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Show opened to a re-cap of the participants of the next Meltdown card, as well as the announcement of four new teams. The teams are: Queen Bee Kristen & Texas Kid, Rage & Falcon, Boston Stranger & Dave Hendrix, Scotty Cool & Black Quicksilver.


Boston Strangler vs. Machina

In his fWo debut, The Boston Stranger dominated Machina, who was dressed as "Machina Manhood". The Strangler finished Machina with a powerbomb and a cover, then piledrove Rudo to the canvas, who was dressed like porn star Jenna Jameson.

Result: Boston Strangler by Pinfall


Cactus Jon & Jackhammer vs. Ultra Violet & Chris Universal

Two teams for the upcoming Meltdown show met, with Ultra Violet and Chris Universal obviously uncomfortable with the arangement. After the bell rang, Universal and Jon brawled, followed by a tag to Jackhammer, who caught Universal with a stiff lariat. Universal tagged in Ultra Violet, who jumped over the top rope, declaired himself the winner, and left the arena. Ultra Violet seemed confused about the rules of the match, and thought that this match was the Meltdown main event, and that jumping over the top rope would allow him to win the title. A very worried Universal left the ring, thinking about how this train of thinking could effect his team's chances on Friday.

Result: Cactus Jon & Jackhammer by Count Out


Dude vs. Shane Austin

The Dude, making his fWo debut, easily put away Shane Austin who mocked him in the opening moments of the match. The Dude looked in a side suplex, then covered Austin for the victory.

Result: Dude by Pinfall


Flying Frenchie vs. Queen Bee Kristen

After a back and forth match between both, Melissa Smalls entered the ring and attacked the Flying Frenchie, giving him the DQ victory over Melissa. An angry Kristen swore revenge for later in the night.

Result: Flying Frenchie by DQ


Jim Dudley & David Spencer vs. Scott Slugger & Rudo

Dudley and Slugger spent most of the match in the ring, while Rudo wandered around outside looking for Machina, and David Spencer walked into the crowd to sign autographs to anyone who would accept one. Both men brawled to the outside of the ring, earning the no-contest, and speculation that Jim Dudley would meet Scott Slugger in a title match later was made.

Result: No Contest



Heaven's Demons and the Dark Riders are seen in the backstage area making some form of agreement for the match this Friday at Meltdown.


Melissa Smalls vs. Sid Snow

Smalls had no trouble getting Snow into a submission hold, but Queen Bee Kristen entered the ring and attacked Snow, giving him the victory. Smalls warned Kristen that the match Friday would be her last.

Result: Sid Snow by DQ


Scotty Cool (c) vs. Billy James

Scotty Cool arrived at the ring with a bowl of M&Ms, which at once were spilled all over the ring when Billy James lands a drop kick onto Scotty Cool. Cool becomes enraged, shouting, "I hate you! I'm finding something else!" and stomps some M&Ms into the mat while slipping on others. Cool then turned his rage to James, who was caught in the Scotty Dropper for the pinfall.

Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall


Austin Davis & Stevie Roberts vs. War & Dark Angel

Functioning surprisingly well as a team, Davis and Roberts used quick tags to take the advantage on War and the Dark Angel, who seemed to get into an arguement on the outside. Davis gets Roberts to climb on his shoulders, and launches himself at the two men, landing a plancha onto the ring floor. Roberts grabs War, rolls him into the ring, and covers him for the pinfall. As Davis and Roberts left the ringside area, Darkness arrives and begins to insult War, which brings out Pestilence. All four men argue as the show goes off the air.

Result: Austin Davis & Stevie Roberts by Pinfall