Posted by Rumor Man Stan

As reported earlier, after WRESTLESHOW ended, Scotty Addams spoke with James Wingate to inform him that he needed to exit the promotion to handle some personal issues.

It has just been released that just hours after the WRESTLESHOW #6 stream went live here on which set up several storylines involving The Jokers Wild, Frank Washington and Drew Stevenson are exiting the promotion as well.

Details are not being released at this time on their departure other than it is on mutual terms between all parties involved. We here at would like to wish The Jokers Wild good luck in all of their future endeavors and we hope to see them pop in for bookings from time to time.

As WRESTLESHOW #6 introduced the Emerald Championship of Drew Stevenson at the end, and set up the Internet Championship match for WRESTLESHOW #7 as a way for Kevin Hawk to put stress on the group, it is expected that the changes will be explained storyline wise on the next show.

Darian Dumont and Lucius Jones have replaced the two in the upcoming main event, while newcomer Jackson Keller will be joining Kirk Irving in the tag match.

Sean Jackson's 'Champion' vs 'Champion' non-title match, will now be against UTA CHampion, Abdul bin Hussain instead of Drew Stevenson.

Dr. EMO is expected to be the center point of the main event scene with Abdul bin Hussain in the coming month, leading up to his re-match and continuing the USA vs. Iraq storyline.