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WARPED 41: Race To Rahway
2/19/12 - Rahway, NJ - Rahway Recreation Center


You open the DVD of WARPED 41 "Race To Rahway" and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The first portion of the DVD is a special addition to the video - the REACTIONS from various wrestlers following WARPED 40 - "The Dirty Mac" .... A camera was set up by the EXIT of the building, and wrestlers were encouraged to leave their thoughts on the night's event. Here are some of them:

Emily Corlen is the first out of the building. She notices the camera and glares.

"You know what? I joined WARPED Wrestling because I wanted to get a taste of the independent wrestling scene. But I didn't sign up to be a part of some fucking gang war between two idiots too busy having a dick measuring contest to realize the harm they're doing to the company they're fighting over... or the wrestlers doing the fighting."

Emily rubs her head, the bandage freshly removed; the cut is barely noticeable, but there is a large bruise where she was hit with the pipe.

"I've got too many other responsibilities to worry about in other wrestling federations to worry about letting myself get killed for the sake of Joey Matthew OR PKA. So, gentlemen, consider this my official resignation from WARPED Wrestling. This place is going to burn down around you if you two fucking morons don't stop killing each other."

As the fans around the REACTIONS camera seem speechless, Emily spits on the ground before walking off, still very upset from the night's proceedings.

Fade out from Corlen's REACTION... and Fade in to the next...

PKA comes into camera view with his black duffle bag. He pauses, and sighs.

PKA: "So, turns out that the lead pipe I brought in as an equalizer ended up being what struck Emily. Go figure.."

He pauses. Thoughts run through his head and he looks like he's not sure whether to cry, scream, or stay calm. He somehow continues to get the words out though in a rather monotonous voice.

PKA: "Thing is, we got some revenge later on. But, once again, the numbers. I don't know if Joey is giving out checks with lots of 0's at the end or what, but come on.. Cameron? Of all people.. CAMERON? How in the HELL did Joey turn CAMERON? What in the Hell is happening to this place? What is happening to me? What have I done? This is my fault..."

PKA shakes his head as if to say 'no, no it isn't' before quickly, almost awkwardly and suddenly, walking out of camera view.

Fade out from PKA's REACTION.. Fade in to the Evolution Champion's comments...

Wallace is just coming back to the locker room after WARPED 40 has gone off the air.

WALLACE: What sort a shit was that? things got fucken crazy quickly. What the fuck was Cameron playin at? Emily is runnin for the hills, what the fuck is goin on in this place. I might a got screwed out of Ascension but atleast a am still the Evolution Champion. Now a need to drink to sort ma head out and collect ma thoughts.

Wallace walks away in search of some alcohol...and possibly some sheep

Fade... out.. fade.. in..

Grendel is walking by the camera with a ice pack on his lower back. Grendel stops And looks at the camera.

Grendel: So Cameron you wearing big boy pants now you think that changing you music makes you a bad ass we listen here sister fucker you want the monster i will give you the mother fucking monster

Grendel walks off

Fade out from Grendel's interesting REACTION, and into one from The Rough Ryder..

The Rough Ryder exits the building, seemingly one of the last with his black gym back in one hand, his steel chair in the other. Jessica Reyes is not far behind before Ryder stops and looks at the camera.

The Rough Ryder: What can I say? We did what needed to be done. Circumstances surrounding our victory are irrelevant. Fact is Korrupt and I did what we were paid to do. Win.

Ryder and Reyes exit the building.

Finally, there is one more REACTION. It's from the Bossman himself. Fade in..

WARPED President Joey Matthew steps in front of the camera, a grin on his face. He puts his hands in his pockets and looks down at the ground for a moment. Joey then looks back up at the camera and speaks.

Joey Matthew: "And to think, we did all of that damage, and we weren't even fully equipped with every man we have. Crazy how that worked out. Wild, I wanna tell ya."

Joey laughs hysterically and heads out of camera view.

The REACTIONS logo fills the screen and then fades out into the WARPED Logo. The screen then fills with the former "Ultraviolent Reboot" graphic from when PKA was in charge. It is then X'd out by red paint...


The crowd is filing in for tonight's show here in Rahway, New Jersey as WARPED makes its debut in this city and the venue for WARPED 41 - Race to Rahway. Suddenly "Ricochet" by Shiny Toy Guns hits and the attention goes to the door of the Rec Center. It opens up and out steps PKA, Anton Chase, Crowbar, Evolution Champion William Wallace, and finally World Champion Alexander StarrZoe. The fans cheer as these men make their way down the aisle, walking along the basketball court, and heading toward the ring, looking as a solid unit.. an angry, solid unit, that is. One by one they enter the ring and the music fades down as PKA has a microphone in hand.

PKA: "You know, for weeks and weeks Joey Matthew and his Fool's World Order have been coming out here and addressing everyone and telling you how much they're going to kill this company as it is today and revive what it used to be. And for once I said fuck it and decided that we should get our asses out here and make our own statement!"

The crowd in the Rahway Recreation Center applauds that statement. PKA continues.

PKA: "See, there's a lot of shit on my mind and I'd like to express it the best way I know possible and that's by speaking my damn mind using this microphone inside of a wrestling ring in front of the greatest fans in the world!"

More applause and cheers are heard from the crowd.

PKA: "First of all if you haven't been to the WARPED website in over two weeks, been on Twitter, Facebook, EFK, CWC, RoughKut, or any other website, then let me inform you that there's a reason you only see four of us out here tonight and not a certain blonde fifth. That's because we had a weak link who decided to walk out on our Movement and walk out on WARPED and the fans altogether, and that person's name.. no no, that bitch's name is Emily Corlen."

A mixed reaction from the crowd as some cheer and some boo. PKA looks around and rolls his eyes. He shrugs his shoulders, nods his head, and continues.

PKA: "Yeah I know, ya like her. Some of ya still do, and that's fine. But you know what? I'm not shocked. That dumb bitch has been whining since November and I should've seen it coming when she suddenly decided to start studying the big fat brown guy and burning incense to get rid of her anger. She's completely out of her mind and she's a fake and a fraud. She never liked me to begin with. She didn't want to be apart of our Movement. She didn't want to help out people like Alexander StarrZoe or William Wallace. Hell, just last November and December not a day went by when she didn't talk about how much better she was compared to one of them or even this company. But suddenly she had a "change of heart" but when things got bloody and messy and she couldn't pick up a win every single show, well then looks like Emily tucked her tail between her pussy lips and went off to whatever company she's World Champion of where she could be comfortable... And that's fine. We've all got the heart it takes to defend the honor of WARPED Wrestling and make sure you fans get what you deserve every time we step into this ring. And that's why we're going to continue doing what we do and save this company from Joey Matthew and his Fools."

The crowd responds with - "Fuck You Joey!" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap, "Fuck You Joey!" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap..

PKA: "Which takes me to tonight. Korrupt, Rough Ryder.. you two are here because somehow Joey suddenly has deep pockets and he's cleaning them out and handing you the fixings.. well boys, what happens when the money runs out? It always does with Joey. Why do you think I'm here? Why do you think Headstrong Wrestling closed five years ago? Because he doesn't know what he's doing. He's unstable. And I proved that when I finally got him to snap last October. So sure, like I said last week, I take responsibility for pushing Joey to this point and it looks like this is all my fault, but you know what? I'm still here and I'm going to fight. I'm not like Korrupt and Ryder who haven't been seen in months and months. I stuck through WARPED in the rough times and after you two leave, you'll be no different than Emily Corlen.. forgotten in a matter of weeks. And still, me and the guys behind me will still be here holding down the fort, and there's not a damn thing you two, Edmunds, that turncoat Cameron MacNichol, or Joey Matthew himself can do about it. Get ready boys.. get ready. No Fear. No Limits. And plenty of motherfuckin' PAIN!"

The crowd cheers as PKA hands the microphone off to William Wallace

William Wallace: "A like that Pat, nothin better than plenty a pain! A think it 's kinda funny how Korrupt and Rough Ryder come crawlin back in here and spout off shit about how they are better than everyone here but yet they refuse to part company. In the matches they are together, in the back they are together, in the showers they are together, in the hotel they are together. I couldn't get the honeymoon suite for my sheep because of they two poofs! A have had enough of it all."

The fans start chanting "They Fuck Sheep! They Fuck Sheep!" .. which is quite amusing in of itself.

William Wallace: "You two queers, Sean Edmunds being a bitter, whiney little fuck because he got his arse kicked and a toook the Evolution Title from him. Cameron MacNichol, turning on everyone to try and become relevant for the first time in his sad pathetic life and Joey Matthews trying to destroy everything that we have all worked so hard to save. The best thing you ever done for WARPED was fuck off out of it. Before you left, you ran this company into the ground and you had crap like Sean Edmunds and Korrupt as your champions. Second grade shit, you were happy with the company being the bottom of the barrel, you where happy to push the crap that sucked you off, and the rest of us, well we were the guys that could take WARPED to the very top and you under used every fucken one of us. Like I said the best thing you did was leave WARPED, so please don't wait too long to do it again.

The crowd begin the chant - "Fuck Off Joey!" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap, "Fuck Off Joey!" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap..

Alexander StarrZoë stares at the World Championship on his shoulder as the three other men in the ring stand in silence, looking toward the champ, the arena grows silent, anticipating Starr’s words. A cheer of “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” begins quietly at first, before becoming a fevered pitch, the champion laughs and nods his head as though to say “okay, fine, I guess I’ll do it”, taking the microphone from William Wallace. Alexander brings the microphone to his lips but still the chant continues. Waiting another moment, Starr raises a hand and silences the building.

Alexander StarrZoë: “Drum roll please…”

The four other men in the ring in the ring look toward each other, smile, and shrug, rapping their open palms against their thighs, beating out a drumming pattern that the crowd picks up on and mimics, stomping their feet against the ground and clapping their hands.

Alexander StarrZoë: “Yes, yes, very nice. Pat, you were a bit out of sync, but I’ll let it fly this time. Some of you seem familiar with my work, most of you seem to know all five of us, but for those of you that don’t, allow me to introduce; former Warped president and World Champion, PKA, former World Champion, Evolution Champion, and my future tag team partner Crowbar, the current Evolution Champion and future World Champion William Wallace, Anton Chase, and, well…’lil ‘ol me.”

The chants of “StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” begin again.

Alexander StarrZoë: “Damn, I thought I said my own name a lot. Okay, okay. Yes, I’m Alexander StarrZoë and I’m the current Warped World Champion. Now, I must say, I’m a Philly boy, I grew up across the river from Jersey, and honestly…I’m not a huge fan of the ‘Garden State’, ironically named since most of the fucking place is concrete. Some say it’s a place where New York and Philly dump its trash and it’s the only state I can think of that you have to pay to get out and you know that whoever runs this place knows for damn sure no one wants to stay here, that’s why the tolls are so expensive!”

Most of the arena laughs, as do the five men in the ring.

Alexander StarrZoë: “You guys seem like a good crowd though, so for the first time in my life, I might be able to say, I actually like people in Jersey. Regardless, who I am and my thoughts on this ‘lovely’ state don’t really matter though; more importantly is what we’re doing here. First, I’d like to address something the REAL president of Warped was kind enough to point out; Emily Corlen. Now, Emily and I started off a bit rocky and then seemed to grow together a bit, trying our hardest with the help of these three gentlemen to rid Warped of our current issues. I respect Emily, she’s a talented woman, she’s got a great set of skills in this ring, and her abilities are unmatched by many other women. That much being said; she crossed a fucking line, when Warped needed her the most, she bailed. Emily has a good head on her shoulders; she just didn’t use it this time. As the general of this army, I feel like I’m one solider short. That’s okay though, the four of us, and any additions that PKA can manage, will grow stronger because of this absence. We’ll make people forget Emily ever graced this ring; the five of us can get on just fine without her. The five of us are the true spirit of Warped, along with you guys, the fans. We’re a force not to be fucked with and we will teach Joey and his goons that. I just wish it was Rough Ryder or Korrupt that decided to call quits, they’re like a herpes flair up, you just can’t seem to get rid of them. Pat, you know all about that, don’t you?”

Starr smiles toward PKA, Wallace and Crowbar laugh along with the fans. PKA crosses his arms and shakes his head.

Alexander StarrZoë: “But, to be realistic, Emily didn’t really do much in her short time in Warped, so, let’s be honest, we’re not really going to be missing much, are we? Last event, MacNichol jumped ship, the event before that, Edmunds switched sides, shocker really, who here wasn’t expecting him to eventually end up ‘catching for the other team’, it seems like Joey is really getting to people. Fortunately, it’s no one that is truly talented. I don’t give a fuck how many second-rate hacks or blasts from the past like Korrupt that Joey Matthew pulls out of the woodwork, that will not stop us from ridding the place we all love from these assholes who are trying to destroy it. I will not allow a company that PKA, Crowbar, and I, along with the help of people like William have built up over the past seven or eight months since Pat has taken control, to be destroyed by some over-grown man-child with a Napoleon complex who wants to be king shit. Joey, you left Warped in the hands of someone far more capable than you and you never should have returned. Now, we’re going to send you back from the hole you crawled out of and send all the assholes you brought back with you straight back to the retirement home. I’m surprised Rough Ryder has managed to remember to take his pills, do you have a home nurse coming in these days buddy? Can I hear that first chant again please? It sounds awesome.”

The crowd begin the chant - "Fuck Off Joey!" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap, "Fuck Off Joey!" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap..

Alexander StarrZoë: “Yeah, music to my ears. Now I know I have a habit of rambling and I promised I would keep this short, but before I hand off the microphone, I would like to address one other thing; Leon Stone, the ‘enforcer’ for tonight’s main event before Anton Chase and I. Simply put Leon, I don’t care if you have the final call tonight, if you’re making the decisions, that doesn’t phase me. I’ll knock your ass out and slapping your unconscious hand down on the mat three times if that’s what it takes to get the win. The world wants to know, how do I feel about Leon Stone and Joey’s decision to make him the enforcer, well, to be honest, Joey can go get fucked, he might call the shots, but the four of us in this ring are what matters in Warped. He might have put PKA in a match, which Pat will easily win, he might be trying to take my World Championship, and he might be making life hell, but when it’s all said and done, he’ll regret each and every one of those decisions, I give you all my word on that. As far as Leon is concerned though, to be blunt, Stone, I think you’re a pussy. Because just like a pussy, you get wet when you see a real man. But unlike Cam’s sister, who has to change her underwear each time she even looks at me, you have to change your shirt when you see me, because you get so nervous, you begin to get wet with perspiration, that’s sweat for those of you like Leon who are too slow for ‘big words’. Just like Dyan though, no matter what type of twisted faggot fantasies you may have about me, you get butterflies in your stomach when you see me. Unlike Dyan though, who gets giddy butterflies and excited when she sees me, thinking about all the long and passionate nights we could have, you get butterflies because you’re scared and nervous because you know, at the drop of a dime, I could cave your fucking skull in.”

StarrZoë lights a cigarette and inhales, staring out into the crowd.

Alexander StarrZoë: “Leon, I’m not too worried about my match with Anton tonight, so feel free to make your presence known whenever you’d like in tonight’s match."

Anton Chase looks on, listening to what's being said.

Alexander StarrZoë: "Just remember, I have access to more weapons than I could have ever dreamed and I plan on making short work of Anton Chase, so you’ll be getting my full and undivided attention. If you do decided to pussy up, just like a bitch would, after the match, I’ll be gunning for you anyway. Allow to me reiterate; you’re a coward, a bitch, a pussy. You’re a kitty cat and I’m a red-nosed Pitt bull. But like most wrestlers, as Rough Ryder, Cameron, Edmunds, and Korrupt have proven, most professional wrestlers are pussies. Go ahead asshole, Twitter that!”

Starr passes the microphone to Crowbar before leaning back against the ropes and finishing his cigarette. Anton Chase still can't believe some of the things Starr said like Anton Chase wasn't even in the ring!

Crowbar lights up a cigarette and takes the mic off Starr.

Crowbar: "You know, a few valid points have been stated here, for example, Emily Corlen being a little quitter.."

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction again.

Crowbar: "Yeah yeah I know, you gave PKA the same reaction to him mentioning her, but really...she ran. She's too scared to stand, here, with us..."

Crowbar points at PKA, Starr and Wallace.

Crowbar: "Probably the most lethal team in the history of this company. Why? Who knows. Maybe Joey paid her off to leave, maybe she didn't want to mess up that pretty face, who knows?"

The crowd once again give off a mixed reaction.

Crowbar: "I was out at Sin City Wrestling last show, so I didn't get to pound anyone's skull in, and that was unfortunate, but I'm here tonight, in this building and....wait....let me do this. Joey Matthew."

The Crowd erupts in "Fuck You Joey!" chants as Crowbar holds the mic out towards them and walks around the ring. He smiles at PKA, Starr and Wallace.

Crowbar: "I love that, it's good fun, I'll never get tired of hearing that. My future tag partner Starr, as well as PKA and Wallace summed it up best I think, so I won't stand here and talk and talk and talk, most has already been said. However....Sean. Edmunds. You little bitch, running to Joeys side, thinking you're going to get somewhere. Well guess what? you're not going to get anywhere. You'll never get any titles, you'll never get any recognition, basically sold yourself to be Joeys buttboy, should we bring the lube? Maybe hook you up with some nipple clamps? Oh...wait, I know! I'll bring a fuckin' fire hydrant! Edmunds, you're not walking out of here with your head held high're not walking at all, neckbrace. stretcher. Nuff said."

Crowbar flicks the smoke to the ground and walks over to PKA.

Crowbar: "Patrick, this seems familiar doesn't it? The Movement, us against them, just do me a favor man...don't start randomly superkicking me yeah? Save that for Joey and his bunch of bitches...oh yeah...that reminds me, Korrupt. Sir, if memory serves me, you won the World Title because myself and PKA GAVE you that title, you didn't earn it. Damn, I can't wait to get my hands on you. Watch your back tonight yeah? Joey said it best, DJ Bashing, Fire Hydrant using Crowbar. I'm Baaaaaaaack!"

The Crowd start chanting "Fuck You Joey!" clap-clap-clap-clap-clap again then start chanting "Crowbar, Crowbar!". Crowbar looks around slightly confused. "Damn...never thought I'd hear that! Starr, PKA, Wallace, you guys ready for some Gratuitous Violence?"

Crowbar flips the mic in his hand before reaching back and pulling out...a Crowbar.

Crowbar: "Fuck the lead pipes, here's my baby."

Anton Chase steps in and puts his hand out. Crowbar hands over the microphone and holds firmly to his crowbar.

Anton Chase: "Tonight I am going to make history because tonight is finally my time to face Alexander StarrZoe. Tonight I face StarrZoe in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match and you’ll see a totally different side of me when I unleash every bit of anger and frustration I have onto StarrZoe. It has been a long time coming for me to become the world heavyweight champion and tonight is that night. Everything is legal and sorry StarrZoe but if I end your career tonight it’s not personal. As for The Movement 2.0 well boys I’m here if you need me but more importantly the NEW world heavyweight champion is here if you need ME."

The crowd applauds as StarrZoe is shown looking confident, hugging his World Championship. Suddenly "HEADSTRONG" by Trapt hits the PA System and Joey Matthew steps out from the entrance door in full black on black on black suit. The music immediately cuts as the men in the ring focus on Joey.

Joey Matthew: "You'll have to excuse me if I look a little out of it. I was just woken up from a nap I took during that long-winded segment by the awkward tones of Anton Chase. Anton, boy, do you feel out of place in that ring? It's too bad you chose to join the so-called "Movement 2.0" because, as a WARPED Original, you belong on my team. But that's fine. You'll learn your lesson in due time. I look forward to seeing you and StarrZoe tear each other limb from limb tonight, and the winner having to face Sean Edmunds, the future World Champion and CWC Ascension Winner, in two weeks in Boston, Mass!"

The fans start up a "Fuck You Joey!" chant. He scowls at them and continues.

Joey Matthew: "AS I was saying. In FOUR weeks on March 17th that is a very special day. Not only is it a day that I'm sure every single one of you will be drinking your sorrows away because it's St. Patrick's Day, but it's also WARPED Wrestling's Second Anniversary Show! And I've got a very special match in mind. Your team versus my team. Elimination tag team match! But wait, there's more. BOTH of the championships will be on the line. That means if YOU'RE the champ, and YOU get pinned, then YOU lose the belt, and the person who pinned ya is the NEW Champion!"

The men in the ring look annoyed by this ruling. PKA speaks.

PKA: "Wait a minute, let's get this straight. You're having Wallace and StarrZoe put their titles on the line against -"

Joey Matthew: "Oh, don't start with me. I'm making it fair and balanced, because as you know, if we have our way, Cameron MacNichol and Sean Edmunds will be the champions."

PKA: "But what if Grendel wins the Evolution Title? Huh?"

Joey Matthew: "Who says Grendel won't be fighting with us? I'll have you know that I have a planned meeting with Grendel in a matter of minutes, and I'm going to persuade him to join us. You know as good as I do that he has been waiting to rip your head off since you and him first met, and it's only a matter of time until the money talks and I sign Grendel to my stable."

PKA: "Enough, already! I want more than titles on the line. I want your JOB on the line."

Joey Matthew: "You really have lost your mind, haven't you Patrick?"

PKA: "What's the matter? Is the Insane President a chickenshit?"

"Chicken-shit! Chicken-shit!" chants start up. They anger the bossman and he snaps.

Joey Matthew: "FINE! I'll tell you what. If and this is a big IF.. your team wins, then I'll step away.. I'll lay low.. I'll let you run the show even! But WHEN my team wins -AND BY THE WAY, we're not FOOLS- when MY team wins, you PKA will sign away your percentage of ownership of WARPED and you will LEAVE the company for good!"

PKA thinks about it for a moment. He converses with StarrZoe off mic and then returns to speak.

PKA: "You're on!"

Alexander StarrZoe takes the microphone from PKA and sends a final message to Joey Matthew.

Alexander StarrZoe: "Joey, this should all look familiar to you. PKA forced you out of Warped once and he'll do it again though. We don't give a fuck how many jerkoffs you put out off the retirement home, how many has-beens you have coming out of the woodwork; the men standing before you are the future of this business. Don't get it confused though Joey, this isn't the Movement, oh no. With the addition of Alexander StarrZoë, William Wallace, and Anton Chase we are better now than ever. We are the Movement 2.0. Welcome to your new nightmare Joey; History never repeats itself, it only evolves."

Joey Matthew shakes his head and laughs as "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns plays again. Joey opens the door and heads backstage as the camera pans to the men in the ring all huddled and talking things over. Fade out..


The scene fades in backstage as we see Grendel doing some stretches for his upcoming match when suddenly the lovely female assistant of Joey Matthew makes her way toward him wearing her very skimpy secretary outfit and holding a clipboard.

Assistant: "Grendel. Hi."

She winks and touches his chest.

Assistant: "My name is Deja. I'm President Joey Matthew's PERSONAL assistant. And I'm here to inform you that the boss would lovvvvve to see you..."

She smiles with a seductive nature as Grendel thinks it over.

Grendel: "Lead the way sugar tits."

And Grendel pats her on the ass as the scene fades.

Backstage in The Boss' Office

The scene fades in to the office of President Joey Matthew where we see Sean Edmunds, Korrupt, The Rough Ryder, Cameron MacNichol, Jessica Reyes, and Miss Karla all conversing while Joey's male assistant sits in the corner, being ignored. The door then opens and the boss enters and the chatter stops.

Joey Matthew: "Thanks for meeting me here. That took a little longer than I expected. Business time. Listen guys; You already ran off Emily Corlen; well done. That's one down, but there are four to go. Tonight, Korrupt, Ryder, you've got an opportunity to do what you did to Corlen but do it to a much greater extent to that little punk know it all, PKA. He likes to talk about pain, and I want you to make sure he feels it."

Ryder smirks, and nods his head.

The Rough Ryder: Pain will be an understatement to what we put PKA through Joey. This is months in the making, and best believe I won't let this slip through my fingers.

Joey Matthew: "Cameron!"

Joey Matthew has a large smile on his face as he shakes the hand of Cameron MacNichol.

Joey Matthew: "Cameron, you did me proud at WARPED 40 when you not only spit on every one of those punks who thought you were on their team, but you told your hometown family and friends just what you thought of them. You're a great man. That's why tonight you've got yourself a chance at the Evolution Championship and I know you'll do us proud."

Cameron MacNichol: "Hey, PKA has no business running this company. I mean, come on, you're Joey Matthew. You're - and I mean this in the most flattering way - the Vince McMahon of independent wrestling. You managed to Moneyball WARPED into one of the most popular promotions of, say, the last five years. PKA, on the other hand, is like Paul Heyman. There's a reason there's no ECW anymore and still a WWE: better management. If PKA actually bought that bullshit I slung in Woodbridge last month, he deserves a refund. As for the show last week in Dearborn, those folks may not have wanted to hear it, but they certainly needed to. And tonight, I'm going to destroy Wallace and Grendel and leave Jersey as the new Evolution champion. I may not be the "people's" champion like The Rock, but with you guys in my corner, metaphorically speaking, there's no way I can lose. No way."

Sean Edmunds tightens his jaw.

Sean Edmunds: “Where’s MY shot at the Evolution Championship? I spent the last six months keeping that belt away from the scum of the earth .. and instead of getting my rematch against that sister-slash-sheep-slash-god-knows-what-else-he-fucks punk, I’m taking on Hoebar? I should be the one beating the living pulp out of Wallace.”

Joey Matthew: "Sean, you'll be fine. See, Cameron proved his worth at WARPED 40. And tonight, don't you worry. You'll take care of Crowbar I'm sure, and then you can relax until your big hometown return on March 3rd when you get your first one on one match for the World Championship! And it really doesn't matter who the champion is, because after tonight when StarrZoe and Chase kick each other's asses in the Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match, you'll be there at the next show to pick up the scraps and claim the top prize in the company."

Edmunds smiles, the light sparkling off his eye.

Sean Edmunds: “Well, I suppose now that I don’t have the Evolution Championship, Alexander StarrZoe has no excuse for ducking me. I don’t care who it is in Boston. The World Championship is coming home with ME.”

Edmunds cracks his knuckles.

Sean Edmunds: “It’s time we end PKA’s failed experiment and take WARPED, and the World Championship, by force. And who better than ‘Simply Sensational?’”

Ryder coughs a little, and looks up as the group looks at him.

The Rough Ryder: Huh? What? Oh no... sorry... I didn't mean to infer anything. I'm just saying... if we're talking who DESERVES the shot; then I guess we'd have to factor in a guy who has been in what, 4-5 World Title shots here in WARPED? Against possibly the biggest star; aside from myself; WARPED has ever seen in Switchblade. Not trying to say you don't deserve it Edmunds but... just saying... there ARE other options.

Joey holds his hands up.

Joey Matthew: "Look, guys. Enough already. Korrupt, wake up!"

Korrupt darts his head up at Joey.

Korrupt: ...Did someone say something? I was dreaming about getting my hands around PKA's neck and wringing him dry of any life that was inside of him. I really don't care what you idiots are entitled too, NOR do I wanna be caught up in this little...stuff. Honestly, if it were up to me, I'd take out the barnacles underneath WARPED's ass by myself, but you guys INSIST to get in my way. After this, I'm going to be taking back my place in WARPED...and once again Joey, you're going to sit there and smile like the happy lil'camper you are...because I'm back to my ol'tricks again...nothing's changed. It's just a shame though...not too long ago me and PKA were fighting for something, and now...well now...he's gone soft. Soft doesn't cut it in this world and soft will only lead to being taken out of said world forever. Now can I go back to sleep I like...gonna have to talk some more because I'm seriously not in the mood to deal with these idiots...

Joey Matthew: "You all get out of here and get ready for your matches. Now, go!"

The wrestlers and their valets leave the room. Joey's male assistant approaches.

Joey Matthew: "Damnit Travis, where in the hell is Deja with Grendel?"

Travis: "I'm not sure, sir. Want me to go find her?"

Joey Matthew: "Yeah, you probably should do that."

Travis: "Just between us, sir.. I don't trust her one bit."

Joey ignores him and heads to the couch and has a seat, pulling out his cell phone. Travis sighs and heads out of the office.

Opening Contest - Singles Match
Outkast vs. Gary Mac

Fade to the ring where we see Randy Long ready to announce our opening match.

Randy Long: "Wrestling fans it is now time for our opening contest of the evening for WARPED 41 - Race to Rahway! The following contest is scheduled for one fall! "

"Butterflies and Hurricanes" begins playing and the fans erupt in anger as from behind the curtain alongside his wife walks Gary Mac, dressed in his black wrestling tights and a Too Fucking Good T-Shirt on.

Randy Long: "Making his in-ring debut tonight, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 227 pounds and being accompanied by his wife, Jasmine Knight, ladies and gentlemen- this is Gary Mac!"

He stands there with a smirk on his face looking at the fans for a second, his wife wraps her arms around him before he begins walking down the small ramp, looking at the crowd he begins taunting fans to step across the guard rail. After annoying some more fans Gary reaches the ring, climbs up the steps onto the apron followed by his wife, he then holds the ropes apart to let Jasmine Knight enter. Gary then leaps over the top rope landing on his feet and then stands with his arms out side, smiling from ear to ear whilst the fans continue to jeer him. Mac then opens the ropes to allow Jasmine to exit but not before she gives him a kiss, once she has left Gary takes off his t-shirt and hands it down to her before grabbing the ropes and stretching a little waiting on the match starting.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 218 pounds - Outkast!"

“Guilty by Association” by H20 hits and Outkast struts out from behind the curtain and throws a fist in the air for the crowd to cheer. He spins around and bangs his fist on his chest. He then makes his way down the aisle slapping a few fans hands along the way before climbing the stairs and entering the ring. He makes his way up a turnbuckle to look out at the crowd before jumping back down.

Tony D: "And tonight's action gets kicked off with the in-ring debut of Gary Mac taking on another newcomer who's got no wins and 1 loss thus far, Outkast."

Kris Red: "I gotta tell ya, this should be an exciting match. From what we saw Outkast do at WARPED 40, along with what I've heard about Gary Mac, I'm pumped."

The referee calls for the bell and this one is under way!

Jasmine Knight says something inaudible to Outkast and he turns around and starts talking trash to her. This is when Gary Mac strikes. He grabs Outkast from behind into a schoolboy..


Kick out!

Outkast pops up, looking flustered and surprised, as Gary Mac comes at him, ducking under the arm for a go-behind waistlock. He then sends Outkast down with a German Suplex, and he holds on! Gary Mac brings Outkast up and goes for another German Suplex, but Outkast delivers a back elbow - but Mac ducks it and steps back - Dropkick to the face! Outkast goes down. He starts to get up but Gary Mac quickly pushes him down and covers..


Kick out!

Gary Mac now begins to choke Outkast and the referee tells him to knock it off! The ref starts a five count and Gary Mac holds his hands up, releasing the hold. The crowd boos Gary Mac, not liking his style one bit. He brings Outkast to his feet and kicks him in the gut. Irish whip to the corner.. Outkast reverses it and sends Mac into the corner instead! Outkast charges in but Gary Mac gets an elbow up, nailing him in the side of the head. He then grabs Outkast and puts him in the corner and begins choking him up against the turnbuckle! The referee orders him to knock it off and gets inbetween them as Gary Mac backs off. As the referee steps away Gary Mac hits a thumb to the eyes, blinding Outkast. The crowd continues to boo Gary Mac. He then pulls him from the corner and hits a Snap Suplex! He holds on, bringing Outkast back up, and hits another Snap Suplex! Gary Mac now brings him up for one more Snap Suplex and nails it, then he floats over and makes the cover, hooking the leg..



Kick out!

Mac drags Outkast to his feet, giving him a few boots to the gut for good measure, and sends him into the corner. He mounts the turnbuckle, and gets four punches off before being shoved off roughly by Outkast. Gary Mac quickly kicks him in the gut and climbs up, continuing the punches. Five - six - seven - Outkast blocks the eighth punch and pushes Gary Mac off. Gary then goes for another kick but Outkast grabs the leg and swings it over onto the middle rope, then kicks his thigh! Gary Mac pulls back, hobbling and favoring his leg. Outkast hops onto the top of the turnbuckle quickly, and goes for a crossbody, connecting! Tony D: Where'd that come from?! Kris Red: Your guess is as good as mine, Tony. The ref slides in for the pin count as Outkast stays ontop of Mac.



Mac kicks out, shoving Outkast off of him

Tony D: Outkast making some sort of a comeback now it seems!

The crowd is excited for Outkast as he hits the ropes and comes off with a one-armed bulldog attempt but Gary Mac pushse him into the ropes. Outkast bounces off and Gary Mac goes for a clothesline, but Outkast ducks it and applies a reverse waistlock. Standing switch by Gary Mac.. he goes for a German Suplex but Outkast flips out and lands on his feet. Outkast then kicks the back of his leg, causing him to go to one knee. Outkast then hits the ropes that Gary Mac faces, bounces off and hits a Shining Wizarrrrrrd~!

He covers..



Kick out!

Outkast brings Mac to his feet and delivers a right hand, and another, and a third. Irish whip attempt.. Mac counters.. Outkast hits the ropes and comes back with a Spinning Wheel Kick, taking Gary Mac down! The crowd pops as Outkast gets to his feet and sets him up for the Package Piledriver but Mac sweeps the legs out from under him and turns him over into a Boston Crab!

Tony D: "Boston Crab submission hold locked in!"

Kris Red: "What a counter there as it looked like Outkast was going for that Package Piledriver but Gary Mac was able to escape."

Outkast reaches out for the ropes as he's just so close to them! Gary Mac sits down as much as he can, pulling back on the legs. The pain running through the body of Outkast's is quite evident as he reaches out with one arm while pounding a fist into the mat with the other, face down. He looks up at the ropes and the fans start to get behind him. Slowly he pushes himself up as Gary Mac looks back in shock. Outkast starts edging closer and closer to the ropes as Gary Mac tries to stop him. Outkast reaches out at the rope annnnnnnd...Mac pulls him away! Gary Mac loses the legs for a moment and Outkast rolls onto his back and kicks up at Gary Mac, who then looks to be going for another leg submission, but Outkast reaches up and counters into a mahistral cradle..



Kick out!

Gary Mac pops up and shakes his head as Outkast sits up and Gary Mac goes for a kick to the chest and nails it. Outkast grabs his chest as Gary then brings him to his feet and whips him into the corner. Mac lifts him up and climbs up, hooking his arm for a Superplex. Outkast fights back with right hands, and Gary Mac loses his feeting and steps off the turnbuckle. Outkast quickly kicks him in the face, causing him to turn and stumble away.. and Outkast leaps off with a bulldog! Cover!



Kick out!!

Wasting no time, Outkast brings Gary Mac to a seated position and then delivers a shin kick to his back!

Kris Red: "Oh man!"

Gary Mac grabs at his back and Outkast quickly goes through the ropes and stands ready on the apron as Gary Mac slowly gets to his feet... Outkast springboards off the top rope and goes for a Springboard Heel Kick but Gary Mac ducks just in time.. Gary then goes for a Crescent Kick to the chin but Outkast grabs the leg and hits an Enziguri that rocks him but doesn't take him off his feet..

Tony D: "These kicks are devastating!"

Suddenly Outkast follows up with a Roundhouse kick to the chest!

Kris Red: "No kidding!"

He follows that up by going for a Package Piledriver and he lifts him into the air and nails it! The crowd pops as Outkast hooks both legs...




Kris Red: "It's OVA! Outkast gets his first victory in WARPED!"

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Ouuuuuuutkaaaaast!"

“Guilty by Association” by H20 plays as the fans cheer and applaud for Outkast as he gets to his feet. The referee raises his arm in victory and the fans continue to cheer. Jasmine Knight is at ringside and is fuming! Outkast waves to her and smiles right before climbing the turnbuckle and putting his arms into the air. He looks out at the crowd and jumps down, heading to the opposite corner to do the same thing.

Tony D: "Impressive display of talent by these two talented competitors tonight."

Kris Red: "Without a doubt, Tony D. They're both so technically sound and quick.. I hope nobody blinked during this match, otherwise...well hell it's a DVD so they can rewind and watch again!"

Outkast hops off the turnbuckle and looks down at Gary Mac who is coming to. Outkast extends his hand and Gary Mac looks disgusted with that gesture as he gets to his feet, favoring his head off that Package Piledriver. Mac looks at the hand then looks at Outkast and quickly hits a crescent kick to the chin knocking him down.

Tony D: "Whoa, wait just a minute!"

The fans boo. Gary slides out the ring grabs a microphone and a steel chair before sliding back in. Mac raises the chair up and brings it down across the back of Outkast, before dropping the chair and lifting Outkast up. Quickly he hoists him up into Total Destruction and brings Outkast crashing face first onto the steel chair off the Face First Outsiders Edge. Walking around the ring for a second Mac then picks up the microphone he dropped and rests against the ring ropes.

Gary Mac: “I’m tired of people like you putting down my career, thinking because I haven’t wrestled in Warped I’m some idiot, well listen here moron. I am not the one lying on my back in the middle of the ring, that is you. So Outkast the the guy who is ranked number three in CWC, the guy who has been World Champion of one of the biggest promotions in CWC. Do you have what it takes to take me away from Warped?”

The crowd cheer and a “Fuck You Gary” chant begins which just brings a smile upon Macs face.

Gary Mac: “None of you pieces of shit will ever fuck me, that is reserved for people that look like a million dollars, not some low life drug dealing transvestite like all these so called women are. Just stop the stupid chants and save it for someone who will actually get annoyed, I don’t in fact I thrive on it. Anyway Outkast I’ve just started to realise how you are, so when you get home and the concussion has subsided why don’t we have another match. This time we tear the whole building down and we make it at the second anniversary show, just so someone like you can get on the card. Have a nice concussion retard and when you can let me know your answer.”

Mac throws the microphone up in the air as “Butterflies and Hurricanes” By Muse begins playing and Gary exits the ring and begins heading towards the back.

Backstage Hallways

The scene fades in backstage as we see Grendel and Deja walking down the hallway. As they turn the corner Deja and none other than PKA bump chests. She shrieks and he grins.

PKA: "Damn girl, you smell good."

She quickly composes herself and turns that frown upside down as she smiles and nods her head.

Deja: "Mhmmmmmm.. best believe. Now step aside. I'm taking Grendel to a very important meeting."

PKA: "Speaking of important 'meatings' I've got one for ya later tonight if you're down."

She smiles, then suddenly the male assistant "Travis" comes up and stops the fun as she quickly changes her expression to one of disgust.

Deja: "How dare you."

PKA: "How dare me? How dare you!"

PKA turns to Grendel.

PKA: "We need to talk, big man, about you know... stuff."

Grendel Ok talk.

PKA: "There's clearly a war going on and I want to know what side you're on.

Grendel: Pat, Grendel would like to take this time to say thank you for showing a interest in the plans of Grendel, but at this time Grendel has no plans or interest to get involed in your pissing contest. Now if you will excuse Grendel he has a meeting but please take this signed photo And don't forget to Grendel every Mmonday night from 9 to 11 on the USA Network.

Grendel hands PKA the signed picture. The male assistant speaks up.

Travis: "Enough! You're KEEPING the boss. Let's go."

He grabs the arm of Deja and leads her on as Grendel glances at PKA before heading off with the two assistants. PKA turns around and crosses his arms, checking out that fine ass on Deja as the scene fades out.


Fade in...The lights are dimmed. The crowd sits in anticipation to see what the deal is with the one known as ‘Yuma’..

The crowd doesn't know what's going on as they sit waiting. For those watching the DVD, a video begins to play.....


The lights reignite to the tune of ‘Ballad of the thin man’ and the Rahway center is introduced to a mysterious figure standing on the entrance ramp. Cheers are shot from the audience as they support the arrival of the man known as Yuma. He makes his way down to the ring, keeping his head down at all times. He the steel steps and climbed into the ring, microphone in hand.

The music slowly fades out as Yuma prepares to speak…

Yuma: WARPED Wrestling… your fate has been sealed!

The crowd cheers for John Yuma.

Yuma: People are so afraid of change, but what you should fear are things staying the same. The world is never complete from standing stagnant. Reigns of fire have dented the very foundations of WARPED wrestling. All parties are guilty of tarnishing the companies’ foundation, yet both can be praised like saints for revitalizing a dying industry. Oh, how the tides can change the way we view the world. We bite the hand that feeds us without preparing for retaliation. And that’s where fate brings me in. I am John Yuma, change has arrived!

The crowd cheers once more. Yuma, now more energized, begins to mosey around the ring.

Yuma: Fate has brought me here, but for what? I am here to-

Number one by Nelly hit the speakers and Leon Stone comes out with a microphone in his hand.

Leon Stone: Excuse me but who the fuck are you?

The fans boo.

Leon Stone: You don’t come into my ring and make some kind of statement without asking me first. You have to clear what you want to say before you say it. I run this place and I don’t appreciate being disrespected like this.

Lots of boos from the crowd…

Leon Stone: Do you see this rock hard championship title around my waist? This title I created and I endorse myself. It’s not a WARPED title and it’s not SCCW title it’s a title that can only be won in a hard core match, a title that can be taken anywhere at any time. This title makes me the owner of that ring you’re standing in and I think it’s about time you leave it.

Yuma stands stagnant. After a few speculative seconds, Yuma slowly shakes his head with a smirk on his face. The crowd pops slightly. He raises the microphone…

Yuma: Kid, before you seal your own fate, why don’t you stop wasting my time and walk away...

Stone looks angrily at Yuma.

Leon Stone: are you deaf? Did you not hear me tell you to get out of MY ring?

Leon starts walking towards the ring.

Leon Stone: if you’re not out of that ring before I get there then I’m going to make you get out.

Yuma smirks, and still ceases to move. Stone enters the ring, and gets straight into the face of Yuma, the two fairly even in height. With the microphones lowered, Leon begins to talk trash to Yuma. Yuma on the other hand, continues to smirk and shake his head. As the bothersome chatter of Stone continues, Yuma swiftly swings his left fist, connecting solidly with the chin of Stone, sending him flying to the mat and rolling out of the ring. The crowd pops excitedly! Leon grasps his head, looking in pain, and retrieves his microphone off the floor.

Leon Stone: You crossed the fucking line! Watch your fucking back!

Yuma laughs at Leon as he makes his way to the back.

Backstage: Joey Matthew's Office

Fade in backstage to the office of President Joey Matthew when the two assistants along with Grendel step into the office. Joey stands up and extends his hand to Grendel.

Grendel shakes his hand, and Joey smiles. They release and Grendel quickly wipes his hand clean. Joey sighs, and speaks.

Joey Matthew: "Grendel, good sir. I know you've made it clear in the past that you've got a large contract waiting for you elsewhere up North, but let me make it clear that there is plenty of money to be made here in WARPED if you make the right decisions. Do you hear what I'm saying?"

Grendel: Joe do you know what my contract is worth do you? You do know that what I will make in a year I could buy you And Pat And make you both dress as monkeys And dance for. Joe I am going to be on Monday nights in front of millions of people hell I just got done touring Japan. In the last two weeks I Grendel have performed in front of more people then what you And Pat could pull in in the two And a half years WARPED has ever been open.

Joey Matthew: "You're clearly a huge star, and I'm glad lately you've finally realized it. All I'm saying is think about it. Make the right decision when the time is right, and trust me... the price will be oh so right for you."

Grendel: Look Joe nothing personal but look at this you not good business man, me hot ticket, hot ticket stay away from bad buisness man. Joe dont get mad it is just the truth.. look to show no hard feelings here is a signed photograph of me And I made it you cause you are a special guy.

Grendel hands Joey the picture. Joey grins and nods as Travis, Joey's assistant, opens the door for Grendel, who leaves the room. Joey then crumbles up the picture and tosses it at the trashcan, barely missing it. He shouts at the assistant to PICK IT UP! and Travis rushes in and picks it up and places it in the trash. Joey looks frustrated as the scene fades.

Triangle Match for the Evolution Championship
Cameron MacNichol vs. Grendel vs. William Wallace(c)

Fade in to the ringside area...

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Triangle Match for the WARPED Wrestling Evolution Championship!"

The riff of Black Sabbath's "N.I.B." hits the speakers, and the fans boo as Cameron MacNichol steps out through the curtain. Cameron is dressed in black denim jeans, sneakers, and a white t-shirt with the words "Kiss her where is smells" on the front, and "Take her to New Jersey" on the back in black text.

Randy Long: "Making his way to the ring - from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds - "The Dirty Mac" Cameron MacNichol!" As he makes his way down the ramp, the fans continue to boo, to which Cameron simply smirks. Cameron slides into the ring and gestures for a microphone. Sauntering around the ring, Cameron raises the mic to his mouth, when a "you sold out" chant begins.

Cameron: Like I told the folks in Dearborn, what you call "selling out", I call getting ahead. I mean, come on. Use those peanuts in your head you call brains and give me a little credit. I'm an intelligent man, and I know the value of keeping some things to myself. I'm simply trying to get WARPED back into the hands of Joey Matthew, where it belongs. PKA, on the other hand...

The fans explode into cheers, and a "PKA" chant begins. Cameron stares daggers at the first few rows, but calmly waits until the chant dies down.

Cameron: As I was saying, PKA, on the other hand, has no business running this promotion. Patty boy might know how to book good wrestling matches, but Joey knows how to book a good show. Joey is probably the most creative mind in professional wrestling since Vince McMahon.

With dawn of realization, Cameron lowers the microphone. Regaining his train of though, he raises the mic back up to his mouth.

Cameron: In fact, Joey is - and I mean this in the most flattering way, J - the Vince McMahon of independent wrestling. He took WARPED and managed to Moneyball it into one of the most popular wrestling promotions of, say, the last five years. If you folks don't get that, look it up in a library. That is if there are any of them left after the religious folks finish burning all the books.

The fans boo loudly again, and Cameron gives them another smirking grin.

Cameron: Joey took this tiny, independent promotion and elevated it to WWE's level, and he did it with a fraction of the WWE's budget. On the one hand, Joey knows how to give the fans what they want. PKA can do that, too, but only after telling them that it's what they want. Come on, honestly, which would you low-grade morons rather have?

Cameron raises his hands and pantomimes weighing the two options.

Cameron: PKA telling me what I want, or Joey Matthew giving me what I want... Telling, giving... telling, giving...

Cameron drops the arm not holding his mic.

Cameron: To be honest with you, it's not much of a choice. Speaking objectively, I'd rather have Joey giving me what I want, ten times out of ten. Joey is going to get his company back, one way or another. If it's a war PKA wants, then it's a war he's gonna get.

Red and blue lights start flashing as Mastodons ”Curl of the Burl” starts to pound though the PA system.

Randy Long: "And his opponent..From Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - GRENDEL!"

Grendel steps out onto the stage, raises both arms, and then starts walking to the ring. He is not letting fans touch him and he is yelling insults at them. As Grendel gets to the ring he slides in under fhe bottom rope and then stands in the middle of the ring, awaiting the match to begin.

Randy Long: "And finally.."

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play and William Wallace appears , lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring.

Randy Long: "From Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds, he is the reigning and defending WARPED Wrestling Evolution Champion - William WALLACE!"

He makes his way to the ring as the fans cheer him. He rolls in under the bottom rope and holds up his title.

Tony D: "William Wallace is set to defend his Evolution Championship for the second time, this time in a Triangle Match, meaning that it starts with three men, but ends with only two after an elimination is made."

Kris Red: "Wallace has had quite the 2012 as of late, despite being eliminated from the CWC Ascension Tournament at the last event, however many would argue that Sean Edmunds was the cause of that."

Tony D: "Clearly he was! The bitter ex-Evolution Champion can't stand to see William Wallace's success it'd appear."

The bell sounds as all three men exit their corners and keep an eye on one another.. until suddenly Wallace and Grendel both go after Cameron MacNichol!

Tony D: "Oh man Cameron, look out!"

Kris Red: "That's what happens when ya do what Cameron did at WARPED 40!"

They both work on him as he leans on the ropes. They throw a few punches to his chest area and Cameron drops to a knee. Wallace and Grendel bring him to his feet and each grab an arm.. Irish whip.. Cameron off the ropes.. he ducks a clothesline, hits the ropes and returns with a double clothesline... But they both keep on their feet! Cam quickly kicks Grendel in the gut and delivers a right hand to Wallace. He scoops him up and slams him down to the mat and covers..

On- kick out before even the count of ONE!

Grendel now picks Cameron MacNichol up and hit's him with big palm to the chest. MacNichol stumbles back but comes up with his own chop to the chest of Grendel who then buries a knee into Cameron MacNichol's gut. MacNichol drops down to one knee. William Wallace then comes off the ropes and hit's a kick to the face of Cameron MacNichol who then falls as William covers.


Quickly Grendel throws him off and goes for the cover on Cameron MacNichol.


William however grabs his leg and pulls him off as he goes for it again.


Grendel now pulls William back off and goes for his own cover once again.


However, once again, William Wallace pulls the leg of Grendel and away from Cameron MacNichol.

Kris Red: "What are they doing?! This is elimination!"

Tony D: "Perhaps they want the bragging rights of scoring the pinfall over Cameron MacNichol!"

This time William Wallace doesn't go for another pin but stands there watching Grendel who stands and pushes the Scottish Legend back. William goes to push Grendel but is booted to the mid section. Grendel takes William Wallace and lifts him into the air with a Gorilla Press! He then takes him to the ropes and throws him over board, sending him crashing down on the pads that sit atop the basketball court here at the Rec Center. Cameron MacNichol now comes from behind at Grendel pushing him into the ropes as both men bounce off and Cam has his arms wrapped around him as he pulls him down and then floats over top of him and his legs for a rolling bridge pin.




Kris Red: "No! Kicked outtttt mannnn!"

Tony D: "Almost a three!"

Kris Red: "That was too close." Cameron MacNichol is pushed off from the kickout by the big monsterous Grendel. Now, Grendel is back up but gets clotheslined down. Grendel is back up again as MacNichol clotheslines him down once again. While this goes on William Wallace begins to crawl back into the ring. MacNichol now kicks Grendel in the gut and lifts him up for a Piledriver. Grendel counters and lifts him up going for an Alabama Slam type move but Cameron counters into a DDT on the way down!

Tony D: "Excellent counter from Cameron MacNichol!"




William Wallace however comes in and stomps the back of MacNichol's head breaking up the pin.

Kris Red: "If I was William Wallace, I'd just let these two kill each other in the ring, let one of them get eliminated, then come in and pick up a victory to retain my title!"

Tony D: "Wallace might've done that at one time but as of late it seems he's walking to the tune of a different.. uh.. "

Kris Red: "Yes?"

Tony D: "I seriously just lost my train of thought."

William now lifts Cameron MacNichol up and hit's him with a couple of European uppercuts that send him in the corner.

Kris Red: "Well done Tony D. And now looks like ol' Willie is kickin' some ass!"

William now boots him in the mid section a few times in the corner. He then whips him up the ropes. Cameron bounces off and ducks a big boot attempt from William Wallace but then he gets side-swiped by Grendel who hits his own BIG BOOT! Cameron MacNichol falls to the mat as William Wallace turns Grendel around and boots him to the mid section. He then hit's him with a few European uppercuts but Grendel doesn't take it as he drives his knee into William's gut. Go behind.. Full Nelson Slam! Grendel makes the cover..

Kris Red: "Full Nelson from the big man!"



Grendel stops, lifting Wallace up.

Tony D: "What is Grendel doing?!"

The big Grendel now picks William back up and whips him to the corner. He runs at him in the corner but Wallace back elbows him to the face.

Kris Red: "Wallace with the back elbow!"

He then runs out of the corner and SPEARS him down! Cameron MacNichol is to his feet now as he comes over to Wallace and kicks him in the gut and goes for the Piledriver and surely enough he hits it! Wallace drops and rolls toward the ropes as Cameron gets to his feet and looks down at Wallace then to Grendel. With revenge on his mind for the big boot moments ago, Cameron heads toward Grendel and brings him to his feet. He pushes him against the corner buckle and begins wailing away at him with right hands. The referee tells him to take it out of the corner but Cameron keeps attacking! The ref counts one.. two.. three.. four.. and Cameron stops. He then pokes Grendel in the eyes! The referee gets in Cameron's face and Cameron apologizes. The ref goes back to check on Grendel as Cameron pulls out what looks to be a tiny rope or chain from his tights. He balls it up in his hand.

Tony D: "Hey wait! Cameron has something in his hands!"

Grendel pushes the referee aside and comes out of the corner as Cameron bounces off the ropes and hits a Clothesline from Hell~! Grendel drops to the mat and Cameron calls for the Cobra Clutch as he brings Grendel to a kneeling position and applies the hold, blatantly using whatever that rope or chain was to wrap around the throat of Grendel, but it's out of the referee's view! Cameron drops on his back with Grendel, swinging him as much as possible.

The referee raises the arm of Grendel and it drops.

He raises the arm a second time and it drops.

The referee raises the arm one more time and it drops!

Tony D: "He's out! Grendel is unconsious!"

Kris Red: "Oh wow.. Cameron just choked out Grendel!"

Randy Long: "Grendel has been eliminated!"

Kris Red: "No way!"

Cameron tucks the chain back in his tights as the referee tends to Grendel. He stands up and points to his head as the fans boo.

Tony D: "It's now down to William Wallace and Cameron MacNichol."

Cameron MacNichol raises his hand in the air as William Wallace comes from behind, clotheslining him down. He runs to the ropes and hits a leg drop into Cameron's head area. William Wallace covers..



Kick out!

Wallace gets to his feet as Cameron starts rising up. Wallace goes to lock in an Abdominal Stretch but Cameron counters into a hip toss! The Dirty Mac hits the ropes as Wallace gets to his feet and goes for a Clothesline From Hell but Wallace ducks it! Wallace then hits a 1/2 Nelson Suplex, dropping MacNichol on his head!

Tony D: "OH! Impactful Half Nelson from Wallace. That looked nasty!"

William Wallace now stomps on MacNichol who tries to get himself up by help of the ropes. Cameron grabs the back of his head with one hand and the top rope with the other as he fights up.. Wallace with an Irish Whip, but MacNichol escapes and goes for the Cobra Clutch! Wallace backs him into the corner though, causing him to release the hold. Wallace steps forward and Cameron comes out of the corner but into a big SPINEBUSTER from the champ! Wallace brings MacNichol to his feet and sets him up for a Vertical Suplex but MacNichol escapes out of it and pulls the chain from his tights but he drops it and the ref spots it! He asks Cameron what he thinks he's doing as Cameron looks shocked! The referee picks up the chain and asks what Cameron was going to do with this?! Cameron shakes his head and says 'nothing nothing!'

Tony D: "He got caught red handed!"

While Cameron and the referee are arguing, we see Sean Edmunds come down to the ring with a lead pipe in hand! He hops up on the apron as Wallace was looking away and wraps it around his throat, pulling him up against the ropes and choking the life out of him!

Tony D: "Oh my God! Was this a set up all along?!"

Kris Red: "Sean Edmunds is obsessed with having William Wallace NOT be Evolution Champion!"

Suddenly we see the World Champion Alexander StarrZoe run down and pull Edmunds off the apron, his head smacking off the apron. StarrZoe kicks him in the gut and sends him into the steel steps!

Tony D: "Alexander StarrZoe to the rescue!"

Kris Red: "Those two are currently set to meet in Sean's hometown at WARPED 42 for the World Title!"

Wallace grabs his throat as he looks over and gives the thumbs up to StarrZoe who is watching his back. Then Cameron MacNichol comes up from behind and locks in the Cobra clutch!!

Tony D: "The Stranglehold Cobra Clutch is applied!!"

The referee then spots StarrZoe at ringside and slides out asking him what in the world he's doing here! StarrZoe points to Edmunds and tells them both to get the hell out of here! The fans boo as in the ring we see that Cameron has Wallace down to a knee and then suddenly down to the mat. Cameron looks around and sees that the ref is on the outside as he's sending StarrZoe and the slightly injured Edmunds to the back...

Kris Red: "Did Wallace tap? I didn't see it."

Tony D: "I don't think so. But he might be out."

Cameron MacNichol looks over the ropes and tells the ref to get his ass back in the ring!! The ref turns around and slides in and Cameron goes in for the cover on Wallace, but suddenly... CRADLE!




Tony D: "William Wallace with the win!!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL the WARPED Evolution Champion - William Wallace!"

Cameron MacNichol pops up, hands on his head, mouth gaping wide open as he can't believe what just happened!!

Kris Red: "Holy crap! William Wallace with the cradle pin out of nowhere and look at the face on The Dirty Mac!"

The ref hands the Evolution Title to William Wallace and Cameron pulls it from his hands and says THIS IS MINE! The fans boo as Wallace then boots him in the gut.. places him between his legs.. lifts him up..... sitdown Powerbomb!

Tony D: "The Freedom Drop! Wallace with the Freedom Drop!"

The fans erupt in cheers as Flower of Scotland plays over the PA System. He picks up his Evolution Championship and holds it high into the air as he stands over Cameron MacNichol's lifeless body.

Singles Match - Sean Edmunds w/Miss Karla vs. Crowbar


Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, representing Team Joey, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 228 pounds and being accompanied by Miss Karla - SENSATIONAL Sean Edmunds!"

The first few guitar riffs of "Brain Stew" by Green Day blare over the PA system. The lights dim and four local area women walk out holding Fourth of July sparklers ... they line the outside of the entrance way ... and through the curtain steps "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds. Miss Karla follows behind him and as they make their way to the ring, Edmunds jaws with a few fans. Edmunds climbs one of the corners and throws his hands in the air as the fans jeer him. He hops off, turns around and waits for Miss Karla to take off his robe.

Randy Long: "And representing The Movement 2.0, this.. is.. CROWBAR!"

"Just close your eyes" by Waterproof Blonde hits as blue lights illuminate the arena. As the chorus hits Crowbar walks out to a mixed reaction from the fans. He stands at the entrance and looks around at everyone before beginning his walk to the ring. He stops half way down with a grin on his face before pointing at the crowd, appreciating the reaction before continuing his walk down to the ring. He walks up the ring steps and steps over the top rope, heading towards the corner post. He steps up onto the second turnbuckle and looks around with a smile before jumping down and standing in the middle of the ring.

Tony D: "And now a battle between the two sides of the war.. Team Joey and The Movement 2.0 as Sean Edmunds faces Crowbar."

Kris Red: "I tell ya, both of these men are busy this week.. both involved in CWC Ascension Matches in other companies and Edmunds just won his team's match in the EWExperts Rival Factions!"

Tony D: "And Joey Matthew has told Sean Edmunds that he's got himself a World Title match in two weeks.. all he has to do is take care of Crowbar tonight."

Kris Red: "Well Crowbar isn't easy to go through. He better have something special planned."

The bell sounds! They lock up in the middle of the ring.. Sean Edmunds with a side headlock on Crowbar, but Crowbar backs him into the ropes and pushes him off. Edmunds is sent into the ropes, bounces off and Crowbar goes for a clothesline, but Edmunds ducks, hits the ropes, Crowbar turns and Edmunds hits a leg lariat! Both men get to their feet and Crowbar hits a quick back elbow. Crowbar with the Irish Whip.. countered.. Edmunds kicks him in the gut, then delivers a right hand, and another right hand and another. Edmunds hooks his arm up ready for a snap suplex but Crowbar escapes out of it with elbow shots to the skull of Edmunds. Crowbar brings his knee up into the gut of Edmunds. He grabs him by the head and talks some trash before delivering another knee, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip by Crowbar.. Edmunds is sent into the ropes, bounces off, and Crowbar ducks down, but Sean leaps over into a Sunset Flip ..


Kick out..

Crowbar then brings the legs of Edmunds up and pins him down..


Kick out!

Both men get to their feet and Crowbar kicks Sean Edmunds in the stomach, lifts him up for a powerslam but Edmunds slides out behind, then lifts him up and drops him with a belly to back suplex!

Tony D: "These two aren't wasting any time in the early goings of this match and it's been pretty fast paced!"

Kris Red: "Sean Edmunds has always been quick in the ring, and I think Crowbar is adapting well to his style."

Edmunds hops onto the second buckle and leaps off with an elbow drop but Crowbar moves out of the way. Edmunds gets to his feet, clutching his elbow and strattling the ropes as Crowbar charges in.. backdrop! Crowbar lands on the apron and he grabs Edmunds and looks to hit a Vertical Suplex to the outside.

Tony D: "What agility on the part of Crowbar!"

Edmunds fights out of it and delivers a hard right hand afterward. He then kicks Crowbar in the gut, doubling him over. He hooks both arms and lifts him up, dropping him down to the floor with a Double Underhook Suplex!

Tony D: "Oh my goodness that had to hurt!"

Kris Red: "Yeah no kidding, Tony D. Captain obvious!"

Sean Edmunds jumps down as Miss Karla cheers him on from a few feet away. He steps over to her and puts his cheek out toward her and she gives him a peck on the cheek.

The referee begins the 10-count, shouting for them to get back into the ring!

(ONE..) "Sensational" Sean Edmunds points to the fans that are booing him in the front row and tells them they with they had her! Edmunds now heads toward Crowbar who is getting to his feet and he grabs him by the head and slams his head toward the barricade, but Crowbar is just able to stop his face from meeting it.. and he elbows Sean Edmunds in the gut and slams his face off the top of the barricade! (TWO..) The fans cheer and pat Crowbar on the shoulder as he takes Edmunds and delivers a hard right hand, dropping him. Crowbar clutches at his back in pain for a moment then follows Sean, who is crawling on all fours toward Miss Karla. (THREE..) Crowbar grabs his tights and pulls him up as he shakes his head repeatedly. Crowbar throws a right but Edmunds is able to duck and drive Crowbar back-first into the barricade! (FOUR..) Edmunds then hooks his arm for a suplex and hits the snap suplex onto the floor! Crowbar grabs his back as does Edmunds as the fans cheer on Crowbar at ringside. (FIVE..)

Tony D: "These two are serious about hurting each other tonight."

Kris Red: "Yes and I love it!"

Tony D: "The thing is, this match isn't under FnX Rules. They need to get back into the ring before they get counted out."

Sean Edmunds slowly gets to his feet. He looks up at the referee who tells him to get into the ring! Edmunds shakes his head and puts the boots to Crowbar. (SIX..) Edmunds brings Crowbar to his feet but Crowbar grabs him at the front of his tights and pulls him forward, causing him to get tripped up and fall forward into the ring-steps! Edmunds grabs his midsection as Crowbar gets to his feet. (SEVEN..) Crowbar brings Edmunds to his feet and slams his face off the ring steps! Edmunds stumbles back, walking along the ring-apron and using it to keep himself up. Crowbar then grabs the arm of Edmunds and pulls him in for a short-arm clothesline! Edmunds drops down. (EIGHT..) Crowbar then brings Edmunds to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Miss Karla approaches Crowbar and he tells her to back off! Crowbar hops up onto the apron and enters the ring, just as Sean Edmunds is rolling out of the ring. Crowbar looks around in the ring for Edmunds and sees him on the outside! With Edmunds on one knee at ringside favoring his injuries, Crowbar goes on the assault. He brings Edmunds to his feet and suddenly Edmunds nails him in the skull with a lead pipe! The referee sees this and calls for the bell!

Kris Red: "Edmunds just got himself intentionally disqualified!"

Edmunds smiles as he brings Crowbar to his feet and sets his lifeless body up against the apron, then cracks him over the skull with the lead pipe once more.

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of a disqualification, your winner of the match is CROWBAR!"

The fans cheer and Sean Edmunds tells them to shut up! He brings Crowbar to his feet and pulls back with the lead pipe again but suddenly here comes PKA with a steel chair in hand! He runs down the aisle and Sean Edmunds yells at Miss Karla who quickly gets over the barricade and Edmunds joins her as they run through the crowd. PKA checks on Crowbar who is leaning up against the apron, using the bottom rope to hold himself up, as blood trickles down his face. PKA looks into the crowd then hops the barricade, chasing after Edmunds!

Backstage: Moments Later

We are now backstage as the video screen reads "Moments Later" as PKA comes around the corner, steel chair in hand and ready to swing. He shouts out "Edmunds! EDMUNDS!" as he's clearly looking to punish Sean Edmunds for his attack on Crowbar. With vengeance on his mind, PKA continues down the hall. He aggressively opens a door - "EDMUNDS?!" and comes out. He kicks a trashcan over and turns the corner.. "EDMU-" suddenly he spots .. The Rough Ryder and Korrupt (along with Jessica Reyes)! The men come at him and PKA jabs the chair into Korrupt's stomach and then kicks Ryder in the gut and slams him over the back with the chair. Ryder drops and PKA tosses the chair down. He then sees Korrupt getting to his feet and PKA lifts him up and powers him into the wall. He lets Korrupt go and he drops to his knees. PKA brings him up and lifts him up for a Sideswipe powerbomb and puts him through a table! PKA stands up, licking his chops, and turns to Ryder. PKA brings him to his feet by his long hair and spits in his face. PKA sets him up for the P-Krusher onto the floor and Jessica Reyes starts to scream and plead "PLEASE NO! Don't! He's my boyfriend, please! Don't!" ...PKA shows some compassion as he simply lets go of Ryder. PKA picks up his chair and heads off down the hallway as quickly as possible as Jessica kneels down by her man and checks on him.

Handicap Match - Korrupt & The Rough Ryder vs. PKA

Fade in to the ringside area as it's time for our next match! Randy Long has the microphone and lifts it up to speak!

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Handicap Match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first - representing Team Joey, they are Korrupt and The Rough Ryder!"

"Show Me A God" by Tech N9ne hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the door. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the entrance in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoddie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact. Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor, meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to to Jessica as well. He then enters the ring, surveying the crowd once more before turning his attention to the entrance curtain, awaiting his opponent....and apparently partner?

Randy Long: "And introducing next - representing The Movement 2.0, from Wichita, Kansas, weighing in at 201 pounds, he is the Ultraviolent Perfectionist - P.. K.. A!"

The arena goes dark and the spotlight shines on the entrance stage, with blue strobe lights mixed in with the white, bright spotlights. "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns begins to play...and the lyrics kick in:

"Welcome back to where I'm gonna have you. Shell shock fall back, anyone I see through. Watch your head spin like a mesocyclone, bouncin' off the walls now there's nowhere to run
Like a bullet meant to be shotttt.. you're the target dead on the spot. When I focus I never miss.. it starts with a kiss.. LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAA"

As the line reaches the screaming "She ricochet's!" PKA bursts through the curtain to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He holds his arms out in a crucifix as he poses on the stage in his black jeans, white wife beater and black leather jacket. He brings his arms up in the air, fists touching, before dropping them to his side and continuing down the ramp. PKA reaches the steps and walks up, then heads up onto the turnbuckle, and holds both arms out in a crucifix. He surveys the crowd with a look of sorrow on his face, before hopping into the ring from the turnbuckle. He takes off his leather jacket and shirt, and hands it over to the referee who takes it to ringside. He looks across the ring at The Rough Ryder.

Tony D: "Well from what I'm being told, The Rough Ryder is out here alone after an attack on Korrupt earlier on by one PKA.."

Kris Red: "Apparently PKA got the heads up on these two. Smart move."

The lights come up in the arena as the bell sounds and PKA immediately charges at The Rough Ryder, and pulls his legs out from under him. PKA stomps the body of Ryder as he tries to escape, kicking and punching up at PKA, but PKA continues the assault. Ryder inches closer to the ropes and PKA Grabs the top rope, kicking Ryder out of the ring. Ryder gets pushed under the ropes and drops down onto the floor. He gets to his feet, grabbing his head, and PKA grabs the top rope and slingshots over, executing a somersault and landing on Ryder's shoulders, then hitting a Hurricanrana!

Tony D: "PKA is all fired up!"

Kris Red: "Perfectly executed Slingshot Somersault over Ropes into a Rana!"

PKA continues the assault as he brings Ryder to his feet and slams his face off of the apron. He then grabs his arm and irish whips him into the ring-post as the fans cheer! Ryder drops to the floor and reaches up at the barricade, pulling himself up. PKA knees him in the gut and then rolls him into the ring. Ryder starts to get to his feet as PKA quickly gets onto the apron and readies himself to fly.

Kris Red: "PKA has something in mind here!"

The Rough Ryder rises to his feet and PKA springboards off the top rope and hits a Hurricanrana, sending Ryder down to the mat! PKA gets up and pumps his fists as the fans go wild for him!

Tony D: "Springboard Hurricanrana connects! PKA hasn't missed a beat since we last saw him in the ring!"

Ryder pulls himself up in the corner and PKA measures him off and charges....dropkick to the face! PKA keeps him on his feet though and whips him into the opposing corner. Ryder crashes in and PKA charges and hits another running dropkick to his face! Ryder stumbles forward and PKA pushes him up against the corner, runs back to the opposite corner, and charges back with a third running dropkick! The Rough Ryder stumbles out of the corner and PKA allows him to this time as he drops down to the mat. PKA rolls him over and almost goes for the cover, but decides against it, and instead pulls Ryder to a proper position in the ring and then goes out on the apron, and climbs the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "Rather than go for the 3 count, PKA wants to punish The Rough Ryder some more."

Kris Red: "Come on Peeks, don't get too crazy!"

PKA, back toward the ring, then leaps off the top, spinning in mid-air and then flipping 630 degrees before landing on his back on top of Ryder!

Kris Red: "Jesus! Corkscrew 630!"

"Holy shit! Holy shit!" chants the fans as PKA sits up, looking dazed and confused. The fans continue to go wild and PKA slides over into the cover...



PKA is pulled out of the ring by Korrupt!

Kris Red: "Korrupt is back!"

The fans erupt in boos as Korrupt goes for a right hand but PKA blocks it, pushes him back and then hits a SUPERKICK~! Korrupt stumbles back into the barricade and PKA hops up onto the apron, looks back, and leaps up onto the second rope.. Korrupt takes a step away from the barricade.. Asai Moonsault! He takes down Korrupt!

Tony D: "Asai Moonsault connects!"

Korrupt is down and PKA now gets up on the apron as The Rough Ryder is getting to his feet. PKA leaps onto the top rope.. springboard.. Hurricanrana.. Ryder catches him and POWERBOMBS him to the mat, but holds on.. and brings him up, and then POWERBOMBS him into the TURNBUCKLES! The crowd "OOHHH's" as Ryder drops to one knee, pushing the hair out of his face, and looking proud with his work on PKA There.

Tony D: "What an amazing counter from The Rough Ryder there. PKA has to be hurting after those two huge powerbombs.."

Kris Red: "The numbers game caught up to PKA and now he has to mount a comeback before Korrupt gets up from ringside."

The Rough Ryder pulls PKA away from the corner and hooks the leg..



PKA kicks out!

Ryder gets to his feet and stomps PKA once, keeping him down. He then backs into the ropes and comes back with a Jumping Knee Drop to the face of PKA! PKA grabs his face as Ryder stands up with a look of confidence on his face. He looks over the ropes at Korrupt who is getting to his feet at ringside. He gets up on the apron and Ryder tags him in. Ryder brings PKA to his feet as Korrupt enters. Ryder with an irish whip on PKA into the corner... Ryder grabs Korrupt's hand and whips him toward PKA and Korrupt charges and hits a step-up Enziguri, using the ropes! PKA looks phased there as The Rough Ryder charges in with The Whiplash, a big running boot!

Tony D: "The referee needs to get The Rough Ryder out of the ring!"

Coincidence or not, The Rough Ryder actually does exit through the ropes onto the apron and find his way to his team's corner immediately after Tony D says that at ringside. Korrupt brings PKA out of the corner, clutching at his back for the earlier powerbomb in the evening through the table. He slaps PKA across the face and Korrupt looks like a man posessed and he suddenly hits a Double Chop to the throat of PKA, dropping him to the mat. PKA grabs at his throat with one hand and reaches out for the ropes with the other. Korrupt grabs that free arm and pulls him away from the ropes, and he grabs the other arm and then stomps the back of PKA's skull, driving it into the mat!

Kris Red: "Oh now we saw that move he calls the Mindfuck in the Handicap match against Emily Corlen! They're going to try to do what they did to her to PKA tonight I just know it!"

Korrupt taunts PKA, telling him to get up. PKA is bleeding from the mouth now as Korrupt licks his lips, salavating for more pain. PKA starts pushing himself up off the mat as Korrupt begs him to get up! Korrupt then hits the ropes and comes back at PKA, leaping into the air and stomping on the back of his neck!

Tony D: "Oh my God! A double stomp to the back of PKA's neck!"

PKA drops to the mat and Korrupt backs up, a look of sick satisfaction upon his face, as PKA tries to push himself up. Korrupt then charges and punt kicks PKA in the side of his face!

Kris Red: "Korrupt calls that one.. Hold Still It Won't Hurt a Bit!.. and yeah, I'm not so sure about that."

The crowd boos as Korrupt puts his arms in the air, a sick smile on his face. He tags in The Rough Ryder and Korrupt exits out as Ryder stalks his prey...which is apparently not moving much at the moment.

Tony D: "This isn't good. PKA could be knocked out."

"PKA! PKA! PKA!" chants the crowd as The Rough Ryder brings PKA to his feet and delivers a hard right hand, backing him into the corner. He climbs up, holding his fist in the air. He brings it down on PKA's face.. One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five.. Six.. Seven.. Eight.. Nine.. The Rough Ryder looks out at the crowd and holds up his index finger "one more?" and he leaps up, about to drop an elbow on PKA, but PKA wraps his arm around that arm of Ryder and uses his other to scoop Ryder up and dump him over the top rope!

Tony D: "PKA saw that one coming!"

Ryder lands on the apron and bounces off onto the floor as the fans cheer! PKA looks over the top rope and Korrupt comes from the apron with a big right hand, dropping PKA to the mat.

Kris Red: "Oh, ouch.. but he didn't see THAT one coming.."

Tony D: "Korrupt cuts PKA off from doing any more damage."

Korrupt hops off the apron and lifts up The Rough Ryder and paintbrushes him with a couple slaps slightly across the face to get his wits about him, then tells him to get in there! He rolls Ryder in and Ryder gets to his feet, bringing PKA up as well. Right hand from Ryder.. PKA goes down, and gets back up.. Ryder with a second right hand, and PKA goes down again, and back up.. Ryder now with an Irish Whip, PKA off the ropes, Ryder off the opposing ropes, and they meet in the middle of the ring with a Knee Lift from Ryder!

Tony D: "Trademark Running Knee Lift from The Rough Ryder.. and there's the tag to Korrupt."

Ryder indeed tags in his partner who enters the ring and immediately starts to choke PKA on the mat! The ref tells him to knock it off and starts the count of five..1...2...3...4... Korrupt lets go as the fans boo.

Tony D: "There's so much history between Korrupt and PKA.. Both former members of the original Movement.. both former World Champions.. in fact it was PKA who defeated Korrupt back in October to win the World Championship."

Kris Red: "And since then, we hadn't heard from Korrupt until a month ago!"

Korrupt has PKA up to his feet now and delivers a knife edge chop to the chest, followed by another. He does it a third time and PKA drops to the mat. Korrupt covers..



Kick out!

Korrupt looks back at Ryder and Ryder points to the apron. Korrupt gets up and gets onto the apron as PKA slowly rises to his feet. Korrupt then leaps onto the rope and springboards off, hitting a Spinning Wheel Kick to the back of PKA's neck!

Tony D: "Impressive springboard maneuver there from Korrupt, as they continue the assault on PKA."

Korrupt then pulls PKA into the middle of the ring and covers him, PKA grabbing at his neck for a moment before Korrupt pushes him down..



Kick out!

Korrupt wastes no time now as he tags in The Rough Ryder and holds onto PKA for him. The Rough Ryder teases PKA, telling him he's gonna wish he put him away backstage! PKA then kicks Ryder in the gut and uses the back of his own head to nail Korrupt in the jaw! Korrupt lets go of PKA and turns away, and PKA grabs him by the head and hits a Falling Reverse DDT!

Tony D: "PKA mounting a comeback!"

He turns back and The Rough Ryder clubs him in the back of the head and he drops to a knee. The Rough Ryder now applies the Dragon Sleeper on PKA and PKA starts kicking and swinging, trying any way to escape. The Rough Ryder brings him up adding more leverage to the submission move on PKA's neck. Korrupt now comes at PKA and PKA instictively brings his feet up and kicks off of the body of Korrupt, using it to bring him up and over Ryder! Korrupt goes down and PKA then runs past Ryder, bounces off the ropes.. Ryder goes for a clothesline but PKA ducks, bounces off the ropes and he leaps in to The Rough Ryder who is facing away. Ryder catches PKA in an inverted wheelbarrow fashion, but PKA pushes up off the mat and spins 180 degrees and plants him with a Reverse DDT!

Tony D: "What a maneuver!"

PKA covers!



Korrupt kicks PKA in the skull! The referee tells Korrupt to get out of the ring and he obliges. PKA shakes off the cobwebs as he and Ryder both start to their feet. The Rough Ryder throws a right hand but PKA counters and hits a Forearm shot. Ryder goes for another right hand and PKA blocks it again and hits another forearm shot.. Another forearm Shot.. and another.. backing Ryder into the ropes. PKA with an Irish Whip.. Ryder counters.. PKA gets sent into the ropes.. The Rough Ryder with a SUPERKICK~ PKA ducks it! They both turn to face each other and PKA kicks him in the gut and hooks his arm for a vertical suplex.. and he nails it! PKA holds onto him though and quickly brings him back up... BRAINBUSTER! PKA brings Ryder up for a third time and lifts him into the air in the same fashion but this time drops him down with a Falcon Arrow Pin!

Tony D: "PKA with the "Tough Decision" Combo!"



Korrupt kicks PKA in the face, breaking it up!

Kris Red: "Oh come on, Korrupt! Ref, do your job!"

PKA gets up and spins Korrupt around and hits a Leaping Double Knee Facebuster!

Kris Red: "That'll teach Korrupt!"

PKA gets to his feet and spits on Korrupt and flips him off! Suddenly The Rough Ryder rolls him up with a school boy!



Thrrrrreeeeeeeeeeenooo!~ PKA kicks out!

Tony D: "That was so close!"

Both men get to their feet and quickly lock up.. and The Rough Ryder knees PKA in the gut. He then sets him up for the Superkick and goes for it, but PKA ducks under. PKA grabs the arms of Ryder and crosses them, then pulls him in and tries to go for the Cross-Arm Brainbuster but Ryder drives PKA back-first into the corner. The Rough Ryder pulls PKA away and brings him down, setting him up for the Dangerous Driver. He applies the double underhook... but PKA drops to a knee.

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder looking to finish PKA off with the Dangerous Driver now!"

Ryder clubs him in the back and starts to bring him back up and PKA Counters into a jawbreaker!

Kris Red: "Wait a minute!"

PKA back up.. kick to the gut.. lifting DDT (aka the P-Krusher) but Korrupt inserts himself, grabbing Ryder and not letting PKA hit the move.

Kris Red: "Korrupt saves his partner from taking the P-Krusher!"

Korrupt puts Ryder on his feet and makes sure he's cool and then turns around as PKA kicks him in the gut and hits a FLIPPING DDT!!

Kris Red: "And PKA hits the P-Krusher version 3! Oh my God!"

Tony D: "Flipping DDT from PKA!"

PKA then gets to his feet and Ryder is there with the SUPERKICK and he pulls him down..

Tony D: "Superkick!"

Double Underhook.. Ryder lifts him into the air and drops to his knees, driving PKA's skull to the mat with the Dangerous Driver!

Kris Red: "Ooh, dropping PKA on his head!"

Ryder hooks the leg..




Ding ding ding!

Tony D: "And The Rough Ryder and Korrupt pick up the victory."

Kris Red: "This was a hard fought battle from the beginning by PKA even before the match started... but he was no match for the power of these two men."

Randy Long: "The winners of the match - Korrupt and The Rough Ryder!"

They aren't done yet as The Rough Ryder signals to Jessica who then retrieves his RYDE OR DYE chair and hands it in to Ryder who holds it up in the air, ready to strike. He looks over and spots Korrupt and notices he's still down. He slaps Korrupt across the face a couple times much like Korrupt did to him earlier and he tells him to get with it! Korrupt looks punch drunk as he pulls himself up, clutching his head. Ryder helps him up and then lets him go and Korrupt collapses in the corner. Ryder tells him to get with the program! Korrupt pulls himself up and Ryder tells him to pick PKA up.. which he does.. Ryder now drives the chair into the gut of PKA and tells Korrupt to move and he then swings the chair, cracking PKA over the face with it! PKA drops to the mat. Korrupt drops to a knee, clutching his neck. Ryder then puts the chair down and converses with Korrupt, who gets a smile on his face. The Rough Ryder brings the bloodied PKA to his feet.

Tony D: "This assault has to stop. PKA is now not only bleeding from his mouth but now his forehead!"

Kris Red: "PKA definitely seeing red and I agree, somebody needs to stop this."

Tony D: "But who knows if any of his stablemates can make it down here. Crowbar just went through Hell in his match.. Wallace could very well be in the showers after his match.. and I imagine StarrZoe and Chase are preparing for their match. This isn't good."

The Rough Ryder holds PKA as Korrupt finally gets his wits about him. Ryder shoves PKA toward Korrupt into a DDT position. Korrupt then hits a Snap DDT onto the RYDE OR DYE chair and locks in a Guillotine Choke!

Tony D: "Korrupt with Death's Infinite Ecstacy onto the chair, and now look at him!"

Referees rush down to the ring to try and stop this as Korrupt is squeezing the life out of PKA with the chokehold!!

The Rough Ryder makes sure no referee gets into the ring though as he stands guard. Korrupt finally lets go of PKA and looks down at him for a moment, as PKA's head lays on the chair in a pool of his own blood. Korrupt stands up and meets with The Rough Ryder, and they raise each other's arm into the air.. both boasting about their big victory.. "Show Me A God" by Tech N9ne plays as officials slide into the ring to check on PKA. The two men get booed by the fans here at the Rahway Recreation Center but they could care less. They exit the ring and head toward the Entrance/Exit door, walking backwards and keeping an eye on the ring. One of the referee's holds up an 'X' sign with his arms, signalling that PKA is severely injured. Medics rush down to check on the situation as Korrupt and Ryder head through the door.

Tony D: "Oh man, PKA looks to be in a world of pain. He hasn't moved one bit yet."

The medics radio in some information and the next thing we know a stretcher is being pushed toward the ring as the fans look on with their mouths gaping wide open. Kris Red then appears in the ring as he is checking on his friend.. and he looks concerned. Paramedics slowly roll PKA over onto a gurney and slowly slide him toward the edge of the ring to get him on the stretcher.

Tony D: "Throughout the match, Korrupt and The Rough Ryder continued to work on the head and neck of PKA.. and it looks like they may have done some serious damage. Throughout my time in the wrestling business, I've never seen anything like the attacks we've seen lately from Korrupt, Rough Ryder, Sean Edmunds, Cameron MacNichol, and Joey Matthew leading the charge. I am disgusted by this."

The fans applaud out of respect as PKA is slid onto the stretcher and the medics begin to roll him toward the entrance/exit way. Kris Red looks on with a look of concern and shakes his head as he watches his friend get pushed away.

Tony D: "This is too much.."

The camera watches as PKA gets pushed away and the scene fades out.


Fade in...

The sound of "Deep Cover" by Dr. Dre plays as everyone turns toward the ring entrance area. The lyrics are heard: "Tonight's the night I get in some shit, (Yeah) Deep cover on the incognito tip" and out walks Chad Santana in baggy, sagging shorts, a sports jersey, and a bandana on his head. His hometown New Jersey crowd goes wild for Santana as he hasn't been seen in WARPED for months! Chad throws up hand signs and screams out in Spanish as he makes his way toward the ring, trying to slap every hand of every fan along the way before sliding into the ring. He slaps his chest twice with his left hand then raises it into the air with his hand formed into a gun.

Chad Santana: "Orale homies what's up JERRRRRRRRRRSEY!"

His fans chant "Welcome back!" as Chad smiles.

Chad Santana: "Yo yo holmes first off I wanna say it's great to be back here in a WARPED ring, and I wanna thank my boy Joey Matthew for givin' me the green light to come out here and speak to my fans in Jersey this one time!"

The fans boo.

Chad Santana: "Yeah yo check it, so I get it, I hear you don't like Joey and well it's whatever. I ain't got no beef with the guy he only did good things for me back in the day, vatos. So escuchen..listen.. I'll be hangin' out with the boys and signin' autographs for all ya'll comin' up later TONIGHT! So everyone hav-"

A Country Boy can survive hits and out walks Silas Bullock, a microphone already in hand. He walks to the ring, staring down Santana.

Silas Bullock: First of all, I have to ask. Why don't you speak AMERICAN son? For the love of God, we may be in this shithole of New Jersey but we're still in the U.S.A.

The crowd boos loudly. Silas responds by flipping them off.

Silas Bullock: I came out here because any friend of that no good douchbag Joey Matthew is an enemy of mine and an enemy of the Confederate Nation. You see I may not remember things like I used to but make no mistake about it, I ain't forgotten the ass kickin' I narrowly avoided over a month ago at the hands of Matthew's thugs.

Santana then insists that he's not aligned with Joey or anything that he's just grateful to him for letting him do this.

Silas Bullock: You can deny it all you want boy but you're just the type of brown wetback scum Matthew's would hire for the job. The kinda gangsta spic nigga whose turning this formally great country into a third world outhouse!

Suddenly Chad Santana can't take anymore as he drops the microphone and spears Silas to the mat, repeatedly punching him in the face. Joey Matthew bursts through the curtain and sends security down to the ring and they pull the two men apart as the fans boo.

Chad Santana grabs a microphone off the mat.

Chad Santana: "Joey! Book the match! I'm fucking this racist vato loco up!"

Joey Matthew shakes his head as he enters the ring and tells the security to keep them apart.

Joey Matthew: "First of all, nobody tells me what to do."

The fans erupt in boos. Joey powers through.

Joey Matthew: "And you're lucky I let you in this company again to begin with, Santana. And Silas, you're lucky Edmunds, Cameron, Korrupt and Ryder didn't put you on the shelf like they did three others at WARPED 39 when you SOMEHOW luckily got away."

They both try to bust through security but they are held back.

Joey Matthew: "STOP IT, both of you. I'm glad I got tipped off that a Mr. Silas Bullock was walking toward the ring and I see you decided to come out here on the main show when you were clearly only booked in a Dark Match. So listen up. You two want a match? Too bad. This show is already booked and I must say I booked it so perfectly that we have no time left over for you two to mess things up. But I'll tell ya what.. we're just a couple hours away from a venue that will host the Second Anniversary Show. So how about it? WARPED 43.. New York City.. Silas Bullock versus Chad Santana!"

The crowd cheers!

Joey Matthew: "Security, let 'em go. Boys, you touch each other tonight and there will be severe consequences."

They reluctantly listen to the rules. Silas turns his back with a smug look on his face and heads up the aisle. Chad Santana hops out of the ring and slaps some of the fans hands, acknowledging his hometown. Joey walks out of the ring and heads up the aisle way as the scene fades.

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match for the World Championship
Anton Chase vs. Alexander StarrZoe(c)
Guest Enforcer: Leon Stone

Fade in... The scene fades in as we see Leon Stone already in the ring, with a shot of his sister Chelsea on the outside of the ring sitting on a chair.

Leon Stone: "I have a match to call, a heavy weight championship match. A match concerning two men I do not respect, one of those men will be facing in rival faction, the other man is just a bag of dicks. Now you might be wondering why I’m not the only one wearing a referee shirt, my sister Chelsea is in uniform also. This is because if at any point in the match I cannot do my job because of the injuries I have endured or because of something that happens in the match she will be ring side to quickly be able to take my place and finish the job."

Crowd: Booo

Leon Stone: "You boo me for doing the right thing for making sure this match goes without a hitch? You people are why America is falling behind in education, you people are the reason no one respects America any more, well why should they? We pick on smaller countries like Iraq and our economy sucks. I’m going to stand here and do my job and make sure the best man wins this match."

He tries to keep a straight face.

Leon Stone: "I don’t want someone walking out with a title they don’t deserve so I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure the right person leaves this ring with the title."

He looks at Chelsea.

Leon Stone: "You ready sis? This is going to be intense."

She nods.

The camera pans around the ring, showing off the set up for the Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. There are weapons such as trashcan lids, chains, chairs, crutches and more tied to the ropes. On one side of the ring, a cage wall is constructed and in place. There are also four poles on each corner with a chain connecting from the top of each pole to the next, and kendo sticks and chairs hang from portions of the chain line. There's a table set up at ringside as well.

Randy Long: "The following contest is a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match and it is for the WARPED Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! The only way to win in this match is via pinfall or submission! Your Guest Enforcer of "Fairness" is Leon Stone."

The fans boo!

Randy Long: "Introducing first - the challenger. Representing The Movement 2.0.. From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds - he is the FUTURE, Anton Chase!"

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. also representing The Movement.. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 237 pounds.. he is the reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion.. The Most Entertaining Man in Wrestling - Alexander StarrZoooooooe!"

The houselights in the small venue dim as spotlights twirl around the small venue, focusing on the ring and the small entrance ramp. Multicolored orbs dance around the canvas as "Who Shot Ya?" by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to blast through the public announce system while the top of the metal ramp fills with smoke. Alexander StarrZoë emerges from the smoke to the cheers and applause of the fans. Alex struts down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans sitting ringside and climbs to the top turnbuckle, staring into the people. Hopping into the ring, Starr climbs up on the second rope, facing the fans, and raises his fist into the air as the fans cheer; "StarrZoë! StarrZoë! StarrZoë!"

Tony D: "It's main event time fans as we're back live with you after a troublesome scene minutes ago."

Kris Red: "Yeah.. I just don't know. PKA is my friend and I've personally never seen him sent out on a stretcher like that."

The referee calls for the bell.

Tony D: "We'll have an update for you on PKA on our Twitter @ThisIsWARPED and at of course. We've got to move on now as Joey Matthew has booked two of his rivals in a match against each other for the World Championship. Wait just a second.."

Leon Stone is in the ring and Alexander StarrZoe gets in his face. Stone says he's the Enforcer of Fairness and to back off! StarrZoe bumps chests with him and Stone steps back, hesitant to do much else. Stone thinks otherwise though and steps forward, pushing StarrZoe... The referee tells Leon Stone to knock it off and get out of the ring and Leon Stone lays out the referee with a right hand! StarrZoe then hits a thrust kick on Stone, taking him down. Anton Chase now takes the opportunity to come at StarrZoe as he delivers repeated right hands, backing him into the ropes. Anton takes a few steps back and runs, clotheslining the champion over the top rope and to the floor!

Tony D: "Leon Stone was perhaps overstepping his boundaries there and now we have no referee or Enforcer and Anton Chase is taking charge!"

Kris Red: "Seriously I'm surprised Stone stayed out of this match for as long as he did.. twenty seconds or so.."

StarrZoe gets to his feet and Anton Chase flies through the ropes with a suicide dive, taking him down! He gets to his feet and hops up onto the apron and grabs one of the trashcan lids and untils the zippo line and then as StarrZoe gets to his feet Chase leaps off and cracks it over his skull! StarrZoe drops to a knee and Chase swings it with one hand over the head of StarrZoe, causing him to collapse. The fans cheer and Chase slaps some of their hands that stick out in support of "The Future"

Tony D: "Anton Chase is definitely seizing the opportunity now!"

Kris Red: "Well he better.. this is his first shot ever at the WARPED World Championship in the near two years he's been here."

Anton Chase now takes the steel steps and pulls them away from the corner and walks up them as StarrZoe gets to his feet. Chase leaps off with a clothesline, taking Starr down! Anton Chase now brings Starr to his feet and rolls him into the ring. He climbs up on the apron and reaches up at one of the chairs hanging from the chain line and yanks on it to pull it down. Meanwhile we see Leon Stone in the ring with something on his mind, as he grabs a kendo sick from the rope and lifts it in the air and hits StarrZoe in the back with it! StarrZoe bends up his back and grabs it as Stone then brings it down on him again! The fans boo!

Tony D: "Oh come on! Are you kidding me?!"

Kris Red: "Predictable.."

Anton Chase enters the ring with the chair and asks Stone what in the world he's doing? Stone puts his hand out and says take him. Chase looks out at the crowd and winds up with the chair, looking at Stone, and the fans cheer. Chase then looks down at Starr, then at Stone. Starr starts to get to his feet and Chase drives the chair into his gut and then throws the chair at Leon Stone who barely is able to sidestep it. He looks on like WTF?

Tony D: "Chase showing Stone that he's not picking his side there.. luckily for Leon Stone he didn't get hit with that chair."

Anton Chase continues to work on Starr now as he hits an Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker. He drops into the cover and points to Stone and tells him to count... Stone drops down and makes the count.



Kick out!

Chase tells Stone to learn how to count faster. Chelsea at ringside claps her hands and yells out "You did great bro!" and Stone gives her the thumbs up. Chase is annoyed by this, but continues on StarrZoe now as he brings him to his feet and lifts him in a firemans carry.. he then uses his body like a battering ram and sends him face-first into the cage wall but holds onto him and then brings him down into a double knee gutbuster!

Tony D: "What a combination from Anton Chase, using that steel cage wall as a weapon and then dropping StarrZoe with the gutbuster."

Chase into the quick cover.. Stone gets down on all fours and counts..



Kick out!

Tony D: "Kick out from Alexander StarrZoe. You know, I must say, Leon Stone is doing a good job with counting. Much better than Cameron MacNichol did."

Kris Red: "Just wait until StarrZoe is the one making the pins and we'll see how good he is at counting."

Anton Chase now brings StarrZoe halfway up and sets him up for the "Chaos Theory" (Styles Clash) and lifts him up but Leon Stone then brings a kendo stick to the midsection of StarrZoe! Chase lets StarrZoe go as he drops and clutches his midsection.. and Chase has some words with Stone as it doesn't look like he's too pleased with his actions. Stone backs off and throws the kendo stick out of the ring and says sorry! "Great shot, bro!" shouts Chelsea Stone.

Tony D: "Leon Stone continues to get in cheap shots on Alexander StarrZoe and Anton Chase isn't a fan!"

Kris Red: "I call bullshit.. he's not doing a damn thing about it."

Chase in fact brings Starr halfway up again and goes for the Chaos Theory again, bringing him up, but StarrZoe is able to wiggle his legs and drop back down and then hit a backdrop on Anton Chase! StarrZoe takes a second to compose himself but doesn't have long as Chase is quickly up to his feet. Chase with a kick to the gut.. hook of the arm.. he calls out for the Brainbuster and lifts StarrZoe into the air but StarrZoe slips out and lands on his feet behind Chase. Leon Stone then comes at StarrZoe with a trashcan but StarrZoe, like he has eyes in the back of his head, hits a back kick to the gut of Stone. He drops the trashcan and StarrZoe picks it up and crushes it over Stone's head and he drops! StarrZoe now turns back around and Anton Chase kicks him in the gut. Starr drops the trashcan and Chase pulls him in, hooks the arm and lifts him up..


The brainbuster connects and Chase covers... but the referee is somewhere dead at ringside and Stone isn't quite aware of what's going on as he's pulling himself up in the corner, back to the action. Chase gets angry and shouts out to Leon to pay fucking attention! Stone turns around and shrugs. "You're fine, bro!" shouts Chelsea.

Kris Red: "God, his sister is just as annoying as he is.."

The camera catches her clapping and Woo'ing.

Kris Red: "Ugh."

Chase now picks up the trash can and tosses it down at the body of StarrZoe, and then he begins to put the boots to him repeatedly. "Let's Go StarrZoe" chants start up as Chase brings Starr up and delivers a quick European Uppercut. He follows it up by going for an Irish Whip.. StarrZoe bounces off the ropes and returns.. Chase with a drop toe hold, sending Starr face-first into a chair tied to the top rope! Starr's face connects and he rolls around the ring, holding his face.

Tony D: "So far this match has been all Anton Chase. We could very well see a new World Champion tonight."

Kris Red: "Either way, this is exactly what Joey Matthew wanted.. for these guys to tear each other apart. The current World Champion is taking a beating and I'm sure Joey is loving every minute of it."

The referee starts to slowly slide into the ring and Leon Stone drops an elbow on him, causing him to slither back out of the ring and collapse.

Tony D: "Annnnnnd there goes the referee. Looks like Leon Stone wants to be the one to make the count."

Chase starts to bring StarrZoe to his feet but Stone tells him to back off. Chase isn't sure what's going on as Stone now brings StarrZoe to his feet and starts trash talking him as blood runs down the face of the champ.

Kris Red: "Looks like StarrZoe is seeing red off of that drop toe hold into the chair.."

Tony D: "But what in the world is Leon Stone doing? He's not supposed to get involved in this match!"

Stone lifts StarrZoe onto his shoulders but StarrZoe escapes and spins Stone around.. StarrZoe with a high kick to the head! Stone drops to the mat. Chase now enters and kicks StarrZoe in the gut.. Irish Whip! Starr gets sent into the corner. Chase looks around the ring and reaches for a kendo stick that's tied to the ropes. He has some trouble pulling it off but finally gets it loose and charges in at StarrZoe, but he then kicks him in the gut. Chase drops to all fours now and suddenly Leon Stone charges in, steps up on Chase and leaps off onto the shoulders of StarrZoe, but StarrZoe counters into a powerbomb onto Chase!

Tony D: "What a counter from StarrZoe!"

Starr now looks around the ring, perhaps for the referee, perhaps for weapons, as the fans cheer him on! Anton Chase gets to his feet as StarrZoe grabs the kendo stick from the mat and then swings it, cracking him over the skull with it! Chase drops to the mat and StarrZoe raises it into the air as the fans cheer and stomp the bleechers, the rumbling filling the entire building. Chase gets to his feet and StarrZoe brings the kendo stick to the gut of Chase, causing him to double over, and he then nails him over the back with it! StarrZoe tosses the kendo stick away and looks around the ring. He then slides out and kicks the legs out from under the table and pushes it into the ring and slides in. He sets the table up in the corner as Anton Chase is getting to his feet. StarrZoe delivers a right hand but Chase blocks it. Irish whip from Chase, but StarrZoe counters into a Belly to Belly Slam! StarrZoe then looks around and all is clear, so he runs to the ropes, bounces off, rolls and flips, landing a senton on the body of Anton Chase!

Tony D: "Philly's Finest Flyer!"

StarrZoe into the cover.. but there's nobody around....except Leon Stone who sees this as he's getting to his feet. Stone grabs his back and slowly gets down, doing a little extra 'selling' that his back is 'really hurt' after that powerbomb moments ago. He raises his hand in the air and brings it down...


StarrZoe looks pissed as Stone is a slow counter and bullshitting him. He gets up and Stone quickly rises, apparently the back problems no longer there, and StarrZoe grabs him around his collar and tells him to do his fucking job! Anton Chase now spins StarrZoe around, kicks him in the gut, steps over.. spins and lifts him up and drops him on his head with the Vertabreaker!

Tony D: "Chase hits that Vertabreaker he calls the STARMAKER!"

Kris Red: "How ironic of a name.."

He then hooks the leg on StarrZoe and Stone takes his time to kneel down and count. Chase tells him to hurry!



StarrZoe kicks out!

Kris Red: "The Champ ain't goin' down that easily."

Tony D: "There's nothing easy about it. The Vertabreaker is a devastating move."

Anton Chase tells Leon Stone he better count properly or he's gonna have two people wanting to kick his ass. Stone then pushes Chase away and StarrZoe rolls him up into a school boy and Stone then picks up a chair and whacks StarrZoe in the back with it! Chase gets to his feet and Stone cracks him over the head with the chair! Leon Stone shouts "I'm done with this!" and tosses the chair down as the fans are booing him.

"Let's go, bro!" shouts his annoying sister. She stands up from her chair and heads around the ring as Leon Stone starts to go through the ropes.

Tony D: "Looks like Stone is done being the enforcer tonight.."

But StarrZoe grabs his leg! StarrZoe yanks on his leg and Stone tries to kick him off. Starr gets to his feet and delivers a right hand to Stone who is caught up in the ropes. He brings Stone in the ring and winds up.. RIGHT HAND! Stone gets dropped! The fans pop! StarrZoe brings Leon Stone to his feet and irish whips him into the corner. He then grabs Anton Chase and does the same to him, sending him right into Stone. StarrZoe now runs and hits a Spinkick to the face of Chase. He stumbles out of the corner and StarrZoe now lifts Stone up to the top and climbs up, setting him up for the Moonsault Belly to Belly!

Tony D: "StarrZoe has the Cheap Pop Flop in mind here!"

Anton Chase now comes up from behind and clubs StarrZoe in the back. StarrZoe comes down and Chase goes for a right hand but StarrZoe ducks it and goes behind.. Full Nelson into a Powerdriver onto the neck of Chase!

Tony D: "The G-8!"

StarrZoe quickly gets to his face, wiping the blood from his eyes quickly. He steps up to the top buckle with Stone, wraps his arms around him, and Moonsaults off, hitting the Belly to Belly off the top buckle!


"Holy Shit!" chants fill the Rahway Recreation Center as StarrZoe pushes himself up from the mat, a little wobbly but still alive in this one! He looks back at Anton Chase and then to Leon Stone. He brings Stone to his feet and tosses him uppppp and over the top rope! The fans cheer! StarrZoe now brings Chase to his feet and lifts him up for a slam but instead places him on top of the table. StarrZoe delivers a right hand, then realizes he has more than his fists as he heads to the ropes and pulls off another trashcan lid. He then brings it down onto the body of Chase! StarrZoe tosses the lid down and goes through the ropes onto the apron, and climbs the turnbuckle.

Tony D: "Uh oh, StarrZoe has something in mind here."

Kris Red: "And Anton Chase is on that table.. this isn't good."

StarrZoe flips his arms, calling for the 450 Splash and he then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. He uses the chainlink fence that's next to him to keep his balance as he looks out at the crowd. StarrZoe then leaps off with the 450!

Tony D: "The Rising Starr!"


Kris Red: "FAIL!"

Anton Chase moved out of the way and StarrZoe crashed through the table.

Tony D: "Anton Chase moved out of the way just in the knick of time!"

Anton Chase crawls over to StarrZoe and drapes an arm over him........ as the fans count 1.... 2...... 3....... 4...... 5..... and suddenly we see the referee crawling into the ring, very out of it.

Kris Red: "Hey, the ref is awake. Convenient!"

The referee notices a cover and he crawls toward the competitors.




The fans erupt in cheers and stomps and claps and whatever else as they are excited for this match!

Tony D: "I can't believe that StarrZoe kicked out!"

Kris Red: "Neither can the fans!"

Anton Chase stands up and says 'that's it!' as he brings StarrZoe up, setting him up for the Chaos Theory. He tries to lift him up but StarrZoe takes a knee. Chase brings him back up but then StarrZoe is able to backdrop Chase over the ropes and into the steel cage wall! Chase drops onto the apron between the ropes and the cage wall!

Tony D: "StarrZoe just escaped the Chaos Theory!"

Chase gets to his feet.

Kris Red: "And now he's got Anton between a rock and a hard place...So to speak."

StarrZoe sets up the chair in the ring and bounces off the ropes, steps up onto the chair and leaps off with a crossbody to Anton, and the cage wall falls! Fans scatter as the cage wall drops down onto the top of the barricade, the cage wall about a foot into front row.

Tony D: "Oh my goodness call 911!"

"Holy shit! Holy shit!" chants the fans as StarrZoe lays atop of Chase, on top of the chainlink fence. The referee looks on and shrugs. Standing in the ring, he brings his hand down on the cage..




Kris Red: "O to the V to the A."

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL World Champion, Alexander StarrZoe!"

"Who Shot Ya?" hits the PA System as the fans are on their feet cheering and applauding this great match-up. Neither man has moved thus far as the referee has retrieved the World Championship and is awaiting StarrZoe to come off of the cage.

At ringside we see Leon Stone clutching the back of his head as he and his sister look on at the carnage. They make their way toward the entrance/exit area as the door opens and out steps Joey Matthew. The fans boo him as he comes out and lightly applauds Leon Stone for his efforts. Stone glances at him and continues on his way. Joey walks toward the ring but stops before getting too close. He puts his hands in his pockets and looks to be surveying the damage. The World Champion, StarrZoe, rolls his body toward the ring... and rolls in under the bottom rope.. He is on all fours as he crawls for a moment before using the referee to pull himself up. The referee hands him the World Title and he puts it over his shoulder as the fans cheer for him. Joey Matthew looks on with hands in his pockets and a smile on his face, and StarrZoe shoots him a not so happy expression. Anton Chase now starts to come to and StarrZoe notices it, helping him into the ring now as he inches closer. StarrZoe helps Chase up and raises his arm in the air and points to him while he keeps his eyes locked on Joey Matthew. Joey looks none too impressed as he turns his back and heads toward the door. StarrZoe shakes Chase's hand and the fans cheer as StarrZoe then climbs the turnbuckle to pose as the show fades to black.