowbar bursts at Grendel with a huge right hand, making Grendel stumble back into he ropes. He then pulls him a foot away from the ropes, and locks him in a front waistlock. He then throws him over head with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Crowbar then rolls over, and picks up Grendel. Then throws him overhead with another Belly-to-Belly overhead suplex! Crowbar covers, one....... two....... threeeeGrendel gets a shoulder up!

Tony D: "Crowbar just lifted that giant up over his head with those belly to belly suplexes!! Oh my god!"

Kris Red: "But Grendel isn't done yet! He kicked out!!"

Crowbar stands up, and lifts up a dazed Grendel. Crowbar then laughs in his face, then leaps up for the KFO! Grendel pushes him away! Crowbar gets to his feet, clutching the top rope, and Grendel clotheslines him over, both men going to the ringside area!! Grendel gets to his feet and brings Crowbar up.. Irish whip into the steel steps!! Grendel lets out a scream as he yells for Crowbar to get to his fucking feet! Crowbar pulls himself up with help from the barricade and Grendel charges in with a giant knee, squishing Crowbar up against the metal barricade!!

Tony D: "What power and force behind that running knee!!!"

The fans reach their hands out in support of Grendel and he slaps their hands as they show him some love. He brings Crowbar to his feet and tells him it's all over motherfucker... and then spins him around and chickenwings his arms as he's setting up for The Sweet Relief!

Kris Red: "This is going to be ugly!"

Grendel then lifts him up into the air but Crowbar counters in mid-air just like he did at The Not So Silent Night and he hits a KFO!!! Crowbar then covers! ONE!.........TWO!...........THREE!


Tony D: "Grendel kicked out!!"

Grendel then powers up immediately!

Kris Red: "Holy shit he's Hulking.. err... Grendeling up!!"

Tony D: "We've never SEEN THIS from Grendel!!"

Grendel looks like he got hit by a train but somehow he powered up! He brings the steel steps up as Crowbar looks like he's seen a ghost and Grendel hurls them at Crowbar, as the steps collide with his opponent.

Tony D: "Oh my God those steel steps just got thrown at CROWBAR!!"

Grendel removes the steps from atop Crowbar and lifts him up. He says "thank you.." and turns Crowbar around.. chicken wing.. he then lifts him up and sits out, dropping Crowbar face-first onto the unforgiving floor. Grendel then rolls Crowbar over and hooks the leg... ONE~!..........TWO! ....... THREE!

Three count!

Kris Red: "It's OVA!"

The bell sounds and the fans actually cheer Grendel!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - GRENDELLLLLLL!"

His music hits... The fans stand up applauding as Grendel gets to his feet, blood pouring from his face. He lokos at Crowbar and says "Damn it Crowbar you don't always have to be stiff you dumb bastard."

He grabs the bottom and rolls himself into the ring. He's barely able to stand but he somehow makes himself get to his feet. Grendel laughs and calls for a mic and his music stops while paramedics check on Crowbar at ringside. Grendel drops to a knee, clearly winded.

Grendel: "Crowbar I did ask for this, but only because we started at the same time and we came up at the same time and i do truly respect you as a performer."

Grendel pulls himself up to his feet and leans on the top rope.

Grendel: "Wow I told myself I was not going to cry, but hell this is tough I have done a lot in my short in this world and I am proud of everything I have done and match I have put on for you fans. The guys I have worked with over the two years I have been here have been nothing but a great ride. Guys like Edmunds and Chase and Cameron and Rough Ryder and Korrupt. These are great guys that come out every night and put on a great show for each and every one of you all. I am going to miss each and every one of you guys that make WARPED such a great place to work and perform it is because of you the fan that makes us want to put on the great matches you get here each and every show."

Grendel wipes sweat and blood and some tears from his eyes.

Grendel: "Now I would like to say thank to a few people first off to Joey and PKA for giving this young giant noob a chance and molding me to the performer I am now. Next Starrzoe I learned a lot from in the back and in the locker thank you, and you are as much the legend you claim to be. Third Crowbar brother we had some wild times and some wild matches and I will always love those matches. We started together and I couldn’t think of anybody else to end it with you are one of the hardest working performers I know of and I say thank you to you for that. Lastly Switchblade could you come out here."

Grendel waits for SwitchBlade, but there is no SwitchBlade. Grendel looks around. Crowbar is seen being helped to his feet. Grendel nods at him and Crowbar nods as well as he hobbles his way to the back. Grendel goes to continue when... After a brief pause, "Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays and the fans erupt into cheers as SwitchBlade comes out past the curtain. He walks down the ramp with a no nonsense look in his eyes. He glares at Grendel as he climbs up the ring steps and walks through the ropes.

Tony D: I don't know if this is the smart thing to do. SwitchBlade isn't exactly on good terms with Grendel.

Kris Red: No kidding. Those two nearly killed each other at Warped 43.

SwitchBlade looks up at Grendel, his hands balled up into fists as he listens to Grendel.

Grendel:SwitchBlade it was a honor to work with you and I am humbled to have had that time. You are probably one of my all time favorites and the chance to work with you was worth more than any title reign. So to you I say thank you for all the wisdom and lesson you have taught me during our time together here in WARPED.

Grendel offers his hand out to SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade looks down at the hand, and then looks at the fans. Some are booing while others are cheering for it. SwitchBlade then brushes past Grendel and yells for a microphone. He's given one. SwitchBlade goes back to Grendel.

SwitchBlade: "Listen here, you son of a bitch! If you think that me shaking your hand is going to make me forget everything you've said and done to me in the past, then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought. You want to go to Tinseltown and be in movies? Fine. But when your straight to DVD B-movie bombs and you drag your sorry ass back to Warped, remember this: I'll still be here. And if you ever…EVER...start shit with me again, I won't hesitate to tear you limb from limb."

SwitchBlade grabs Grendel's hand and shakes it.

SwitchBlade: "Now get the hell out of here, "movie star"."

SwitchBlade shoves Grendel's arm back, drops the microphone, and exits the ring as "Lost My Way" plays again.

Tony D: "Wow...harsh words from SwitchBlade."

Kris Red: "With all that's happened between the two, I think he took it easy on him."

The fans watch for what Grendel's next actions or words are going to be and listen for his next words. He watches as SwitchBlade disappears through the curtains. The fans start a "STRAIGHT TO DVD!" chant. He looks left, and looks right. "STRAIGHT TO DVD!" .. Grendel lifts the microphone up to speak. Suddenly two men slide into the ring and jump Grendel from behind! One is 6'3" about 320 pounds and the other 6'1" 212! Another man enters the ring and shouts orders as a lovely lady also appears and enters the ring, applauding what is going on.

Tony D: "Who the hell are these guys?!"

The smaller man of the original 2 hits a SUPERKICK on Grendel, then the large man lifts Grendel up and hits a Running Powerslam!

Kris Red: "What the hell!"

The older man shouts orders while the big man lifts Grendel's lifeless body up onto his shoulders in a reverse fireman carry/burning hammer position. He then in one smooth motion swings Grendel down and hits a leaping Piledriver!!

Tony D: "What was THAT?!"

The smaller of the original 2 is up top now as he hits a Shooting Star Splash but then hits a DOUBLESTOMP on Grendel!! The fans can't believe their eyes! The two original men stand side by side with smiles on their faces as they look down at Grendel's beaten body. The older man gets between them shouts orders! They acknowledge him as the big man lifts Grendel up for a Sidewalk Slam as the smaller is on the top buckle again and dives off and hits another double stomp as the bigger man slams Grendel to the mat!

Kris Red: "I will say these moves are impressive, but what is going on?! Who are they? Why are they attacking Grendel during such a special speech?!"

The older man who was shouting orders calls for a microphone. The lady retrieves it from Randy Long and hands it over to him. He tries to speak through the roaring of the crowd.

???: "So we heard that there's a new Tag Team division forming in WARPED. Well, you're looking at the future Tag Team Champions right here - Andy LeBeau, Lenard Limoux.. the Maple Leaf Strike Force!"

The fans erupt in boos as Grendel lay battered and beaten. These four head out of the ring and make their way to the back as they are all very proud of what they've accomplished! Fade out..

Scene 14


The next scene heads to the backstage area where PKA is in his new office. He's texting on his EVO phone when there's a knock at the door. He looks up and sighs.

PKA: "Uh.. what now.."

He opens the door and there stands the absolutely beautiful Deja, assistant to Joey Matthew. She's looking extra skanky tonight.


Deja: "Hey boss."

She winks and comes in, putting her hand on PKA's chest and backing him up slowly to the desk. He braces himself with his hands on the edge of the desk.

PKA: "Hi there?"

She stands extra close to him, talking very sexy-like.

Deja:" I hope I'm not...over stepping my boundaries... boss."

PKA: "Not at all... what's goin' on?"

Deja: "I feel absolutely horrible about what happened at the Second Anniversary Show with Joey and Alex and of course.. you.."

She looks down and reaches her hand down to PKA's crotch and lightly rubs it. PKA's eyes widen.

Deja: "If there's anything........I could do to help make you feel better about everything going on, maybe take some stress off of your shoulders, let me know."

She reaches in and gives PKA a kiss on the cheek and then turns around and brushes her ass up against his crotch. She heads out the office and PKA is standing there, happy as ever... Fade out.

Scene 15

Main Event: 4 Way Elimination - Losers Must Join Ring Crew for a Month
Sean Edmunds vs. The Rough Ryder vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Korrupt

The scene fades in to the main event of the evening as the four men who were apart of Team Joey at the Second Anniversary Show will do battle in an Elimination Style match to determine which three losing men will have to join the ring crew over the next month!

The Rough Ryder, Korrupt, MacNichol and Edmunds stare each other down as they know that only one of them is walking out of this match with their arm raised in victory, and that the other three will be forced to help set up the ring and clean up for a month. All four start to circle the ring watching each and every one of the men in the ring to see what their first move will be. The referee calls for the bell and tells the guys to go for it! The Rough Ryder and MacNichol nod to each other as they go after Korrupt and Edmunds!

Tony D: "A little teamwork never hurt anyone!"

Ryder takes Edmunds into a corner as MacNichol takes Korrupt into another. The Rough Ryder hits a few elbow shots to Edmunds's head as MacNichol knees Korrupt in the gut a few times. They both look at each other and whip each of their foes towards the other. Korrupt and Edmunds stop before they make an impact on each other, turn around, and attack the other two!! Korrupt dropkicks MacNichol down as Edmunds hits a Superkick on The Rough Ryder. The big man falls to the mat and Edmunds climbs to the top rope. He waits for Ryder to rise and leaps off for a crossbody but Ryder catches him! The Rough Ryder presses Edmunds over his head a few times before dropping him flat on his face!

Tony D: "Look at the power of The Rough Ryder!"

Kris Red: "And look at the SEXINESS of his girl, Jessica! MMM!"

Ryder goes for the win 1..2...kick out!

Tony D: "Near fall for Ryder!"

Korrupt takes MacNichol down with a headlock takedown and MacNichol gets up, goes for a clothesline, Korrupt ducks, goes for a spinning heel kick-but MacNichol catches his foot, Korrupt though with an Enziguri to the head of MacNichol! Korrupt covers 1..2...kick out!

Tony D: "And a near fall for Korrupt!"

Korrupt picks MacNichol up and hits a few forearm shots on him. He whips him across the ring into the ropes and MacNichol bounces off..comes back towards Korrupt and Korrupt connects with a spinning wheel kick taking MacNichol down. Korrupt climbs the turnbuckle and but Cameron gets to his feet and punches Korrupt! MacNichol then tosses him off the top to the mat! He covers Korrupt.. 1.. kick out. Cam brings Korrupt to his feet and the World Champ throws a right hand but MacNichol blocks it and whips Korrupt into the corner. MacNichol runs and splashes Korrupt and he collapses! MacNichol picks Korrupt up and slams him down executing a powerslam. But he doesn't go for the pin, however he pulls Korrupt to the center of the ring and climbs up to the top turnbuckle!

Tony D: "We rarely see Cameron MacNichol take to the top!"

But Korrupt is up and he charges to the corner and nails MacNichol, causing him to get crotched on the top. Korrupt then hooks the arm of Cameron and brings him up... superplex!

Tony D: "Superplex from Korrupt and both men are down!"

Meanwhile, The Rough Ryder and Sean Edmunds have taken the battle to ringside. The Rough Ryder tosses him into the ring post. Ryder picks Edmunds up and rams his back against the post once again. Edmunds holds his back in pain and Ryder starts to stomp him. Ryder picks Edmunds up and executes a backbreaker and then an elbow on the mat at ringside. He picks Edmunds up and rolls him into the ring. He climbs up on the apron and goes into the ring pinning Edmunds 1..2...kick out. The Rough Ryder calls for a Superkick to set up for the Dangerous Driver. The crowd anticipates the move as Edmunds slowly rises to his feet. Ryder goes for the Superkick but Korrupt intercepts it and tackles Edmunds with a spear! Korrupt is hammering away at Edmunds while Ryder looks on wondering what the hell that was all about! Ryder then pulls Korrupt off of Edmunds and they argue back and forth. Cameron MacNichol then comes between the two and Korrupt swings at him but Ryder saves Cam with a kick to the gut delivered to Korrupt! The champ doubles over. Cameron then looks at Ryder and says he had that handled and now THEY are arguing! Korrupt stands by laughing and smiling. They then start to whisper to each other and all of a sudden completely take out Korrupt with two big clotheslines. Edmunds gets to his feet and MacNichol dropkicks him into the corner. Rough Ryder then calls the shots as Cameron takes Edmunds and irish whips him into Ryder and he nails him with a SUPERKICK! He then follows it up by bringing him in, double underhook, lifting him into the air and dropping to his knees, driving the head of Sean Edmunds' into the mat. He covers.....1....2......3! The Rough Ryder has eliminated Edmunds.

Tony D: "Sean Edmunds is the first to go! And now he will have to join the ring crew for the next month! That will not sit well with the Sensational one."

Kris Red: "Does that mean Miss Karla has to join too? I'd pay to watch her sweep things, and stuff."

Cameron MacNichol is readying himself, though, and looks to go after Ryder when he gets to his feet.

Tony D: "Beware of The Dirty Mac!"

Ryder gets up and Cameron charges for a Clothesline from Hell but Korrupt grabs his arm as it is extended and pulls him in and leaps.. DDT! He keeps it locked on and squeezing the life out of Cameron MacNichol with Death's Infinite Ecstacy!! The Rough Ryder looks on wondering what in the world just happened! Cameron MacNichol swings his arms violently trying to reach the ropes but he can't and he is forced to tap out!! Korrupt has eliminated Cameron MacNichol!!

Tony D: "And now KORRUPT eliminates Cameron MacNichol!"

Kris Red: "It's been like a battle of one-upmanship between The Rough Ryder and Korrupt since this match begun!"

Tony D: "I tell ya, Cameron MacNichol didn't see that one coming."

The Rough Ryder can't believe that Korrupt just SAVED him and eliminated MacNichol! The Rough Ryder, proud to do things on his own, especially when it comes to Korrupt as of late, won't have any of Korrupt's showboating as he quickly kicks Korrupt in the face taking him down. The Rough Ryder picks Korrupt up, pressing him high in the air, and drops him face first onto the turnbuckle. He slides out of the ring and grabs Korrupt's leg. He pulls Korrupt out and lets him fall to the floor. The Rough Ryder picks Korrupt to his feet and whips him hard into the barricade then runs at him with a high knee. Korrupt holds his stomach in pain as The Rough Ryder has plans to pick up some weapons. Ryder brings out a steel chair and swings it at Korrupt but he ducks and Ryder cracks the top of the barricade!

Tony D: "What is Ryder doing?! This isn't a no DQ match!"

Korrupt runs at The Rough Ryder and clobbers him with a flying forearm but Ryder does not go down but he does drop the chair. Korrupt picks it up and brings it into the air but the referee takes it out of his hands and says not to use it!! Korrupt argues with the ref. Ryder takes this opportunity to charge in at Korrupt but he sidesteps and Ryder hits his face onto the steel chair that the ref was holding! The chair goes flying and Ryder is dazed.... The fans boo as Korrupt tells them to shut up!! Korrupt then cracks a smile as that dope Ryder just fucked up with a little help from the referee! Korrupt hops onto the apron as The Rough Ryder is kneeling down, trying to get his wits about him. Korrupt then leaps off and double stomps the back of Ryder's head, causing his face to go into the floor of the Eagles Club!

Tony D: "That floor is unforgiving, especially without any protective mats."

Korrupt catches his breath and then brings Ryder to his feet and pushes him into the ring. The ref slides in as Korrupt does as well and he covers... 1... Korrupt puts his feet on the ropes.. . 2.... the ref notices it and tells Korrupt to knock it off! Korrupt shrugs it off and brings Ryder up. Irish whip to the corner. Korrupt backs into the corner and charges at Ryder.. he cartwheels and leaps onto the second buckle, grabbing Ryder by the head, then kicks off and they spin, and Korrupt hits a Tornado DDT! He goes in for the cover, hooking the leg...1...2... kick out!

Kris Red: "What an athletic move from Korrupt!"

Korrupt picks The Rough Ryder up and climbs to the second turnbuckle holding onto his opponent's head. Korrupt looks for another move, this time less flashy, as he executes a Tornado DDT but gets tossed away by The Rough Ryder. The Rough Ryder goes for a clothesline but Korrupt quickly dodges the move. Korrupt then hits the Reverse Lungblower out of nowhere! Korrupt pins him again 1..2..kickout! Korrupt slams the mat with his fists and picks The Rough Ryder up.

Kris Red: "Korrupt seems to be getting frustrated here!"

He tries to whip him to the corner but The Rough Ryder powers out of it and whips Korrupt into it instead. The Rough Ryder nails Korrupt with a few elbow shots, knee shots, and punches to the face. Ryder pulls Korrupt away from the turnbuckle and connects with a suplex. The Rough Ryder slides out of the ring and reaches pulls back the WARPED apron banner to see what else is under the ring he can use. He finds a Table and gets it out, and puts it into the ring. He then pulls out a kendo stick and lays it in the ring. The referee once again says NO WEAPONS! Suddenly PKA is seen coming down the aisle and he hops up on the apron and calls for the referee. He tells him to allow weapons!

Kris Red: "Sounds like the boss wants weapons!"

The referee is conversing with PKA while Sean Edmunds comes out of nowhere with brass knuckles on his hand and he swings and cracks The Rough Ryder over the skull!

Tony D: "That's Edmunds! What's he doing?!"

Edmunds backs away raising his arms as Korrupt looks on now regaining his senses. Edmunds smiles at the crowd as they only boo him in return. Jessica Reyes comes over to Edmunds and starts jaw jacking with him saying she can't believe what he just did. He brushes her off and starts walking away and she kneels down to check on her man. Suddenly here comes Cameron MacNichol and he attacks Edmunds from behind grabbing the back of his head and driving it face first into the floor with a bulldog! PKA hops down off the apron and tries to figure out what the hell is even going on here! The ref looks around as the only man in the ring is Korrupt and he's kneeling down watching this all unfold.

Cameron MacNichol is on top of Sean Edmunds, hammering away at him. Just then we see Miss Karla hop skotch her way to the ring and start slapping the back of Cameron. He stands up and asks her if she's really doing that? She brings her arm back and slaps Cameron in the face! Cameron grabs his cheek and questions what to do next but he would never hit a girl, right? Suddenly we see the beautiful DYAN MACNICHOL who hasn't been seen in a WARPED event for months ever since Grendel put her in the hospital! She comes down and spins Karla around and tackles her!

Kris Red: "CAT FIGHT!"

In the ring, Korrupt sets up the table in the middle of the ring and awaits The Rough Ryder to get back in.

The women at ringside start rolling around and PKA is watching on with much amusement. Cameron then tries to break up the two girls while Sean Edmunds pulls himself up with help from the barricade. The Rough Ryder then hits a SUPERKICK that sends him into the front row!

Tony D: "Ryder with some revenge!"

The Rough Ryder now slides into the ring where Korrupt is waiting but gets a quick kick to the skull upon entry and Korrupt throws a few right hands, then placing Ryder on the table. He heads toward the corner...

Tony D: "I suppose the table is now legal!"

Cameron MacNichol pulls his sister off of Karla but Karla comes back and slaps Dyan and Dyan makes her brother let go so she can then go at it with Karla!

Tony D: "What the HELL!"

Cameron shrugs but from out of the crowd is none other than CROWBAR as he has his namesake weapon in his hand and he wraps it around the throat of Cameron and pulls him to the floor, choking him out!

Kris Red: "What the hell is CROWBAR doing out here, now?!"

Tony D: "A little revenge for the Second Anniversary Show, perhaps!"

PKA then tries to pull Crowbar off of Cameron but is having no luck.

Korrupt is on the top turnbuckle and poses for a second or two to the crowd. He then jumps off executing a 450 Splash but The Rough Ryder rolls out of the way and Korrupt goes through the table!!!

Tony D: "Hey!! Korrupt just tried for Alexander StarrZoe's finishing maneuver!"

Kris Red: "And he hit it....on the table!"

The Rough Ryder slowly crawls towards his opponent and puts one arm over him 1...2.....3

Kris Red: "What!"

NO!!! Kick out!

Tony D: "I can't believe he kicked out!"

The Rough Ryder and Korrupt are both down and out. The crowd is still on their feet and are enjoying every second of this match.

At ringside, referees are pulling Crowbar and Cameron apart with help from PKA. The women have also been seperated, and Sean Edmunds is napping in the front row still.

Tony D: "This is all out chaos!"

Slowly..both men start to rise up. The ref pushes the broken table out of the ring. The Rough Ryder grabs Korrupt and whips him into the ropes. Korrupt comes back and The Rough Ryder clotheslines him down. Both men are quite sluggish at this point! The Rough Ryder picks Korrupt up and calls for his finisher. He chickenwings the arms of Korrupt and lifts him up but Korrupt counters into a Hurricanrana! Korrupt is quick to pick up the kendo stick and swings at The Rough Ryder and nails him in the gut. The Rough Ryder falls to his knees and Korrupt climbs the turnbuckle up top. He leaps off for a double stomp but Ryder moves out of the way and Korrupt hobbles after landing on his feet awkwardly.. Ryder then kicks him in the gut, chickenwings the arms, lifts him up and drops down to his knees, driving Korrupt head-first into the mat! He covers.....1.......2.........3!!

Kris Red: "It's ova!!"

The bell sounds and it is indeed over!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - The Rough Ryder!"

The crowd is surprisingly on their feet for The Rough Ryder! Jessica Reyes enters the ring and helps him up to his feet and holds his arm in the air.

Tony D: "I can't believe this! The Rough Ryder just pinned Korrupt! Ryder pinned the World Champion!"

Kris Red: "This is shocking, indeed! And it all started because PKA came out and said weapons were to be allowed! Then everything broke the fuck down! Holy crap!"

"Show Me A Sign" is playing over the PA System as The Rough Ryder has his arm held high by the referee. Korrupt comes to as he's found a home in the corner of the ring and he can't believe what happened. He clutches his head and The Rough Ryder looks down at him and smirks, then motions around his waist that soon the World Title will be there! Ryder then pretends that he is holding a broom and does a 'sweeping' motion, mocking the fact that Korrupt is going to have to do some manual labor here pretty soon!

Tony D: "What a night we've had tonight! Korrupt, Cameron MacNichol, and Sean Edmunds are now going to have to tear this ring down and clean it all up, so we better get out of here, because that's not going to be very fun to be around."

Kris Red: "I beg to differ. It's going to be a sight to see! Give me popcorn!"

Tony D: "You can stay here. I don't want to be around when they start getting pissed and look for someone to take their anger out on. I'm out of here!"

Ryder and Jessica head toward the back, while Korrupt stands in the ring holding his World Title, looking pissed off and sad all in one as this WARPED DVD comes to an end...