Posted by Rumor Man Stan

It's been rumored that the UTA had been in talks with a certain former masked superstar to try and repair bridges between the two parties.

I am being told as of today, that effort is no longer a priority after the former superstar went on a Twitter tirade this morning. While the UTA was not specifically mentioned, many superstars were taken aback by the tweets.

One superstar in particular, Machine manager Mike Best, publicly responded on Twitter to the vicious, uncredited, and unneeded attacks. While his choice of language was not that approved by the head office, there seems to be no punishment coming his way.

I reached out to James Wingate's office and only received a prepared statement.

"It's unfortunate that we could not rebuild that bridge, but it's time to move on. A good cause brought both parties back together, but one man's ego tore it all back down.

We hope that in time this superstar gets help, as he clearly needs it. But until then, our corporate views are that we continue to move forward and let those who want to create their own bitter realities do so on their own."