FWO: EXTREME MEASURES 1998 - 05/29/1998

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FWOChris: Hello everyone, and welcome to the giant event of May, Extreme Measures! I


Flying Frenchie vs. War

FWOMatt: Ladies and gentlemen, we here at the fWo are proud to present to you, Extreme Measures! Once again I

Result: War by Submission


Great Waru vs. Machina

FWOMatt: Coming to the ring at this time, from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Weighing 230 pounds, the Great Waru!

FWOChris: This luchador from Japan is impressive thus far in the fWo. But then man he is facing is making his comeback of over a month out of the ring after the beating he took at the hands of War. He also played a key role in the title match between Death and Dudley.

FWOMatt: And now, from South Korea, weighing in at 180 pounds, making his fWo return, Machina!

FWOJames: Machina with a long history of sticking his nose where it doesn

Result: Machina by Pinfall


Bloodthirsty Briana, Melissa Smalls, and Queen Bee Kristen vs. Falcon, Rage and the Dark Angel

FWOChris: Now, for our next match we have heard that it will be a 6 man elimination-style match. The remaining two members in the ring will face each other at our next event to determine who will get a shot at the Internet title. Needless to say, it raises the stakes considerably.

FWOMatt: Coming down to ringside first, Bloodthirsty Briana, Melissa Smalls, and Queen Bee Kristen, the Wrestling Conglomerate!

FWOJames: Those women are just twigs!

FWOChris: Those women are as dangerous as they come, and I

Result: Briana and Rage by Survival


Scotty Cool vs. Pesilence

FWOMatt: Coming down the aisle, from Fort Bragg, NC, weighing 278 pounds, Scotty Cool!

FWOChris: This one should be interesting. Scotty Cool to face Stevie Roberts, who has had some trouble in recent days. Scotty trying to be a friend to Stevie, while the Dark Riders continue to assault him at every turn.

FWOJames: Well, if Pestilence would know his role he would be better off. Death has to keep him in line.

FWOMatt: And his opponent, from Newark, New Jersey, weighing 245 pounds

Result: Scotty Cool by Pinfall


VL Tha Murdera vs. Destroyer

FWOMatt: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is a $2,000 challenge match from the Destroyer! Coming down the aisle, carrying with him a sack of cash in the amount of $2000, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 277 pounds, Rick Anderson, The Destroyer!

FWOChris: This is one should be interesting, as $2000 is at stake here. The Destroyer must be fairly confidant.

FWOMatt: And now, representing the Wrestling Conglomerate, from Ghetto, weighing 106 pounds, VL Tha Murdera!

FWOJames: She

Result: Destroyer by Pinfall


Scott Slugger vs. RottDog

FWOMatt: Introducing now, from Cooperstown, NY, weighing in at 248 pounds, Scott Slugger!

FWOChris: Scott Slugger making his way to ringside, he was originally supposed to face Rottdog, who has decided to go into training and was unable to compete tonight. He has agreed to face a mystery opponent here tonight.

FWOJames: Well, it

Result: Scott Slugger by Count Out


Chameleon & Total Eclipse (c) vs. NXS

FWOMatt: The following match is for the fWo Tag Team Titles! It is a no-DQ, falls count anywhere match! Introducing first the challengers

Result: Chameleon & Total Eclipse by Pinfall


Ultra VIolet (c) vs. Chris Kidman Jr.

FWOMatt: The following match is for the fWo Cruiserweight Championship! Making his way to ringside, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 200 pounds, Chris Kidman!

FWOChris: A good friend of Jim Dudley and Austin Davis, Chris Kidman is set to show us today why he is a main event wrestler.

FWOMatt: And his opponent, from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, weighing 239 pounds, the fWo Cruiserweight champion

Result: Ultra VIolet by Pinfall


Austin Davis (c) vs. The Ripper

FWOChris: Folks, the cage is set up, with the entire ring completely enclosed in steel and this one is for the Internet Title. Now, the steel cage separates people from the outside from getting in, and the only way we can have a winner is by pinfall or submission.

FWOMatt: Making his way to ringside, representing the Family, from parts unknown, weighing 302 pounds, Jack McGraw, The Ripper!

FWOChris: The Ripper here to take on Austin Davis, and this one is going to be very ugly. With both men trapped inside the cage, anything can happen.

FWOMatt: And coming down the aisle, from Fear, Illinois, weighing in at 250 pounds, the fWo Internet Champion

Result: Austin Davis


Jim Dudley (c) vs. Cactus Jon

FWOScott: That leaves only one match, and it

Result: Cactus Jon