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Few hours after Wrestleshow has gone off the air, Zhalia Fears reflects on her victory, and her sisters'.

The ringcrew are busy dismantling the ring and stage in the Joe Lewis Arena as one event has come to a close and another will be setting up shop within a days time. Thus is the nature of the arena life.

Sitting in the stands a few rows up is none other than the woman that went head to head with the UTA Champion just mere hours before. Her feet are propped up over the seats in front of her while her left hand holds an icepack near her neck.

"She did it. Along with La Flama Blanca, MJ retained her Tag Team Titles." Fears smiles warmly in appreciation of her friend. "And it was no easy task. But she did it. Just like she said she would."

With a chuckle she moves the icebag up over the back of her head.

"I asked and hoped that Sean would face me tonight without Dynasty or any bag of tricks. I got half of that plus an aching migraine." With a shrug she continues. "I won the match. Non-title as it was. Some would go on to claim that this victory should set them a foot or two forward, a rung or two higher, into contendership for that UTA World Championship."

The truth of the matter hangs on her thoughts but she knows that that is not for her to decide.

"No, rather tonight was an opportunity to view just how much greener the other side of the road is. And while it is green, I am not going to enforce and beg for a title match. No." She smiles and removes the icepack from her head. "Black Horizon will see LFB and Sean clash. After that, it can be anybody that faces the Champion. Ring King is upon us after all."

A few of the ringcrew realize she is sitting out there and give her a wave to which she responds in kind.

"Actually come to think of it, I do not have a match for Black Horizon either. Interesting. I wonder if my victory over the UTA World Champion will influence a change there?" She grins but gives a shake of her head. "This business is all new to me. Completely. I know there are paths one has to take. The low road is not one I am interested in. Nor do I see reason to jump the line. Because you see while I was declared the winner, that was not how I wanted it to happen."

She pauses and shakes her head. Kicking her legs upward and pulling them back down to the ground in front of her.

"Deep down I knew Sean would pull something. And even deeper down, I hoped Sean would do the right thing and give those fans here in Detroit a night to remember. And while that was not quite true, I think at least he knows our next encounter will be more of the same." Her grin returns. "Only this time Sean, the bag of tricks will not help you."

She stands up from her chair and starts heading down the aisle to the steps.

"Tonight you and the UTA verse got a taste of the Kimera. To be honest even I am not sure why I did what I did; it was the heat of the moment, the energy from the fans, the adrenaline pulsing through my veins." She passes out of the aisle and starts down the stairs toward the ring while continuing. "We will do this again Sean. Believe me. We will."

She stops at the barricade and smiles at the crew.

"I will get you next time Gadget."

Popping over the top she walks up to one of the elder gentlemen.

"Hey Seymour, you guys want some help?"