Does the Fans Wrestling Federation have a big budget?
The Fans Wrestling Federation must always maintain their operating costs to end the year within a specific budget, but they do have access to funds in order to promote the best live show experience they can. This means that the buildings used by the Fans Wrestling Federation will be setup with video and sound equipment, this makes the production of the live events as a television entity much simpler. They will run small to medium size venues. Larger venues may, and probably will, have many seats tarpped off.

How often are your shows?
The television show for the Fans Wrestling Federation is, Pandemonium. It airs weekly on

Is there a role-play limit for my match?

Can you explain the role-play limits in more detail?
1 role-play max for Pandemonium. 2 role-play max for PPV. All title matches are 2 role-play max. There is NO length cap on role-plays. However there is a 500 word minimum on all role-plays. The Fans Wrestling Federation does NOT want to stifle you creatively. Therefore, you can write 10k words.. doesn't mean shit if 750 words tells a better story though. Keep that in mind.

That can't be true.. surely if you write more you'll have a better chance of winning, right?
Some people get their job done in 1k, some take 2.5... the fact it's longer LEGIT will not help it win. It won't hurt it, if the story is good, but it's not going to help it at all either. All that's being judged here is how creative, interesting, and enthralling the stories is while maintaining some aspect of remaining focused on the matter at hand. That matter being, Pro Wrestling and the match/story you're involved with. The fed head(s) will provide RP feedback after the show is posted so you know why who won and who lost the matches.

And when is the deadline?
The RP deadline will be determined per show. Most times, the roleplay deadline is 48 hours before the release of the show. The segment deadline is usually the day before the show.

Where is the OOC area?
Two places actually. This Discord chat is at Not required but we'd really love if you joined us there. For OOC stuff, and IMPORTANT messages, the forums are hosted at eWmania and can be found at You are required to sign up there and will need to get access to the super secret backstage forum.

What do you mean, common sense?
We mean, don't have your character do a bunch of stupid, illegal shit and expect us to go with it. Buying a landfill and filling it with the corpses of your victims, for instance, makes little sense and wouldn't fly for long in a fictional world that mirrors our own.

But what if my character is a serial killer, like Dexter?
Dexter is not a professional wrestler. You are not Dexter. Your writing is probably not in-line with that of Dexter, quality wise. I don't care what your mother tells you.

One more question?
Fine, but make it quick.

Who runs this shit hole?
Ben Halkum does most of the fed head type stuff. You may know him from such places as eWmania, the UTA, and countless other projects. On the graphics and site stuff, as well as being super helpful as fuck is Mr. Jorden Snow. These guys, when their powers combine, run the FWF.