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You open the DVD of WARPED 21 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.

The show fades in as we see "January 7, 2011 - Richmond, VA" on the bottom right of the screen.




The Movement In-Ring

The Raceway complex in Richmond is of course outside and the crowd is scarce but nevertheless they are here and ready to go!

The scene fades in to three men walking into the ring with plenty of boos from the crowd here in Richmond. First- PKA, with the Evolution Championship over his shoulder. Second - Crowbar, with his newly won World Heavyweight Championship. Crowbar walks around the ring and over to the announce table, he pulls out a rather thick envelope and hands it to Kris Red while saying "sorry about the car". Finally, and a little further back, is Korrupt, who walks up the steps and enters the ring. PKA requests a microphone and they stand in the ring, PKA and Crowbar side by side, with Korrupt standing behind them.

PKA: "While it might be cold as hell outside, things just got a whole lot hotter. The Movement has arrived in Richmond, Virginia!"

PKA smiles as the fans boo.

PKA: "Sit your asses down and shut the hell up!"

"You Suck" chants fill the venue.

PKA: "Look, we don't have all the time in the world to be out here, so let's get this thing done with."

PKA looks to his side at Crowbar, and glances back to Korrupt, and back to Crowbar, and both men nod.

PKA: "None of you saw it coming, did you? What a bunch of fools you are. You're now looking at the most powerful group in WARPED Wrestling - and the ONLY group in WARPED Wrestling. And that's how it'll stay. I am now your new Evolution Champion, but the big news of the new year is that our boy Crowbar here is the NEW World Champion!"

"SwitchBlade!" chants fill the Complex. Crowbar looks smug out at the fans. PKA holds his hand up with his index finger extended.

PKA: "Youuuuuuuuur... attention please... please. Allow me to hand the microphone over to the man you all want to hear from. Its Crowbar, bitches."

PKA hands the microphone over to Crowbar.


The Crowd Boos and starts a "Switchblade" chant once more.

Crowbar: "Ah I love that reaction, you're all still a bunch of matter where I go, i'm surrounded in arenas by idiots. Switchblade lost, guys, he lost to me, he lost to the better competitor, he lost....well, everything."

Crowbar holds up the belt

Crowbar: "The Movement is here, your World Champion and Evolution Champion are both standing in this ring right now...along with Korrupt. We've taken your preciously loved WARPED titles and we've decimated anyone who's stood in our way. Now, on your fuckin' knees for the champions."

Crowbar holds up PKAs hand along with his World Title.

Crowbar: "So old Switchblade has invoked his rematch clause tonight eh? Fair enough. He'll lose again. Simple as that. But enough about that, I think I said enough during the week. I wanted to publicly apologize to one of the greatest commentators in this business today, Kris Red down there. I ruined his car when i destroyed Malik Logan, and for that sir, I apologize. Tony D, you're still a spineless idiot."

PKA laughs and throws up the 'peace' sign to his old pal Kris Red.

Kris Red: *laughing* "Ya hear that, Tony D? I got apologized to AND got an envelope full of something..hope its money.. oh and you're a spineless idiot. His words, not mine."

Tony D: "I heard that.."


PKA has the microphone once more.

PKA: "I couldn't have said it better myself, Cr.."

Korrupt taps PKA on the shoulder and puts his hand out. PKA looks down at the hand, and up at Korrupt. Crowbar looks at PKA to see what he's going to do. PKA smiles and shakes the hand of Korrupt and then releases and hands him the microphone.

Korrupt: Does anyone want to tell me what the FUCK is going on...?!

The fans give Korrupt a mixed reaction as PKA and Crowbar look at him confused. Korrupt digs his left hand in his hair and claws it down to his face.

Korrupt: Last could've told could've atLEAST...mentioned that you would take the belt from Switchblade, and then you could've TOLD ME...that you were going to take the Evolution Championship...

PKA mouths an apology to Korrupt. Korrupt looks at the canvas, shaking his head.

Korrupt: You know that kinda info could've gotten be prepared. I didn't bleed all over the freakin' ring for you to take up the scraps. That was my artwork, and YOU've committed plagiarism!

Korrupt slowly raises his head with an angry glare.

Korrupt: I don't know what the fuck you and PKA had planned, but I'll be damned if I'm the third wheel of an idea I HELPED create. And I'll be DAMNED if I let YOU...hold the belt I should be holding!!! I made Switchblade bleed, I made Rough Ryder bleed, I'M THE ONE WHO HAS THE SCARS--LOOK AT ME!!!

Korrupt beats on his forehead, the cuts on his face bleeding slowly as PKA tries to calm Korrupt down. Crowbar watches on, rolling his eyes at him.

Korrupt: Do you mean to tell me I got turned into a fucking burger so you and Crowbar could hold belts while I sit in the locker room and accept it?! Give me one good reason WHY I shouldn't open you up? Give me a reason why I shouldn't gut you and use your skin as a fuckin' Snuggie?!

PKA looks on and holds his arms up, Crowbar walks up to him, but PKA stops him short. Korrupt looks at PKA, his eyes not budging.


Suddenly "Headstrong" by Trapt hits and out walks the President of WARPED Wrestling, Joey Matthew, much to the surprise of everyone in the ring. Joey makes his way toward the ring and walks up the steps and gets into the ring. He grabs a microphone and begins to speak as his music drops.

Joey Matthew: "Hold on just one minute. PKA, who in the hell do you think you are?"

PKA's jaw drops as if he wants to say something but doesn't know what to say...

Joey Matthew: "And you, Crowbar. You just handed the Evolution Title to PKA and you suddenly think that clears you of that title, that quite honestly, you never even officially won?"

PKA: "He DID win it. It's official."

Joey Matthew: "Okay, but what about you? At least CROWBAR had a match for his title. Annnd... remind me again who you beat at The Not So Silent Night?"

PKA smiles nervously.

PKA: "Look..."

Joey Matthew: "No, you look. I realize you've got a tag team match coming up next, so you can't possibly defend the title tonight - but if you don't put that title up for grabs at the next show then you will be stripped of it. I will not have the championships being handed back and forth between friends like they don't mean a thing. So PKA, figure out how to fix this. All of you, get it together."

Joey hands the microphone back to Randy Long and heads out of the ring, leaving The Movement in the ring as "Headstrong" plays again. All three men talk off mic in a huddle as Joey makes his way to the back.



Tag Team Match
Seth Owens & Cameron MacNichol vs. Korrupt & PKA w/Crowbar

Owens and MacNichol make their way to the ring as Crowbar stays at ringside.

Here's how the match went..

Seth Owens and PKA start it off as both men have had some heat on Twitter as of late and recent interactions backstage. They lock up and Owens whips PKA away. PKA comes off the ropes, Owens tries a hiptoss but PKA blocks and tries one of his own and Owens blocks and kicks him in the face, then catches him with a monkey flip out of the corner. Korrupt tries to get involved, but the ref stops him. Meanwhile, MacNichol and Owens then doubleteam PKA and take turns splashing him in the corner. Owens spinkicks PKA and MacNichol covers for 2. PKA goes to the eyes as the crowd boos and he gets a warning, but doesn't care. PKA tags in Korrupt, but MacNichol with a series of rights, a clothesline, and a clothesline and then whips Korrupt to the corner and catches him coming off the ropes with another clothesline. Korrupt reverses a whip and clotheslines MacNichol, and Korrupt starts putting the boots to him. Korrupt rams MacNichol into the corner and tags PKA in, and PKA lays in a few shots and then tags back out to Korrupt, who delivers a Cobra clutch suplex, followed by a kneedrop for 2 count. Korrupt yells at the referee and PKA reaches in and tags himself back in again and he continues working MacNichol over in the corner, but MacNichol comes out of nowhere with a springboard tornado DDT and makes the hot tag to Owens. Owens comes in and gets a straight kick to Korrupt's jaw, suplexes MacNichol onto Korrupt, then hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Owens slams Korrupt and hits a standing Shooting Star Press and covers.. 1.. 2 count. All four men are in the ring and MacNichol goes out to the floor with PKA as Korrupt hits a spinebuster on Seth Owens for 2. PKA has laid out MacNichol and comes in to assist Korrupt. Korrupt holds Owens, PKA misses the Superkick and hits Korrupt. Owens dropkicks PKA and rolls Korrupt up for 2. Owens gets up and PKA hits a running Yakuza kick, taking him out of the ring. MacNichol comes in the ring and charges Korrupt, but Korrupt counters into a DDT / Guillotine Choke and MacNichol taps to the D.I.E.

PKA and Korrupt celebrate and Crowbar enters and pats both on the back and the three members of The Movement pose.



Scene opens up in a locker room with Kelly Calloway and the Family which is Maverick and Jade and Grendel.

Kelly Calloway: I am here with Grendel and the Family, Grendel can I get a few words with you about your match tonight with Jeremy Filth.

Grendel: What about tonight I have a match against a waste of human life a man that needs drugs to get by what a sad life that is, but since you are asking Kelly I am not going bother with this what you should be asking is what is the star I am going to put out of WARPED tonight.

Kelly Calloway: Well who is it?

Jade: Now Kelly that would be ruining the surprise for tonight now you wouldn’t want to do that you I know you wouldn’t want to cross us now would you.

Kelly Calloway: No.

Grendel: Now this goes out to Jeremy you want to dance you sack of shit we can, but I am only going to warn you once you will not be speared you want to mix it up with us then you will pay like the rest and tonight we are going to prove that I am the one and only true HEEL! In this place and I bring the most heat!

Maverick: Now Kelly tonight we make our move to being one of the most feared people in this shit hole. So tonight we lit a fire that will change the face of WARPED!

Scene ends as the three of them leave the locker room leaving Kelly alone in the room


Grudge Match
James Silkk vs. L.D.K.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The lights go out, as a rhytmnic chanting is heard over the PA System, and a hard rock guitar intro is heard is heard-as blue strobe lights flicker throughout the arena. The arena goes dark and silent, as blue strobe lights flicker around the stage-and “Nothing Sacred" by Memento hits the PA system. James Silkk steps out onto the stage and turns his back to the ring. He throws his arms out-and yells, arching his back before turning around. The fans have somewhat of a mixed reaction as he heads down the ramp. He poses on the ropes as the music fades out and he waits for his opponent.

Randy Long: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at Two Hundred and Nine Pounds...he is The Abstract...James Silkk!

Then snap. Bass. Then snap echo throughout the event area. Suddenly the chorus of the instrumental "Drop the World" by Lil Wayne plays over the event area. The spotlight shines on L.D.K. who splits the curtains apart, like Moses did the red sea. The light glimmers off of his oiled, muscled and inked body as he walks down the ramp way. He gives a couple of fans a quick high five and jumps up on the stairs. He climbs on the apron, and into the ring. He gets on the top rope and raises his arms in the air as if he were going to be sucked into Heaven by the spotlight shining on him- and only him.

And his opponent, from Compton, California, weighing in at Two Hundred in Twenty Two pounds...L.D.K!

L.D.K hops off the turn buckle and immediately gets in the face of James Silkk. The two begin to mouth off to each other before LDK face palms Silkk and shoves him away. Silkk angrily responds with a hard right to the head of LDK followed quickly by another. LDK recovers quickly and fires off a few hard rights of his own. The two exchange punches for a moment before the larger LDK starts to get the upper hand and backs Silkk into a corner. LDK continues to pound away until Silkk drops into sitting position in the corner where LDK proceeds to begin stomping him. Finally the ref intervenes and forces LDK to back away.

Silkk makes it back to his feet as LDK pushes the ref away and charges. Silkk regains his awareness and quickly counters with a drop toe hold that sends LDK's head into middle turnbuckle. Silkk quickly pops back to his feet and before LDK can recover he's hit with a stiff MMA style kick to the ribs courtesy of James Silkk.

LDK falls over clutching his ribs and Silkk pulls him towards the center of the ring before covering for the 1...2..kick out by LDK. Silkk pulls LDK back to his feet and stuns him with a quick chop before hooking the hooking the head. LDK tries to fight out of the predicament with right hands but LDK puts and stop to it with a hard knee to the abdomen. Silkk goes for a snap vertical suplex and succeeds, he keeps the head locked and rolls his hips to lift LDK up for another successful suplex. Again he rolls through and keeps the head locked setting LDK for a third suplex. He stalls it and LDK slips out and the last moment, landing behind Silkk. Silkk quickly spins around only to nearly have his teeth knocked by a hard super kick from LDK. LDK covers for the 1...2..and Silkk gets his shoulder up.

LDK looks slightly frustrated at not getting the pinfall but shrugs it off and runs to the ropes. Silkk staggers up and LDK blindsides him with a huge lariat. LDK covers and hooks the legs for the 1...2..Silkk gets his shoulder up at the last possible momemt. LDK can't believe it..

LDK grabs Silkk by the hair and pulls him up before doubling him over with a hard kick to the gut. LDK hook's Silkk's legs and signals for the Conviction. However right before he hits the potentially match ending move Silkk powers out with and impressive back body drop. Silkk hits the ropes and as LDK rolls over onto his knees Silkk comes off and nails him in the ribs with a running drop kick. LDK clutches his ribs and rolls over onto his back as Silkk hits the rops and comes off the top rope with a fluid looking lionsault. He hits it and holds for the cover for the 1...2...LDK get the shoulder up.

Silkk gets up breathing heavily and looks down at LDK before looking over at the turnbuckles. He quickly stomps LDK in ribs to keep him down before running to the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top, turns to face the crowd and flies with his signature Reverse 450 splash, The Long Forgotten. Just before he connects however LDK gets his knees up and Silkk crashes into them sternum first.

Silkk rolls out of the ring as LDK groggily makes it back to a standing position. He looks over at Silkk on the outside and quickly runs to the ropes only to sling shot over to the outside and crash into Silkk sending them both into the barricade. The ref begins to count as the crowd brakes into a “Holy Shit!” chant.

The ref begins a 10 count as both men are on the outside...1...

LDK gets to his feet and brings Silkk up with him and slaps him in the face.


Silkk pushes LDK away but LDK comes at him with a big kick to the side of his face!


Silkk drops to a knee and LDK backs up and charges in with a knee but Silkk ducks, stands up and pushes LDK face first into the steel post!


Silkk grabs the apron and pulls himself up and begins to climb up it.


LDK gets his wits about him and goes after Silkk, grabbing his leg, but Silkk kicks him in the face with the other, causing LDK to stumble back to the barricade.


LDK is pissed as he reaches over the barricade and pushes a fan out of the way and takes his chair. LDK folds it and tosses it at the back of Silkk, causing him to drop off the barricade! The crowd 'OOOH's' and the referee calls for the bell! Silkk lays on the floor clutching his back as the fans boo and LDK stands over him. He looks out at the fans with not a care in the world and turns his back on Silkk and walks toward the aisle way entrance. Boos erupt as this match was just ruined by a blatant disqualification!

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen the referee has informed me that due to a disqualification, your winner is James Silkk!"

Nothing Sacred by Memento plays as Silkk pulls himself up using the apron and looks around for LDK, only to spot him briefly before he heads through the ropes. The fans cheer for Silkk as the scene fades out..



Backstage Assault

The cameras open as we see Austin Sanders telling the camera man to hurry up as we see a crowd of people and they are assisting someone down on the concrete. The camera man gets a shot of the person laid out and it's none other than Chad Santana and he is bleeding from his forehead! A fork is laying next to him and it's got blood on it. What is going on?!




Kelly Calloway is standing by with President Joey Matthew.

Kelly Calloway: "President Matthew, you requested a brief camera time. What's on your mind?"

Joey Matthew: "Well Kelly that's right. I wanted to first of all thank everyone for their support over the last 10 months and remind everyone that we will be celebrating our 1 year Anniversary on March 6th live from Chicago Ridge, Illinois, the place where it all began. So make sure you visit our website for more information. But what I'm really here for now is to announce the Top 5 for December. You will see them scrolling on your screen now of course. Congratulations to Jeremy filth at number 5, Chad Santana at 4, Cameron MacNichol at 3, SwitchBlade at 2, and once again holding steady at the number one spot is the new World Champion, Crowbar!"

5. Jeremy Filth, 4. Chad Santana, 3. Cameron MacNichol, 2. SwitchBlade, 1. Crowbar

Joey Matthew: "Now normally the number one spot would get a title shot of their choosing but obviously with Crowbar, that's already taken care of. But speaking of title shots I do want to congratulate Jeremy Filth as being the first ever winner of a Twitter contest when he recently was correct in guessing the entire Top 5. He has earned himself a title shot of his choosing so congrats to him. Now Kelly, I've got some work to take care of, like some new signings, perhaps some old faces, so excuse me. Thank you."

Joey smiles and steps away as Kelly Calloway smiles back.


FnX Match
Jeremy Filth vs. Grendel w/Jade & Maverick

Here's how the match went:

Jeremy Filth is at a disadvantage as both Jade and Maverick are at ringside but he doesn't care as he goes right to work on Grendel. They have a great back and forth punch-fest. Grendel looks to take control with an irish whip but Filth counters and turns it around and hits a belly-to-belly, followed by a nice kick to the teeth! Grendel rolls out of the ring and Filth follows. Now on the outside, Filth takes control and goes for the irish whip, but gets whipped into the crowd himself! Grendel grabs a chair and uses it on the back of Filth as he tries to escape. Filth rolls into the ring and Grendel follows. Jeremy gets his bearings and is able to take control. He hits a stalling vertical suplex for two, and a glancing big boot. He charges, but Grendel blocks and hits a SPINEBUSTAHH on the chair! Both men down... now they're up and exchanging forearms... Grendel with a headbutt.. a Death Valley Driver follows! Cover.. 2 count. Grendel brings Filth up and applies a Bear Hug but Filth elbows out. Jeremy quick on the recovery with a charging big boot. Grendel up and Filth uses the chair to his back but Grendel stays up. He brings up Grendel but gets hit wit a jawbreaker, allowing Grendel to take the chair and drive it to the midsection. Grendel hits a Powerbomb and covers for the 2. Grendel then goes for a Full Nelson but Filth is resisting. Jade has a chair up on the apron and tries to hit him with it but Jade hits Grendel and he goes down. Maverick in, runs and jumps, but Filth grabs on and hits a Fallaway slam to him over the top rope and into Jade! Both are out as Grendel stirs. Filth hits HEAD TRIP onto a chair and covers for the 3.

Following the match...

Jeremy Filth gets up and smiles as his music plays. He wipes the blood from his eyes and just stands there for a second, soaking in the reaction of the crowd as Grundy makes his way to the back. Finally he motions for a microphone and when when Randy Long brings him one he just stands there again. Finally he opens his mouth.

Jeremy Filth: Grundel's a tough son of a bitch but my day ain't done yet.

Jeremy smile's again as the crowd cheers.

Jeremy Filth: I was supposed to address Seth and Santana and talk about how my Christmas went so to speak but something came up. You see Joey had one more little holiday bonus for me and that was a guaranteed title shot. Now I was going to go after Crowbar, take with me the attention of the world but I decided, nah fuck that. You bet your ass that your loving messiah will get his time in the sun but now ain't the time. Ya wanna no why?

The resounding "yeah" roars from the crowd.

Jeremy Filth: Its because I see the strings the control the system and to me their wrapped in bright neon lights.Crowbar's just a crony. Sure he has the biggest belt right now but that's just so that his master can continue to work behind the scenes while everybody else fall's for the act. No I've decided that I'm going to go after the true King of the Cowards, ol' Mister PK f'n A. And you my wonderful drunken friends are going to help me make sure this fight goes nice and fair because at the next show my it's going to be Jeremy Filth vs. PKA for the Evolution Championship in a lumberjack match and you sick bastards get to be my lumber jacks.

The crowd erupts at the news as Jeremy Filth smiles again and Saliva's "Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll" blasts through the speakers as Jeremy drops the microphone and makes his way to the back.



Rico Calle walks up to Seth Owens who is talking on his cellphone and hangs it up just in time for Rico to come up to him.

Rico: "Sup homie, my name's Rico."

Rico extends his hand and Seth just looks at him like..what the fuck..

Rico: "Sup man?"

Seth shakes his hand reluctantly.

Seth: "Just taking care of some business.. weren't you supposed to wrestle tonight?"

Rico: "Yeah homie but I guess Craig didn't make it so its whateva dawg. Hey you got a little something red on your shirt there."

Seth looks at his shirt at the red stain and looks nervous.

Seth: "Oh uh, was eating a hot dog earlier. Ketchup stain.. let me go clean this. Nice talking to you, uh, Rico."

Seth walks off as Rico stands there, curious.



Main Event - World Title ReMatch
SwitchBlade vs. Crowbar(c)

As Switchblade gets in the ring he goes over to Claire who is in the crowd watching he gives her a hug then looks up into the ring at the taunting Crowbar.Crowbar and switchblade stare at each from across the ring the bell sounds and they rush at each other. The Two fighters meet in the ring and start firing off punches to each other with Switchblade getting the upper hand he punches Crowbar into the corner turnbuckles. Crowbar flops into the turnbuckles and Switchblade grabs him by the back of the head and pulls Crowbar head backwards exposing Crowbars chest and then with a wicked smack Switchblade gives Crowbar a nasty knife edge chop. Crowbar comes walking out of the corner with a dazed a look on his face and then falls to the mat face first Switchblade looks out to the roaring crowd that is loving the fact that their hero is kicking the crap out the villain Crowbar. With the crowd cheering him on Switchblade makes his way to the downed Crowbar as he starts to stir on the floor and then reaches down and pulls Crowbar up by the back of his head. PKA on the outside starts to yell at the ref that Switchblade is pulling the hair of Crowbar the ref ignores PKA and goes back to the match at hand as Switchblade knees Crowbar in the guts and then locks in a surplex and then in a flash sends Crowbar flying to his back as a Switchblade hits a snap surplex.

Switchblade quickly gets to his feet and turns towards Crowbar who is rolling on the mat in pain PKA jumps up on the apron yelling at pointing at Switchblade. Switchblade looks at PKA and flips him off and yells something nasty to him, and PKA’S jaw drops and then PKA grabs the ref and starts yelling at him for what Switchblade said to him again the ref tells PKA to get down and to stay out of the match. As Switchblade turns back to the downed Crowbar his met with a punch to the crotch from Crowbar that doubles over Switchblade Crowbar gets to his feet and then puts Switchblades head in to a headlock and yells out to the fans “So this is your hero” and then drops Switchblade on his head and nasty kick-out style DDT. In a flash Crowbar is to his feet and starts putting the boots to the down Switchblade Crowbar looks out to the crowd and yells to them again” Fuck you all!”Boos ring out from the crowd as Crowbar eats it all up. At this time switchblade is on his knees as Crowbar starts punching Switchblade in the head. Then pulls Switchblade to his feet and in a weakened state Crowbar irish whips Switchblade in to the rope. On the rebound from the irish whip Crowbar hits a powerful power slam the rings out in the arena. With Switchblade in a hurt state Crowbar slowly gets to his feet and looks and at PKA who is clapping and cheering him on and they give each other a thumbs up.

With a mean jerk of the head Crowbar gets Switchblade to his feet and launches Switchblade in to the corner turnbuckle. Crowbar rushes in at him and hits a clothlines on the prone Switchblade and then Crowbar starts to deliver punishing body blows to Switchblade. The ref strats to count and then interjects to stop the strikes with a closed fist. As the ref pushes Crowbar off of Swithcblade who drops to the mat on his hands and knees Crowbar pushes past the ref and starts kicking the downed Switchblade in the ribs. After a few good placed kicks Crowbar rolls Switchblade to his back and then starts dropping knees and elbows to the mid-section of the hurt Switchblade. Seeming that he as this match Crowbar picks up and throws Switchblade out of the ring Crowbar goes over to the ref and starts getting in his way and blocking the ref’s view of PKA who takes this chance to get in a few punches, and kicks of his own on the downed hero of the people. After the damage that PKA has dealt out Crowbar makes his way to the outside of the ring, and gets Switchblade to his feet and again starts throwing punches and elbows to the injured Switchblade Crowbar yells out again to the crowd which is again met with boos. Crowbar measures Switchblade up and rears back to throw a mighty right hand which Switchblade sees coming and throws his left up to block and throws a right of his own which sends Crowbar stumbling backwards to the barrier. Seeing his chance for a little revenge Switchblade moves in on the dizzy Crowbar and sets in a series of his own punishing body blows to Crowbar. Noticing the count the ref is up to Switchblade rolls the hurt Crowbar back in to the ring. As Switchblade slides back in to the ring he goes are back to the attack on Crowbar Switchblades the Crowbar to his feet and then sticks Crowbars head in between His thighs and then lifts him up and locks in the cradle piledriver and with a sicking thud Switchblade drops Crowbar on his head. Switchblade rolls Crowbar to his back and goes for the cover the ref drops for the count ONE….! TWO….! Crowbar throws up his left shoulder.

The ref hops to his feet showing that it was only a two count Switchblade is the first man to his feet and as Crowbar slowly getting his thoughts collected. PKA gets up on the apron and starts’ yelling at the ref, Switchblade goes over to PKA and starts yelling at him to get out of here. Seeing the chance Crowbar gets to his feet and spins Switchblade around and hits the KFO. PKA drops down and starts pointing the refs turns and sees Crowbar on top of Switchblade and starts to count ONE…!TWO…!THR..NO! Switchblade gets his arm up in the last second Crowbar looks confused and rubs his hands in to his face with disbelief Crowbar with rage now setting in gets to his feet and pulls Switchblade up with him and then Crowbar locks a vertical surplex with the blood rushing to Switchblades head Crowbar then drops him down with a angry brainbuster. Sensing the match is over Crowbar goes for the cover again the ref counts again ONE…!TWO…! and again Switchblade kicks outs. PKA jumps up again on the apron yelling at the ref that he is counting to slow Crowbar rolls off to the other side of the ring. As Switchblade slowly gets to his feet to see PKA fighting again with the ref and noticing that Crowbar is speeding at him with a spear Switchblade quickly rolls out of the grabbing the ref as Crowbar slams into PKA who is on the apron. PKA crashes to the ground Crowbar stumbles back and turns where he is met with a kick to the gut by Switchblade who then locks in an implant DDT. After slaming Crowbars head in to the mat Switchblade locks in Enter the darkness and locks it in tights. Crowbar squirms trying to get out, but Switchblade locks in the hold deeper and Crowbars body slowly starts to slow down the ref makes his way over he picks up Crowbars arm and it drops ONE….!TWO…..!

Just as the ref is going for the third time lifting the arm the monster Grendel slides in to the ring and hits Switchblade with a massive big boot. Switchblade lets go of the hold as he flies backward the ref calls for the bell Grendel moves in on the dazed Switchblade throwing his monster lariat at hit and hitting him hard. Switchblades body falls limp to the mat as Jade and Maverick makes their way down to the ring Maverick is carrying a large fuel car of some kind. Grendel grabs Switchblade and throws him into the corner turnbuckle where he starts pummeling Switchblade in the head dropping him to a sitting position. Grendel bounces of the opposite ropes and hits a running face wash on the damaged Switchblade. Maverick enters the ring and hands Grendel a screwdriver which Grendel then uses on the hurt arm of Switchblade digging at the cut from the big barb wire match he had a few weeks ago blood starts to poor out of his arm. Grendel looks out in to the crowd and see’s Claire out who has a frightened look on her face Grendel yells out to her ”Hey sweetie remember me I am the man that taught you to be a woman.”Claire buries her face in her hands as jade goes over to her and pulls her hands down so she can watch as Grendel starts to dig the screwdriver in to the forehead of the fallen Switchblade. As blood is running down the face and arm of Switchblade Crowbar starts to come to seeing Grendel pounding on the head of Switchblade, and seeing PKA starting to get up Crowbar rolls out of the ring and gets with PKA and they both leave ringside.

Grendel looks out of the Crowd and his met with boo’s and trash being thrown at him he just laughs at the fans. Switchblade starts to get to his feet he is a bloodly mess he see’s Jade holding Claire so she can watch this horrific act. Grendel makes his way to Switchblade grabs him by the back of the head and yells at him “Tonight I end you here and then I end Claire!”Switchblade starts to throw rights and lefts sweat and blood fly off of Switchblade as he fights back against the monster, but he doesn’t see Maverick coming up behind him and hit a low bar on him which cause Grendel to get him in the chicken wing position and lift him up and then hit the sweet relief. Switchblade hits the mat hard and stops moving Maverick takes the cap of the fuel can the smell of gas hits the arena.

Maverick starts to pour it over Switchblade which brings Grendel back to consciousness from the gas hitting the open wounds.. security comes rushing from the back stage area. Grendel starts attacking some of them as they try to get in to the ring other make their way to Switchblade who seems to be hurt and get him out of the ring. As they see Switchblade is out of the ring security backs off seeing that they got Switchblade out of the ring Grendel starts to laugh and points at Claire and yell “I coming for you and Switchblade I am going to make you both bleed and beg for your lives”. He then takes a lighter, flicks it open and tosses it to the ring and it engulfs in flames. Screams and shrieks are heard from the crowd as Grendel stands there and the ring becomes a bonfire outside here in the Raceway complex as the show comes to a close.

Fade. To. Black.