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The white walls of familiarity greet the viewers.

They hear the hum of the electronics, catch the shine of the wax in the hallways, smell the Lysol - it hangs heavy in the air. A hospital at night isn't glitzy, it isn't glamorous.

Honestly, it sucks.

A nurse is at her station, she's talking to a patient. 

Nurse: I told you to keep it down. If Mr. Johnson's heart rate gets elevated I might have to come in and break it on up.

The camera hangs low on the patient she's talking to, but honestly if you haven't figured out who it is by now you haven't been paying much attention to the UTA recently. 

It moves up slowly. There's Air Jordan slip on sandals, there's a huge bathrobe - one that gives the Dude, el Duderino, a run for his money. There's a pair of black athletic shorts, baggy and loose. There's a blue short sleeved button up, patterned with something trendy that hangs open. It shows off some gauze right around the man's lung.

The camera finds the back of the head, there's a hand there rubbing a neck. Old habits and all that jazz.

The man turns, confirming what you already knew, his identity. 

It's Will Haynes.

Haynes: Understandable. I'll make sure things don't get too outta hand. Thanks.

He knocks his hand on the desk, Frank Underwood style and heads slowly to his room. He's a bit hobbled. He doesn't press himself. The camera follows him.

He gets to his room. The door is closed. He opens it and the camera follows him inside.

The TV up on the wall is off but a flat screen LCD has been wheeled in. A cable box has been hooked up. A mishmosh of patients of all sorts crowd around, sitting in wheelchairs, sitting on folding chairs, sitting on an empty bed in Haynes' room. 

The ragtag group has drinks, food. Their small talk isn't heard well by the camera. 

From the corner Coleslaw nods his head at Will.

Will heads over and slumps into his hospital bed. He pulls a blanket over himself. He motions for a cup from Slaw, Slaw hands it to him.

Haynes: Did I miss anythin', b?

Slaw: Nope, just startin' t' get good.

Both men turn their attention back to the LCD TV catching a brief glimpse of themselves before the picture transitions to the next part of the show.