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WARPED 43: Second Anniversary Show - 3/17/12 - Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City

The WARPED President, Joey Matthew, was always a behind-the-scenes boss. Ever since his days starting in 2003 with Headstrong Wrestling, and since 2010 with WARPED Wrestling, he's kept out of the ring and let the wrestlers do what they do. That was the case, until a group called The Movement pushed Joey to the limit. PKA, Korrupt, and Crowbar terrorized everyone and anyone in their path, and PKA specifically started to publicly speak out against the WARPED President in regards to the poor booking and event delays. PKA, a partial percentage-owner of WARPED along with Joey Matthew, was doing everything in his power to get under the skin of the Prez. At WARPED 31 "Almost Famous" on 09/17/11, PKA made Joey snap. After hitting PKA over the head with the microphone, Matthew exclaimed that if PKA thought he could do a better job then he could have control over the company. Joey gave PKA until the calendar first read 2012. The next three months of WARPED were some of the best in many people's eyes. But Joey Matthew wasn't having it. As WARPED held its first show of 2012 on January 7th, Joey Matthew returned in charge of the company and turned it all upside down in one swoop. Matthew had brought some unknown, masked men in black to take care of business, and tear things and people apart. This attack was one that would continue through four shows.

One by one the men were revealed - the return of Korrupt & The Rough Ryder, Sean Edmunds, and the shocker of them all, Cameron MacNichol turning on the fans. Their targets - PKA, Alexander StarrZoe, William Wallace, Emily Corlen, and Crowbar, along with anyone else who represented the "New Blood" of the PKA Era. Piece by piece PKA's new alignment of "The Movement 2.0" were being taken down by Joey Matthew's WARPED Originals stable. People like Marty Donovan, Rockin' Lunatic, and Kevin Carino were beat down and never heard of again. Emily Corlen suffered a handicap match loss against Korrupt & The Rough Ryder and a brutal beating that'd lead to her deciding to step away from the company. PKA suffered neck injuries at the hands of Korrupt & Ryder, and there's a chance he might not be in action for many months because of it.

Joey's Ultimate Goal - Return WARPED to the way he remembers it. He wants HIS company back and is irate that PKA had and still has so many supporters for his Interim Presidency the last 3 months of 2011.

Now, at WARPED 43, the Second Anniversary Supershow Event, the two stables will battle in an Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match where BOTH the World and Evolution Titles are on the line. StarrZoe and Wallace, both members of The Movement 2.0, have a lot at stake in this match with their championships on the line. StarrZoe also has an undefeated streak that's alotted him 13 wins and 0 losses. At the same time, there is risk for Joey Matthew and PKA. If Joey's Team wins, then PKA is banned from WARPED. If PKA's Team wins, then Joey must step away and return to behind the scenes and stay out of in-ring business.

It is sure to be a insane match as Sean Edmunds, Korrupt, The Rough Ryder and Cameron MacNichol battle World Champion Alexander StarrZoe, Evolution Champion William Wallace, Crowbar and Anton Chase!

Also at the Second Anniversary Show it will be a one-time-only match as SwitchBlade makes his return to WARPED after being out of action since last July to face the man who put him on the injured list - Grendel. SwitchBlade made his shocking return at WARPED 42 when he showed up in his hometown of Boston, Massuchsetts to shock Grendel, Joey Matthew, and the entire fans who were there live to witness it in person. He vows to get revenge on Grendel and finish this feud that is very intense from last year.

A handful of tickets remain if you want to come out to WARPED 43 - Second Anniversary Supershow on March 17th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City! Tickets are on sale at the box office and at - and visit there for the entire line-up for this historic event!

The Entire Card:

Main Event: Team Joey vs. Team PKA - Tag Team Elimination Match
Both Titles On The Line / All The Power for Joey/PKA On The Line

Team Joey / WARPED Originals vs. Team PKA / The Movement 2.0
Sean Edmunds, Korrupt, The Rough Ryder, Cameron MacNichol vs. Alexander StarrZoe(c), William Wallace(c), Crowbar, Anton Chase
Note: If StarrZoe or Wallace get pinned or submit, whoever causes that elimination will be the new World or Evolution Champion.

Co-Main Event: Non-Sanctioned Match
SwitchBlade vs. Grendel

Singles Match
John Yuma vs. Leon Stone

Singles Match
Outkast vs. Gary Mac

Singles Match
Silas Bullock vs. Chad Santana

*Card Subject to Change*

PLUS: An Announcement Concerning the UK Tour


WARPED 43: Second Anniversary Show - 3/17/12 - Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City


You open the DVD of WARPED 43 - Second Anniversary Show and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins...


Scene 1

Singles Match: Silas Bullock vs. Chad Santana

The WARPED ring announcer, Randy Long, is standing in the ring as the show opens in a jam-packed Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center in New York City. He wears a black suit and tie and holds the microphone with both hands up to his mouth.

Randy Long: "New York City and fans watching on DVD - welcome to WARPED Wrestling's Second Anniversary Show!"

The fans erupt in cheers! Balloons fall from the ceiling as Randy Long smiles widely and the fans chant "WARPED! WARPED! WARPED!" repeatedly. The camera gets a shot of the brand new ring entrance set that WARPED is unveiling tonight, complete with metal sides and tops lined with spotlights, as well as a brand new 60 inch plasma monitor. The balloons are being bumped back and forth through the crowd as the camera pans back to the ring where Randy Long prepares to announce the first match of the night!

Randy Long: "Our opening contest of the Second Anniversary Show is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Bainbridge, Georgia, weighing in at 200 pounds - Silas Bullock!"

The strum of a guitar hits the PA system and Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams begins to play. Silas walks through the curtain wearing a leather cowboy hat, leather trench coat duster and a confederate flag poncho and dark sunglasses. He enters the ring and hands his hat, coat and poncho to the ring attendant. His ring-gear consists of a tucked in dress shirt, suspenders, George - Big Men's Black Dress Pants and custom made black Old West Cross Inlay Cowboy Boots. He jumps to the second rope and screams a loud rebel yell ready to do battle

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Elizabeth, New Jersey, weighing in at 219 pounds - Chad Santana!"

The sound of "Deep Cover" by Dr. Dre plays as everyone turns toward the ring entrance area. The lyrics are heard: "Tonight's the night I get in some shit, (Yeah) Deep cover on the incognito tip" and out walks Chad Santana in baggy, sagging shorts, a sports jersey, and a bandana on his head. He throws up hand signs and screams out in Spanish as he makes his way toward the ring. He rolls into the ring, stands up, slaps his chest twice with his left hand then raises it into the air with his hand formed into a gun.

Tony D: "And welcome to WARPED Wrestling's 43rd show, our Second Anniversary! My name is, as always, Tony D.."

Kris Red: "And hi, my name is Kris Red! Let's kick the night off with some high flying action. Whatdo'ya say, Tony D?"

Tony D: "Sounds like a plan to me. Tonight should be nothing more than exciting just like this match is sure to be. Tonight we find out a special announcement concerning a tour of the UK, both the World and Evolution Titles are on the line in the big Team Joey versus Team PKA main event, as is control of the company!"

Kris Red: "And you can't forget about the unsanctioned match between SwitchBlade and Grendel! SwitchBlade is back for revenge, and Grendel is as always a monster who's ready to fight!"

Tony D: "Word has it that SwitchBlade isn't even a contracted WARPED wrestler, and it's reported that Grendel has signed a multi-million dollar contract elsewhere and is on his way out. So that explains why Joey Matthew has decided that this match will be unsanctioned so WARPED has no responsibility if anything goes wrong between those two men who hate each other so much."

The bell rings, and this match is underway!

Kris Red: "Ooh! Wait! Here we go!"

The two men size each other up, then Bullock runs at Santana and locks him in a headlock, then executes a fallaway twisting neckbreaker. Santana is still fresh, and doesn’t stay down long. He’s back up in an instant, but Bullock grabs him in an arm drag taking him to the ground. He then wraps his hands around the throat of Chad Santana! The fans boo at the blatant choke, and Santana powers out before the ref can break the hold. Silas gets to his feet and looks at the crowd, then brushes them off with a wave of his hand. He turns, and get’s hit with a jaw breaker from Santana! He stumbles back as the fans cheer. Santana then kicks him in the gut and hits a Snap Suplex!

Tony D: "Sounds like the fans have chosen their favorite!"

Kris Red: "Gee I wonder why! Perhaps it's cause Chad Santana is basically a local boy!"

Tony D: "That, or they aren't much a fan of Silas Bullock and his...racism."

Chad Santana drags Bullock to the corner, laying in a few chops before applying a hammerlock variation arm wringer. Bullock cries out in pain, and Santana whips him to the other corner. He follows before Bullock hits, but Bullock ducks and rolls out of the way. Santana stops at the corner and leaps onto it and hits a second buckle Moonsault but Bullock catches him and drops instantly with a backbreaker on his shoulder! He covers... 1... 2... kick out!

Kris Red: "I gotta say that was an impressive counter."

Tony D: "That it definitely was. Silas Bullock definitely surprised a lot of people, mostly Chad Santana, with that move."

Bullock stands and applies the boots. Santana catches his foot after the fourth kick, and shoves him off balance. Bullock pinwheels, and Santana leaps up and grabs one of his flailing arms. He springs on the ropes to the outside, jerking Bullock into a catapult arm drag. Bullock is pulled hard against the ropes, and as Santana lets go, forced back by the released tension of the ropes. He is knocked off his feet. The fans cheer like crazy for the inventiveness of Santana. He turns to the ring, but is hit with a baseball slide!

Bullock slips out of the ring long enough to roll Santana back in. Santana rises up as Bullock enters and Santana kicksBullock in the gut.. Irish Whip - Bullock counters - Santana is sent into the ropes, and bounces off. Bullock readies himself but Santana hits a low dropkick to the knee and Bullock almost loses his balance. Chad with the irish whip now to Bullock.. he bounces off.. Sitout Spinebuster from Santana! Into the cover.. 1... 2...Wait, no! Bullock has kicked out! Santana climbs to his feet, and gets out on the apron while Bullock rises. He springboards off the ropes and hits an Armdrag! The fans applaud as both men then get to their feet and Santana hits a spinning wheel kick! Both men up again and Santana whips him into the corner and follows up with a Running Corner Forearm Smash! Silas stumbles out of the corner and Santana grabs him by the head, steps up the corner and spins out with a Tornado DDT!

Tony D: "What a combination of moves from Chad Santana!"

Into the cover.. 1... 2.... 3!

Kris Red: "TWO!"

Tony D: "Just barely not a three count!"

The fans can’t believe it and complain loudly. Santana is about to lift Bullock up but Bullock sneaks a poke to the eyes and the ref doesn’t see it! The fans boo harder as Bullock gets up. Santana is blinded, and in a perfect position to be lifted up and hit with a Georgia Slam (Alabama Slam)! Bullock laughs and grins for the fans. He stands over Santana, trading off feet in a bull sweep stomp as the fans chant "Bullock sucks, Bullock sucks!"

Kris Red: "What an awesomely degrading move by Bullock!"


Bullock rolls Santana over and applies an eye stretch. Santana yells and struggles to get his hands up to remove Bullock’s fingers, but not having his arms to hold him just creates more tension. The referee tells him to knock it off! Bullock begins to rock, making the move hurt more and more. The ref starts the five count... 1... 2... 3... and Silas releases.

Tony D: "Silas Bullock is risking disqualification at this rate."

The crowd cheers "Santana, Santana!"

Bullock brings Santana to his feet and lifts him up, turning him upside down..setting up for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Santana is able to wiggle down to the mat and grab the leg of Bullock and trip him up! Santana then hits the ropes as Bullock gets to his feet but Bullock charges in before he can bounce off the ropes and he clotheslines him over the top! Santana lands hard on the floor.

Tony D: "What a painful counter from Silas Bullock!"

Bullock gets out on the apron with his back towards Santana, who is slowly rising up. Bullock then jumps onto the second rope and springs off with an Asai Moonsault that connects!

Kris Red: "Asai Moonsault!"

Tony D: "The athleticism between these two men is incredible!"

Silas Bullock jaw jacks with some of the fans in the front row who are showing their dislike for him. Meanwhile, Santana is sitting up.. Bullock then with a kick to the chest - blocked with two arms - and then a kick to the back that connects! He then swings his foot at the head of Santana but he lays down and rolls backward, then up to his feet and hits a quick knife edge chop to the chest of Silas! His opponent returns with a knife edge chop of his own, but Santana returns with another! He then knees him in the gut and grabs his arm.. Irish whip into the steel steps!

Tony D: "Ooh, and there goes the steps!"

The steps have fallen apart, and Santana drags Bullock out of the mess. He rolls him back into the ring, and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He waits for Bullock to get halfway up, then leaps off with a Missle Dropkick!

Bullock moves!

Kris Red: "Oooh! Hard landing for Chad Santana!"

Silas quickly gets out on the apron as Santana pushes himself up off of the mat, dazed and confused after that hard landing.. Bullock with a Springboard Flying Forearm! He quickly covers... 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "Just a two count!"

The fans explode again, their hopes for Santana not lost. Silas brings Chad Santana to his feet and kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a Brainbuster. He lifts him into the air but Santana escapes behind Silas and goes for the Inverted Facelock, 3/4 Turn Neckbreaker

Tony D: "The Regulator!"

Silas escapes, spinning out..

Kris Red: "Not quite!"

He pushes Santana and he goes into the referee, his elbow nailing him in the eye. Silas then KICKS his opponent in the nuts!

Tony D: "Hey! That's illegal!"

Kris Red: "But the ref didn't see it!"

Silas then lifts him up onto his shoulders in a Torture Rack.... then he drops him on his head!

Tony D: "Burning Hammer! Silas just dropped Chad Santana right on his head!"

The referee turns to see Silas waving at him to count as he's got Santana covered..

Kris Red: "He calls that The South Has Risen, and he's gonna go for the cover!"

Silas hooks the leg.... 1.... 2... 3! The injured referee signals for the bell and this one is over.

Randy Long:" Here is your winner - Silas Bullock!"

"A Country Boy Can Survive" hits as the fans erupt in boos. Bullock stands tall and flips them all off. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle and screams a loud rebel yell at everyone as they continue to show their dislike.

Tony D: "Well Silas Bullock picked up the victory off a very dirty low blow but nevertheless he's found himself with a win tonight."

Kris Red: "I seriously don't like Silas Bullock.. I was hoping Chad would put him in his place but I guess that's not going to happen."

Tony D: "We've got plenty more action to come tonight on our Second Anniversary Show, fans! So stick around! And now, let's take you to some footage of the WARPED Wrestling talent sharing their thoughts on WARPED hitting the two year mark!"

Fade out......

Scene 2

It's Been 2 Years - Pre-Recorded Promo
Fade in to SwitchBlade seated in front of the trademark red WARPED curtain..

SwitchBlade: "Warped Wrestling. We started out so small, but in just two years time we've grown into something big. We may not be global just yet, but our name is out there, and we are growing by the numbers each and every day. And soon, we're going to make it to that level. I have faith in Warped.

To all the fans who have bought a ticket and purchased the DVDs since day one, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's you guys who made Warped what it is today, and this Two Year Anniversary Show is dedicated to each and every one of you. And to the critics who thought we wouldn't make it past the first week, thanks for giving us the motivation to prove you all wrong.

We're here to stay, and 2012 is going to be the year we put more butts in seats and reach new heights in the industry. That's not a promise...that's not a guarantee...

That's Warped!"

Fade out.

Scene 3

Singles Match: Outkast vs. Gary Mac

The next DVD scene takes us back to the arena where the fans are excited following the first match and are ready for more! We take it to Randy Long who's in the ring and about to announce the next participants.

Randy Long: "The following grudge match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 227 pounds and being accompanied to the ring by his lovely wife Jasmine Knight, this is Gary Mac!"

"Butterflies and Hurricanes" begins playing and the fans erupt in anger as from behind the curtain alongside his wife walks Gary Mac, dressed in his black wrestling tights and a Too Fucking Good T-Shirt on. He stands there with a smirk on his face looking at the fans for a second, his wife wraps her arms around him before he begins walking down the small ramp, looking at the crowd he begins taunting fans to step across the guard rail. After annoying some more fans Gary reaches the ring, climbs up the steps onto the apron followed by his wife, he then holds the ropes apart to let Jasmine Knight enter. Gary then leaps over the top rope landing on his feet and then stands with his arms out side, smiling from ear to ear whilst the fans continue to jeer him. Mac then opens the ropes to allow Jasmine to exit but not before she gives him a kiss, once she has left Gary takes off his t-shirt and hands it down to her before grabbing the ropes and stretching a little waiting on the match starting.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 218 pounds - Outkast!"

“Guilty by Association” by H20 hits and Outkast struts out from behind the curtain and throws a fist in the air for the crowd to cheer. He spins around and bangs his fist on his chest. He then makes his way down the aisle slapping a few fans hands along the way before climbing the stairs and entering the ring and immediately Gary Mac tackles Outkast down, and starts landing his own fists on Outkast.

Tony D: "They're firing off rights and lefts like there's no tomorrow! We haven't even rung the damn bell yet!"

The bell sounds!

Kris Red: "Bell!"

Gary drags Outkast to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. Outkast hits the ropes and Gary Mac knees him in the gut, causing him to flip over onto the mat. Outkast gets to his feet, and turns, giving Gary a rough knee to the gut, following up with a suplex. He puts the boots to Gary Mac, trying to keep him down, but Mac battles up and starts landing some right hands on Outkast, until Outkast reverses it into a wrist-lock, which in turn he converts into an armbar.

Tony D: Great technical prowess there by Outkast!

Gary manages to fight his way out of the armbar, meeting him with a clothesline, followed up by a few boots. This gets Outkast up to his feet, grabbing Gary by the waist and delivering a heavy belly-to-belly suplex. Outkast is back on his feet in no time and has Gary in a chin-lock. It doesn't take long for Gary to get to the ropes to break the hold.

Kris Red: "This is back and forth thus far.. Gary Mac and Outkast both testing each other."

Tony D: "We're looking at two of WARPED Wrestling's newest talents and these guys are surely looking to impress the upper management to continue to get bookings!"

Getting to his feet, Gary meets his counterpart with a Dropkick to the face! Outkast goes down, and Gary puts the boots to him, following up with a CHOKE hold! The referee starts a 5 count ..1...2...3....4... and Gary Mac finally releases. Outkast gets up, catching his breath, and Gary Mac hits a Headlock Takeover, and applies the headlock on the mat. Outkast tries to fight out of it, getting to his feet slowly, launching four elbows to Gary's sternum before launching himself off of the ropes.. Outkast bounces off and Gary Mac leaps up and hits a Hurricanrana!

Kris Red: "RANA!"

Tony D: "Excellent maneuver there from Gary Mac!"

Gary now continues to put the boots to Outkast, not letting up one bit! The ref tells Mac to back off! Outkast rolls away from the assault, while Gary raises his hand to a large boo from the crowd.

Tony D: "The fans here in the Hammerstein Ballroom are telling Gary Mac what they really think of him!"

Kris Red: "The guy is talented, but the fans respond negatively because of the so-called 'bad' things he does. Personally, I say have at it!"

Gary Mac is taken aback as Outkast springs up and clotheslines him back down. He then moves down to put Gary into a leg submission of some sort, but Gary fights back, booting him away. Outkast comes off of the ropes, and Gary walks right into a DDT as he's getting up. He goes down for a cover...1.. 2..

Kick out!

Tony D: "A fast kickout at two!"

Outkast gets to his feet first and yanks up Gary, sending him off of the ropes, and straight into a powerslam. He gets him back up again, this time for a second powerslam, followed by a few elbowdrops, all wearing out Gary considerably. By the time he gets to his feet, he's met with a suplex, followed quickly by an irish whip into the ropes, taking him straight into a sleeper hold.

Tony D: Big trouble for Gary Mac here!

Through some luck, Gary manages to get to the ropes before collapsing to break the hold. He gasps back the fresh oxygen as Outkast grabs him, whips him into the corner, and charges in with a rising knee to the face! He then goes for a bulldog out of the corner but Gary Mac escapes and pulls him in, then nails a swift boot to the gut, which sends Outkast reeling. Gary shoots him into the ropes and hits a Crescent Kick to the Chi - wait it's blocked! Step up Enziguri by Outkast - but Gary Mac ducks! Gary backs off.. Crescent Kick to the chin! He quickly pulls Outkast in before he could fall down and places him between his legs. He lifts him up in a Crucifix and tosses him forward, causing him to flip and land face first onto the mat!

Tony D: "Total Destruction from Gary Mac!"

Gary quickly goes into the cover, hooking the leg... 1... 2.... 3!

Kris Red: "Wow! And just like that, it's over!

"Butterflies and Hurricanes" by Muse hits the PA System as Gary Mac stands tall with his arm raised in the air.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Gary Mac!"

He stands there with a smirk on his face looking at the fans for a second while his wife comes into the ring and wraps her arms around him. Gary Mac embraces his lovely lady as the fans give off a mixed reaction.

Tony D: "Well that was definitely a quick match and a decisive victory for one Gary Mac. Perhaps Outkast just wasn't on his A-Game tonight."

Kris Red: "You know that has to be the case, because this Outkast we saw tonight was not the normal Outkast.. Whatever the case is, nonetheless, Gary Mac is your winner tonight in our second match at the Second Anniversary Show!"


Scene 4

It's Been 2 Years - Pre-Recorded Promo
Fade in to Crowbar seated in front of the trademark red WARPED curtain..

Crowbar: "Two years? Damn time flies, from Switchblade holding the Title for forever and a day, to anger management, to a boss' breakdown. A lot has happened since I first came aboard WARPED, and you know what? I wouldn't change a thing. From here on out, the only way is up, and who knows what the hell will happen before we hit the 3, 4 and 5 year marks. Cheers to Warped and all the Talent over the past 2 years that have fought, been battered and bruised, and sent to hospital."

Fade out.

Scene 5

Singles Match: John Yuma vs. Leon Stone


Tony D: What a great show we have had so far, and it will only get better. Up next we have Lean Stone taking on John Yuma

Kris Red: Big Rivalry between these two Tony D, it's a tough one to call!

Randy Long: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Dayton, Ohio, weighing in at 215 and being accompanied to the ring by his sister Chelsea - Leon Stone!"

"Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA System. Leon Stone walks down the ramp completely ignoring every one around, giving dirty looks to anyone who, tries to touch him. He walks to his corner completely relaxed waiting for someone to enter HIS ring.

Tony D: Leon accompanied by his sister Chelsea as always here tonight...

Kris Red: Forget his sister for a minute, did you see his video earlier in the week about his brother? No wonder this kid is so messed up. I wonder how Chelsea feels about Leon getting their father locked up?

Tony D: It was a disturbing video to say the least, but really makes to understand what goes through Leon's head.

Randy Long: His opponent, from Glen Rowan, Australia, weighing in at 232 pounds - John Yuma!

"The times they are a changin" by Bob Dylan begins to play as John Yuma appears and makes his way to the ring.

Tony D: This crowd is on their feet as a very focused looking John Yuma makes his way to the ring.

Yuma walks up the ring steps and begins to climb through the ropes as Leon Stone attacks him with forearms to the back of the head.

Tony D: Leon Stone wasting no time here attacking Yuma before the bell, before he even got in the ring.

The bell sounds...

Kris Red: Well the bell has rang now Tony D.

Leon continues to hammer away on the Australian Yuma, dragging him into the ring. Yuma on one knee as Leon throws him into the center of the ring before charging and knocking him now with a knee to the face! before looking for an early cover.


Kick out from Yuma

Tony D: Early pinfall attempt there from Leon Stone but couldn't get more than a one count.

Kris Red: That is the cockiness of Stone, this match has barely stared and he is looking to end it already.

Stone picks Yuma up off the mat before whipping him into the ropes with the Irish whip. Stone looking to take the Australian down with the clothesline which he ducks. Yuma hits the ropes on the other side of the ring, he comes back and Leon Stone is bent over telegraphing the back body drop. Yuma hits the breaks and kicks Leon Stone in the face before knocking him down with a diving clothesline as he stood up.

Kris Red: Oh! That has got to hurt! Stone couldn't have made that anymore obvious if he had tweeted about it!

Tony D: Yuma has the chance regain some composure now after that attack from Stone. This is his chance.

Yuma is back on his feet as Stone gets to a knee. Yuma stalking Stone like an animal. As stone finally makes it back to his feet he is met by Yuma and a kick to the gut before he plants Stone head first with the DDT! Yuma has a look around him as Stone is down in the center of the ring, the Australian points towards the corner and the crowds cheers get louder. Yuma makes his way over to the the corner and jumps up on the second turnbuckle, sitting on the top.

Tony D: Yuma could be about to fly here, risky strategy.

As Yuma stands on up to jump off Leon Stone rolls out of the ring to a chorus of boos from the hostile crowd in the Hammerstein ballroom.

Kris Red: Smart from Leon Stone, getting out of the firing line and stopping all John Yuma's progress in this match.

Yuma steps down off the turnbuckle as Leon Stone walks around the ringside holding his jaw. Yuma hits the ropes and dives through looking to take out Leon Stone on the outside but Stone moves out of the way and sends Yuma head first into the barrier.

Tony D: Yuma will feel that one in the morning, the suicide dive and with the impact Yuma's head made with that barrier I am surprised it didn't succeed in killing him.

Kris Red: Yuma getting up close and personal with these fans in New York, they are loving it but the referee isn't he wants them back in the ring.

Tony D: It is the only place you can pick up the victory, and now the referee is starting to count both men out.




Yuma struggling to get back to his feet after his failed suicide dive, Stone helps him to his feet before bouncing his head off the guardrail. Stone with the Irish Whip on Yuma sending him face first into the steel ring post.




Tony D: If I were Leon Stone I'd get back in the ring.

Kris Red: A count out win is just as good as any other Tony D. A win is a Win no matter how you get it.

Stone Picks Yuma up and rolls him back into the ring. The Australian is dazed, still suffering the effects of those shots to the guardrail and ring post. Stone following Yuma in, looking for the cover now.




Yuma kicks out just before the three count.

Tony D: Somehow John Yuma manages to get the shoulder up. I don't know how much he knew about it, I am pretty sure he is going on pure instinct at the minute.

Kris Red: Stone is in shock Tony D, he was sure he had Yuma there.

Stone picking Yuma up and whipping him into the corner. Stone following Yuma in and squashing him in there with a clothesline. Stone choking Yuma now as the referee begins the count for Stone to break the hold. The Referee gets to four before getting in-between both men and forcing Stone to break the choke.

Tony D: Leon Stone is getting close to being disqualified here, the referee was forced to get involved there to break that Choke hold.

Kris Red: It is becoming increasingly clearer to me that Leon Stone doesn't care about winning this match he just wants to hurt John Yuma.

Tony D: I think you could be right Kris, he has dealt with a lot of personal issues in the last couple of weeks I think that is forcing his frustrations out now.

Leon Stone going back to the corner for Yuma. Yuma though trying to battle back the kick to the midsection of Stone is met by a right hand in retaliation. Stone hammering away on Yuma in the corner as his fight back was short lived. Stone brining Yuma out of the corner and backing him into the ropes. Yuma from one side to the other. Stone looks for the clothesline as Yuma comes back which the Australian ducks out the way of. As Yuma ducks under the outstretched arm of Leon Stone he grabs him by the neck and takes him to the mat in a neckbreaker.

Tony D: Both men are down now. Yuma trying to recover from the onslaught from Stone, but all he has to do is roll over and get an arm across Stone...Which he does.



Kick out from Stone.

Kris Red: Both men look out on there feet, they are giving these fans everything they have got here tonight.

Tony D: They were all counting along for that pinfall there, they wanted John Yuma to get the win.

Yuma is first back to his feet. He sees Stone still down and struggling to get up. Yuma charges towards the fallen body of Leon Stone looking to punt him in the head until Chelsea gets up on the apron. Yuma stares a whole through the sister of Leon Stone.

Tony D: John Yuma's eyes are locked on Chelsea, he is slowly making his way towards her. Kris Red The Referee trying to get Chelsea off the apron and trying to keep Yuma out of touching distance at the same time, he has a tough job on his hands.

Stone crawls across behind Yuma and hits him with a low blow.

Tony D: Oh come on, a cheap shot from Leon Stone and the referee seen nothing because Chelsea was on the apron distracting him.

Kris Red: Stone is taking advantage of the situation Tony D don't be a hater.

Tony D: A what?

Stone back to his feet, he is signalling for the Crucifix Powerbomb. Stone picks Yuma up, looking to move him into the crucifix position...NO! Yuma manages to wriggle out of it. As Yuma hits mat he runs into the ropes, he comes back as Stone is turning round to face him and Yuma with a running kick to the gut. Yuma hooking Stone up now looking for the Suplex.

Tony D: John Yuma showing some terrific strength holding Leon Stone in the air.

Yuma drops back in the vertical suplex before floating over into the cover.




Kickout from Leon Stone just in the nick of time. Yuma can't believe it. The Australian makes his way over to the corner now, jumping up to the second turnbuckle and comes flying off with the Leg Drop across the throat of Stone.

Tony D: Nice Leg drop there from Yuma.

Kris Red: He at least managed to land it this time before Leon hightailed it again.

John Yuma takes a look around the Hammerstein ballroom and signals to the frantic crowd for the Australian Death Drop! Yuma helping stone back to his feet, he is staggering around until Yuma picks him up onto his shoulders

Tony D: This is it, it could be over here, John Yuma looking for the Australian Death Drop.

Kris Red: And right on cue Chelsea makes and appearance again on the apron.

Tony D: Why is she even still allowed out here Kris?

Yuma drops Leon Stone back to the mat, as he is drawn in by Chelsea once again. Yuma looks enraged as he makes his way over to her. The Referee once again having his work cut out for him trying to keep Yuma away from Chelsea. Yuma has had enough though an shoves the referee out of the way before grabbing an handful of Chelsea's hair.

Kris Red: Oh no, now Chelsea has done is. Yuma looks like he wants to beat here like Chris Brown!

Tony D: Who?

Stone comes up from behind and grabs Yuma by the tights, rolling him up. Stone with his feet on the ropes for leverage, the referee doesn't see it and begins to count.




Tony D: Leon Stone has stolen the win here!

Kris Red: I said it earlier Tony D, it doesn't matter how you do it, a win is a win.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match...LEON STONE!

Stone immediately rolls out of the ring and celebrates with his sister Chelsea as Yuma is in the ring going crazy. The fans in the ballroom and booing the roof off the place as Leon Stone and Chelsea make their way to the back as "Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold plays.

Scene 6

It's Been 2 Years - Pre-Recorded Promo
Fade in to The Rough Ryder seated in front of the trademark red WARPED curtain.

The Rough Ryder: "It doesn't nearly seem like WARPED has been around for 2 years. Yes, I've taken a lot of time off here and there, and no I wasn't hear since the beginning... but when you say the name "WARPED" to someone, my name has to be top 5 people you think of first. Why? Because I AM the WARPED superstar. Nobody even compares to me and the level I raised the bar here. I was more brash then Switchblade, I was arrogant before Starr even watched one of our episodes; and I was definatly better in the ring and didn't have to do 394 flips in the air to get a reaction like PKA.

The fact of the matter is, WARPED is making history, and I'm one of the corner stones. Period. March 17, 2012 we're on year 2 and I'm in the Main Event. March 17 2014? You'll still be hearing my name..."


Scene 7

Travis and the lovely Deja are seen walking backstage talking about the show. The camera continues to follow them as Travis suddenly disappears from view. Deja turns around to see Crowbar holding Travis by his jacket. He spins him around and faceplants him into a wall before smiling. Travis, bleeding from the mouth begins to beg for his life as Crowbar starts laughing before punching and kicking Travis to the ground. Deja stands in shock, unable to say anything, but a slight smirk across her face appears. crowbar picks up Travis and starts dragging him towards the street. In a familiar scene, Crowbars F250 is sitting in wait, engine running. Crowbar throws Travis up into the bed and smacks him awake before hitting a KFO on him and slapping him awake again. He ties him up, legs and arms apart, starfish and unable to move in the back. He looks at Deja and smiles, winks, then slams the tailgate shut. He bangs on the back as the F250 kicks into gear and goes flying out of the area. The screams of Travis being heard fading off into the distance. Crowbar walks up to Deja and the camera, looks at them both back and forth.

Crowbar: "Told you I had a surprise're down one bitch, and this one beside me is mighty fine...."

Crowbar strokes Deja's face, she seems slightly confused.

Crowbar: "...I'd hate for anything to happen to this beautiful face"

Crowbar stops stroking her face and walks off laughing to himself.

Scene 8

Unsanctioned Match: Grendel vs. SwitchBlade

The camera zooms to the ring to Randy Long..

Randy Long: "The following contest is an UNSANCTIONED match scheudled for one fall!"

The crowd pops because they know what's coming next!

Randy Long: "Introducing first..From Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - GRENDEL!"

Grendel steps out onto the stage, raises both arms, and then starts walking to the ring. He is not letting fans touch him and he is yelling insults at them. As Grendel gets to the ring he slides in under fhe bottom rope and then stands in the middle of the ring, awaiting the match to begin.

Randy Long: "Annnnnnnd his opponent..."

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven hits and the crowd erupts in cheers!

Randy Long: "Making his return to a WARPED Wrestling ring for the first time in eight months, he hails from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds, the man who just signed a brand new contract to WARPED Wrestling - SwitchBlaaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside and then charges Grendel and takes him down with a shot to the back of his head. SwitchBlade stands over the big man and puts his arms in the air as the fans erupt in cheers for the returning SwitchBlade!!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade wasted no time! He didn't even let Grendel finish coming to the ring!"

Kris Red: "We haven't seen SwitchBlade in nearly a year since Grendel put SwitchBlade out of action.. SwitchBlade has returned for revenge!"

The ref shrugs and calls for the bell! SwitchBlade picks Grendel up and goes to send him into the barricade but Grendel counters and sends SwitchBlade into the barricade instead! Grendel heads the other way, toward the ring. He slides in, and SwitchBlade follows. Grendel gets to his feet and turns around to see SwitchBlade getting to his after arriving in the ring. Grendel throws a punch and connects, and SwitchBlade throws one of his own, connecting. Both men trade punches, back and forth now in the middle of the ring. Grendel gets the upper hand as he backs Switchy into the corner. Grendel throws a wild right hand, and SwitchBlade ducks and shoves him into the corner. Switchy begins to unload heavy rights to the face of the big Monster known as Grendel as the crowd errupts in cheers for SwitchBlade!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade getting the fans behind him tonight! Like Randy Long said, it's been eight whole months since we've seen SwitchBlade here in WARPED!"

Kris Red: "Grendel's face is gonna be in bad shape after those punches! Wow, SwitchBlade is fired up!"

SwitchBlade grabs The Monster by the throat and begins to choke the life out of him. SwitchBlade lets go and begins to stomp away on Grendel. The former Evolution Champion is on his back and SwitchBlade goes to stomp on him, but instead Grendel manages to grab the foot of SwitchBlade. He stands up, still holding the leg, and clotheslines SwitchBlade off his feet! Kris Red: "Well hell! What a clothesline!"

Tony D: "Grendel is an absolute monster that will do anything to beat you. And the last time these two met he caused SwitchBlade a cervical fracture and some spinal injury, specifically in his C3 and C4 vertebrae. This could get ugly!"

Grendel takes SwitchBlade down with another clothesline, and another.

Kris Red: "No, it WILL get ugly!"

SwitchBlade rises to his feet and Grendel tosses him over the top rope down to ringside. Grendel quickly follows out of the ring and picks up a steel chair from the announce area. SwitchBlade is up to his feet now just in time for Grendel to spin around and nail him over the head.. WHACK! Chairshot to SwitchBlade!

Kris Red: "Wham!!"

Tony D: "These two absolutely HATE each other."

SwitchBlade falls to one knee and looks up at Grendel, with an odd, twisted smile on his face. Grendel sees this and nails SwitchBlade again in the head, and this time SwitchBlade falls to this knees, and to the floor on his face. Grendel raises his arms, including the chair, in the air, and the fans boo. SwitchBlade starts pushing himself up, and Grendel is outraged! He throws the chair down and picks SwitchBlade up, then brings him to the corner post for the ring, and slams SwitchBlade's head off the post! SwitchBlade stumbles back and Grendel grabs him and holds him up, then takes him to the other end of the ring and slams his head off the ring steps! CRACK!

Tony D: "This is out of control!"

Kris Red: "Of course it is! What else did you excpect?!"

The monster Grendel yells out at SwitchBlade and the fans boo. SwitchBlade is bleeding from the forehead now! He looks up at the monster and begs him to bring more to the table than just that!

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade is seeing red!"

Grendel runs and tries to drive his boot into the face of SwitchBlade but Switchy moves at the last second and Grendel kicks the ring steps. He kicks the top right off and it goes flying a few feet away. SwitchBlade gets to his feet as Grendel tries to keep his balance. SwitchBlade picks up the steel chair and swings it as Grendel turns around and WHACK right into the head! Grendel does a complete 180 and holds onto the ring post, using it to hold himself up in some ways. SwitchBlade then swings the chair and nails Grendel in his back! SwitchBlade tosses the chair down as Grendel grabs his back in pain and drops to his knees. SwitchBlade grabs him and slams his head off the ringpost!

Tony D: "We've never seen SwitchBlade with such fire and hatred in his eyes as he has now for Grendel! He's really taking it to him!"

Grendel falls to his back, with his knees bent. SwitchBlade grabs his arms and pulls him away from the ring, then heads over to his legs and lifts them up for a boston crab possibly. Instead, SwitchBlade executes a slingshot like move and Grendel goes face-first into the post! Grendel stumbles around after the impact, struggling to stay on his feet. He finds the nearest barricade and grabs onto it to hold himself up. SwitchBlade points to the big man as the fans cheer, and SwitchBlade runs and clotheslines Grendel over the barricade into the front row!

Kris Red: "When you buy front row tickets to a WARPED event, you better expect to get in on the action!"

The referee is in tow as SwitchBlade and Grendel fight amongst the crowd now. SwitchBlade brings Grendel through the fans and spots one holding up a steel chair and he hurls Grendel's head into it! The fan goes wild with excitement! SwitchBlade continues to pull Grendel through the fans until he reaches a wall. Grendel is shot into the wall and he hits it, thump, stumbles away from it and gets clotheslined from behind! Grendel pushes himself up from the concrete and SwitchBlade goes for an irish whip but Grendel counters and sends SwitchBlade toward a door and SwitchBlade rams through it!

Tony D: "That's like a janitor's closet and Grendel just sent SwitchBlade right through the door! He broke it down it seems!"

Kris Red: "Non-sanctioned, no rules, anything goes! They are putting it all on the line!"

Tony D: "It sure is great for the fans who can't see that we have that new giant 60 inch plasma TV at the entrance so they can watch the action as it spills through the arena!"

Kris Red: "WARPED Wrestling is movin' on upppp!"

Grendel takes a moment to regroup, as he just bought himself some much-needed rest time. Grendel eventually follows SwitchBlade into the janitor's closet but Grendel is blinded by a blast from a fire extinguisher! While Grendel cannot see, SwitchBlade stops spraying him and charges at him, BAM! SwitchBlade nails him over the head with the red object! SwitchBlade drops the fire extinguisher and heads back into the closet.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is going to look for more weapons!"

Kris Red: "This isn't good for Grendel."

SwitchBlade emerges with a long wire of some sort.

Tony D: "Is that.. baling wire?"

Kris Red: "Maybe he's sending Grendel packing! Haha.. get it? Packing.. baling wire to tie up boxes.. wire.. nevermind!!"

Tony D: "I understand."

Kris Red: "Well at least one of us does."

SwitchBlade approaches Grendel who drives his shoulder into the gut of SwitchBlade, and lifts him into the air with ease and drops him down with a quick backdrop suplex! Grendel then charges but SwitchBlade catches him off guard at the throat with the cord/wire and drops him to the concrete! SwitchBlade has it wrapped around the throat of Grendel and is choking the life out of him. SwitchBlade stops for a moment and heads a few feet to the left and finds a gimmick table and pushes all of the shirts, posters, and DVD's off of it as well as the black cover.

Kris Red: "Hey you can't do that! We gots to make money!"

He lifts the table and sets it up near the steps to the next level. SwitchBlade heads toward Grendel who is on his hands and knees, gasping for air.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is on his a-game tonight. He hasn't missed a beat."

Kris Red: "A lot of times you worry about ring-rust, but in this case, they aren't in the ring so I guess that's not a concern now is it?!"

Grendel gets to his feet as SwitchBlade grabs onto him and he takes him over to the table. Grendel fights back with right hands to the gut. SwitchBlade doubles over, and Grendel tosses SwitchBlade onto the chair. Grendel heads to the area where SwitchBlade got the table and searches around in there. A few moments pass, and Grendel emerges with a bag and a smile on his face.

Tony D: "What's Grendel got there?"

He holds the bag in the air and says THAT'S IT as the fans surround the two and begin to boo. They shout for SwitchBlade to get up!

Kris Red: "What's in the sack?!"

Grendel took too long, though, and SwitchBlade is able to roll off the table. Grendel drops the bag, and clothesline SwitchBlade to the floor. Grendel gets on top of him and hammers him with right hands. The large fists cover the face of SwitchBlade repeatedly, making the blood gush. Grendel stands up and heads back to his bag, and holds it into the air. He brings it down to his level and looks inside. He hints at pooring it out, but SwitchBlade distracts him, and tries for a right hand, but Grendel blocks it and hits a headbutt! Grendel accidentally lets go of the bag, and the contents poor out..

Tony D: "Thumbtacks!"

Kris Red: "Oh man! Thumbtacks!!"

SwitchBlade's eyes get wide, and Grendel has a smile on his face. They begin battling, trading right hands back and forth. Grendel gains the advantage, and kicks SwitchBlade in his gut. He sets him up for a powerbomb, and lifts SwitchBlade into the air..

Tony D: "Oh My God He's going to powerbomb him onto the tacks!"

SwitchBlade escapes though, and lands on his feet in front of Grendel. SwitchBlade puts Grendel into position for a Cradle Piledriver.. But no! Grendel wiggles free, and delivers a right hand to SwitchBlade. He spins SwitchBlade around and lifts him up for a belly to back suplex but SwitchBlade elbows his way out just in time. SwitchBlade goes for a STO onto the tacks, but Grendel elbows out and then sets SwitchBlade up again for a Powerbomb. He lifts him up and powerbombs him to the concrete floor filled with thumbtacks!! The crowd 'OOOH's at the WHACK impact onto the concrete as skull and back meet concrete and tacks!


Tony D: "Good God!!"

Kris Red: "Holy Hell!!"

Tony D: "Powerbomb onto the concrete, Kris! And if that wasn't enough, there were thumbtacks there too!!"

SwitchBlade rolls over onto his stomach and we see the blood gushing out of his back from the thumbtack puncture wounds, and there are many tacks remaining in his back! Grendel rolls SwitchBlade onto his back and covers.. The referee questions whether or not this is Falls Count Anywhere.. Grendel shouts to COUNT MOTHERFUCKER.. so of course he counts, trying not to slap the tacks..



Kick out!

Tony D: "The first pinfall attempt was by Grendel, but it wasn't enough!"

Grendel brings SwitchBlade to his feet and sets him up for some sort of a vertical suplex or brainbuster. He lifts SwitchBlade into the air, but mid-way SwitchBlade counters and brings his body weight down to the concrete. He lands on his feet, kicks Grendel in the balls, and hits a DDT onto the thumbtack covered concrete!!

Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade just DDT'd Grendel onto those tacks! Look at his head!! He has thumbtacks in his head Kris!!!"

Kris Red: "Calm the frick down, D. I SEE that!!"

Blood flows from both men's head now, and there is plenty of it. SwitchBlade goes for the cover..



Kick out!

SwitchBlade takes this opportunity to get the new and old thumbtacks out of his back. He looks down at Grendel, and sees the thumbtacks shoved into his face.

Tony D: "I'd say forget about those punches SwitchBlade gave Grendel earlier making a dent in Grendel's face.. those thumbtacks will do the deed!"

SwitchBlade rises from his seated position, up to his feet. He searches around the area for weapons as the crowd surrounding him cheers him on. He spots the set up table by the steps, and the baling wire he brought out from the closet, plus the fire extinguisher which is furthest away, next to the janitor's closet door. SwitchBlade heads toward the baling wire, while Grendel sits up and begins to pull some of the tacks out of his face. Blood escapes with each tack removed.

Kris Red: "That is just sickening. I LOVE IT!"

Tony D: "SwitchBlade has something deviant in mind."

SwitchBlade comes back with the 10 foot aluminum wire in his grasp. SwitchBlade plants a boot to the midsection of Grendel as he rises up, and grabs both of his arms and quickly attempts to tie him up with one end of the wire. Grendel tries to fight back but SwitchBlade is able to tie his hands together!! SwitchBlade now uses the wire to pull Grendel onto the concrete and he drags him along the thumbtacks!!!

Tony D: "Oh my God! SwitchBlade is dragging Grendel with that damn wire and his flesh is being ripped up by those tacks! There are hundreds of them!"

Kris Red: "These guys are seeing red, and I'm seeing even more of it every second!"

Grendel screams out in pain as the thumbtacks poke into his skin while SwitchBlade drags him through them. SwitchBlade reaches down and picks Grendel up, and swings him into the wall! Grendel hits side-first and is hardly able to stand. SwitchBlade threatens to pull his body through the tacks so Grendel is forced to get up. SwitchBlade pulls him along toward the flight of steps. SwitchBlade grabs Grendel and slams his head off the railing before tossing him onto the steps. SwitchBlade heads up and starts dragging Grendel with him! He struggles for a moment to pull the large man up but he does so! Security holds the fans back and the referee tries to plead with SwitchBlade to stop!

Tony D: "He's just dragging Grendel up the steps, and that is no easy task."

Kris Red: "True, but when you have those tacks all over your back, your chest, your side, your legs, arms, head, like Grendel does, its kind of hard to fight back!"

Tony D: "Meanwhile the referee looks like he's going to be sick. Let 'em fight, man. This is an unsanctioned match so it's not your fault if something happens to them!"

Kris Red: "Nor is it WARPED Wrestling's fault! I love not taking the hit for things this awful! Woo pain!"

SwitchBlade pulls Grendel up against the railing, and Grendel tries to fight back, pushing SwitchBlade away. Grendel uses this time to try and escape the wire, untie himself, something. He manages to get it loose and the right arm breaks free but he's still connected with one of the loops on the left hand which is a distraction enough for SwitchBlade to run and charge at Grendel, clotheslining him over the railing!!!

Tony D: "Look out!!"

But Grendel doesn't go far, as SwitchBlade has him by the wire. Grendel's hanging over the edge by his left arm, which is connected to the wire. Grendel reaches up with his right hand to grab onto the railing, and try to hold himself up, or pull himself up. SwitchBlade laughs as he wraps the remaining wire around the throat of Grendel, and begins choking the life out of him! SwitchBlade places his right boot on the wall under the railling, and pulls back, as hard as he can! Grendel kicks his legs, trying to break free.

Kris Red: "This is bad.."

Tony D: "My God somebody stop SwitchBlade!"

Kris Red: "I've never seen him like this!"

Tony D: "Grendel almost ended his career and now SwitchBlade wants to end Grendel's career!"

The referee attempts to stop SwitchBlade from continuously choking Grendel, but it seems like nothing will stop him! SwitchBlade plants his boot back on the concrete, and reaches down at Grendel to talk trash, still choking him.

This is a mistake.

Grendel musters up some sort of lasting energy and grabs the throat of SwitchBlade with his left hand.

Tony D: "Oh my God, no!"

Grendel loses his grip, though, and SwitchBlade delivers repeated fast-paced right hands to the bloody head of Grendel. And suddenly Grendel, along with the wire, falls about 15 feet, THROUGH the table!!


Tony D: "What.. a.. counter!!"

SwitchBlade steps over the railing and looks out at the crowd as they are going wild! He then lifts his elbow and drops onto Grendel!

Tony D: "Elbow Drop from the second level!"

SwitchBlade covers Grendel and the referee rushes into position........

Kris Red: "Hurry up, ref!"

He drops down and makes the count as SwitchBlade's body lay atop Grendel's..




The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - SwitchBlaaaaaaade!"

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven hits the PA System and the crowd is going wild for SwitchBlade as he can barely move.

Tony D: "What a match, Kris! These two nearly killed each other but it was SwitchBlade who came out victorious."

Kris Red: "But at what cost?"

Tony D: "We all know about the awful neck and spinal injury he just recovered from.. Let's hope he's okay.."

SwitchBlade tries to push himself up off the floor as the referee offers help. SwitchBlade shakes his head and asks him to step away. The referee cautiously steps back as SwitchBlade brings himself up to his feet and the crowd erupts in a chorus of cheers.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is up!"

Kris Red: "He's fine!"


SwitchBlade nods to the referee and he approaches and raises his arm in victory! The crowd continues to cheer as SwitchBlade wipes the blood from his view. SwitchBlade starts heading through the crowd toward the ring, putting his hands out to slap the hands of fans along the way. Fans shout words of encouragement and pat him on the back as he slowly powers his way to the ring. He steps over the barricade and walks up the ring steps, entering the ring. SwitchBlade takes a second to look around at the crowd who are on their feet.


Tony D: "These fans absolutely love SwitchBlade and I have to agree with what they're saying - welcome back!"

Kris Red: "No doubt, no doubt. He's the newest member of the WARPED roster and it's great to have him back in the company!"

SwitchBlade climbs the turnbuckle ever so slowly, but he makes it up. The pain and wear and tear on his body is evident, but he makes it up to pose to the crowd, arms in the air as they snap their pictures and applaud him.

Cameras then catch a shot of paramedics helping Grendel to his feet, but he pushes the three of them away one by one. He tries to claw his way up with the wall, but it's not working. The camera then shows SwitchBlade exiting the ring and walking down the steps, walking up the aisle and slapping the hands of fans along the way. Smashcut to Grendel who is to his feet. His face is a crimson mask. He looks in SwitchBlade's direction as he makes his way to the stage and poses one final time. SwitchBlade turns to look at Grendel and Grendel simply nods before dropping to both knees.

Tony D: "Grendel just collapsed! He needs to get some medical attention immediately."

Kris Red: "Well if he'd let them help him, they're already there!"

SwitchBlade mouths 'thank you' to the fans before turning his back and heading behind the curtain. Fade out..

Scene 9

It's Been 2 Years - Pre-Recorded Promo
Fade in to Alexander StarrZoe seated in front of the trademark red WARPED curtain..

Alexander StarrZoë: "Nine months...nine months,"

Alexander "Starr" StarrZoë calls out, sauntering toward the camera, the World Championship in his right hand;

"That's how long, of the two years, that Alexander StarrZoë has been in Warped Wrestling. I made my debut back in June of 2011 in Morristown, NJ. Five months, that's how long I've been the World Champion, since October of 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. Two years; that's how long Warped Wrestling has been the most dominate force in independent professional wrestling!

When I first stepped foot in Warped, SwitchBlade was challenging Crowbar and Cameron MacNichol was facing PKA for the final four of the World Championship tournament. Now look, Crowbar and I are saving Patrick's job, I'm ridding Warped of the man who originally signed my contact, have stopped Cam from winning a World Championship three times as of the Anniversary Show, and will soon be sending SwitchBlade back to the retirement, how things change so quickly!

That's not to say I don't love Warped Wrestling; that's why I'm doing all this; to return Warped back to the organized and dominate place it was when PKA was in charged, where I really grew into the promotion; not the hell hole chaotic mess it was when I was signed by Joey nine months ago. Here's two more years and two more decades!"

Fade out.

Scene 10

Video Via Satellite

As the show progresses, we go via satellite to Yokohama, Japan where NEWera Wrestling is currently holding a Japanese tour. Travis Blaine appears on screen in front of a window overlooking the Japanese city scenery. He wears a black suit with red tie and a smile.

Travis Blaine: “Hello WARPED fans, my name is Travis Blaine and I run NEWera Wrestling. Currently we are overseas in the great country of Japan but I wanted to take time out of my busy schedule to make a blockbuster announcement. Over the past few months myself and Joey Matthew have been in talks about doing joint shows for the month of May. Why do you ask? Well because WARPED has been trying to go to the United Kingdom for quite some time and since NEWera goes to the UK every year we thought hey, why not have WARPED come on tour with us? WARPED has been doing a lot of great things for the wrestling industry by bringing you fantastic action for the past two years. We at NEWera see a lot of ourselves in WARPED based on our humble beginnings. On April 29th and May 13th NEWera Wrestling and WARPED Wrestling will make history as we mix and match competitors from both companies. You will see NEWera matches on WARPED. You will see WARPED matches on NEWera. You will also see WARPED Vs. NEWera. This truly is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. I look forward to this business venture WARPED.”

The feed fades out back to WARPED43.

Scene 11

Elimination Tag Team Match for the World Championship, Evolution Championship, & Control over WARPED

Team Joey/WARPED Originals - Sean Edmunds, Korrupt, The Rough Ryder, Cameron MacNichol
Team PKA/The Movement 2.0 - Alexander StarrZoe(c), William Wallace(c), Crowbar, Anton Chase

Fade in to ringside..

Tony D: "What a major announcement! WARPED Wrestling and NEWEra Wrestling will be tag teaming a tour of the United Kingdom in two months! That's huge!"

Kris Red: "No doubt about that. WARPED will make it's first tour out of the United States and Tony D, I hear that WARPED plans to hold it's very OWN UK event following the two events with NEWera."

Tony D: "Not only that, but we're about to embark on our first ever Midwest Tour this Spring! WARPED continues to grow leaps and bounds and we want to thank you all for being apart of the ride! And now... main event time.

Tony D nods his head at Randy Long to signal that he may go ahead, and Randy nods back.

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match and it is for the World Championship, Evolution Championship, and the control of WARPED Wrestling!"

"Headstrong" by Trapt hits as the heels of the match make their way out from behind the curtain one by one lead by President Joey Matthew and his assistant, Deja - Korrupt, Sean Edmunds, The Rough Ryder w/chair in hand, and Cameron MacNichol.

Randy Long: "Making their way to the ring, being accompanied by Deja and President Joey Matthew - they are Sean Edmunds, Korrupt, The Rough Ryder, and Cameron MacNichol, The WARPED Originals representing TEAM JOEY!"

They make their way down the aisle to a chorus of boos from the crowd. They follow Joey Matthew in that order up the steps and enter the ring. A "Fuck You Joey!" chant starts up. He rolls his eyes and takes the microphone from Randy Long.

Joey Matthew: "Boo all you want! Chant awful things at me all you want! The fact of the matter is that after tonight - we WILL cause mayhem and destruction. These guys WILL tear PKA's Movement apart one by one.. and this team WILL be victorious by any.. means.. necessary. And just to insure this match is fair.. REF, I want you to make sure there are NO weapons allowed! There are to be no weapons used in this match. And just to spice things up, let's allow this to be held under International Scramble rules.. meaning tags aren't necessary.. Just let these guys do their thing, because for some of them it might be their last night in a WARPED ring...ever."

Joey shoves the mic into the chest of Randy Long and he takes it away and sighs as he readies himself for the next team.

"Ricochet" by Shiny Toy Guns hits the PA System and the fans go wild! PKA makes his way out with a neckbrace on, followed by World Champion Alexander StarrZoe, Evolution Champion William Wallace, Crowbar and Anton Chase. They follow PKA down the aisle as the fans go wild for them.

Randy Long: "And their opponents.. being accompanied to the ring by PKA - Anton Chase, Crowbar, the Evolution Champion William Wallace and the WORLD Champion Alexander StarrZoe - they are The Movement 2.0 .. TEAM P..K..A!"

They stop at ringside and have a huddle discussion. They then break free and the four competitors slide into the ring and the opponents quickly exit. PKA finds himself with a microphone in hand as the wrestlers pose in the ring.

PKA: "Joey Matthew. I don't like you. I've never liked you. And the fact that I ran you out of your position as booker of WARPED and then did your job better than you ever did pisses you off, and I love it. My sole goal since I signed the dotted line to be apart of this company was to finally do you in good.. and tonight, I'm going to show you why I am PKA and Perfection.. Kicks.. Ass. Joey, you might be the owner of WARPED Wrestling, but you'll never BE WARPED Wrestling. Get ready boys.. because it's our time now."

The fans go wild and the wrestlers on Team PKA do their individual poses while the fans toss multi-colored streamers into the ring in celebratin! The ref clears out the multi-colored streamers as the wrestlers decide who's in this first.

Tony D: "And here we are - main event time. This is without a doubt the biggest match, at least stakes-wise, in WARPED history. Both Alexander StarrZoe and William Wallace could possibly lose their titles to Team Joey, and PKA could possibly be banned from WARPED."

Kris Red: "That's if Team Joey wins. If PKA's team wins, well then finally we restore some decensy to WARPED. Joey will be gone. PKA will be in control. And the titles will be in their rightful places!"

Tony D: "This is something that started in over a year ago when PKA, Crowbar, and Korrupt were apart of The Movement faction, which centered around making Joey Matthew's life a living hell and turning WARPED upside down. Once Joey finally snapped last Fall and gave PKA control of the company until the year's end, things turned around. PKA did an excellent job.. Korrupt left the company.. and everyone was happy."

Kris Red: "No kidding.. that was until Joey Matthew returned at our first show of the year and destroyed every bit of progress made in a matter of minutes, bringing along at that time some masked men in black to do his dirty work, all using lead pipes to get their points across."

Tony D: "For the last three months, Joey Matthew's goons have run wild over WARPED, destroying everyone in their path, and in some cases, ending careers."

Kris Red: "And here we go."


The bell sounds and it looks to be Cameron MacNichol for Team Joey's side and Anton Chase for Team PKA's side to kick things off as they circle around the ring, their eyes locked on one another. They finally tie up and struggle for control.. Cameron backs Chase into the corner but Chase pushes out and the two remain locked up. Cam goes to one knee but pops back up. Chase applies a side headlock and brings Cameron over to the mat and gets on top of him and pulls him up by the head forcefully. Cameron leaps up and hits a Monkey Flip on Chase, but their hands stay locked as Cameron floats over and on top of Chase.. Chase gets to his feet and goes behind with a reverse key lock. Cameron swings his arm back at Anton but he ducks.. however Cam then turns it into a Firemans carry and brings Chase down and he then locks in a chinlock! Chase quickly escapes and turns his body and grabs the arm of MacNichol, twisting it on the mat. Cameron gets to his feet as does Anton, keeping ahold of the arm. MacNichol reaches up and snap mares Chase to the mat and applies a legscissors on the face! Chase wiggles free from it and leaps over into a front facelock on The Dirty Mac. Cameron then rolls Anton over and onto his shoulders -1.. kick out but Anton immediately rolls back over and now applies an armbreaker! Cameron MacNichol brings his feet up and is able to kip up out of the submission. He then runs to his corner and tags in Sean Edmunds who looks at Cameron MacNichol like he's out of his mind. Cameron quickly gets out of the ring, not wanting any part of this right now.

Edmunds enters as Anton Chase gets to his feet. They meet face to face, jaw jacking.

Kris Red: "There's a whole lot of history between these two men right here. Countless fights over the Evolution Championship!"

Anton Chase taps his cheek and tells Sean to go for it and he does with a right hand! Anton battle sback with one of his own and they repeatedly deliver quick shots to the face, with Anton getting the best of it, backing Sean into the corner. He starts stomping him in the gut and Edmunds drops down and Chase continues to stomp away!! Chase turns around and gets the crowd fired up and as he turns around Sean Edmunds pulls himself up and over onto the top buckle and kicks Anton in the face. Chase stumbles back and Edmunds stands up on the middle buckle and hits a Missle Dropkick that's on the money!

Chase rolls out under the bottom rope and in comes Crowbar as he delivers a roaring elbow to the face of Edmunds as he gets to his feet! Edmunds is sent over the top rope because of that and Crowbar pumps his fists, telling someone else to bring it on! Korrupt puts one leg over the rope and Crowbar comes at him but Korrupt tells the ref to keep him back! The ref seperates the two and Korrupt runs in and hits a low dropkick to the knee of Crowbar, taking him down to one knee. Korrupt licks his chops as he delivers a hard right hand, and another and another, but Crowbar gets up to his feet and pushes Korrupt into the ropes. He bounces off and goes for a clothesline but Crowbar ducks and goes behind with the reverse waistlock. Korrupt then escapes and goes behind with one of his own, and Crowbar runs forward and grabs the top rope, pushing back, causing Korrupt to roll backward. Crowbar turns and charges for a clothesline but Korrupt ducks it and both men turn to face each other and Korrupt kicks Crowbar in the gut.. Irish Whip.. blocked.. Crowbar sends Korrupt into the corner. Crowbar charges but Korrupt gets the boot up and then grabs Crowbar in a T-Bone Suplex and tosses him over the top rope! Crowbar crashes at ringside! Korrupt doesn't waste any time though as he grabs the top rope.. Crowbar gets up and Korrupt slings over and hits a DDT to the floor!

Holy shit! Holy shit!

Tony D: "Korrupt with a Slingshot DDT over the top rope to the floor on Crowbar!"

Kris Red: "I'm not sure I've ever seen that done before!"

Tony D: "It's a move that definitely hurt both men in that instance."

With both men down and out at ringside, two new men enter the ring - William Wallace and The Rough Ryder, as Ryder spears Wallace and tackles him to the ground, followed by repeated mounted punches. The crowd boos Ryder as he executes the punches. Wallace pushes him off and both men get to their feet, with Ryder having the leverage advantage, and he kicks Wallace in the gut. Irish whip.. Wallace off the ropes.. Ryder ducks down and Wallace kicks him in the face! Wallace then hits the ropes and comes back into a Spinebuster from The Rough Ryder! Ryder stands up and poses and off the top buckle comes Anton Chase with a crossbody block, taking Ryder down! Wallace rolls under the ropes and Anton Chase brings Ryder to his feet and delivers a right hand. Chase then hits the ropes and comes back with a Crossbody but Ryder catches him and drops him on his knee, followed by a belly to back suplex! He covers.. 1.. 2.. kick out!

Ryder brings Chase to his feet and tags in Sean Edmunds who comes in as Ryder holds Chase up and then kicks him in the stomach. Sean points to Alexander StarrZoe and asks if he wants in! Starr flips Edmunds off as Edmunds hits a Snap Suplex on Anton Chase and covers.. 1...2 ... kick out. Ryder brings Chase up and slaps him in the face and kicks him in the gut. Irish whip into the corner, and Chase leaps up onto the top buckle and leaps off with a moonsault, taking Ryder down! Ryder and Chase get to their feet and Chase hits the ropes and returns with a headscissors! The crowd pops as Chase then tags in StarrZoe and he comes in the ring and delivers a clothesline to Ryder! Edmunds now enters and Starr hits a clothesline on him! Here comes Cameron MacNichol but Starr hits a spinning heel kick to take him down. Korrupt comes up from behind though and clubs him in the back and lifts him up for a belly to back suplex but drops him face first instead! Korrupt tells the rest of his partners to clear the ring and they do, making Korrupt the legal man. He grabs a chunk of StarrZoe's hair and brings him up to his feet slowly as the ref starts a 5 count. Korrupt releases and delivers a knee to the gut but StarrZoe keeps ahold of the knee and flings Korrupt up and over with a Regal Suplex! Korrupt holds his head as he gets to his feet and StarrZoe hits a standing sidekick to the jaw, causing Korrupt to stumble into the ropes. He bounces off and StarrZoe lifts hi up in a Firemans Carry and then brings him down with a TKO! Cover! 1... 2... kick out!

StarrZoe brings Korrupt to his feet and Korrupt drunkenly swings for a right hand but StarrZoe counters and goes behind for a German Suplex attempt, but Korrupt escapes and goes behind StarrZoe for a German Suplex attempt now.. but William Wallace comes up from behind Korrupt and applies the reverse waistlock.. as three men are now locked together.. and then Cameron MacNichol hits the ropes and comes toward Starr for a spear but Starr kicks him in the face and wraps his arms around him for a Belly to Belly Suplex..... and in one fluid motion, Wallace hits a German Suplex on Korrupt, which in turn brings starrZoe up with the German from Korrupt, which also brings Cameron MacNichol up and over with a belly to belly suplex!

That was awesome! *clap clap clap-clap-clap* That was awesome! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

It's all out total chaos in the ring and William Wallace is the only man to stand! He looks around the ring as bodies lay everywhere and the fans are going wild. In comes Sean Edmunds but Wallace catches him before he can do anything and hits repeated Trapping Headbutts! He then goes behind and hits a Scottish(German) Suplex with a bridge! 1.... 2.... DOUBLE STOMP from Korrupt to the chest of Wallace!

Korrupt gets to his feet and Crowbar comes in and hits a Standing Sidekick that sends him over the top rope and down to ringside! Crowbar turns around and The Rough Ryder hits a big clothesline that sends both men tumbling over the top and down to the Ballroom floor!

The crowd gets on their feet as Anton Chase is up and in the ring now and has something in mind.. The Three men at ringside get to their feet and Anton runs to the corner, leaps onto the top buckle and hits a somersault, landing on all three men! The crowd goes wild for Chase. He pops up to his feet and pumps his fists when Cameron MacNichol comes thru the middle and top rope with a Suicide Dive, taking him down! Cameron now brings Crowbar to his feet and delivers a right hand but Crowbar blocks it and delivers one of his own. The Dirty Mac goes to one knee. Korrupt delivers a club to the back on Crowbar and the two begin brawling. Ryder and chase start brawling as well when suddenly the crowd is on their feet for Sean Edmunds who is setting up for something big... but here comes Alexander StarrZoe as he steps up the ropes and hits a big KICK to the side of Edmunds' skull!

Tony D: "What a shot to the head!"

William Wallace now taps StarrZoe on the shoulder and StarrZoe turns and Wallace goes right past him as he climbs up and hits trapping headbutts to Sean Edmunds!

Kris Red: "Looks like William Wallace wanted a piece of Edmunds!"

StarrZoe grabs the tights of Wallace and pulls him down, saying that Edmunds was his! Wallace ignores him and climbs back up. StarrZoe looks to the outside and now goes to the adjacent corner and climbs up as the five men are brawling at ringside and he comes off the top with a high Moonsault, taking them down! Simultaneously we see Sean Edmunds has taken control of Wallace and leaps over for a Sunset Flip powerbomb and hits it! 1... 2... Wallace kicks out!

Edmunds brings Wallace to his feet and kicks him in the gut, setting up for the Northern Lights Suplex. Edmunds stops in his tracks as he spots Anton Chase climbing up the turnbuckle.. Edmunds pushes Wallace into the ropes, causing Chase to get crotched on the top turnbuckle. Wallace then boots Edmunds in the gut and turns around, hitting the ropes, and he gets tripped up and pulled out of the ring by The Rough Ryder!

Edmunds, down on a knee, clutching his midsection, realizes he's safe. He looks up, as Anton Chase is powering through the pain and up on the top turnbuckle. He leaps off but Edmunds punches him in the gut! Chase lands, flips, and drops to the mat. He pushes himself up though but Edmunds brings him in...NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX.. bridged! 1.. 2.... 3!

Tony D: "KICK OUT!"

Kris Red: "Anton Chase kicks out just in time! BARELY!"

Sean Edmunds wastes no time as he brings Chase to his feet and slaps him in the face with the right hand, then the right hand, and then kicks him in the gut.. Chase drops to a knee and Edmunds kicks him HARD in the back of the head, then brings him in for another Northern Lights Suplex.. he hits it! Edmunds bridges with the move and the ref counts 1.... 2..... 3!

Tony D: "That's three!"

Sean Edmunds gets up and trash talks Anton Chase who is laid out on the mat. Edmunds kicks him until he rolls under the bottom rope and drops to the floor. He starts gloating as the fans boo.

Randy Long: "Anton Chase has been eliminated!"

Edmunds turns around and Crowbar comes charging at him for a spear but Edmunds kicks him in the skull! Edmunds leaps up onto the second buckle and jumps off but Crowbar hits the KFO out of nowhere! Crowbar with the cover.. 1... 2... The Rough Ryder pulls him off!

At ringside we see StarrZoe seems to be stunned as Korrupt charges at him, cartwheels, and leaps at him for a DDT but StarrZoe quickly hits a spinning back kick.. followed by a Full Nelson Slam!

In the ring, The Rough Ryder has Crowbar hanging from the second rope as he's got his arm around Crowbar's head about to hit a DDT, when Crowbar is able to free himself and hit a backdrop over the top rope on Ryder and he lands on Cameron MacNichol! William Wallace jumps out of the way just in time and he gives the thumbs up to Crowbar in the ring. Wallace starts stomping a mudhole in both Ryder and MacNichol on the floor.

From behind, Sean Edmunds rolls Crowbar up.. 1.. 2... 3!

No! Edmunds gets kicked in the back by StarrZoe just in time to break up the pin!

Tony D: "The World Champ just made the save for his team and Crowbar!"

StarrZoe brings Edmunds to his feet and kicks him in the gut and then brings his leg up and down onto the head of Edmunds with a big spinning heel kick! Edmunds drops to a knee and StarrZoe hits the ropes and returns with a step-up Enziguri that takes the Sensational One down to the mat! StarrZoe and Crowbar talk together about something and have evil intensions on the brain as they bring Edmunds to his feet. The ref yells at them and says only one in the ring at a time! Double team irish whip.. Edmunds hits the ropes and returns to get a big double flapjack! Edmunds lands face-first on the mat and the crowd goes wild. The ref starts a 5 count and Crowbar obliges and gets out on the apron. StarrZoe kicks Edmunds in the back as he pushes himself up off the mat. The Champ brings Edmunds to his feet and delivers a hard right hand, and another, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Edmunds is sent toward the ropes.. bounces off.. Starr ducks down.. Edmunds leaps over.. off the ropes.. Starr hits the opposite ropes but gets tripped up by Korrupt!

Crowbar immediately hops down from the apron and comes after Korrupt. This temporary distraction allows Edmunds to recover. He boots Starr in the gut and pulls him to the middle of the ring and sets up for the Northern Lights Suplex. StarrZoe is able to counter out of it, though, applying a reverse key lock, working on the arm of Edmunds. Edmunds reaches up and jumps in the air, then snaps Starr down. Both men up.. Starr with a clothesline - ducked - Edmunds then backdrops Starr to the mat! Starr gets to his feet and Edmunds grabs him.. Irish whip to the corner.. Edmunds charges but Starr gets the boot up. He then comes out of the corner with a Roundhouse Kick to the temple! Edmunds drops to the mat.

At ringside we see Korrupt with an Irish whip to Crowbar into the steel steps! William Wallace then comes up from behind and spins Korrupt around and delivers a right hand before slamming his head into the guardrail! He's quickly stopped by The Rough Ryder though as Ryder then sets him up between his legs and lifts him into the air.. Powerbomb onto the floor!

Tony D: "OH! What impact on that unforgiving floor."

In the ring, StarrZoe bounces off the ropes, rolls and leaps.. hitting the Senton!

Kris Red: "StarrZoe with P3!"

He pulls him from the ropes and climbs to the top, but he's stopped by one Cameron MacNichol who hops up on the apron, but Starr kicks him in the head and he falls to the floor!

Tony D: "Thanks for coming, Cameron!"

StarrZoe gets in position up top when suddenly Korrupt and The Rough Ryder get up on the apron, one on each side of StarrZoe, slowly approaching him. He wonders what he's going to do as they inch closer.. Korrupt comes at him, and Starr kicks at him, but he dodges it. Ryder then takes advantage and punches him in the ribs, and Korrupt then does the same on the other side. They both now climb up each side of StarrZoe and grab an arm.. then flip him off the top with a doubleteam Super Hip Toss! StarrZoe lands hard on the mat as Edmunds now stalks his prey.. Starr slowly gets to his feet and Edmunds locks on for the Northern Lights.. and he hits it! 1.... 2.... Korrupt and Ryder start to get into the ring but Crowbar breaks it up! Ryder and Korrupt ease their way back to the apron... and they shout for Crowbar to get out of there!

Kris Red: "Korrupt and The Rough Ryder looked like they didn't want Sean Edmunds to pick up that victory.. look at how fast they almost got into the ring there.. but now.. out."

Crowbar brings Edmunds to his feet and goes for the KFO but Edmunds pushes him into the ropes and Crowbar comes back and hits a HUGE Spear Tackle! Cover! 1... 2.... kick out!

Tony D: "A kick out at two from Edmunds.. And notice how Ryder nor Korrupt got into the ring to break THAT pin up. Odd."

Crowbar now gets on top of Edmunds and delivers repeated shots to the skull with his fist!

Kris Red: "It's all about the gold, Tony D!"

StarrZoe finds his way to his side's apron, as does William Wallace now and Cameron MacNichol is with his partners.

Crowbar brings Edmunds up and whips him into the corner and tags in William Wallace. The Evolution Champion enters the ring while Crowbar holds Edmunds up and delivers a head butt! Crowbar gets out on the apron while Wallace takes Edmunds' arm.. Irish Whip.. Edmunds off the ropes and Wallace brings his boot up, connecting with the face of Sean Edmunds! He now backs up to the ropes and returns with a Fist Drop! Wallace makes a cover 1.. 2.. kick out!

Wallace brings Edmunds to his feet and tags in Alexander StarrZoe who enters the ring and delivers a quick kick to the side of Edmunds while Wallace exits the ring. StarrZoe hits a Fisherman Suplex! He stands up and points to himself as he taunts the other corner. They all give him smug looks as he brings Edmunds to his feet. The Rough Ryder tries to get into the ring, saying he's gonna kick Starr's ass! The referee holds him back telling him to stay out! Meanwhile, the referee has no idea that Korrupt has arrived in the ring and neither does StarrZoe.. Korrupt swings a leadpipe at Starr but he ducks! Starr throws a right hand but Korrupt blocks it and hits a Reverse Lungblower! Crowbar quickly comes at Korrupt now and Korrupt runs to the ref and points and points and poinnnnnnts as much as he can, jumping up and down at Crowbar. The ref wonders what in the world Korrupt and Crowbar are doing behind his back?! Korrupt puts his hands behind his back and says nothing! He gets out on the apron while Crowbar is forced to get out of the ring. We then see Sean Edmunds crawling into a cover on StarrZoe.. 1.... 2...... 3 - wait - The Rough Ryder pulls Edmunds off of StarrZoe and covers him.... the ref shrugs and counts 1.... 2..... Korrupt now pulls The Rough Ryder off! He then covers StarrZoe 1... 2.... Cameron MacNichol then gets in the ring and pulls Korrupt off of him!

Tony D: "What in the world is going on?!"

Kris Red: "Whoever pins Alexander StarrZoe wins the World Title! They all want the World Title!"

The four men start to argue back and forth while Wallace and Crowbar look on from ringside in disbelief, but are enjoying seeing their opponents implode. StarrZoe gets to his feet and nods at his team mates and they rush into the ring, blindsiding their opponents and now an all out brawl is going on! PKA cheers from ringside as Joey Matthew screams out for them to get their shit together!

The numbers game quickly catches up though as Ryder and MacNichol out number StarrZoe.. with Korrupt going at it with Wallace and Edmunds with Crowbar.

Tony D: "Four on three aren't good odds when you're Team PKA."

Kris Red: "They're never good odds, Tony D."

But Team PKA starts battling back! StarrZoe starts fighting off Ryder and Cameron with repeated back and forth right hands.. while Wallace has Korrupt trapped with repeated headbutts.. and Edmunds comes charging at Crowbar but Crowbar hits a quick snap bodyslam!

Kris Red: "Don't count them out yet!"

Crowbar with a cover on Sean Edmunds ... the ref takes a second to realize there's a cover and he slides in.. 1... kick out! Wallace now covers and hooks the leg of Korrupt and the ref quickly slides into the count 1... 2... Ryder leaps into the save!

Tony D: "There's too much going on in the ring at once for the ref to see it all!"

Ryder gets to his feet after saving his partner from getting pinned and Starr comes off the top with a Clothesline, taking him down!

Tony D: "What a top rope clothesline from StarrZoe! Oh look out!"

He turns around and CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL~!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol with the Clothesline From Hell!"

Kris Red: "Out of nowhere!"

He goes down off a big move from The Dirty Mac! The crowd boos as Mac wears a huge smile on his face, boasting that he just took down the World Champ! He then realizes he needs to make the cover but StarrZoe has the wherewithall to roll out of the ring. Cameron looks furious as he looks over the top rope down at ringside. He turns right into a big Headbutt from Wallace.. He then sets him up for a Powerbomb and lifts him in the air.. Sitout Powerbomb!

Tony D: "Freedom Drop!"

Wallace has no time to go in for a cover as Sean Edmunds spins him around and goes for a right hand but Wallace ducks and then tosses Edmunds over the top rope! Korrupt then hits a thrust kick to the gut of Wallace, crosses his arms and leaps up.. knees to the back..

Tony D: "Straitjacket Lungblower!"

Kris Red: "He's gonna have a broken back! Broke Back SHEEP!"

Korrupt pulls Wallace away from the ropes and covers... 1... 2...

Tony D: "New Evolution Champion!"

PUNT KICK to the face from Crowbar!

Kris Red: "Not quite!"

Korrupt looks up at the lights and looks like he's seeing stars as Crowbar now brings him to his feet and flips him off. He sets him up for a vertical suplex of some sort as he lifts him into the air and lets the blood rush to his skull...

Kris Red: "Oh we've seen this before! Crowbar's thinking about hitting The Trapdoor!"

And Crowbar drops Korrupt right on his head!

"CROWBAR!" shouts The Rough Ryder, and Crowbar gets to his feet.. Side Swipe Superkick! Crowbar ducks.. KFO!

Tony D: "Crowbar with the KFO!!"

Crowbar hits his big move and the crowd pops! He covers! 1.. 2....... 3!

Tony D: "Crowbar wi- hold on!"

Cameron MacNichol yanks Crowbar off of Ryder and immediately locks on the Cobra Clutch submission!

Tony D: "Was that three?!"

Kris Red: "I don't know!"

The referee is checking on Crowbar to see if he wants to give up and the look on his face says Hell NO!

At ringside there's an all out war going on between StarrZoe and Edmunds as they battle up the aisle.

In the ring, the referee raises the arm of Crowbar once and it drops...

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol's got that Cobra clutch locked in tight!"


Up the aisle - Starr with a right hand, rocking Edmunds. He then sets up for a vertical suplex and lifts Edmunds up, but Edmunds slides out behind StarrZoe and goes for a belly to back suplex, but Starr flips out and lands on his feet. He then pushes Edmunds stomach-first into the guardrail!

Back to the ring, the ref drops the arm of Crowbar and it hits the mat and he signals to Randy Long that Crowbar is out!

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, Crowbar has been eliminated!"

StarrZoe sees this and starts toward the ring but he's cut off by Korrupt who tackles him and drives him back first into the guardrail. Korrupt backs up and smiles as he measures StarrZoe up.. Korrupt charges and Starr backdrops him into the first row of chairs as fans jump out of the way!

In the ring we see Cameron MacNichol tucking something in his tights and the referee doesn't see it!

Tony D: "Wait a minute, did you see that?"

Kris Red: "Did Cameron have that chain around Crowbar's neck like he has with his opponents as of late?!"

Crowbar starts to come to in the ring as Cameron brings him to his feet and waves 'bye bye' to him before chucking him through the ropes. Cameron puts his arms in the air and smiles wide and the referee notices the chain partially hanging from his tights! Cameron denies that he used it and the ref says give it to me! Cameron takes the chain out from...his tights.. and gives it to the ref, then the ref realizes where it's been and tosses it to the announcers.

Kris Red: "Yuck! Keep that away from me!"

Cameron MacNichol pleads his case to the referee as Alexander StarrZoe enters the ring... GERMAN SUPLEX! StarrZoe now climbs the corner turnbuckles and gets in position..

Tony D: "StarrZoe is gonna fly!"

And indeed he does with a 450 Splash!

Kris Red: "The Rising Starr!"

Starr with the cover.... 1..... 2..... 3~!

Kris Red: "And that's that!"

The Rough Ryder tries to break up the pin but isn't able to in time.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen - Cameron MacNichol has been eliminated!"

We see PKA checking on Crowbar at ringside while Joey Matthew tells PKA to get him out of here! Crowbar is clutching at his throat and PKA flips Joey the bird. PKA pats Crowbar on the back as he makes his way up the aisle..

Tony D: "Joey Matthew sure talks a lot of trash for a guy who doesn't wrestle."

Kris Red: "He also signs your paychecks, so I think he can say all he wants!"

In the middle of the ring is a battle of dueling right hands back and forth between The Rough Ryder and Alexander StarrZoe. The World Champ gains the upperhand and whips Ryder into the corner. Starr follows up, charging in for a clothesline and he nails it. He then lifts Ryder up and sets him on the top and climbs up with him. Starr gives Ryder a big bear hug before leaping off with a Moonsault Belly to Belly Suplex!!!


The crowd goes wild after that big move!

Tony D: "Moonsault Belly to Belly off the top rope!"

Kris Red: "What a maneuver!"

StarrZoe into the cover... 1........ 2...... Korrupt off the top with a Double Jump Phoenix Splash.. StarrZoe rolls off of him and Korrupt impacts with his own teammate!

Tony D: "Ohhhh and Korrupt lands on The Rough Ryder by mistake!"

Korrupt gets to his feet and can't believe what he just did as StarrZoe hits a Full Nelson into a Powerdriver onto Korrupt's neck!! Cover! 1.... 2..... Sean Edmunds breaks it up with a kick to the head, and he follows it up with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Edmunds now climbs to the top turnbuckle, his back to the ring, and he comes off with a High Arching Moonsault and lands on Starr! He covers! 1.... 2.... Ryder pulls him off! Ryder says that title is his! Edmunds disagrees and throws a right hand and but Ryder blocks it and kicks him in the gut.. he puts him in pedigree position, lifts him up into a piledrive position, then drops down suddenly onto his knees, driving Edmunds' skull into the mat.

Tony D: "Oh my God! Dangerous Driver!"

Kris Red: "The Rough Ryder is in it to win it!"

William Wallace reaches into the ring and pulls Ryder out. He then sends Ryder into the steel steps and quickly slides into the ring, looking around at the carnage.

Joey Matthew is LIVID at ringside! PKA slaps the mat to encourage his team! StarrZoe is slowly getting to his feet while Wallace brings Edmunds up and hits a hard Headbutt, followed by another and a third, before setting him up for a powerbomb..

Tony D: "Glasgow Kiss!"

Kris Red: "And look out! Freedom Drop!"

Wallace with a sitout powerbomb on Edmunds and he holds him down for the pin..... 1..... 2... Korrupt starts to get to his feet but StarrZoe blocks him... 3!

Tony D: "Three count! Wallace eliminates Edmunds!"

Kris Red: "That means it's all tied up.. Korrupt and The Rough Ryder on Team Joey.. The World and Evolution Champions on Team PKA."

Korrupt's jaw drops!

Randy Long: "Sean Edmunds has been eliminated!"

Korrupt can't believe what he just saw but better yet has no idea what StarrZoe has in mind as he jumps onto the second buckle as Korrupt turns around and Starr hits a Moonsault! He covers.. 1..... 2.... kick out! Starr brings Korrupt to his feet and bodyslams him to the mat. He then climbs the turnbuckle as The Rough Ryder slides into the ring. William Wallace cuts him off but Ryder nails Wallace in the head with the LEAD PIPE! The referee didn't even see it as Ryder tosses the weapon to Joey at ringside. Ryder then pushes Wallace into the ropes and StarrZoe gets crotched up top! He flips forward and falls off the top, landing on his ass in the corner.

Tony D: "That lead pipe ! That damned lead pipe!"

PKA is fired up as he makes his way around the ring toward Joey Matthew and Joey looks like he's seen a ghost as PKA rips off the neckbrace and gives the 'break' sign with his hands and begins giving chase after Joey Matthew around the ring!

In the ring, The Rough Ryder charges at StarrZoe and hits the Whiplash running BOOT! The referee is now focused at what's going on at ringside as PKA now has Joey Matthew cornered. He yanks the lead pipe from his hand and threatens to use it when suddenly Joey's assistant, DEJA, takes the weapon out of PKA's hand. She then swings it at PKA but he blocks it and takes it from her, then lays a big KISS on her!

In the ring, The Rough Ryder is in the opposing corner of Starr, measuring him.. and he charges in for another Whiplash boot but StarrZoe moves back a bit and Ryder's boot lands on the top rope, enough for StarrZoe to nail a LOW BLOW while the ref was distracted with the ringside shenanigans. Korrupt gets to his feet and kicks Starr in the gut and hits a Snap DDT and has the Guillotine Choke locked in!

Tony D: "Death's Infinite Ecstacy!!"

StarrZoe reaches out for the ropes, but he's in the middle of the ring!

Tony D: "If Korrupt gets StarrZoe to submit he becomes the new World Champion!"

The Rough Ryder, clutching his inner thigh, tells Korrupt to make him tap! He screams and screams as he stands over the two men.

At ringside, PKA once again has Joey Matthew cornered and Joey is on his knees begging for his life. This is when Cameron MacNichol and Sean Edmunds come back down and attack PKA. They begin to stomp him on the floor as Joey stands up and brags that he's the man!

In the ring, StarrZoe looks to be out as the referee raises his arm once... and it drops.

Tony D: "This could be all she wrote!"

The referee raises it a second time.. and the arm drops.. The Rough Ryder gets on all fours and taunts StarrZoe right in his ear. The referee raises the arm a third time... William Wallace brings Ryder to his feet.. Starr keeps arm up! Wallace hurls Ryder's shoulder into the turnbuckle post and then kicks Korrupt in the head. He brings Korrupt to his feet and sets him up for the Sitout Powerbomb.. lifting him into the air.. but Korrupt delivers a right hand and Wallace releases.. Korrupt goes for the Snap DDT but Alexander StarrZoe comes from behind with a leap into a Rolling Cutter!

Tony D: "Out of nowhere, StarrZoe hits the rolling cutter!"

At ringside, Joey Matthew laughs hysterically at PKA getting his ass beat, but that laugh is stopped as Crowbar and Anton Chase come to the rescue! They take down the other two men. Crowbar clotheslines Cameron MacNichol over the barricade and hops over, brawling with him. Chase and Edmunds throw rights and lefts and Anton tackles Sean Edmunds to the ground and starts whaling on him!

Starr and Wallace have Ryder in their grasp as they whip him into the ropes and he bounces off.. but Ryder comes back with a double clothesline ! They both duck, however, and then Ryder spins around only to get a clothesline from both men sending him over the top rope! Ryder hits the floor and grabs his head, as he slaps the ground.

The camera then shows PKA yanking the lead pipe from Joey Matthew and holding it into the air asking the crowd around him if he should hit him. Joey pleads for his life but then suddenly throws a right hand, but PKA blocks it and cracks the boss over the head!!

Kris Red: "Down goes Matthew! Down goes Matthew!"

Tony D: "PKA just got some very deserved revenge on Joey Matthew with that lead pipe to the skull!"

The crowd pops and in the ring we see StarrZoe and Wallace nodding in approval, before going back to work on Korrupt. The referee tells them they need to keep one person in the ring only or risk disqualification! At that time, Rough Ryder slides into the ring with his trademark chair and swings it at Wallace, but Wallace escapes and Alexander StarrZoe kicks the chair in his face! The refereee says ENOUGH as he takes the chair and tosses it to ringside. StarrZoe climbs the turnbuckle... 450 Splash!

Tony D: "The Rising Starr!!"

Cover! 1... 2...... 3!

Randy Long: "The Rough Ryder has been ELIMINATED!"

The crowd is going wild and Korrupt is livid at ringside as he refuses to get into the ring. Wallace and Starr slide out to make him get back into the ring. He backs up as they come at him and he doesn't know PKA is behind him until they touch bodies.. Korrupt turns around and PKA winks at him. Korrupt looks back at the other two men, then KICKS PKA in the groin and runs between both men, sliding into the ring.

Kris Red: "Korrupt with a hit and run!"

They both get up on the apron as Korrupt bounces off the ropes and goes for a big right hand or clothesline but StarrZoe ducks and goes between the ropes, hitting a shoulder to the midsection of Korrupt. He grabs his ribs and stumbles back as StarrZoe climbs the turnbuckle. Korrupt then comes at him and slaps him in the face, climbing up, while Wallace looks on from the apron. Korrupt looks to be setting up for a Superplex but it's blocked and StarrZoe clutches his head as if for a DDT!

Tony D: "They're both in a dangerous position up top!"

StarrZoe then leaps off but Korrupt holds on and Starr lands on his back! He rolls over and gets on all fours as Korrupt turns around and leaps off with a double stomp to the back of his neck! Korrupt smiles and then SPITS in the face of William Wallace! The spit mixes with the already bloody face of Wallace. The Evolution Champion wipes the spit from his face as Korrupt looks on with a cocky smile. Wallace starts getting into the ring when Starr rolls up Korrupt! But the referee is distracted by Wallace who steps back out on the apron.. The referee counts... 1.... 2.... Kick out!!

Tony D: "JUST a two count!"

Kris Red: "William Wallace needs to stay on the apron! Forget Korrupt and his spitting ways!"

Both men get to their feet, StarrZoe clutching the back of his neck. Irish whip from Starr.. blocked by Korrupt into a neckbreaker! He gets to his feet and spits in the face of Wallace again! Wallace drops off the apron and picks up the Ryder steel chair and slides into the ring! The referee gets in front of Wallace and tells him to not use that chair! Wallace pushes him aside and raises the chair but the referee takes it from him!

Tony D: "This isn't a no disqualification match but I honestly think the ref should let these guys go!"

Kris Red: "I couldn't agree more but rules be rules, ya heard!?"

The referee takes the chair away and Korrupt clotheslines Wallace over the top rope! PKA slides into the ring, lead pipe in hand, clutching his groin area..

Kris Red: "Wait, PKA! He's pissed!"

Tony D: "After that hit and run I would be too!"

As the referee is putting the chair at ringside, PKA swings the lead pipe at Korrupt and NAILSSSSSSSSSS ...Alexander StarrZoe in the face! PKA shouts 'OH SHIT'! Wallace gets up on the apron and Korrupt takes PKA and hurls him into the midsection of Wallace!

Kris Red: "Oh shit is right!"

The ref turns around to see PKA and Wallace in shambles and wonders what in the world is going on! Korrupt brings StarrZoe to his feet and he looks to be out of it. Korrupt gives a thumbs up in PKA's direction and hits a Flipping DDT!

Tony D: "Korrupt just hit PKA's P-Krusher III!"

Korrupt hooks the leg..... 1...... 2...... Wallace slides into the ring.... 3.... Wallace leaps and lands on Korrupt!

Tony D: "WAIT just a two count!"

Kris Red: "Wait no no.."

The referee holds up three fingers and nods toward Randy Long.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, Alexander StarrZoe has been ELIMINATED. Korrupt is the New World Champion!"

BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! chants the fans.. PKA's jaw drops as he's now seated at ringside, clutching his head.


PKA gets to his feet and slaps the apron... his jaw still dropped. He shouts 'SHIT SHIT SHIT! NO!'


Wallace wastes no time as he traps Korrupt and hits repeated headbutts.. headbutt headbutt headbutt headbutt headbutt headbutt headbutt headbutt !!!

Tony D: "Oh my god he is relentless with those headbutts!!"

Wallace then sets him up for the Powerbomb and lifts him up..... Korrupt slips out! Korrupt kicks Wallace in the gut and runs to the corner and hoists himself up, as his forehead gushes blood from the headbutts.

Tony D: "Oh my God these men are putting it all on the line."

Wallace charges at him but Korrupt gets the boot up! He then lifts Wallace up with him, slowly balancing. We see Alexander StarrZoe is laid out near the ropes and hasn't moved yet but PKA is next to him, looking on, hands firmly on the top of his head and his jaw still dropped. Korrupt gives the thumbs up to PKA as it looks like he's going for the Flipping DDT from the top! But Wallace hits a backdrop and Korrupt lands on the mat!

Kris Red: "Wallace blocked the Flipping DDT from the top!"

William Wallace turns himself around as Korrupt pushes himself up off the mat. Wallace brings him up and sets him up for a powerbomb! He lifts him into the air and leaps off the second turnbuckle with a powerbomb!

Tony D: "Powerbomb!" He holds onto him though and brings him back up to his feet and hits a Sitout Powerbomb!

Kris Red: "Double Powerbomb!"

Wallace covers.... 1......2........3!

Kris Red: "It's OVA!"

The bell sounds...

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, the sole survivor of the match is your Evolution Champion, William Wallace! Annnnnnd the winners of the match - The Movement, Team P..K..A!"

"Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns hits for Team PKA's victory as William Wallace kneels in the ring, looking like he's just fought a war. The referee brings him the Evolution Championship and puts it on his shoulder. Wallace stands up as PKA watches on with his hands on his head from ringside, near StarrZoe. Wallace walks over and kneels down asking PKA what happened. PKA says 'it was an accident.. I- I- I.. he got hit.. It was an accident! Oh shit Oh shit.." and Wallace sighs, looking back at Korrupt who is laid out in the middle of the ring. The referee has brought the World Title and set it on top of his body and he slightly clutches it with any strength he has. Wallace gets to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle, ignoring all else and celebrating! "The Flower of Scotland" interrupts the other song and begins to play as the fans applaud. StarrZoe starts to come to on the apron and PKA slowly backs off, shaking his head, a look of a thousand worries on his face as he backs up saying 'oh shit, oh shit, oh shit' ..

Tony D: "PKA is beside himself after costing Alexander StarrZoe the World Title minutes ago. William Wallace is the sole survivor of the team and he just won the match for The Movement 2.0, but what is going to happen next?"

Kris Red: "This is out of control. The rest of the guys are fighting backstage somewhere I'm sure.. StarrZoe lost his title because of PKA.. Korrupt is the new World Champion.. Wallace is still Evolution Champion.."

PKA continues to back up the aisle saying 'oh shit, oh shit' as the referee tends to Starr in the ring. Wallace continues to celebrate on the turnbuckles, holding his title in the air.

Tony D: "And technically StarrZoe is still undefeated, right? I mean.. I don't even know what to say, fans! This is shocking!"

Kris Red: "I think so. But what I do know is that Joey Matthew has been knocked out for the last ten minutes here next to us thanks to PKA.."


Tony D: "And now, per the stipulation, isn't Joey Matthew OUT as an on-air personality or out of the booking position? I'm so confused by everything."

Kris Red: "This is just nonsense.. pure nonsense.. "

Tony D: "Fans, we're out of time. Thank you for celebrating WARPED Wrestling's Second Anniversary, and we'll see you next time! Goodnight!"

Wallace is shown in the middle of the ring looking down at StarrZoe who is coming to at ringside, blood trickling down his face, as it is Wallace's and Korrupt's, who has found his way against the bottom turnbuckle with the World Title in his grasp. Fade out...