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The fallout from Wrestleshow 39

Minutes after Wrestleshow 39 went off-air..


The Gold Standard, John Sektor, can be seen storming back through the curtain, leaving behind Tyrone Walker who is still celebrating his Ring King win with his buddy Greer. His manager, Mike Best, follows him backstage, trying to catch up as Sektor storms off holding his head. He squints his eyes, obviously feeling the physical effects of the match as well as the dehydration that comes with wrestling such a highly contested match.

Best: Wait up, Sek..

Sektor curls his lip as he hears his manager calling after him, knocking over a water cooler in sheer anger and frustration as he passes it. Mike's eyes widen as he realises just how pissed off his client is from the loss.

Best: Come on, man..

Mike catches up to Sektor, reaching for his shoulder to slow him down, but the Gold Standard flicks it away.

Best: Hey! I know you're pissed, but you need to calm yourself down and look at the positives..

Sektor: PISSED?

Sektor yells and stops walking, widening his rage fueled eyes at his manager before squinting them.

Sektor: I'm more than pissed, Mike! I'm fucking FURIOUS...

Mike looks a little angered himself as Sektor gives him an accusing look. The Gold Standard goes to walk away but Mike tries to grab him again, causing a more aggressive reaction this time from Sektor.

Sektor: Get your hands off me!

Mike cocks his neck to the side slightly, narrowing his eyes and clenching his fists.

Best: Hey,

He enunciates his words carefully, warning Sektor not to overstep his mark.  

Sektor: Don't tell me to relax, Mike. not tell me to fucking relax..

His words growl from the pit of his throat as he bares his teeth like a savage dog. The whiskers of his mustache stand on end.

Best: I hope you're not trying to blame me for this, John! I was just trying to look out for you..

Sektor: Look!

Sektor holds his hand up to pause Mike, closing his eyes softly and taking big breath in and out before reopening them.

Sektor: I don't know what to think right now, because I'm not thinking..

Mike eventually nods his head, understanding that Sektor is understandably upset and not thinking straight.

Sektor: What I that my dreams of becoming Ring King just came crashing down around me in round fucking ONE!

Sektor looks at Mike with an expression that says 'understand?'

Sektor: So, excuse me while I react however the fuck I want, okay?

Mike nods and takes a step back, giving Sektor some symbolic space between them.

Best: Of course..look..go take a shower, wind down and meet us on the bus. We'll talk this out and figure out how to..

Sektor: I'm not getting on that bus with YOU!

Mike looks taken back by this statement.

Sektor: I'm in a real bad place right now and I know ME..I need to be alone! So I'm going home for a while..

Mike still seems confused.

Best: What about Victory? Beckman's big rematch with Lamond..

Sektor: I don't give a FUCK..about Beckman right now, Mike!

Mike pushes his tongue into the inside of his cheek, looking away from Sektor and seeming to be annoyed by that statement.

Sektor: My home is Miami..right next door to Orlando. Just give me some fucking space!

With that he walks away, leaving behind a more than concerned looking Mike Best.