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Asking the fans what they think. Special Footage is the logo you click before cameras roll with a shot of people entering AT&T Stadium under the glorious fair weather that Arlington is experiencing because it’s been a fucking disaster zone. The shot pans left to find, in a pair of jeans, cowboy boots, and a black tee with ‘ALWAYS ONLINE’ in green block print on the back - ‘King’ Pin Smith.

Pin: I’m standin’ here outside AT&T Stadium where in just a few hours, I get the knightly honor and royal privilege of facing Perfection for the Wildfire Championship.

The fans entering have begun to gather, held back by a simple elastic strap, and Pin turn s a thumb over his shoulder.

Pin: Let’s see what UTA Nation thinks about that.

The Real Deal approaches a middle aged man with his young son. The man puts his arm around his son as Pin shoots the kid a smile. More fans gather behind and hope to get on the big screen as it appears a UTA camera is rolling around them. Fans are camera whores too.

Pin: How do you feel about Perfection, sir?

Man: Uhh… I’m not a fan.

The kid looks up at his dad with shock, afraid Perfection is gonna come out from under his bed tonight and smash his little head in, before Pin ruffles the kid’s hair in an obligatory old school good guy way. He winks at the kid before taking a hobbled step down the line.

Pin: What about you, fella? You a Perfection fan?

Man II: Hell no!

The younger and much drunker dude in the Machine tee jumps in the air. The crowd cheers on in agreement. They become raucous and Pin smiles at each and every one of them.

Pin: What about you guys!?


The frenzy bursts out louder as more and more people join the hate mob. It appears that there are a lot of anti-James Witherhold’s in the house tonight and quite a few dissatisfied ex-lovers. Zing.


Then Pin spots the dick in the Dynasty tee, sporting a sour face, and heckling the shit out of him.

Man III: You ain’t shit, Pin Smith! Tonight, Perfection’s gonna show all of you UNGRATEFULS exactly what Perfection is!


The crowd in the shot and the entire fuckin’ arena boos this man from the high Heavens. Pin looks at the camera to suggest ‘Really? This is what Dynasty fans are like?’ and then cocks an eyebrow at the heckler.

Pin: Let me guess… Perfection fan?

Man III: You’re damn right! He’s a two time UTA Champ. Not some… shitty… Wildfire title. And tonight, I’m gonna laugh my ass off when he rips you a new asshole and-

Pin: First of all… there are kids around.

He uses a quick and sharp tone and pauses, pointing back toward the kid whose dad he talked to earlier, and then raises his finger. He winks at the kid.

Pin: So shut your fBLEEPckin’ mouth and go find your seat!


Pin shrugs at the kid’s dad as the fans shove the man away from the front and send him lookin’ for where he’s gonna watch UTA history made later tonight. Along with all of these rockin’ fans.

Pin: See, Perfection, judgin’ by what I see… there’s a lot of people here tonight that wanna see you get tossed around like a cheerleader at a gangbang.

The cowd hoots and hollers for that one. He shrugs at the dad again. He’s not making this any better for the kid than the bar they’re gonna stop at after the show. He grins back at the camera and walks back down the line.

Pin: Gotta give ‘em what they want, right?


The crowd screams on with support as Pin kneels, sharing an emphatic high five with the kid. The kid looks back at his dad with a toothy smile as the King rises and nods to the dad, holding up his knuckles. The man nods and pounds the fist – even though he was droppin’ F bombs ‘round kid ‘n shit – before Pin engages more of the fans with strong high fives. The key is to watch the elbow. Pin

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