Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- Kirk Irving is set to join UTA Champion, Dr. EMO for an autograph signing at the local Richmond, VA Walmart this Tuesday between 6 to 8 pm.

- Lucius Jones is already in Richmond promoting the upcoming live event this Wednesday night.

- There is a rumbling that both Howard King and Marcus Corbin are in the dog house with management after missing several recent engagements. They are expected to be released from the company is they miss any more.

- Joining his brother, commissioner Kevin Hawk, in returning to the company, Seth Payne has signed on as an agent. Both men are Hall of Fame members and are better known to the older fans as Klash and Kor.

- Rumored talks with former UTA Champion and Hall of Fame member, The Spectre, have reportedly broken down. The Spectre, whom has been signed to the BACW since the UTA last was touring, has reportedly turned down each offer sent to him to make an appearance. His reasoning has been suggested to be along the lines he feels the new generation of talent would not like being put on the backburner if he was to come in.

- Al Envy is said to be in the running for a push soon as he has been seen by management as a good work horse for the company. He was involved in a non televised UTA Championship match recently which is being said to have been a test to see if he is ready for another main event run. Envy had main evented the first few shows after the UTA returned but has seemed to get lost in the shuffle when Shawn FX took off with the fans.

- Madman Szalinski is expected to have some part of next Sunday's WRESTLESHOW event.

- People are saying that the UTA released details of Steve Solex signing with the company prematurely when they aired a promo at the recent iPPV. Solex is booked for the next several weeks in High Octane Wrestling's LBI tournament and is not expected to actually debut until after then.