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Unseen Footage From Victory

Backstage at the Wrestlezone in Orlando Florida, the EMT’s are busy Working on the Gold Standard, John Sektor, after the vicious attack from Abdul and Rafiq. This is all happening as Victory continues its live programming. The Gold Standard is lying motionless on the ground with paramedics and medical staff all around them. One of the paramedics is leaning over him, gently feeling his neck with his gloved hands, whilst the other stands to the side with a hard board under his arm.

Paramedic: John, can you hear me?

Sektor just lies unconscious, bleeding from his forehead. The paramedic quickly reaches into his bag and rips open a packet of gauze, applying pressure to the wound just underneath his hair line.

Paramedic: Did anyone see what happened?

He turns and looks around at the crowd of concerned medics and officials, looking for answers before turning his gaze back to Sektor. Bryan Wingate, head of security, steps forward.

Wingate: Camera guy says it was an attack. A guy called Abdul beat the crap out of him and smashed his head against that trash container..

His says this whilst pointing at the container next to Sektor. The medic gently opens each of Sektor’s eyes, shining a small torch into them.

Wingate: By the time we got here the damage had been done.

Paramedic: Was there any damage to his neck or spine, do we know?

Wingate: I don’t know, man. Like I said, by the time we got here it was over. Is he going to be okay?

The paramedics sighs and looks to his partner.

Paramedic: Let’s get him on the board and strap his head down. Can’t take any chances..

The other paramedic drops to his knees and lies the board parallel with Sektor’s body.

Paramedic: John? If you can hear me, try and open your eyes..

No response from Sektor, whilst the second paramedic carefully manipulates a hard collar under Sektor’s neck, securing it tightly. Everyone in attendance is now looking on with deep concern as they watch the paramedics moves him carefully onto the board like a dead weight, strapping and securing him to it with no response.

Wingate: He gonna be alright?

Paramedic: Well, he’s unconscious so that’s never a good sign. BUT, he’s breathing and maintaining his own airway. We won’t know the extent of the damage until we get him to hospital.

All of a sudden Sektors eyes burst open and he makes a loud gasping sound, as though he has just woke abruptly from a nightmare.

Paramedic: Woah, easy buddy, don’t move.

Sektor just continues to grunt and struggle with being restrained, eyes rolling all over the place.

Paramedic: Do you know where you are? John? Do you KNOW where you are?

Sektor stops and squints his eyes, desperately trying to focus them on each person around him.

Sektor: Where am I?

Sektor has fear and confusion in his eyes as the Paramedic gently places a hand down on his shoulder. The rest of the crew, including Bryan Wingate, all stand around watching with concern.

Paramedic: It’s alright. You’re backstage at the Wrestlezone. You’ve been attacked and we need to get you to the hospital to check you over..

Sektor’s eyes relax and his face freezes as a moment of enlightenment occurs. Sektor looks as though he’s remembered what’s happened, and it doesn’t take him long to grit his teeth and tense every muscle in his body with rage.

Sektor: GAH! That son of a BITCH! LET ME UP!

Sektor reaches his hand up and pops the restraints in the middle of his chest, causing the paramedic to plant his hand firmly on his sternum.

Paramedic: Easy fella..

Sektor smacks his hand away and sits up on the board.

Wingate: John, just calm down!

Sektor pushes Wingate away and ignores all the pleas from the crowd as he jumps up from the hard-board, stagger slightly. Wingate, again, tries to help sturdy him but Sektor shrugs him off, grabbing hold of his neck brace and ripping it off.

Sektor: WHERE IS HE?

The Gold Standard is stumbling all over the place, head once again pouring with blood as he looks around with his fists barely raised but willing to fight.

Wingate: Come on, John! You’re in no state to fight right now. Let these guys do their job huh..

The paramedic comes at him with a swab to try and compress his wound, but Sektor instinctively grabs him by the throat and pins him against the wall. The crowd of people pop with concern as Sektor’s eyes glare into the paramedics soul, whilst squeezing the life out of him with his hand. Wingate grabs him from behind, squeezing his forearm around his neck in an attempt to remove Sektor from the poor paramedic.

Wingate: Get off him, John! Come on, you don’t want to do this! Let him go, man. Let him go..

Sektor grits his teeth a little hard and releases his grip on the paramedic, once again shrugging Wingate off himself. They all treat Sektor like a coiled viper now, hands raised defensively and ready move if he strikes.

The look in Sektor’s eyes seems to soften as his short burst of energy begins to run his course.

Sektor: I’m...I’m sorry.

He half gazes at the paramedic as he apologises.

Wingate: It’s alright. Just let these guys at least stitch you up, huh? That’s a bad cut you got..

Sektors eyes twitch but he eventually submits and nods his head. Wingate quickly swoops in and catches his as his legs buckle, throwing Sektor’s arm around his broad shoulder and supporting his balance. Sektor turns his gaze to Wingate and looks him dead in the eyes.

Sektor: You tell that nephew of yours...HEY!

Wingate turns his head attentively as Sektor yells at him.

Sektor: You tell him I want a rematch with that piece of shit. You hear me? I don’t care just tell him to make it happen!

Wingate nods and proceeds to help him walk down the corridor towards the treatment room, as the scene begins to fade.