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Show opened to clips of the final Revenge Road Tour, and how the world title was lost in the cage match, and how Stevie Roberts tricked Death and the Four Horsemen. It was then announced that the Dark Riders, Jon and Stevie Roberts were all in the arena tonight.


Ice vs. Surgeon

In a very short match, Ice debuted and made short work of the Surgeon. Standing from the entrance ramp were the rest of the Punisher Squad, who watched Ice easily win.

Result: Ice by Pinfall


Briana vs. Queen Bee Kristen

Briana seemed to get the upper hand, but after she delivered a spinwheel kick VL Tha Murdera arrived on the scene and attacked Briana with a lead pipe. Queen Bee Kristen and VL tha Murdera attacked Briana until security arrived and seperated them, and Briana was carried away by the fWo medical staff.

Result: No Contest


Ultra Violet Interview

Ultra Violet seemed distracted during the interview, and made little sense. As Chris Finn asked Ultra Violet what was in store for him next, a large purple bouquet of roses arrived for him. Ultra Violet attempted to run backstage to try to get further information, but ran outside by mistake, where he was swamped by fans wearing 'Ultra Violence' t-shirts.



Destroyer vs. David Spencer

The Destroyer, angry at recent developments made short work of the British wrestler. After the match, a steel satchel was delivered to the ring, but as the Destroyer looked inside the case was empty. David Spencer meanwhile raised his arms in victory, as if he were the winner.

Result: Destroyer by Pinfall


Dark Riders Arrive

The Dark Riders arrive at the arena angry. War and Famine challenge Stevie Roberts and a partner of his choosing to a match the next week at Wednesday Warfare. Death then announces that he has a surprise in store for Roberts from his past.


Barry Bladerth vs. Fear

After an intense match of back-and-forth action, Barry Bladerth locked in the ankle lock submission hold, causing Fear to tap out. As the ref called the submission victory, Markus Cairn and Judge Steel ran to the ring to attack Bladerth, who escaped through the crowd. The crowd waved Chameleon masks at Steel and Cairn, which were given out before the show.

Result: Barry Bladerth by Submission


Scotty Cool Interview

Scotty Cool was interviewed regarding his victory in the Internet Title match. Cool talked about his future plans, but was interupted by VL, who appeared on the Travis-tron. VL talked about how she was going to win the match by any means necessary. Stevie Roberts then came out, and told Scotty Cool that he would return the favor and make sure nobody interfered in his match with VL.


Machina & Black Quicksilver vs. Rage & Flying Frenchie

The two unlikely teams brawled in and out of the ring, with Rage and the Flying Frenchie getting the upper hand because of better teamwork. Machina tosses a chair into the ring, but misses an attack on the Frenchie. Rage picks up the chair and goes after Machina, earning his team the DQ. After the match the Black Quicksilver piledrove Machina into the concrete, and once again demanded a title shot.

Result: Machina & Black Quicksilver by DQ


Commissioner Travis Interview

Scenes are shown of Cactus Jon beating Jim Dudley for the World Title at Extreme Measures. Travis comes out and makes two announcements. First, the next house show series would be called Summer Heat, and begin June 19, this Friday. Next he announced that Numbered Days would take place June 26, and feature a lethal lottery drawing for an as yet undisclosed prize.


Falcon vs. War

The Falcon easily put away War, who was distracted by the crowd and Roberts, who watched from the second balcony. The Falcon trapped War in a cross face submission hold, and War tapped out.

Result: Falcon by Submission


Cactus Jon vs. Jim Dudley

Cactus Jon and Jim Dudley at once went after each other, proving no love was lost between the two wrestlers. As neither man seemed to gain the advantage, Austin Davis arrived at ringside to watch. As Jim Dudley tossed Jon to the outside, Davis attacked Jon, drawing the anger of Dudley. All three men brawled on the outside, requiring security to seperate the three. As the three men were restrained, Travis arrived and announced that the three would fight in a chain match.

Result: No Contest