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The second in a series of Webisodes on the life and career of UTA newcomer Cayle Murray.

Cayle (V/O): For better or worse, New York City changed my life.

Fade-in to shots of New York City, then and now. We swoop past the Statue of Liberty and circle the Empire State Building, then land on at the foot of the towering pre-9/11 World Trade Center.

Cayle (V/O): I wasn’t even 20, but I’d gone from a city of 200,000 and a neighbourhood where I knew everyone’s name to the faceless, bustling hive of NYC. I guess you could say there was a bit of culture shock…

Cut to the same studio from the previous Webisode, where we find the elder Murray brothers, Andy and Sid, sat before the camera.

Andy: Cayle was a fish out of water: the only familiar thing that NY had to offer him was the climate.

Sid: He had his brother, a suitcase and a bad attitude. That’s it: no friends, no connections, no real plans… just go over there and train with Andy.

Cut to Cayle in the same studio, alone.

Cayle: We found a decent gym to train with early-on, but I was too blinded by the big city’s bright lights to focus on my career. I got a job in a scuzzy rock bar in Brooklyn and met a few kindred spirits. I fell-in with the punk kids, but I didn’t really fit. While they preached straight-edge living, I was knocking back whiskey shots after training. They had Gorilla Biscuits and Agnostic Front in their Walkmen, I had Mobb Deep and Depeche Mode…

Back to Sid and Andy.

Andy: Cayle was out – a lot. He’d come stumbling through the door of our crummy apartment in the small hours of the morning more often than not, but oddly, it didn’t seem to affect his training… when he showed-up.

Sid: He didn’t study the game like Andy and I, but he was a far superior natural athlete than both of us combined.

Fuzzy footage of a young Cayle Murray going through his paces in a crowded wrestling gym plays. He’s sparring with an equally young-looking partner, while his towering brother, Andy, stands on the apron, watching intently.

Andy (V/O): When he applied himself, Cayle dazzled – the challenge was getting him to apply himself a consistent basis. Back in those days, you were doing well if you could convince him to train for three consecutive days…

Cut to still images of Cayle chowing a slice of NY pizza, in the crowd at a concert, necking a bottle of beer and sleeping on a subway train.

Cayle (V/O): There were too many things to snatch my attention span in New York. I was pissed at the time, but when Andy decided we were moving to Florida, it was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

Footage plays of Andy and Cayle Murray shuffling suitcases from their apartment building and hailing one of those famous yellow taxis.

Andy (V/O): Cayle didn’t want to go, but he didn’t have much of a choice. I was still paying half his living costs…

Back to Cayle in the studio.

Cayle: I bawled, kicked and screamed when he took me from my neon playground. There was nothing for me to do in Tallahassee apart from wrestle, so that’s what I did. I started putting serious hours in down at the gym and poured myself into the craft, and when Andy signed his first big deal, that was all the motivation I needed.

Cue scenes of Andy Murray’s early wrestling career in OCW: winning championships, conquering all foes in a 30-man battle royal, collecting numerous awards, and finally, years later, accepting his Hall of Fame induction.

Andy (V/O): He saw what I was doing in OCW and thought “hey, that should be me,” so he busted his ass…

Sid (V/O): … unfortunately, by the time he got there, all that came to an end.

In the studio, Cayle shakes his head and looks at the ground.

Cayle: I’m still ashamed of how it went down. I worked so hard to follow Andy into OCW, but made the mistake of thinking the hard work was over as soon as I signed my deal. I won a couple matches here and there, my head started growing, and I stopped showing-up for things. I was ‘big time,’ I was a ‘star’… and I was unemployed a few months later.

Numerous dirtsheet headlines flash across the screen, with “MURRAY BROTHER DISGRACES FAMILY NAME WITH OCW DISMISSAL” featuring most prominently.

Andy (V/O): I scolded him for months after what happened there. I told him he’d never get another shot like that, and that his career was over before it had even began.

Sid (V/O): But he didn’t learn. His name was tarnished, and he went back to his old ways. Training became an occasional inconvenience to him, and he wasn’t doing anything to dig himself out of the mess he’d created for himself. Good job he had such a charitable sibling with him…

To be continued.