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12/18/11 - South Philly, PA - The Former ECW Arena/Asylum Arena *One Of the Final Shows At This Venue EVER*

Dark Match Result: Kevin Carino defeated Marty Donovan via pinfall



You open the DVD of WARPED 37 - THE NOT SO SILENT NIGHT 2011 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "12/18/11 - South Philly, PA" on the bottom right of the screen.

The WARPED logo fades in as the DVD begins to play and the cameras pan around the small arena, packed to capacity, hundreds upon hundreds of screaming WARPED fans on their feet, losing their minds for one of the biggest events of the year Not So Silent Night! Tonight, broadcasting live from the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, WARPED has the honor of bringing the most talented and respected talents in the business to the “City of Brotherly Love”. Chants of “WARPED! WARPED! WARPED!” begin to spread across the building as the houselights rapidly change colors and flood across the stands, the music pulsing through the announce system and the fans clapping to the beat. The spotlights focus on the center of the ring as ring announcer Randy Long steps into the squared circle, microphone in hand and awaits the crowd to quiet down.

Randy Long: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WARPED’s 37th consecutive show, live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…the NOT SO SILENT NIGHT! Tonight, after the saddening news of the expected sale of the historic Asylum Arena, WARPED has prepared a tribute to this long-standing piece of professional wrestling history. To begin tonight’s event, please welcome, WARPED interim president and booker; PKA!”

"Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns begins to play as the spotlight focuses on the top of the small entrance ramp and the fans begin to cheer at a deafening roar as the curtain is pulled back and at the top of the ramp appears the interim president of WARPED, Patrick Kay Anthony. PKA slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with fans as he goes before sliding into the ring and taking the microphone from Randy. He smiles at the fan’s reactions and motions for them to settle down, prepared to address the public.

PKA: “Philly! What the fuck is UP!"

The crowd erupts in cheers! PKA cracks a grin and nods his head in approval as he continues.

PKA: "Tonight is a very special night for three reasons - 1, its WARPED Wrestling's final show of 2011. 2, its my final night as acting Prez and booker of WARPED Wrestling. 3.."

Before he can get to 3, the fans begin to boo. They clearly love him as the man in charge, but due to an agreement with Chairman and President of WARPED, Joey Matthew, PKA will no longer be in control as of January 1st, 2012!

PKA: "I know, I know. But the third and most saddening news is that this historic building will soon no longer hold wrestling shows as of January."

More boos from the crowd. An "ECW" chant starts up.

PKA: "But, WARPED has the honor of being one of the final wrestling promotions to ever hold a show here, and damnit, we're not gonna let you down. I've wrestled here numerous times in this building exclusively for WARPED, and each and every single time its been a fucking blast. Now, before we get to the matches, I'd love for everyone in the back to come out to ringside and let's all pay our respects to the wrestlers who have busted their asses in the past and the history that this building has for professional wrestling. So come on down and let's get this started."

In unison, the entire WARPED locker room empties out and files down the ramp at the request of the boss. Many of the performers still dressed in their street clothes. Crowbar looks to have been getting geared up, William Wallace already in his trunks, A.J. Fairchild and Cameron MacNichol still in their jeans and t-shirts. Some of the roster has yet to arrive to the building yet, among those absent is Grendel and Rusty Red. The group of men and women surround the ring and stare up at their boss as he prepares again to speak, only to stop and look out over the crowd of wrestlers in confusion. He seems to again mentally scan the group, staring into each person’s face, only to be met with a look of confusion as though to ask him “what are you looking for?” PKA shakes his head and stares back up, scanning the crowd for a moment. Without a word, he slips out of the ring and walks toward his employees, singling out Crowbar and whispering something to him, the former champion shrugging his shoulders in confusion. PKA sighs and rolls back into the ring, taking up a microphone.

PKA: “Thanks everyone for making it out tonight, well, almost everyone. I notice a few faces missing.. but I wanna know one thing.. Where oh where is Philly's Finest? Where oh where is Alexander StarrZoe? We're here to pay tribute to this Bingo Hall once known as the ECW Arena and in my mind, it will always be known as such! Now despite the fact that a certain somebody seems to be missing from this group, the show must go on, so let's have it guys and girls!"

PKA is interrupted as every fan in the arena begins to boo, almost shaking the very foundation of the aging building with their displeasure as the more than 1.400 fans in attendance simultaneously chant “StarrZoë! StarrZoë!”, leaving PKA in the ring, shaking his head, a disappointed look on his face, almost to say, “he’s not coming”.

PKA: "Come on, somebody.."

Silas Bullock steps up into the ring and takes the microphone, clearing his throat. A chorrrrrrrrrus of boos fill the Asylum Arena as PKA takes a deep breath and hands over the microphone, backing up to the corner. He mouths 'oh boy..' as Silas speaks.

Silas Bullock: "All of ya'll wanna get all weepy about this bein' one of the last shows in the famed 'ECW arena'. Well all I got to say is who gives a flying crap? ECW stood for violence and immorality! Not to mention the fact that ECW was run by a Zionist Jew!"

The crowd boos loudly. PKA puts his hands up and shakes his head as he walks toward Silas to try and get him to stop, but he continues.

Silas Bullock: "The same can be said about the promotion who ran here after the fact! Thank God in heaven that this building will no longer salvage the filth that Pro Wrestling has become!"

PKA snatches the microphone out of Silas Bullock's hand.

PKA: "Than.. thank you.. I think. Silas, thank you."

PKA assures Silas that its time to exit the ring as the fans begin booing the roof off of the building. Silas chooses to head up the aisle instead of stick around at ringside and take the abuse.

PKA: "New rule.. let's stay at ringside, and try to not be that racist.. thanks. Next?"

WARPED newcomer Kevin Carino, down at ringside, takes the microphone as it's his turn to speak. He clears his throat before immediately going into his spill about the impact that the Asylum Arena has upon his life.

Kevin Carino: "I'm not sure if many of you guys know me. For those that do, and those that don't let me introduce myself. I'm Kevin Carino. But I'm not out here to talk about me. I'm here to talk about this grand establishment. This building is a testament to the sheer power of blood, sweat, and tears. Many of us tonight will bleed, as they greats and the legends have once bleed here as well. This place is possibly one of the greatest wrestling venues of all time. It was here were we all saw a man crusaded, it was here that we quoth the Raven nevermore. And now, it is here that we will show an appreciation for this building that only Warped Wrestling can bring..."

Kevin smiles as he hands the microphone off to someone else. A "We Don't Know You!" chant starts up.

PKA: "Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Carino. Don't worry, I'm not too sure who he is either."

Kevin gives a 'what the hell?' look up to PKA and PKA smiles.

PKA: "Only kidding pal. Let's see, who's next?"

The fans erupt in "We Want StarrZoe!" chants. PKA sighs and shrugs..

Kris Red: “Tonight is supposed to be a great night for WARPED and our fans as we pay a final tribute to the ECW Bingo Hall and put on one of the greatest events in WARPED’s history. But for the World Champion to be absent this late in the show, that’s just disappointing. To these fans, to this promotion, and to me as well! Tonight in his own hometown, Starr has the opportunity to pay his respects, yet he fails to show up.”

Tony D: “Well, I’ve never known Starr to be anything but a constant professional, this isn’t like him at all. If I know one thing about the World Champion, it’s that Alexander StarrZoë never disappoints.”

In an effort to allow the fans to work it out of their systems, PKA remains silent for almost an entire minute, allowing the knowledge that the World Champion has yet to arrive to work it’s way through the mass of people. As the chants die down, PKA mouths the word “sorry” across the arena and pulls the microphone toward his mouth, preparing to continue. Before the president can speak however, and without warning, the lights in the arena suddenly fade to darkness. Before anyone can realize what has happened “Who Shot Ya?” by the Notorious B.I.G. begins to play over the public announce system. The music is drowned out and many in the building will swear that the roof began to literally shake as every fan stood to their feet and began to scream at the top of their lungs. Smoke fills the top of the entrance ramp and the curtain is pulled back. Standing before the fans and the locker room, donned in his signature suit, the championship title over his shoulder, soaking in the cheers of “StarrZoë! StarrZoë!” is the WARPED World Champion, Alexander “Starr” StarrZoë, a never-ending smile on his face. Starr slowly makes his way down the ramp, stopping to pose for pictures with the fans closest to the entrance way, slapping hands, and making a show of his appearance before the barrier of WARPED competitors parts and the champion climbs into the ring. Starr takes a second microphone from ringside and stares up into the audience, the smile still plastered on his face.

Tony D: “What’d I tell you Kris? Never doubt the champion!”

Starr, still taking in the awesome moment, the maximum capacity crowd still cheering just as strongly, still chanting his name, waits just the right amount of time, pausing to reach into his suit jacket and remove a pack of cigarettes, lighting one up and exhaling toward the ceiling, staring up at the “Hardcore Hall of Fame”, the names of legends in the wrestling business printed on the ceiling tiles high above his head. The champion places his title in the corner of the ring, sits atop the third turnbuckle and raises a single hand in the air, silencing the entire area, who waits in anticipation for his words.

Alexander StarrZoe: “Sorry I’m late boss man, it’s been a while since I’ve been home and I forgot how good the weed was around here. I passed out in in the locker room and woke up about twenty minutes ago to a text from a friend of mine who’s here in attendance tonight asking ‘where the fuck are you dude?!”. Of course, never being one to let the fans down and you all know how I love to make an entrance, I figured this would work best for everyone. Now then, I’ve thought long and hard about this, the right way to send off this arena, the correct way to pay my respects. I considered a ten bell solute, I considered boycotting the event as a form of civil disobedience, hell, I even considered taking the night off just so I could buy a ticket and enjoy one more show here as a fan. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this old bingo hall has never been too hot on formalities. If these walls could speak, if I were in the back lot with a sign in my hand protesting the sale of the building, the building itself would call me a pussy. If I was sitting ringside, the building would ask when exactly I lost my balls and stopped being a fighting champion. So tonight, I think I’ve found the most fitting of send offs; to pay tribute to this building, to everyone who has ever walked through those doors, competitors and fans, I’m going to successfully defend my World Championship in the most brutal and violent way possible. The way that Philadelphia wrestling fans would want it, the way the legends of this business that have bled and sweat in this very venue would want it; the only reasonable way to say goodbye to a place that saw some of the most horrid fights in American wrestling history!”

The fans cheer!

Alexander StarrZoe: “Two blocks down and three blocks over; my childhood home, that’s how far I live from this arena. My parents still live in that house, shit they lived there before I was born, thirty odd years now. I saw my first wrestling match in this building; I had my first wrestling match in this building! For over ten years, many times that I’ve returned home to wrestle, my family and friends have joined me, sitting ringside right there and watched me have amazing shows in this building. Yes, I’ve wrestled in bigger venues, the First Union Center and the Spectrum to name just a few, but that doesn’t change the fact that to me, THIS BUILDING IS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! WARPED hosted it’s second ever show here, I wrestled one of my first WARPED shows here! From those rows of seats, I watched Shane Douglas denounce the National Wrestling Alliance; I watched the birth and the untimely death of what I considered to be the last American wrestling territory. While mainstream professional wrestling was still stuck doing the same thing they did in the 80s, I was watching Public Enemy beat the shit out of everyone with a heartbeat. I watched many of the future legends of this business as their careers were birthed right here in this bingo hall. Even after Extreme Championship Wrestling fell, I watched some of the most talented and biggest names in independent wrestling create and expand careers right here. From the Chris Hero and MDogg20, Eddie Kingston, Necro Butcher, Nick Mondo, they’ve all come through that curtain. I’ve watched the life and death of some of those independent legends play out right here when I’m standing. I’ve seen, and may God rest their souls, the likes of ‘Sweet and Sour’ Larry Sweeney, Rocco Rock, and Trent Acid of the Backseat Boyz, all loved and missed in this business, and put their heart into wrestling, and all torn the roof off this damned building. You know, I always dreamed of being inducted into the Hardcore Hall of Fame, but as I look up there tonight, the names of greats like Chris Candido, Jerry Lynn, and Sabu adorning the walls, I’ve come to realize that I will never earn that honor in this business. Those are men that will live and die in pro wrestling, compared to them, I’m nothing more than a mortal.”

Kris Red: “Wow, Starr is fired up here tonight!”

Alexander StarrZoe: “Tonight however is about more than my love for the ECW Arena, its about the World Heavyweight Championship. As I look out over the sea of people, catching the eye of family, friends, hell even old girlfriends, I’m reminded why I got into this business; to put on a show for the fans and what better place to put on an amazing show, one of the last there will be here, than in the same building that has seen thousands upon thousands of people enter those doors to see what they know they will never again witness. As I promised, tonight I successfully defend my World Championship, not just for myself, but for everyone here in attendance tonight and for the memory of this arena and those that have fought within the confines of it. The match will be as brutal as the first Death Match I ever witnessed housed in these walls, it will not be something to forget, and in twenty years, people will still remember it as one of the best matches to ever take place in this place! Before I go however and prepare for my match, there’s something else I would like to say. Emily Corlen...”

Some of the internet savvy fans around the arena begin to boo uncontrollably, obviously unhappy with Emily’s opinions earlier this week on, essentially saying that this building is nothing compared to the big time arenas she's "sold out"... Some fans cheer, though, as they're big fans and unaware of what she's said recently.

Alexander StarrZoe: “Now, now, settle down. If anyone gets the first shot, it’s going to be me! Now, Emily, I’ve noticed you’re not out here and that’s perfectly fine, because at the rate you’re going, if you were out here, I would have laid you the fuck out by now. About three days ago, a few friends of my noticed that I was trending on Twitter and I thought this a bit odd because I rarely use my Twitter account. After checking in on the matter, I realized what was causing the sudden surge in popularity. You see, a few days ago the WARPED roster was asked for a few thoughts on this arena and its history. Emily Corlen proceeded to trash the place and told the world she considers herself ‘too big’ for it. Now, I know she’s not the skinniest chick in the world, but I don’t think we would anything more than a handcart to get her through the doors."

The crowd laughs as do a few of the wrestling talent, but they try to hold it in. PKA is seen putting the palm of his hand in his face.

Alexander StarrZoe: "Regardless, I promised that I would address the situation tonight. She then took it upon herself to call me out as a ‘disappoint to the WARPED she knew’ and a sorry excuse as World Champion. Then addressed me personally, telling me among other things, I have gotten my panties in a bunch. Emily, I’m not much for this back and fourth on Twitter shit, PKA appeased you and cracked a few jokes ‘maybe you guys should kiss and make up’ I thought that was funny, rather a disgusting suggestion, I would rather stick my dick in a bear trap, but funny none the less. You than made the most insane suggestion I have heard since Hitler proposed gassing the Jews; I apologize to you. As I told you once, I wouldn’t never belittle myself and apologize to someone who isn’t even in the same league as me. Shit, up until you decided to open your mouth and insult this arena and me, I thought your name Emily Cohen, that shows you how little I paid attention to you. You raised a good point on Twitter though, you’re right, I don’t know you, but no, I will not play nice. I don’t know you and I can assure you, neither does a majority of the wrestling business. Be honest, no one came to the Tokyo Dome or Madison Square Garden to see you perform, you just happened to be on the bill. My name on flyers alone has sold out superdomes across the globe!”

Alexander StarrZoe: “So, no I won’t apologize, as I mentioned; I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Hell, I wouldn’t pay someone to give you A.I.D.S! Speaking of apologies though, here’s what will happen you silly whore. After WARPED returns from its holiday break, on the first show back, the moment the show begins, you will be in this ring, nothing else before it! Hell, I don’t want your music playing, I don’t want Randy Long introducing you, shit I don’t want to go and buy the DVD and hear Kris Red or Tony D’s voices. I want dead silence. This is not a request, it’s a fucking demand; you will make a public apology not only for insulting this building, not only for insulting me, but you will apologize for the disrespect you paid the countless hundreds of legends, from the Terry Funks to the Mick Foleys and the thousands upon thousands of fans that have walked through those doors since 1993. You see, when you insult something I love about this city, you insult this city, and when you insult this city, you insult me. Mike Vick and Ryan Howard have nothing on me when it comes to receiving love from the city of Philly. I’m a bigger name in this town than the mayor! So, if you don’t apologize, if you decide dig your grave even deeper, than I promise you, you will find out what happens when you insult my city because I’ll beat that fucking apology out of you. ‘Put up or shut up’ you say? Okay bitch, here’s how it’s going to work, you’re going to put up an apology and shut your fucking mouth from now on or I’m going to see to it that you can never job another match in a major arena because you won’t have a career when I’m through! A woman who can barely make an impact in WARPED, who insults one of the biggest arenas we host matches at each year has the audacity to say she’s too good for this building? Bitch, how the fuck were you winning World Championships in New York City? You can’t even win a World Championship at a state fair ground! I don’t know what titles you carry around, but I doubt they’re respectable. People know me; I’ve won Championship Wrestling Council and CWC affiliated titles. I’m a five time World Champion, what do you have? A few regional second-rate championships where you defeated a midget in a high school gym?! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m a real wrestling who fights for real championships, so I have to go prepare for the main event, you know, something that you’ll never be in while you’re in WARPED because we’re a respected wrestling promotion. Stay in your lane sweetheart, you can main event those small time back alley wrestling shows, but around here, you’re about as bottom of the barrel as it gets. You should thank me for even mentioning your name let alone addressing you like you were an actual person of any concern; now you’ve just gained exposure to the entire world! Don’t be dumb bitch, listen to my advice and heed my warnings; you’ll regret it otherwise. I’m sorry this went so long, I don’t want to take any more time from other’s thoughts and reflections. Good luck tonight everyone, let’s put on a hell of a -"

StarrZoë finds himself interrupted as "Do It Like a Dude" by Jessie J fills the arena. The talent around the ring (and the Champion inside) all turn their attention to the curtain, where Emily Corlen walks though, mic in hand, to a very mixed reaction. The music fades as she walks to the ring, smiling.

Emily Corlen: "Relax, everyone! Emily Corlen has arrived! The show can begin!"

Starr scowls, rolling his eyes as Emily makes her way to ringside. She says hello to Leon and AJ Fairchild before stepping up onto the apron and entering the ring.

Tony D: "Oh, I don't know if Emily entering the ring is the best idea, after the war of words she's had with Starr over the last few days on Twitter. We're bound to have a fight on our hands!"

Kris Red: "And? What's wrong with that? This is pro wrestling, not ballet! Let 'em fight!"

Starr looks as if he plans on hitting Emily, going so far as to raise his fist, but Emily is quick to put her hands up, waving him off.

Emily Corlen: "Whoa whoa whoa! Calm your tits, Starr. I'm not out here to start a fight, okay? Just hear me out."

Starr's eyes narrow, hut he reluctantly lowers his fist, apparently allowing Emily to speak.

Emily Corlen: "Okay, look. Maybe... what I said this past week was a little out of line. The truth is, this is a pretty cool arena and it's kind of sad to see a legacy end just because the building changed owners and the new owner has decided wrestling isn't important enough to have on the docket."

The crowd boos; not at Emily, but at the change in ownership that has created this change with the venue.

Emily Corlen: "You know, okay, yeah. Sometimes, I'm a little full of myself. I have an ego. Guilty! But I never intended to disrespect you or the fine city of Philadelphia. Will you accept my apology?"

Emily extends her free hand toward Starr. The crowd cheers loudly as Starr looks down at it, and then to the fans.

Tony D: "Starr here doesn't look like he knows what to do! I can't blame him, things got very nasty between him and Emily online."

Finally, after several moments of contemplation, Starr nods, saying something before moving to shake Emily's hand. As he does so, Emily quickly pulls her hand away and bashes Starr in the head with the butt end of the microphone! Everyone around the ring seems shocked and the crowd starts booing loudly as Emily starts laying into Starr with a series of stiff punches to the face! Starr counters, finding himself on top of Emily before laying into her with punches himself! PKA yells at the talent to get in the ring and break this up, and they do so, separating Emily and Starr to separate sides of the ring. The crowd boos, chanting "Let them fight!" as PKA orders everyone to the back. As Emily struggles to get away and attack Starr again, she can be heard shouting "THIS ISN'T OVER!" before being pulled back through the curtain. In the ring, Starr has finally pushed the men holding him back off of him and takes off toward the curtain; but PKA steps in front of him, pleading with him to stop.

PKA: "Not tonight, Starr. Let it go, please!"

Alexander StarrZoe: "That bitch was right about one think, Patrick. This ISN'T over."

Starr then pushes his way past the interim Owner of WARPED Wrestling and heads backstage as the rest of the roster filters off to the back as well.


Fade in... Grendel is out back and on his cell as a camera walks up to him.

Grendel: Where are you?

Grendel pauses for a second.

Grendel: Last show you where not here and I got screwed if you want this done right you better show up cause you know Pat is going to screw me again!


Grendel: What are you saying I think I can with that what did he say , hey wait a sec.

Grendel looks at the camera crew.

Grendel: get the fuck out of here!

Grendel chases off the camera crew and then goes back to his phone.

Grudge Match - Leon Stone vs. Kris Red

Tony D: "Well fans its just me here at the announce table because its time now for a grudge match between Leon Stone and my collegue, Kris Red, and I really don't know what's going to happen because as of three weeks ago we found out that Leon Stone was injured at another promotion's event.. so really, who knows what's going to happen."

Seize the Day by Avenged Seven Fold hits the speakers. Leon stone is brought out from behind the curtain in a wheel chair being pushed down the ramp by a referee. The crowd boos mostly for his past but at the same time many in the front row are looking on wondering what's going on. When he gets to the ring side he struggles to stand, then gets in the ring slowly.

Tony D: "There he is.. Leon Stone, in a wheel chair and all. I'm not sure what to make of this. In a rivalry that was fueled by Kris Red basically calling Stone overweight one night while calling a match, Stone has been hitting the gym and dropping the L-B's, but it seems as though he's not doing so well now..."

As he stands in the middle of the ring we see bruises up and down his side. It is obvious that he is hurt and in pain. Randy Long brings him a microphone and exits the ring as Leon Stone's music fades.

Leon Stone: "Hello everyone."

The crowd boos.

Leon Stone: "As you can see, I'm not in the best condition tonight. In my match at another CWC promotion, SCCW, I was brutally beaten within an inch of my life and my ribs.. my ribs were broken. But I'm here tonight because I am a fighter, not like that punk Kris Red who hides behind an announce table night in and night out.

The crowd chants "Kris Red! Kris Red!" and Leon looks angry, but can't move much as he's clearly in pain as he grabs his ribs.

Leon Stone: "Obviously I can’t wrestle so I’ve got a new challenge for Kris Red."

The crowd looks at him wondering what it could be.

Leon Stone: Thumb wrestling."

The crowd erupts in boos.

Leon Stone: "If Kris Red is the big man everyone makes him to be then he will come down here to the ring and face me in a thumb wrestling match, or he can stay back there and admit I'm the better man."

Two referees bring out a thumb wrestling table and set it up in the ring. Leon does a few thumb stretches and waits for his opponent.

Randy Long: "And his opponent..."

"The Red" by Chevelle hits as Kris Red makes his way out to a thunderous Philly crowd! He puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head while looking ahead at Leon Stone who looks to be ready for a THUMB WRESTLING MATCH!

Randy Long: "From Wichita, Kansas, weighing in at 175 pounds - "Red hot" Kris Red!"

Red runs down the aisle and slides into the ring, startling the injured Leon Stone. He climbs the turnbuckle and the fans cheer. He hops down and takes a mic from Randy as his music dies down.

Kris Red: "Let me get this straight, Leon. You've been talking a big game on Twitter lately to me, to PKA, and to the World Champion Alexander StarrZoe, all the while having broken ribs and hyping it up like you'd be comin' out here and wrestlin' a match? Are you seriously trying to insult these people in Philly? This is a historic night and THIS is the kind of shit you pull? Leon, you brought this on yourself and now you're bitching out? This is bullshit."

Leon Stone: "Don't be so afraid, Kris REID.. thumb wrestling, let's go."

The fans boo and chant 'bullllllllllshit!' as Kris Red nods and agrees with them. The referee tells Kris Red this is going to happen and Kris drops his head and hands over the microphone to Randy Long who exits the ring.

Kris Red reluctantly approaches the stand for some thumb wrestling, while Leon Stone is intense and ready to go. Stone eggs him on to hurry it up and Red is hesitant, only because this is so ridiculous. The referee tells him to get in position and Kris reluctantly does.. The ref calls for the bell and the two lock hands... and begin thumb wrestling! The intense back and forth goes on for about ten seconds until Kris Red pins Leon Stone! Kris backs up and puts his arms in the air and Leon Stone shakes his head and grabs the microphone from out of his pocket.

Leon Stone: "Whoa, not so fast. Wait wait wait!"

Stone is embarassed that he lost so fast, but he's not gonna let this slide.

Leon Stone: "What kind of thumb wrestling match do you know that has one fall? This is best two out of three. Come on, let's go."

Leon Stone intensly gets into position again as Kris sighs and steps forward, shrugging his shoulders. They lock up and the ref lets them go at it. What an intense back and forth! The thumbs are vigorously doing battle for ultimate supremacy and after about thirty seconds, Leon Stone's thumb pins Kris Red's thumb!

The referee holds up one finger on each of his hands for each competitor, and its time for the tie breaker.

Kris looks at Leon and says 'this is ridiculous' but Leon wants to go!

They lock up and the ref turns the thumbs of doom loose~! Kris Red almost immediately pins Leon Stone but simultaneously, as if to distract the ref, Stone grabs at his ribs with his free hand, and the ref tends to him. Kris Red looks concerned and Leon Stone SWERVES us all and his thumb pins Kris Red for a 3 count and a super victory!

The referee holds Stone's arm in the air as he has a huge smile on his face, while Kris Red insists that Stone just pulled a fast one.

Leon Stone grabs the microphone that he left on the thumb wrestling table while Kris Red crosses his arms, very displeased, as is the crowd as they chant "bulllllllshit!"

Leon Stone: "See that, Kris Red? I might be a so-called 'fat' guy and I might have broken ribs, but I just proved that I'm tons better than you by beating you in the middle of this ring. So why don't you get back where you belong - behind an announce table - and let the pros do.."

Leon grabs his ribs, favoring them severely..but he continues..

Leon Stone: "..let the pros do what they do best - win."

Kris puts his hand out for the microphone.

Leon Stone: "Oh, you wanna say something? Shock. Here, go ahead."

Leon hands the microphone out to Kris but at the last minute drives it into his head! A loud BUMP sound is heard with impact of the microphone to the skull of Kris Red and Leon Stone stands there in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face. He grab s his ribs with his left hand and raises his right arm in the air as Seize The Day hits the PA System once again. He then yells at the referee to get in here and help him out, and the ref hurries in and assists Leon through the ropes and down the steps, one by one, then into the chair. The referee unlocks the chair and pushes Leon up the aisle, and Leon boasts and celebrates with his arms in the air.

Singles Match
Silas Bullock vs. AJ Fairchild

Fade In...

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Bainbridge, Georgia, weighing in at 200 pounds - he is The Cowboy SILAS BULLOCK!"

The strum of a guitar hits the PA system and Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams begins to play. Silas walks through the curtain wearing a leather cowboy hat, leather trench coat duster and a confederate flag poncho and dark sunglasses. He enters the ring and hands his hat, coat and poncho to the ring attendant. His ring-gear consists of a tucked in dress shirt, suspenders, George - Big Men's Black Dress Pants and custom made black Old West Cross Inlay Cowboy Boots. He jumps to the second rope and screams a loud rebel yell ready to do battle!

Randy Long: "And his opponent.. from Duluth, Minnesota, weighing in at 183 pounds - AJ Faiiiirciiiiild!"

he hard guitar opening of “Puck Off” By Pantera plays over the venues sound system. The fans cheer loudly, and take up the chant “A.J.... A.J... A.J....” A.J. Fairchild then makes his way from the back. Receiving a huge ovation from nearly everyone in attendance A.J. gets on one knee and pats his chest at the top the entrance ramp. A.J. then gets t his feet and makes his way down to the ring, high-fiving fans as he does so. He hops onto the apron. Silas Bullock rushes and shoves AJ Fairchild off of the apron and the music cuts, the lights come up and Silas poses as the fans boo! The bell sounds!

Tony D: "And its on!"

Kris Red: "The Redneck Racist does battle with the Child that is Fair!"

AJ quickly gets back up on the apron and Bullock approaches and Fairchild ducks under the top rope and hits a shoulderblock. AJ then flips over Bullock and turns Bullock around and delivers a right hand. Fairchild grabs his arm.. Irish Whip.. Counter by Bullock. Fairchild off the ropes.. Bullock goes for a clothesline but Fairchild slides under his legs. Fairchild gets up and Bullock turns around into repeated right hands from Fairchild. Irish whip from AJ.. countered.. and he's sent to the corner.. Bullock follows through and Fairchild does a quick head stand on the top and then catches Bullock in a headscissors, but Bullock pushes him over the top rope.. Fairchild luckily lands on the apron on his feet! Silas Bullock throws a right hand but its blocked and Fairchild grabs him by the head and slams his face off the top buckle! Bullock stumbles back, grabbing his face. AJ gets into the ring and pulls Silas in and goes for a DDT it seems.. he hooks the leg and hits a Leg Trap DDT!

Tony D: "What a DDT to the skull of Silas Bullock!"




Kick out!

AJ Fairchild gets to his feet and brings Silas Bullock up, but Bullock slaps away the hands and kicks Fairchild in the gut. He then follows up with a right hand, and another, and another, backing Fairchild into the corner. Bullock with another right, but its blocked by Fairchild! AJ now delivers a right hand, followed by another and another, backing Bullock to the middle of the ring and further with another right hand! Bullock backs up into the corner as the fans cheer for AJ!

"AJ! AJ! AJ!" cheers the fans, as AJ then goes for the irish whip, and he sends Bullock across the ring and back first into the corner. Fairchild follows up with a step-up knee to the face! Bullock almost collapses but Fairchild keeps him up and irish whips him again to the opposing corner buckle. Fairchild calls for the crowd's support and they cheer him on as he then charges in and jumps, but Silas moves out of the way! Fairchild crashes into the top buckle and turns back around and gets lifted up in the air by Bullock and dropped with a Georgia Slam (Alabama Slam)!

Tony D: "Ooh what an impactful move there! He calls that the GEORGIA, not Alabama, Slam. "

Bullock paces around the ring, looking quite angry and confident after that big move. The rabid Philly fans boo Bullock as loud as possible and he flips them off, prompting more boos.

Kris Red: "These Philly fans hate Silas Bullock with a passion, especially after what he said earlier.. this could turn ugly."

Tony D: "Silas should really worry less about how the fans are reacting and pin AJ Fairchild!"

Bullock doesn't go for the pin; instead he brings Fairchild to his feet and hits a T-Bone Suplex.

Tony D: "He dropped him on his head there!"

Bullock now goes for the cover..



Kick out.

Kris Red: "That was pretty intense, very vicious on the part of Silas Bullock."

Bullock brings Fairchild to his feet and delivers a knife edge chop, followed by another that backs Fairchild into the ropes. Bullock delivers another hard-hitting chop, then snapmares Fairchild over to the mat to a seated position. He then delivers a kick to the chest, then one to the back, and finally one to the head. Bullock then covers!



Kick out!

Bullock brings Fairchild to his feet and snapmares him over again. Bullock stands in front of Fairchild, getting into position, then he kicks at him, but Fairchild lays down and then with a schoolboy he rolls up Silas!



Kick out!

Bullock gets up and boots Fairchild in the head, keeping him off his feet and giving him a bit of payback for that. The fans chant "AJ! AJ!" and Bullock, in his Southern accent, tells them all to "Shut the hell up" and they boo. He brings Fairchild to his feet and delivers a hard knife edge chop.

"Fuck You Silas!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*
"Fuck You Silas!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*
"Fuck You Silas!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

Kris Red: "These fans aren't very happy tonight."

Tony D: "Well to be fair they just had to watch a thumb wrestling match with you involved so of course they're a little pissed!"

Kris Red: "Oh pipe down. That was ridiculous, I know, but it wasn't up to me.."

Bullock with an irish whip on Fairchild, but Fairchild spins out and kicks him in the gut. He goes for a clothesline but Bullock ducks and lifts him up, spinning him upside down for a Tombstone Piledriver. Fairchild wiggles free and grabs the legs of Bullock, tripping him and causing him to fall face-first to the mat. Fairchild up.. he hits the ropes.. Bullock starts to get up and Fairchild nails him with a SHINING WIZARD~!

Kris Red: "What a Shining Wizard kick! Hell yeah cover him~!"

AJ Fairchild into the cover, hooking the leg..


Bullock puts his foot on the bottom rope, breaking the count! The crowd boos!

Tony D: "Ooh very smart by the veteran Silas Bullock to have ring awareness."

Kris Red: "Yeah AJ might've had a rookie mistake there by not making sure he wasn't too close to the ropes with that cover."

Both men start up to their feet and trade punches on the way up. Fairchild with a right hand, followed by a kick to the gut, and he leaps onto the shoulders of Bullock and Hurricanrana's him...almost... as Bullock overpowers and brings him back up for a Powerbomb but Fairchild rolls through and turns it into a pin on Bullock!



Kick out!

Both men get up and Fairchild knees Bullock in the gut and goes for the Irish Whip... Bullock is sent across the ring and Fairchild goes for the Side Slam but its turned into a Headscissors take down by Silas Bullock! Both men get to their feet and Bullock hits a big Dropkick to the face of Fairchild, taking him down. He stands up and goes to the ropes, bad-mouthing the fans who continue to yell and scream and flip him the bird. He turns back and brings Fairchild up for the Tombstone Piledriver again but Fairchild turns it into a la magistral cradle!



Kick out!

Both men get up but its Silas Bullock who is up quicker as he drives a boot to the midsection of Fairchild. He delivers a right hand, and another, backing him into the ropes. He then pulls Fairchild away from the ropes and scoop slams him up and down to the mat. He then turns him over and goes to lock in the STF but Fairchild fights it off and escapes.. Both men get to their feet and Bullock goes for a Knife Edge but Fairchild ducks and hits a Thrust Kick! Bullock backs into the ropes and bounces forward and delivers a hard right hand to Fairchild and Fairchild kicks him in the gut to respond.. another right hand by Bullock, and then a club to the back followed by another club to the back, taking him down to a knee.

Tony D: "Silas Bullock continues to punish AJ Fairchild!"

Fairchild starts to battle back, though, with shots to the midsection, rights and lefts, and he then gets to his feet and delivers a right hand to the face, and Bullock is reeling! Irish whip.. Fairchild sends Bullock toward the ropes... Bullock leaps up and hits an Asai Moonsault from the ropes and takes down Fairchild and right into a cover!


Quick kick out!

Bullock brings Fairchild to his feet and hits a knife edge chop, then another, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Fairchild counters.. Bullock hits the ropes and returns as Fairchild leaps up but Bullock puts on the breaks. Bullock with a right hand, but Fairchild ducks it.. kick to the gut.. double underhook.. Fairchild with a Double Underhook Snap Suplex! He covers!



Kick out!

Tony D: "Just a two count off that Double Underhook suplex for AJ Fairchild. I'm not sure what he had in mind to begin with but he adjusted quite nicely!"

Fairchild brings Bullock to his feet and pulls him by the head toward the corner and goes to slam his head off the top buckle but Silas puts a boot on the second buckle and elbows Aj in the face. Bullock then brings Fairchild up into an Inverted Firemans carry but Fairchild grabs the ropes and escapes, slipping over the top rope. He reaches in for a right hand on Bullock but its blocked and Silas then suplexes Fairchild into the ring, but Fairchild lands on his feet behind Bullock! Fairchild with a Russian Legsweep attempt, but Bullock elbows out of it and lifts Fairchild up into the Inverted Firemans Carry again, but Fairchild wiggles out of it and delivers a hard forearm strike to Bullock, and another and another as he's backed into the corner, and Fairchild drills him nonstop with rapidfire shots over and over and over as the referee yells at him to get it out of the corner. Fairchild backs it up and puts his hands up saying OK OK as the fans cheer him on. Silas stumbles out of the corner in a daze and Fairchild pulls him in for a DDT looking to lock in Holy Mutilation but suddenly its countered into a devastating throw back into the turnbuckle!!

Tony D: "Oh man what a counter!"

Kris Red: "AJ Fairchild got bent in half there, oh wow."

Bullock drops to one knee and shakes off the cobwebs from the rapidfire forearms earlier as he looks back and pulls Fairchild away from the corner and covers him finally..



Thhhhkick out!!

Bullock brings Fairchild up and whips him into the corner and charges at him.. Fairchild brings his legs up and over Bullock and rolls him up


Bullock rolls out of it and Fairchild gets up and Bullock kicks him in the gut and lifts him up.. BRAINBUSTER!

Kris Red: "Brainbustahhhhhhhhhh~!"

Bullock into the cover..




Tony D: "A kick out at the last minute by AJ Fairchild!"

Bullock brings Fairchild up to his feet and Fairchild seems to be out of it as Bullock calls for the Burning Hammer that he's continuously attempted for throughout this match and just as he's about to lift him up for the inverted Firemans carry again, Fairchild delivers hard elbows to the back of his opponent's neck. Bullock drops to a knee and Fairchild pumps his fists as he starts to run toward the ropes but Bullock puts a foot out, causing him to go face-first into the mat. Fairchild pushes himself up, grabbing his face and Bullock lifts him onto his shoulders in an Inverted Firemans Carry.. lets out a rebel yellllllllllllll and drives him to the mat head first with the Burning Hammer aka...

Tony D: "The South Has Risen!"

Kris Red: "Jesus!"

Bullock brings him to the middle of the ring and hooks the leg, driving his elbow into the face of Fairchild at the same time..




Kris Red: "ITS OVA!"

The referee calls for the bell and the bell sounds! "A Country Boy Can Survive" blasts over the PA at the Asylum Arena as Randy Long announces the winner..

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Silas Bullock!"

Bullock gets to his feet and the fans are booing the absolute hell otu of him and he soaks it all up, flipping them all off. He slides out of the ring and collects his ring gear. He cockily puts on his cowboy hat and tips it in the direction of the haters in the crowd as he walks up the aisle way and out of dodge, escaping what could possibly be a riot over this man and all he stands for!

Triple Threat Match
William Wallace vs. Emily Corlen vs. Sean Tyler

Fade in...


Randy Long: "The following contest is a Triple Threat match scheduled for ONE fall! Introducing first - from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 254 pounds - William Wallllllllace!"

The arena blacks out as the bagpipes tune fill with air, as Flower of Scotland Begins to play Wallace appears, lit up by one single spot light which follows him to the ring. He makes his way to the ring shouting abuse the the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope.


"Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI hits the P.A. system. As the crowd reacts, some cheering, some booing, the intimidating figure of Emily Corlen walks out from behind the curtain. She surveys the crowd with a cold, unfeeling gaze as the lyrics to the song kick in.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame...

As the song continues, Emily begins making her way towards the ring. She reaches the ring and looks to her left and right before climbing onto the ring apron.

Randy Long: And his opponents, first, hailing from Los Angeles, California by way of Rockford, Illinois... weighing in tonight at 140 pounds... she is EMILY COOORRRLLLEEENNN!!!

Emily enters the ring through the first and second ropes, then makes her way to the far corner of the ring, where she kneels down, facing the center of the ring while holding the ropes behind her.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame...
As we all form one dark flame!

As the music fades, Emily begins pulling on the ropes behind her, eager to begin.

Grow Up" by Simple Plan hits. “This is who I am and this is what I like…” Sean Tyler comes out of the back smiling, wearing a black leather jacket, his black wrestling trunks with red stripes, black boots and his trademark aviator sunglasses.

Randy Long: "And finally - from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing in at 220 pounds - Sean Tyler!"

As he walks towards the crowd he high fives the fans and throw kisses away for the women in attendance, once in the ring he just smiles and takes his sunglasses off winking in the process.

Tony D: "William Wallace, Emily Corlen and Sean Tyler are in Triple Threat action, but the hatred and common enemy in the mix is one William Wallace."

Kris Red: "No joke. The Scottsman has ruffled some feathers as of late - costing Emily Corlen her undefeated streak to Sean Tyler, sneak attacking her three total times, and ending the short, yet still undefeated streak of Sean Tyler with backhanded ways."

Tony D: "The questions lie - would've Emily been defeated by Sean to lose her streak if it hadn't been for Wallace? Would Sean Tyler still be undefeated had Wallace not low blowed him to sneak up a victory? And while Sean Tyler had Emily Corlen's back, does she have his as well?"

The bell sounds as the three competitors look back and forth at each other and it looks as though Emily Corlen and Sean Tyler both have their sights on William Wallace, and Wallace gets in a ready position to take them both on as they slowly approach..

Kris Red: "We're about to get those answers!"

Tyler and Corlen slowly stalk Wallace, but then Corlen suddenly clotheslines Sean Tyler to the mat. She turns to Wallace who was about to come at her but she stops him in his tracks with a kick to the gut and a right hand, backing him up into the corner. Sean Tyler is up and he turns Emily around and she kicks him in the gut as well and lifts him up and down with a gutwrench suplex! She immediately turns her sights back to Wallace who charges out of the corner with a clothesline but Corlen ducks and hits a belly to back suplex on the Scotsman! She then gets atop him and begins punching away repeatedly. Sean Tyler pushes her off and stomps Wallace while he's on the mat. He brings Wallace to his feet and goes for a knife edge chop but Wallace ducks and Corlen comes from behind Wallace and nails Tyler with with a big Chick Kick! Wallace then grabs her by the hand and goes for the irish whip but she escapes and delivers a big chick kick to him as well and he stumbles back and through the ropes, falling to ringside. Corlen then climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off onto Wallace with a splash!

Tony D: "What a rareity for Emily Corlen to take to the top but it paid off!"

Corlen gets up and puts her arms in the air and the fans give a mixed reaction.. something she's not much used to but based on her actions earlier, perhaps she'll have to get used to that. She brings Wallace up and rolls him into the ring and slides in after.. She measures him off as he gets to his feet and she charges at him but he hits a SPEAR on her! Wallace gets up and Sean Tyler is getting to his feet after selling the Chick Kick a minute prior and Wallace grabs him by the hair and tosses him over the top rope, down to ringside!

Tony D: "You know it really seems that William Wallace and Emily Corlen have more drive to beat each other up and less care for Sean Tyler in this match!"

Kris Red: "I don't blame them. Sean Tyler really has dropped the ball if you ask me.. "

Wallace turns his attention to Corlen who is slowly getting back to her feet and Wallace hits a BIIG BOOOOT that takes her flat on her back.. COVER!



Kick out!

Wallace gets to his feet as Corlen sits up and he stalks his prey as he then kicks her in the back and she drops back down. He brings Corlen to her feet and nails her with a right hand and she stumbles into the ropes. Irish whip.. Corlen off the ropes.. Wallace to the middle of the ring.. SPINEBUSTER! Wallace rushes into the cover..



Kick out!

Wallace sits up on his knees with his hands on his hips as he looks down at Corlen who starts to sit up... Wallace then wraps his arm around her neck and applies a sleeperhold and brings her down to the mat. The referee checks to see if she wants to give it up and she shakes her hand no no...

Tony D: "Wallace seemed a bit shocked that he didn't get the three count there but he's going right back to work on Emily Corlen with a sleeper."

Kris Red: "But she's tough, look at that!"

She starts to fight up, getting to a kneeling position while Wallace holds the submission on, and its more of a side headlock now and things aren't working out so well as Corlen delivers a couple elbows to the midsection, freeing herself!

Tony D: "And Emily Corlen escapes the hold!"

Suddenly off the top buckle comes Sean Tyler with a dual dropkick to both competitors! The fans pop as Tyler brings Wallace to his feet and backs him into the ropes with a right hand and another right hand.. Irish whip.. Wallace counters.. Tyler hits the ropes and comes back with a jumping headscissors, taking Wallace down! The camera shows Emily Corlen kneeling at ringside looking at what's going on in the ring.. Wallace is quick to his feet and he comes at Sean Tyler who ducks a clothesline and hits the PELE Kick! He covers!



Emily Corlen slides in and kicks him, breaking it up! She then brings Tyler to his feet and goes for an Irish whip but he counters, kicks her in the gut and lifts her up for a powerbomb but she counters into a Facebuster!

Kris Red: "Crimson Plunge!"

She covers!



Wallace breaks it up!

Wallace brings Corlen to her feet and knees her in the gut and runs back to the ropes.. Corlen leapfrogs and he runs and hits the ropes and comes back into Black Hole Slam!

Tony D: "Corlen with the Spiral Twister!"

Kris Red: "She's so powerful! Jeebus!"

Sean Tyler then inserts himself into the mix as he lifts Corlen up into a Firemans Carry and then brings her up and over into a gutbuster!! He then picks up William Wallace and goes for a Snap DDT but Wallace pushes him away and Tyler comes right back with a Step-Up Enziguri! Wallace drops and Corlen then grabs Tyler around his waist from behind, perhaps looking to hit the German Suplexes, but Tyler elbows out of it and hits a Step Up Enziguri and then calls for the Lifting Inverted DDT..

Tony D: "Sean Tyler setting Emily up for NO PLACE TO PLAY..."

As he lifts her up she flips over and lands behind him, then suddenly she hits the GLAM SLAM!

Tony D: "Countered into The CATALYST!"

Corlen then stands tall and signals around her waist that soon she's gunning for a championship title and she goes down to cover Tyler but from behind comes William Wallace who grabs her by the hair and pulls her up. Corlen lets out a scream as Wallace throws her shoulder-first into the corner post.. He then rushes back and hooks both legs of Tyler..




Kris Red: "Oh sheeeeeeeeit Wallace just stole that victory!"

The bell sounds!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - William Wallace!"

The fans boo as "Flower of Scotland" plays and Wallace stands tall! He points and laughs at Emily Corlen as she comes out of the corner, clutching her shoulder. She runs at Wallace but he slides out of the ring and runs up the aisle, leaving her in the ring. She kicks the bottom rope as Wallace taunts her from the entrance area. He walks by the Barbwire Christmas Tree and pokes at it just for fun and smiles back toward the ring and shrugs at Emily.

Tony D: "Once again we see William Wallace continue his pattern of sneaking his way into stealing a victory. That's just ridiculous."

Kris Red: "Hey it might be underhanded but he didn't cheat! He won fair and square. Emily was clearly too focused on her iminent Evolution Title shot that she's been going on about on Twitter to PKA. That's just too b- wait what the hell!"

Corlen brings Sean Tyler to his feet and slaps the shit out of him, causing him to do a 180. She keeps him on his feet and lifts him up and hits THE CATALYST! The fans give out a mixed reaction but a lot of boos are coming from the live crowd tonight as "Miseria Cantare" begins to play and she gives an evil look down at Sean Tyler before making her way out of the ring.


Fade in backstage.. Kelly Calloway catches Grendel in the hallways.

Kelly Calloway: "Grendel. Do you have any thoughts on this being one of the last wresting shows in the ECW Arena?"

Grendel: "Here is what I think of this shitty place and shittydelphia."

Grendel tuurns his back and starts to piss all over the arena hallway. Kelly gets a grossed out expression on her face and walks off as Grendel laughs..


Evolution Championship - Singles Match
Sean Edmunds(c) w/Miss Karla vs. Anton Chase

Fade in...

Randy Long: “Ladies and gentlemen, the finally match up is scheduled for one fall and is for the Evolution Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 210lbs and hailing from Los Angeles, California…ANTON CHAASSEEE!!”

As Faint By Linkin Park blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Kris Red: “Anton Chase looks ready here! He’s had this opportunity before and he doesn’t appear to believe it’s going to slip through his grasp again!”

Tony D: “Yeah, but Edmunds has been the Evolution Champion since July when he beat Anton for it during that amazing ladder match and he’ll be damned if he’s giving the title back to Chase!”

Kris Red: “We’ll have to see how the night plays out here. Remember, both of these men have been Evolution Champions. Sean the reigning champion with three title defenses in six months and Anton the former champion with one successful title defense before losing it to Edmunds in a little under a month.”

Randy Long: “And his opponent, the reigning Evolution Champion, weighing in at 228lbs, hailing from Québec City, Canada, ‘Simply Sensational’ Sean Edmunds!”

The first few guitar riffs of "Brain Stew" by Green Day blare over the PA system. The lights dim and four local area women walk out holding Fourth of July sparklers ... they line the outside of the entrance way ... and through the curtain steps "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds. Miss Karla follows behind him and as they make their way to the ring, Edmunds jaws with a few fans. Edmunds climbs one of the corners and throws his hands in the air as the fans jeer him. He hops off, turns around and waits for Miss Karla to take off his robe.

Kris Red: “Edmunds looks ready here. I have to imagine he’s sick of defending his title against the same people every time. He’s going to want to make a statement here, really distance himself from the pack.”

The two men stand toe-to-toe in the center of the ring before the referee separates them and calls for the bell. Chase locks up his opponent in a collar-and-elbow tie up, both men fighting for leverage before Anton gets the upper hand and delivers a picture-perfect DDT, dropping the champion on his head. After coming out of the opening gate with an incredible move, Chase capitalizes by pulling up Edmunds and lifts the heavier man up into the air vertically, dropping him to the mat with a suplex! Sean, now upset at the way the match has started out, scrambles to his feet and lays two solid right hands to the chest and stomach of the challenger. “COME ON!” Edmunds screams, whipping his opponent off the ropes and slamming him to the mat off the rebound with a Spinebuster. While Anton attempts to shake the early match cobwebs, still on the canvas, the Canadian attempts a pin, only getting a two count. Sean looks at the referee in frustration, though realizes it’s way too early in the match to make a cover.

Tony D: “I think Edmunds is letting his frustrations get to him, he knew as well as everyone in this building that Chase wasn’t going to go down that easily!”

The L.A. native is back on his feet, dodging a clothesline from Edmunds and reverses the move into an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Anton steps one step ahead of his opponent pulling him up and again slamming him down via a T-Bone Suplex! Bouncing toward the corner, the champion pulls himself up by the ropes and realizes at the last minute his opponent is charging at him. Thinking quickly, Edmunds flips over Anton Chase and uses his force against him, slamming Chase down on his back with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb! Both men are down on the mat and the referee begins his count, reaching only five before both competitors reach their feet. Chase strikes first, spinning the champion around and gripping him by the waist, preparing to execute what has become almost a signature move; a set of three German Suplexes. As Anton lifts Edmunds into the air however, Sean pulls himself down toward the mat, causing both men to fall. Edmunds is up first, staring down at his opponent, collecting his thoughts for a split second before acting. The champ begins to stomp on his opponent’s leg again and again, causing Chase to rive in pain.

Kris Red: “That’s the same bum leg that almost put Chase out of action a few months ago, I think Sean Edmunds is attempting to reinjure it!”

Chase hobbles to his feet, settles down, putting weigh on his nearly injured foot again and drops his opponent to the ground, reacting lightening quick with a Sprinboard Clothesline from the second rope! Miss Karla stands on the outside of the ring, watching the match and becomes worried as she realizes that last move from Anton may have knocked Sean off his game. Karla steps onto the apron and distracts the referee, arguing with him for a moment, giving Sean the perfect opportunity to, as the challenger pulls him up, to poke Chase in the eyes. As Anton screams out, the referee turns his back to check on the downed competitor, the plan works perfectly and Karla slips something out of her waistband and rolls it under the bottom rope.

Tony D: “What did Karla just roll into the ring?”

Kris Red: “It’s those damned brass knuckles again. Edmunds always finds a way to get them into the ring!”

Unfortunately for Sean, he’s not quick enough to get the weapon from his valet’s outstretched hands before the referee turns again and sees the Evolution Champion reaching for the knucks. The referee kicks the brass knuckles out of the ring and turns toward Edmunds, who is lying on the mat and is feigning an. The referee then turns to Karla and points to the entrance stage, toward the backstage area, bannishing her to the locker room for the rest of the match. The fans cheer!

Tony D: "The referee is throwing Miss Karla out of this match!"

Still arguging over the call, Edmunds doesn’t realize that Chase is on the turnbuckle behind him and has launched himself with a beautiful Cross Body, taking out the champion. Chase reaches his feet and pulls up his fallen opponent, this time successfully executing three German Suplexes, landing Sean on his neck each time. Anton is quick to his feet, standing in the corner, waiting for Edmunds to stubble to a standing position, before running at the champion, only for Sean to take out Chase, puling Anton down by his bad leg.

“Tap asshole! Tap before I break your leg!” Sean Edmunds screams, locking Anton into a single leg Boston Crab. After fighting the submission for what seems like a lifetime, Chase drags himself toward the bottom rope. He reaches out and just barely latches on. The referee gets to a three count, Sean still holding on, still screaming “TAP DAMN YOU!” before he breaks the hold. Edmunds, having had enough, pulls up his weakened opponent and captures him up, slamming him to the mat into a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex.



Kick out!!

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Edmunds screams out of frustration, slamming his hands against the mat. This gives Chase enough time to hobble to his feet, standing behind the champion, who turns around and walks right into a boot to the stomach. The arena erupts into cheers as they realize what’s coming. With the heart of a champion, Anton drops Edmunds face first with his patented Inverted Mat Slam.

Kris Red: “My God! Not only did Chase kick out of Sean’s Northern Lights, he just hit his own finisher! This could be it here.”

Edmunds, still on the ground, his eyes glazed over isn’t move, while Anton Chase is slowly crawling toward the champion, barely draping his body over Edmunds.



The referee only gets a two count however. Both men are staring up at the lights and the referee reaches an eight count before Sean pulls himself up first. Edmunds pulls the barely conscious Anton Chase up and sets him up for a familiar move; the Vertabreaker. Chase is brought down to the mat with his own finishing move; the Star Maker! Collapsing on top of his opponent, Edmunds has him covered and the ref counts!



Thhhh- the color drains from Edmund’s face and he looks as though he’s about given up when Chase’s arm again shoots up at a two count. “YOU’RE FUCKING FINISHED!” the Evolution Champion screams, dragging Anton Chase toward the corner and propping him up into a sitting position.

Kris Red: “Edmunds may be preparing to do something dramatic here. I’m surprised he hasn’t just ran Anton Chase over with a car, that seems like the only way to put this young man down!”

As Edmunds stands on the second rope, facing the seated Anton Chase, at the very last moment, Chase seems to get a second life and pushes Edmunds to the mat, this time it’s Chase that is dragging Edmunds toward the corner. Standing on the third rope, Anton has Sean positioned upside down below him, his hands gripping Chase’s ankles. Preparing to do what the whole arena is cheering him on to do, Anton takes a deep breath, only to realize his injured foot is slipping out from under him. Bailing out, Chase drops his opponent to the mat and slinks off the turnbuckle, walking toward the opposite corner, checking on his injury. Before Anton can realize it, he is blasted into the corner by a standing dropkick. “Play time is over!” Edmunds screams, pulling Anton Chase up onto the second rope, Sean with his back to the arena and lifts Anton through the air, executing a devastating Super Northern Lights Suplex. Edmunds seems to almost fall uncouncious atop Anton Chase, and the referee begins the count.





The bell sounds! "Brain Stew" by Green Day begins playing!


Kris Red: “My God, I have no idea how either man has survived this match.”

Tony D: “There’s no telling for sure if they did Kris. Neither of them is moving in that ring right now!”

Sean Edmunds gets to his feet, looking like he's won the lottery. He's so exstatic. Miss Karla runs to the ring, applauding. Edmunds drops down and rolls out of the ring, hugging the lovely Miss Karla! She then raises his arm in the air while he holds the Evolution Title in the other hand. The fans actually applaud for the great match that these two put on.

Tony D: "These two put on a stellar match. Not only did each of them kick out of their finishing maneuvers, but it took a SUPER Northern Lights to put away Anton Chase."

Kris Red: "It wasn't Anton Chase's night, but he is a future champion, that's for sure."

Sean Edmunds and Karla make their way to the back while Chase sits up in the ring, clutching the back of his head. He looks disappointed as he gets to his feet and the fans give him a standing ovation. He nods at them as he heads out of the ring. Fade out...


Fade in.. we're looking at a computer screen that's on the Twitter website and the camera pans back to show PKA on his cellphone.

PKA: "Yeah dude, its okay."


PKA: "Treats, no worries dude. I know you would've been here if you could. Maybe we can meet up at the next show?"


PKA: "January 7th, Burlington, North Carolina."


PKA: "Great! See you then. Take care, Treats."

PKA hangs up the phone with who we can assume was the one and only Mr. Rottentreats, a former WARPED Talent! PKA looks up at the camera now and speaks.

PKA: "I know a lot of you don't read Twitter, so I'll say it here on the DVD. Thanks for your continued support this year for WARPED, and the last couple months for your support and faith in me as the active booker and bossman around these parts. I think we've actually made some good changes and are moving forward. So -"

"Ho ho ho!"

PKA turns and looks toward the door. The camera pans to show the door open and a SANTA walk in with a big Christmas bag and all.

PKA: "Uh.. Santa?"

Santa speaks with his heavy, excited normal Santa voice, as you'd expect one to talk!

Santa: "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas Mr. Anthony! Ho ho ho!"

PKA: "Uh, yeah. So, hey. What's up? Sorry, I didn't bring any cookies and milk... I think you should be able to find that we went all out with catering, so please..."

Santa: "Oh don't you worry about that Mr. Anthony! I've got a present for you!"

PKA: "Heh, for me? Really? Santa! You didn't have to."

Santa pulls an envelope out of his big red sack and hands it over to PKA. The Ultraviolent Perfectionist raises an eyebrow as he opens the envelope and pulls out a piece of paper. He reads it over, and the expression on his face changes.

PKA: "Get out."

PKA stands up and points to the door. Santa takes off his hat and beard and reveals himself to be Joey Matthew, Chairman and rightful President of WARPED Wrestling! Joey speaks, but this time he's entirely out of the Santa routine, and he's very serious.

Joey Matthew: "The clock is ticking, Mr. Anthony. I'll see you January 7th. I'm taking my company back, and getting rid of you in the process. Merry Christmas, and a Ha-Ha-HAPPY New Year!"

Joey puts the Santa hat back on and throws the bag over his shoulder as he heads out of the room with the Santa beard in his free hand.

Joey Claus: "HO HO HO!"

PKA sighs and sits down. He rips up the letter and tosses it in the trash as the scene fades...


Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship
4 Way Ultraviolent Ironman Match
Alexander StarrZoe(c) vs. Cameron MacNichol vs. Crowbar vs. Grendel

The fans are still cheering as the last competitors from the last match-up slowly make their way out of the ring, dragging themselves down the ramp, having put on a hell of a show for the audience. Warped’s 37th consecutive show, Not So Silent Night transitions from ringside to the backstage parking lot where the World Champion Alexander StarrZoë and his friend and opponent for the night Mark “Crowbar” Austin stand against the brisk winds of the Philadelphia winter, their backs to the North Eastern winds, Starr a cigarette in his mouth, which he lights ablaze before handing Crowbar a lighter and a pack of cigarettes, both of the men standing in front of a rented moving truck. “I don’t know what to say man,” Alex says, dragging deep on his cigarette, exhaling the smoke, watching his breath trail out with the smoke, “the broad started the entire thing. She chose the wrong words, at the wrong time…” Crowbar lights his cigarette and looks up toward the burning ember, toward the champion “and she said it in the wrong company” he says, finishing the statement. “You’re God damn right!” StarrZoë declares, “then she decided to do herself one better and keep up with me on Twitter. Then Leon showed up and from there, well, who knows. You’re involved now, so I’m not really sure what the hell is going to happen. I thought it was dangerous when it was just Emily, Leon, and I, but now not only is it going to be dangerous but I’m predicting it’s going to be violently fun as well!”

“I think we should probably get moving on this shit” Crowbar says, motioning towards the van behind them, “we don’t want to be late to the party!” Alexander nods and turns toward the truck, lifting up the rolling door and stepping up into the truck, throwing down his cigarette. “Lets get this show on the road!” Crowbar reaches up, taking a dolly from Starr, who hands them off the truck and then takes up a wheelbarrow from his opponent for the evening’s arms. “Some of the shit is already at ringside, right?” Alex asks, a bit confused as he looks toward the back of the truck, it appears a bit emptier than he originally though. “Excuse me guys!” Kelly Calloway calls out, running up to where Crowbar stands, a microphone in her hand.

Kelly Calloway: “I noticed you guys have been out here for a while and I really want to know what you two were up to, especially since you’ll be opponents tonight for the World Championship, why are you working together?”

Crowbar shrugs his shoulders, throws his cigarette to the ground, and takes the microphone from Kelly’s hand.

Crowbar: “It’s really simple honestly Kelly. Alex and I are both very well aware of the fact that we are the two most talented members of the Warped roster; put us together and we’re unstoppable. We’re both also well aware of how talented the other is, so we felt it was only right to pull together our efforts, eliminate Grendel and Cameron, both men unworthy of carrying the World Championship and then, well…may the best man win.”

StarrZoe: “That’s right Kelly, what use is there in Mark and I trying to kill each other early on in the match if there’s a chance someone as untalented as Grendel or Cam is going to take advantage of the situation and get the quick pin? Fuck that! Crowbar and I will take out the trash and then treat these fans to a real wrestling match, pull of real talent. We’re the only reason these people showed up to begin with. Thanks for the questions Kelly, but we’ve got to get going, adios.”

Both men nod and StarrZoë hops out of the truck, pulling forward boxes from the bed of the truck, random and various objects sticking out from the cardboard enclosures. “Lets see here,” Alex comments almost to himself. “Light tubes?” Crowbar asks, “check” replies the champion. “2 lead pipes, one roll of barbed wire, one baseball bat, also wrapped in barbed wire?” Crowbar again asks, as though running through a mental checklist. “Check, check, check, and check! Ooh! Can’t forget one of the most important parts…” Both men turn toward each other, their eyes grow wide in excitement and they blurt out simultaneously; “GAS CANS!!” StarrZoë holds up two plastic cans full of gasoline and places them into the wheelbarrow with the other various weapons the men have mentioned. “Crowbars…Crowbar?” Alex questions jokingly, taking two crowbars from his partner in crime and placing them down in the wheelbarrow as well. “Okay then, time for the wide load…” Crowbar begins, before being cut off by Starr, who has a smirk on his face; “Didn’t realize we had Emily Corlen in this truck. Then again, I don’t think it would be big enough to fit that over-grown bitch.” Both men crack up, climbing into the truck and disappearing for a moment.

“Down on the dolly!” Crowbar calls out, his back toward the camera as he climbs out of the truck first, carrying a large chest of drawers, long ways, Starr obviously on the other end. StarrZoë steps down out of the truck and together; the men place the dresser horizontally down on the dolly. “Christ,” Alex laughs, breathing heavily and lighting up a second cigarette, leaning up against the piece of furniture, throwing the pack toward Crowbar; “just today, I’ve dragged a bed of barbed wire and a chest of drawers out of this damned truck, I feel like I’m moving into a new house.”Crowbar laughs, lighting up a smoke; “you would have to be more twisted in the head than you already are to have a fucked up bedroom set like this, or at least Hannibal Lector.” Alexander nods in agreement; “a few more chair shots to the skull and maybe a bed of barbed wire might start to sound comfortable, who knows. I think it’s just about show time. You grab the dresser, I’ll get the rest of this shit taken care of.” Crowbar nods in agreement and grabs the handles of the dolly. “Tell you what though man,” Alex says, as they walk toward the entrance to the arena; “this old place has been kicking since ’93, tonight may very well be my last opportunity to ever step foot in this building, let alone wrestle in it and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let down the memory of this building and amazing legends that have fought within it’s walls. Every drop of blood and sweat, every tear shed within those walls, I’ll vindicate them all. I’ll make sure, with your help and all the dedication that two men can put into a match, that this place doesn’t go down in vain.”

The scene fades to the arena where Randy Long is prepared to introduce the competitors!

Randy Long: "The following contest is our main event of the evening and it is a 4-Way 30-Minute Ironman Match to be contested under FnX Rules.. and it is for the WARPED Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship!"

The crowd pops.

Randy Long: "Introducing the competitors...

The lights go black in the arena then the arena is flooded with green lights on the stage. As the whistling starts in the opening of Rammstein’s "Engel". Jade steps out from behind the curtain she slides to the right of the stage. The guitars stop pouring out over the PA system and as the lyrics start Grendel steps out from behind the curtain he grabs his left wrist and rolls it twice and then grabs his right wrist and rolls it twice, and then locks his fingers and craks then and rolls his neck twice and starts walking to the ring with a look of determination on his face.

Randy Long: "From Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - he is GRENDEL!"

As Grendel walks to the ring with Jade by his side he pays no attention to the fans and when he gets to the ring ducks under the top rope. As Grendel enters he walks to the center and holds up one fist as the lights go to normal in the arena.

Randy Long: "And from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds.. Cameron MacNichol!"

As "Stranglehold" crunches out over the speaker system, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and she heads to the back, while he continues on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and the fans cheer. Cameron calls for a microphone. As the crowd calms down, Cameron raises the microphone to his mouth.

Cameron: "We're finally at the Not So Silent Night, the last show of the year. And we are just thirty minutes away from finding out if we crown a new WARPED World Champion. This is bound to be a match for the ages, and I'm going to wrestle my heart out. I've got a great feeling that when this is all said and done and the results are in the history books, Achmed will still be a dead terrorist, Ty Cobb will still be the meanest son of a bitch to don a Detroit Tigers jersey, and I will have become the new WARPED World Champion!"

Cameron tosses the microphone away as the crowd erupts into cheers again.

Kris Red: "Well said, Cam!"

Tony D: "Well fans we saw in that video package moments ago that Alexander StarrZoe and Crowbar seem to be unloading a U-Haul with quite a few items. This live crowd is in for a treat. I'm sure they're going to wonder what in the hell is going on."

Kris Red: "This match is gonna be wild. Did you see we have a barb wire Christmas tree by the stage?! Amazing!"

The lights in the building suddenly fade to darkness and smoke fills the top of the entrance ramp, illuminated by a single spotlight. “Been to Hell” by the Hollywood Undead begins to blare over the public announce system. The fans, confused at first by what is unfolding, suddenly stand to their feet, almost everyone in attendance doing so in unison, and cheer at the top of their lungs, almost shaking the very foundation of the old Bingo Hall, as the chorus of the song erupts; “welcome to a world where dreams become nightmares”, Alexander StarrZoë and Crowbar appear at the top of the ramp, Starr pushing a wheelbarrow full past the brim with weapons and next to him, Crowbar is pushing a dolly with a large oak dresser atop it.

Randy Long: "And... finally? Please welcome Crowbar and the WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - Alexander StarrZoe!"

StarrZoë smiles, pointing toward his wheelbarrow as the arena screams in happiness, turning toward the dolly and laughing as the fans cheer again. Crowbar and Alex point toward the side of the building closest to them on the ramp, seeing which side of the building can scream louder. The two men reach the bottom of the ramp and Starr lifts the wheelbarrow, weapons and all under the bottom rope. Alex takes a microphone and raises a hand to silence the arena.

Tony D: “I don’t know if these two got the message or not, but this is not a tag team match. This is a 4 Way, every man for himself Ironman match; only one man can win the World Championship! Everyone in this match must rely only on their own abilities.”

Kris Red; “Yeah, and these two are walking around like the newest celebrity couple! It’s strange. These two are grown men, they need to knock this shit off.

Tony D: “Kris, your mouth has already gotten you in trouble once this month, I suggestion you choose your words wisely.”

StarrZoe has the microphone.

StarrZoe: “Hello Philly! I’d like to thank everyone in attendance for joining me tonight; so far it’s been a wild night. Hell, Emily Corlen is lucky to still be walking. I should have shattered every bone in that bitch’s body. Regardless, the past is the past and now is the present. Between Crowbar and I, I don’t care who you cheer for louder as long as you don’t cheer for these assholes!”

Starr pauses and points toward the ring, motioning toward his opponents Cameron and Grendel.

Tony D: "Speaking of Emily Corlen, from what I understand she should be in an entirely different city by now."

Crowbar takes the microphone from Alex.

Crowbar: “Now, if you’ll excuse Alex and I for a second, we need to do something about this dresser, I’ve moved it around so many times today, All i want to do is smash the shit out of it!”

Alex hands Crowbar a crowbar, Starr taking up one of his own and together the men begin smashing the dresser to bits, while their opponents look on. StarrZoë takes a moment to remove the drawers and shatters the glass in the mirror before kicking and beating on the solid wood with his crowbar, a baseball bat, and anything else solid enough he could get his hands on. Cam and Grendel look toward each other and back at the scene before them as to ask “what the fuck?” before both men shrug their shoulders, climb out of the ring, and attack Starr and Crowbar from behind, Grendel going as far as to lift up StarrZoë by the neck and slam him down on the empty wheelbarrow.

The bell sounds!

Tony D: "Well I guess this one is happening! I'm not sure what they're destroying that dresser for, but they did.."

Suddenly we see the dresser catch on FIRE! Crowbar is the one responsible as he puts away the gas can and tosses the lighter down. Grendel and Cameron look on like "What the hell?!" as Crowbar takes the wheelbarrow with Starr in it and rams it into Cameron MacNichol! MacNichol clutches his legs on the floor as Grendel slides into the ring, wanting no part of the fire. Crowbar slides in the ring, telling Grendel to bring it on! Grendel charges at him, while the fire burns the chest of drawers in the background.

Kris Red: "Holy crap can we get somebody out here with a fire extinguisher?!"

Grendel and Crowbar begin trading punches in the ring, while Grendel begins to get the advantage. At ringside we see a paramedic rush down with a fire extinguisher and begin putting the flames out, but Alexander StarrZoe grabs it from him! In the ring, Grendel backs Crowbar into the ropes, and he wraps his hands around his throat, choking him! StarrZoe hops onto the apron and sprays him in the face with the fire extinguisher!!!

Tony D: "What the hell is going on?!"

Crowbar kicks Grendel in the gut and assists Starr in bringing him through the ropes and onto the apron. Crowbar gets on the apron and now with both men on each side of Grendel, they take him by the throat and toss him into the fire!

Tony D: "Double chokeslam through the flaming dresser!!"

He busts through the dresser and the flames fly. The impact causes what remained of the flames to almost go out but the paramedic at ringside picks up the extinguisher and puts them all out while Grendel lays wasted in the mess!

Kris Red: "Holy crap. Whatever is happening here with Crowbar and Alexander StarrZoe, they just destroyed the biggest man in this match. It looks like the fire has been put out but he's gotta be hurting.."

StarrZoe enters the ring. Cameron MacNichol now comes up from behind and clubs Crowbar in the back, causing him to drop off the apron, and then goes to work on StarrZoe who turns around in time for a kick to the gut by The Dirty Mac. Irish whip.. StarrZoe counters.. Mac hits the buckle and Starr charges in with a shoulderblock to the midsection. Irish whip by Starr.. Cameron runs.. Starr follows.. and Cam stops on the turnbuckle and delivers a back elbow! MacNichol then delivers a hard clothesline and covers!


Kick out!

MacNichol brings Starr to his feet and whips him into the corner but suddenly Crowbar trips him up from the floor. This distraction allows for Starr to charge at MacNichol and hit a quick spinning wheel kick! Crowbar now tosses in a steel chair, a trash can, trash can lid, and he holds up a black crowbar and slides in the ring with it while Starr has Cameron up against the corner, delivering right hands. Crowbar pushes him out of the way and applies the crowbar over the throat of MacNichol, choking the life out of him. Starr pulls Crowbar back and says that it was his turn and Crowbar kicks him in the midsection and drills him over the back with the crowbar weapon! StarrZoe drops to the mat and Crowbar turns back to the weezing MacNichol and takes the weapon and uses the shart end to drive into the forehead of MacNichol and blood begins to gush from his skull. Suddenly StarrZoe with a schoolboy rollup......



Kick out!

Starr now picks up the chair and as Crowbar gets to his feet he cracks him over the head and Crowbar drops to the mat. Starr lays the chair over his body and runs toward the ropes, bounces off, rolls and leaps.. The P3! He impacts onto the chair onto Crowbar but the effect of the chair hurt him as well. StarrZoe gets to his feet while clutching his back.. and he brings Crowbar up.. but here is Cameron with a trashcan lid to the head of StarrZoe, and then to Crowbar! Crowbar drops to a knee and MacNichol nails StarrZoe with another shot and keeps him on his feet, backing him into the ropes and delivering a chop to the chest. He then steps back and charges in with a clothesline, taking the champ over the top rope! Cameron, still with blood pouring from his forehead, then turns his attention to Crowbar who's getting to his feet and he picks up the trashcan and hits him over the head with it! He tosses it down and grabs Crowbar by the head and charges at the trashcan and leaps.. hitting a bulldog, crushing the trashcan! He then turns Crowbar over and covers..



Kick out!

Mac brings Crowbar to his feet and delivers a hard right hand, followed by another and another, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Crowbar hits the ropes and MacNichol follows through with a powerslam! He hesitates going for the cover and instead he gets off of him and grabs a steel chair and holds it into the air as the fans cheer. Crowbar slowly gets to his feet and Cameron smacks the chair off the mat, getting ready. He comes at Crowbar with the chair but Crowbar hits a Superkick, cracking the chair into Cameron's skull! MacNichol drops to the mat and Crowbar looks around outside of the ring and then slides out and grabs a table. He pushes it into the ring and slides in. Crowbar picks it up and puts out the legs and sets the table up in the middle of the ring and then grabs Cameron and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle.

Time Remaining: 25 Minutes

Crowbar climbs up but Cameron fights back with right hands and suddenly a chair gets thrown into the back of Crowbar and he drops down. StarrZoe delivers a right hand to Crowbar and lays him on top of the table then turns back to Cameron and climbs up, but MacNichol continues with the right hands now to Starr and he brings the head of Starr down and lifts him up.. MacNichol leaps off the top onto Crowbar, through the table, with a Piledriver!!!

"Holy shit! Holy shit!"

Starr rolls to the side, out of it, and MacNichol recovers and hooks the leg of Crowbar as the fans are going wild..




Ding ding!

MacNichol: 1
Crowbar: 0
Grendel: 0
StarrZoe: 0

Time Remaining: 24 Minutes

The fans cheer as The Dirty Mac picks up the first pinfall of the match. Cameron MacNichol gets to his feet and it looks as though StarrZoe has rolled out of the ring and is down and out at ringside. He slides out of the ring and looks around at the weapons.. including a bedframe of barbwire, a bag of thumbtacks, a glass pane, some flourescent light tubes, barbwire, chairs, tables, and so much more! He grabs the big pane of glass and gets in the ring with it.

Kris Red: "Oh man that's a huge piece of glass! Its gotta be four feet tall and at least three feet wide!"

MacNichol sets it up against the corner and turns back as Crowbar is pulling the ropes to help himself up. MacNichol stands in the middle of the ring and tells him to bring it on! Crowbar steps forward and the two jaw jack for a moment until they both look to the side and Grendel climbs up on the apron and gets into the ring. They look at each other and then at Grendel, and Grendel charges and takes them both down with a double clothesline!

Tony D: "Despite going through a dresser on fire, Grendel is BACK and he's pissed!"

Grendel brings MacNichol to his feet.. Irish whip to the corner! Crowbar is up and Grendel delivers a hard right hand and goes for an Irish Whip but Crowbar counters and sends Grendel toward MacNichol, who gets both boots up and nails Grendel in the face! The monster stumbles back and turns around into a Standing Sidekick from Crowbar! He now charges at MacNichol who counters into an armdrag. MacNichol gets up and Grendel takes him down with a huge lariat! Grendel turns around and Crowbar comes at him but gets a clothesline as well! Grendel raises his arms in the air and screams out and the fans boo!

Grendel brings Crowbar to his feet and drives his knee into the midsection and backs him up against the ropes.. Irish whip.. Crowbar bounces off the ropes and returns with ELEMENT ZERO! Crowbar nails the Spear Tackle on the big monster!

Crowbar gets to his feet and Cameron MacNichol clotheslines him over the top, going overboard with him! MacNichol gets to his feet and brings Crowbar up, delivering a right hand. He reaches under the bottom rope for a chair but Grendel stomps on the chair and pulls it up then throws it over the ropes at MacNichol, cracking him over the skull! Grendel gets out of the ring and drops a bionic elbow onto the skull of Crowbar! He picks up the chair and holds it in the air. Cameron slowly gets to his feet and Grendel drives it into his midsection. Crowbar gets up and Grendel nails him in the gut as well. Both men double over and suddenly 'HEY YA BIG DUMMY!' is heard and Grendel turns around and into a Roundhouse Kick to the chair from Starr, sending the chair right into Grendel's face! The fans cheer as their hometown hero brings the big monster to his feet and rolls him into the ring. He slides in and puts the boots to Grendel, but Grendel battles through and gets to his feet. Grendel is busted open from the chairshot! Forearm shot from Starr.. He then runs back, hits the ropes and leaps on the big man but gets caught in a BEAR HUG! The big Grendel shakes Starr all around, trying to squeeze the life out of him.

Time Remaining: 20 Minutes

At ringside we see Crowbar has the bedframe of barbwire and he is bridging it from the apron to the barricade.. Meanwhile Cameron MacNichol slides into the ring with what looks to be a car battery and he climbs the second buckle and leaps off, slamming it over the head of Grendel! He tosses the battery down.

The monster drops StarrZoe and goes to one knee. MacNichol grabs a chair and lays it in the middle of the ring and pulls Grendel in for a Piledriver! Grendel pushes him away through, and MacNichol bounces off the ropes and comes at him with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL~! but Grendel ducks it and applies a double chicken wing from behind, lifts Mac into the air and drops down in a seated position, driving Mac's head into the steel chair!

Tony D: "The SWEET RELIEF onto the chair!!"

Grendel with the cover!




Ding ding!

Grendel: 1
Cameron: 1
Crowbar: 0
StarrZoe: 0

Time Remaining: 19 Minutes

Grendel gets to his feet & StarrZoe comes up behind - reverse waistlock - GERMAN SUPLEX onto the chair! He then pulls the chair from under Grendel and lays it on top of him.. StarrZoe then leaps up top and turns around, facing the ring and stands up, keeping his balance as the fans stand on their feet, and he come soff with THE RISING STARR 450 Splash! StarrZoe rolls around, clutching his midsection, but rolls back on top of Grendel..




Ding ding!

StarrZoe: 1
Grendel: 1
Cameron: 1
Crowbar: 0

Time Remaining: 18 Minutes

The fans go wild as StarrZoe is now on the map with one point! He stands up, clutching his midsection after that impact.........

Kris Red: "Oh FUCK!"

Crowbar out of nowhere with a SPEAR!



Crowbar just hit a big SPEAR on StarrZoe, destroying him and sending him crashing through the glass pane set up earlier in the match! He pulls him out of the glass from the corner and covers, the referee hesitating to slap the mat...




Ding ding!

Crowbar: 1
StarrZoe: 1
Grendel: 1
Cameron: 1


Time Remaining: 17 1/2 Minutes

StarrZoe rolls onto his stomach and the camera shows that blood is coming from numerous spots in his back and shards of glass is stuck as he lets out a scream of pain.

Tony D: "Oh my goodness look at Alexander StarrZoe's back! He's got glass STUCK in his back! Oh my God!"

Kris Red: "This is something like we've never seen in WARPED and its for the World Title and rightfully so these guys are putting it all on the line!"

StarrZoe pulls himself up in the corner, every so slowly, wincing the entire way and the pain is obvious based on his facial expression. Crowbar has a chair and he slams it into the back of Starr, causing him to let out a scream!

Tony D: "Crowbar with the steel chair, driving the glass into the back of StarrZoe!"

StarrZoe drops to his knees, reaching back and grabbing his lower back in pain, pulling out the glass amongst the blood.

Kris Red: "ooh wow I'm not sure I've ever seen someone yank glass from their own body.. oh wow.. That's just.. whoa.."

Crowbar then whacks the chair at the back once more, driving the glass even further into the back of StarrZoe! Another scream is let out from the World Champ!

Crowbar brings StarrZoe to his feet and lifts him up, bodyslamming him to the mat. StarrZoe bends up his body upon impact, but Crowbar pushes him back down. He covers, hooking the legs..



STARR kicks out!

Crowbar can't believe it. Cameron MacNichol is coming to in the corner, and Crowbar looks down at Grendel who seems to still be out of it. Crowbar slides out of the ring and grabs a ladder! He folds it up and pushes it in under the bottom rope. Crowbar then grabs another ladder and pushes it under the rope. MacNichol then does a baseball slide into the ladder, causing it to crack the skull of Crowbar! Crowbar goes down at ringside and MacNichol brings the ladder up and sets it up a couple feet from a corner, and Grendel is also getting to his feet and he picks up a ladder and drives it into the gut of MacNichol! He sets the second ladder up a couple feet away from the other ladder and turns his attention to StarrZoe. Grendel brings him to his feet and picks him up into a Firemans Carry. Grendel now turns his back to the ladder he set up and starts slowly climbing up backwards with Starr on his shoulders.

Time Remaining: 15 Minutes

Tony D: "And we've reached the halfway point of this Ironman Match!"

Rung by rung, slowly but surely, Grendel brings Starr higher and higher. Grendel is about seven rungs up and he looks to drive Starr to the mat with a Death Valley Driver perhaps but just then we see Crowbar push a few light tubes in the ring and slide in with one of his own and he destroys the lighttube on the bare stomach of Grendel!!

Tony D: "Oh my GOD!"

The light shatters into a million pieces and Grendel drops StarrZoe, and Starr collapses in the ring. Grendel now leans forward and Crowbar leaps up and brings him all the way down with the KFO!! Crowbar with the cover!




Ding! Cameron MacNichol brings a barbwire BAT onto the back of Crowbar, but not in time to break it up!

Crowbar: 2
StarrZoe: 1
Grendel: 1
Cameron: 1


Time Remaining: 13 1/2 Minutes

Crowbar reaches back and grabs his back with immediately begins to bleed but Cameron isn't done as he takes the barbwire bat and rakes the forehead of Crowbar with the sharp shards of the devastating barbwire!

Kris Red: "It seems now that everyone is seeing RED! Crowbar is getting a little payback from The Dirty Mac after what he did at the star to this match with the crowbar weapon!"

Crowbar screams out and waves his arms trying to get out of this and he punches MacNichol in the face! MacNichol stumbles back and lands on his ass. Crowbar gets to his feet, blood gushing from just above his right eyebrow. He kicks MacNichol in the face and Mac drops down. Crowbar mounts him and delivers repeated right hands, almost fifteen total, before getting off of him and covering!



Kick out! Crowbar brings Cam to his feet and lifts him up, taking him to the ropes and almost tossing him over the top onto the bedframe of barbwire, but Cameron slips out from behind and applies the Cobra Clutch! Crowbar holds onto the top rope and with all his might tries to fight back but Cameron has him in his grasp! But just in time Grendel pulls MacNichol off and pulls MaC in for a powerbomb! He lifts him in the air and is about to throw him onto the barbwire but MacNichol fights back with right hands and drops to the mat. Suddenly StarrZoe comes up from behind with the bat of barbwire and cracks Grendel over the back with it! Grendel turns around, pissed off as shit, and kicks the head of StarrZoe into the nosebleed section and StarrZoe drops to the mat.

Tony D: "Oh my God what a big boot from Grendel!"

Grendel then turns around and MacNichol has the barbwire bat and cracks him over the head with it.. Grendel stumbles back and drops to a knee, and MacNichol drives it into his back! Grendel bends up his back in much pain now.. MacNichol grabs a couple flourescent light tubes and bridges them between the two ladders and brings Grendel to his feet but Grendel delivers a big headbutt and then pulls him down below and lifts him up for a powerbomb onto the flourescent light tubes but Cameron counters into a DDT through them!!!


Kris Red: "What a counter! But I got a feeling that it did damage to Cameron MacNichol too, going through those flourescent light bulbs!"

The formerly long and solid light tubes are now shattered into pieces underneath the bodies of Grendel and Cameron MacNichol. The camera gets a close up of Grendel's face as he's got a piece of light tube stuck in the top of his head and Cameron slowly gets up and he's got glass in his back off of that DDT!! Cameron pulls Grendel away from the ladders and then starts climbing up, looking to do some more damage to Grendel. He is slowly making his way up, but he's now got competition as Crowbar begins climbing up on the other side of the ladder. Cameron shouts 'what the hell are you doing?! he's mine!' and Crowbar looks to want some too.

Kris Red: "This doesn't look good for Grendel.. he's got two guys seemingly racing up a ladder to F him up.."

Tony D: "It'd SEEM that way, but is that what's REALLY happening here?"

Cameron reaches the top first and looks back at Grendel and calls for the elbow drop, but Crowbar punches him in the chest and makes that final climb, then drives the head of Cameron off the top of the ladder. Cameron MacNichol nearly falls to the mat! Meanwhile, Alexander StarrZoe is to his feet and he's climbing the other ladder!

Tony D: "Oh booy, this just got even more dangerous with StarrZoe climbing that second ladder."

Kris Red: "It doesn't matter where these guys land.. there's chairs, barbwire, pieces of table, and glass all over this ring."

Tony D: "Its an all out war-zone!"

Crowbar grabs the head of Cameron MacNichol and calls for the KFO off the top!

Tony D: "Oh my God Crowbar wants to hit the cutter off the top of that ladder!"

Alexander StarrZoe reaches the top of his ladder and it begins to wobble, and he almost loses his balance.

Time Remaining: 10 Minutes

Tony D: "That ladder has taken some damage and its unstable. StarrZoe has to be careful."

MacNichol escapes the KFO and slams Crowbar's head off of the ladder repeatedly as if he was a man posessed. He then hooks the arm of Crowbar around his neck and grabs his pants, looking for a Jackhammer off the top, but Crowbar delivers a headbutt to the side of Cam's head! Cam almost falls off the top! Suddenly Alexander StarrZoe hits a MOONSAULT off the top of the ladder onto Grendel!!

Tony D: "What a high angle moonsault from Alexander StarrZoe!"

This distracts both men as they look down at the impact. Starr reaches down at his leg and pulls out a piece of glassssssss! Starr then lays atop Grendel for the cover..





StarrZoe: 2
Crowbar: 2
Grendel: 1
Cameron: 1


Time Remaining: 9 1/2 Minutes

The hard camera then zooms in on MacNichol and Crowbar, and MacNichol hooks the arm of Crowbar and tries to hip toss him over, but to no avail. He then slaps the spit out of Crowbar's mouth, and slowly places one foot over the top of the ladder, and then another. He reaches around the waist of Crowbar and lifts him up.. POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER DOWN ONTO THE THE BED OF BARBWIRE!!!


Kris Red: "ooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddge.."

Tony D: "............. "

The fans cannot believe what they just saw. The entire building is vibrating from the stomps claps and roar of the fans! Crowbar is caught up in the barbwire, as he landed on the barbwire and barely graced the bedframe which didn't bend much at all. Cameron MacNichol isn't done.. as he leaps off the top with an ELBOW DROP onto Crowbar! The bedframe bends in half and drops off the apron!

Tony D: "Wow! Cameron MacNichol with an amazing death-defying elbow drop!"

Kris Red: "Merry f'n CHRISTMAS! WOW!"

In the ring, StarrZoe has his hands on his head as he can't believe what he just saw.

The referee on the outside rushes into place to check on both men! Cameron managed to dodge the barbwire, but the official is helping pull the barbwire from the flesh of Crowbar. They trim the barbwire and free him from it and the slant of the bedframe still laying on top of the barricade allows Crowbar to roll toward MacNichol, and on top of him....

Kris Red: "Whoa wait just a sec!"

..and the referee starts a count!




Ding ding!

Tony D: "Crowbar picks up another fall! I can't believe that at all but the angle of where he was on the bedframe allowed him to roll off. I don't even think he realizes he just pinned MacNichol.."

Crowbar: 3
StarrZoe: 2
Grendel: 1
Cameron: 1

Time Remaining: 7 1/2 Minutes

StarrZoe looks back at Grendel who begins to stir and then looks over the top rope at Crowbar and MacNichol at ringside, trying to decide which route to go. He turns back toward Grendel who is to his feet now. Grendel comes at Starr but Starr fires back with low kicks to the legs. He runs back to the ropes and comes back into a Samoan Drop from Grendel! Grendel covers..



Kick out!

Grendel brings Starr to his feet.. Irish whip.. Starr counters. Grendel hits the ropes and holds on. Starr runs and Grendel backdrops him over, but Starr holds onto the ropes and lands on the apron. He turns Grendel around and brings his leg up, kicking him in the face. Starr looks back at the open floor then to Grendel and hooks his arm up over his shoulder, and grabs his tights, looking for a suplex to the outside, but Grendel counters it and lifts Starr up and drops him front-first to the floor with a Front-Suplex!

Tony D: "Ooh, what a good counter from Grendel. StarrZoe just got planted on that floor, and that padding isn't very helpful at all in cushioning the impact."

Grendel gets out of the ring and brings StarrZoe to his feet, and StarrZoe is wobbly and dazed. Grendel with the irish whip.. StarrZoe gets sent into the steel steps! Grendel turns his attention to the rubbage behind him as he brings Crowbar up to his feet while Cameron MacNichol slowly crawls on all fours away from it all. Grendel with the irish whip on Crowbar sending him into the barricade back-first! Crowbar grabs his bloody back as he stumbles forward and Grendel leads him up the aisle toward the entrance. Crowbar battles back with an elbow to the midsection but Grendel delivers a knee lift and throws him into the barricade back-first. Crowbar collapses and Grendel pushes his boot into the face of Crowbar, and then face washes him. He does this a second and a third time. Grendel takes a few steps back and runs, hitting a huge face wash/kick to the face of Crowbar, taking him down to the floor.

At ringside, we see Cameron MacNichol pull himself up with the apron, while StarrZoe recovers from the ring step impact. StarrZoe makes his way to the barricade and leans up against it, waving the fans away, and MacNichol sees an opportunity to charge at him, but StarrZoe hits a hip toss on MacNichol, sending him into the chairs in the first row!

Time Remaining: 5 Minutes

Randy Long: "There are only FIVE minutes remaining in this match!"

StarrZoe quickly leaps over the barricade and covers as the referee follows...



Kick out!!

Tony D: "Its crunch time! Crowbar is currently in the lead by one point!"

Kris Red: "And Cameron MacNichol and Grendel have five minutes to pick up two points to at least tie. Come on guys!"

StarrZoe takes MacNichol to his feet and leads him through the crowd. A fan holds up a steel chair and Starr accepts and throws MacNichol head-first into it! The fan goes wild with excitement as StarrZoe high-fives him and then quickly covers MacNichol..



Kick out!

Simultaneously at the entrance, we see Grendel bringing Crowbar to his feet and he sets him up for a powerbomb, pointing to the Christmas Tree made of Barbwire! He lifts Crowbar up and powerbombs him into the tree! The fans shreik as Crowbar collapses and his flesh gets torn apart by the barbwire tree, and it falls on top of him in the process! Grendel tries to remove the tree from Crowbar so he can capitalize but he keeps pricking his hands when trying to move the tree. He then kicks the tree and it barely budges, then he kicks it again and it finally disconnects from the back of Crowbar and Grendel rolls him over and covers..





Tony D: "How in the HELL did Crowbar kick out of that?!"

Grendel can't believe it as he yells at the referee and the ref insists that he kicked out JUST IN TIME!

Grendel is pissed as he brings Crowbar to his feet and slams his face off the side of the stage. Crowbar collapses and Grendel grabs a table off to the side and pulls it in front of the entrance stage. He then grabs Crowbar and puts him on the table and grabs a ladder and sets it up between the entrance and the table and starts climbing.

At the other end we see StarrZoe leading MacNichol to the wall and he tries to whip him into it but MacNichol puts on the breaks, kicks him in the gut and goes for a Jackhammer, but while he's up in the air StarrZoe brings his knees down to the skull of MacNichol, and Starr drops down on his feet. StarrZoe goes for a Roundhouse kick but MacNichol ducks and applies the Cobra Clutch! StarrZoe reaches out to escape! He then brings his boot up and low blows The Dirty Mac, causing him to release the hold! Starr then takes MacNichol and hurls him into the wall! MacNichol flips forward and goes back-first into the wall!!

Tony D: "And the clock is ticking!"

StarrZoe kicks MacNichol and pulls him away from the wall and covers...



Kick out!!

The fans circle around and cheer as StarrZoe looks up at the platform above and then down at MacNichol. He brings MacNichol to his feet and delivers a forearm shot, and another and another and brings him toward a table with a festive Christmas drape over it. He pulls it off and reveals a wood table with multiple flourescent light tubes on top with a pane of glass on top of it!

Kris Red: "You know, that table right there that was once covered in a pretty red Santa Claus drape and now looks to have glass and light tubes on top of it is the reason why this show is called the NOT So Silent Night.. My God!"

MacNichol starts to fight back with a knee to the gut but StarrZoe elbows him in the back of his head and lifts him up, slowly setting him on top of the glass... a couple of the flourescent light tubes shatter underneath just from the weight of MacNichol.. Starr now climbs up the ladder on the wall, making his way to the platform atop.

Meanwhile we see Crowbar is off of the table and Grendel decides to go from the ladder to the top of the entrance set. Crowbar starts climbing the ladder while Grendel stands up on top of the entrance.

Tony D: "In the near two-year history of WARPED, nobody has ever climbed to the top of that entrance set! This is looking to be dangerous!"

Crowbar goes rung by rung, slowly climbing up.. and Grendel allows him to get to the top. Crowbar pulls himself on top of the set and Grendel then puts the boots to him before he can get to his feet. Grendel brings Crowbar up and applies the double chicken wing from behind. He lifts Crowbar into the air for the SWEET RELIEF .. KFO!! Crowbar countsides of the red in mid-move with the KFO on top of the set.........and it COLLAPSES!


The sides implode and there's a big pile of dust.

Tony D: "Oh my GOD! The KFO caused the entire stage to collapse and they're somewhere underneath the rubble.."


Kris Red: "Wait wait, look at StarrZoe!"

StarrZoe lifts his jaw up and realizes its GO-time as he then leaps off the top of the platform, something like fifteen feet up.. and he crashes down on top of MacNichol with the 450 Splash! Glass, lightbulbs, and the table all get destroyed! StarrZoe is on top of Cameron, and the ref counts..




Ding ding!


StarrZoe: 3
Crowbar: 3
Grendel: 1
Cameron: 1

Time Remaining: 30 seconds

Kris Red: "I cannot believe what we just saw!!! The Rising STARR hit from nearly fifteen feet off that second level through Cameron and through the glass, light tubes, and the table. Jesus Christ our savior! Thank you baby Jesus!"

Tony D: "And just under thirty seconds to go in this match and its tied up between StarrZoe and Crowbar!"

Officials are trying to clear up the mess on the entrance area to get to Crowbar and Grendel. They pull away the black curtains and it takes a couple guys to move the posts away and make sure the wrestlers aren't being crushed. PKA steps out to help out.

Kris Red: "That stage collapsed and who knows if they're okay under all of that mess.. this is dangerous business. Wow, how many times have we said that in this match?!"

Tony D: "I really hope they're okay."

PKA, the refs, and paramedics finally pull everything from on top of them and a paramedic checks to see if they're breathing and gives the thumbs up. PKA points and screams "ref! ref!" and he's pointing to the arm that's draped over the body of Grendel.. The referee drops down and counts..




Tony D: "Wait, what happened?"

Kris Red: "Did Crowbar get the three count???"

PKA's jaw drops as he looks at the ref and the ref shakes his head 'no' ..

Tony D: "The time ran out!"

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, the 30 minutes are up! And, due to Alexander StarrZoe and Crowbar both being tied at three each, that means we have a draw - but STILL WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - Alexander StarrrrrZooooooe!"

The fans go wild for their hometown boy! StarrZoe gets to his feet and a referee holds his arm in the air as he's absolutely spent, leaning up against the white wall of the arena. He asks the ref 'is it really a tie??' and when he's told yes, he holds up his hand with all five fingers out. "Five more minutes" he said. The referee shrugs and says he can't do anything. StarrZoe turns to the entrance and heads toward PKA in a very slow fashion. PKA is still in shock as to what's gone on. StarrZoe asks him for five more minutes and PKA shakes his head and says he can't let that happen..

"Crowbar and Grendel are pretty much dead.. you kept your title, its over.."

Starr has no choice but to accept it. An official brings over his World Title and he holds it into the air, clutching his back as he does, and the fans erupt in cheers for StarrZoe. "Who Shot Ya?" hits the PA system as the entire building is rumbling.

Tony D: "Fans, I can't believe what we just saw tonight. This has to be the most devastating match I've ever seen."

Kris Red: "This is why WARPED doesn't go hardcore, we go FnX.. Fuckin' EXTREME! This was Ultraviolence at its best and this was four guys putting it all on the line for the WARPED World Heavyweight Championship. For that, I applaud you all. Damn."

Stretchers are pushed up near the entrance by paramedics.

Tony D: "The paramedics are going to help Crowbar and Grendel out, as you see the stretchers there."

The camera then shows Cameron MacNichol who looks to be out of it too as a few paramedics push a stretcher over to him as well. He's laying on his stomach on the cold floor now, while his back is covered in glass, but more blood than anything.

Kris Red: "Yeah, let's get Cameron some help too.. wow."

StarrZoe kneels down at the stage area with the World Title over his shoulder and puts his hands together, bowing and thanking everyone surrounding him.

Tony D: "WARPED fans, its been a great year. We'll see YOU in 2012!"

StarrZoe gets to his feet and hops over the barricade, hugging the sea of fans, and the camera focuses in on that as the show fades out...