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Few hours after Wrestleshow has gone off the air, one of the competitors of the Fatal Fourway speaks on her crazy night and experience.

Few hours have passed since the ending of Wrestleshow. The BOK Center is once more void of life as the once heard cheering fans are long gone. The ring crew busy taking the ring a part and packing up the set.

Sitting in the stands is Zhalia Fears. Icebag held against her cheek, she sits back in the chair with her feet kicked up.

"Tonight, was amazing." She smiles. "Yeah I know I did not win. That is a shame, sure. But look at it from my perspective."

She leans back and waves her arm across the air as if setting the moment in her eyes again.

"I was scheduled to wrestle against the imposing Simon, only to have that match canceled after the tragic car accident he was in." She frowns, unhappy with that incident. "Doozer takes his love for corn dogs, which Dooze, I completely understand! But his love and his stomach did not agree with the feelings he should feel. This led to Comish Jiles putting me in his spot-"

She smiles and waves her arm again this time off to the right in an arc.

"Fast-forward and I am competing for the number one contendership for the UTA World Championship. Talk about a crazy night of events."

She lowers the icebag from her face and rubs her cheek and jaw.

"Two more estupendo kicks added to the count. I believe that makes four. Maybe. I will have to ask MJ. And speaking of her, I appreciate the concern she had tonight. My neck hurts. My jaw is probably going to be all shades of purple and blue after I get up tomorrow morning before I got visit Simon in the Hospital. But still, I would not trade it for anything in the world. Heck I even, almost, got Hopper to see me as more than just a woman... almost."

She kicks her legs back down from the seat in front of her and sets the icebag across her shoulder against her neck.

"Like I said. What. A. Night. Pro Wrestling. This experience is like nothing other..." she steps up from her seat and starts to head down the aisle towards the exit.

"And I love it."