Roster Movements Ahead of Rebirth

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Feb 12, 2020

In a shocking move today, we saw Jace Wheeler, Buddy Showtime, Kenneth Williams, Lance Mingle, and the yet to debut Bambi moved to the alumni section of the website. Without any fanfare, UTA veteran Cancer Jiles' name has popped up on the roster. It appears that Cancer will be apart of WrestleUTA moving forward. 

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FWF to expand tag division?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 23, 2020

While B.R. Ellis and Stalker have recently become a duo, the FWF is not known for having a tag division. This appears to be changing in the coming months as it is being said that management is reaching out and making offers.

It is noteworthy that Mikey Unlikely made a surprise debut on the last episode of Pandemonium, as his tag team "The Hollywood Bruvs" recently reformed. However, we are being told that the Bruvs originally tuned down a contract offer from the FWF as there was no solid tag division. Could they have changed their mind, or is Mikey here to roll solo?

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Huge Roster Shake Up!

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 22, 2020

For the second time in their FWF run, it appears that CoV are gone. Shortly after the last Pandemonium became available on the FITE app, all three members (Blaze Havoc, Lexi Havoc, and Chad Chaos) were removed from the active roster.

At the same time, the surprise debut of Mikey Unlikely has led to his addition to the active roster joining Malcolm Dred-King and Jarvis Valentine, neither of which have made their debuts yet. Malcolm Dred-King is scheduled to debut at the next Pandemonium.

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Bobby Dean to Risk it All?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 21, 2020

In a crazy turn of events, Bobby Dean has issued a challenge to Shawn Kutter. Apparently defending his UTA FWF Hardcore title was not enough for the large man, who currently is 2-0 and sits at the #4 slot on the FWF Power Rankings, Bobby Dean is willing to go one step further. Come Pandemonium VI Bobby Dean will put his career in the FWF on the line against Shawn Kutter’s. No word on if Kutter has accepted the challenge or not.

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New Show Officially Announced

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 17, 2020

The FWF has just announced the launch of Recap Wednesdays to air on FITE as well as KVCW every other Wednesday starting on January 29th. Recap Wednesdays will include 1 to 2 matches from a previous episode of Pandemonium as well as exclusive content and interviews from FWF wrestlers. In a statement on the announcement, Dick Fury had this to say:

"This really is the accumulation of a lot of things as well as the desire from the fan base for more FWF action. While we pride ourselves on delivering a great quality product every other week, we wanted to deliver more without really damaging the product we have today."

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FWF Signs Local Television Deal

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 16, 2020

The FWF is coming to the CW!

KVCW and the FWF have come to an agreement which will see episodes of Pandemonium air the following Saturday after their debut on Fite at 10am PST. We caught up with Dick Fury to ask him about the deal, this is what he had to say:

"This is a big deal for the FWF and the talented men and women who make each show happen. While we are already available for viewing worldwide via the Fite app, putting the FWF into all homes is and has always been our ultimate goal from the beginning. Now we are able to serve the local community and it's surrounding areas to ensure that those who are unable to make it to our tapings or otherwise do not have access to the Fite app, can tune in and see what we feel is the best wrestling action that Las Vegas has to offer."

KVCW provides entertainment programming, including original CW programs for Las Vegas, Nevada and towns and communities in and near Clark County, including Paradise, Henderson, Winchester, Enterprise, Rhodes Ranch, Silverado Ranch, Sloan, Sunrise Manor, North Las Vegas, Nellis Air Force Base, Whitney, Green Valley, Boulder City, Summerlin, Moapa Valley, Pahrump and Mesquite.

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Title Change Coming?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 15, 2020

The buzz this morning is that the FWF World Championship, currently held by Lunchbox Larry, may undergo a name change soon. Officials are leaning toward just addressing it as the FWF Championship as the promotion no longer has plans to travel from Las Vegas in the near future. An unverified memo uncovered note that the change should happen quietly. It appears this will not be made into a storyline, but just randomly references of the FWF World Championship will be altered.

More as it develops.

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Awards Coming? New shows?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 9, 2020

With Pandemonium switching to airing every other week on Fite.TV, there has been a lot of talk about how to keep the superstars of the FWF connected on the off weeks with fans. The office is buzzing today with the potential unveil of new web based series in the coming week as well as awards.

Currently discussed is the debut of Superstar of the Week and Superstar of the Month.

Nothing is set in stone as of current, but the possibilities do make us raise our eyebrows.

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FWF Eyeing Hollywood Bruvs?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 6, 2020

While there currently isn't an active tag division in the FWF, the announcement this morning on Twitter that Mikey Unlikely and Kendrix have reformed The Hollywood Bruvs has got the wrestling world caught on fire.

The tag team is highly sought by all, including apparently the FWF. Sources say that management has begun sending request for the Bruv's contact information out in an attempt to sway them to choose the promotion. Could we be seeing a tag division built around THB?

Only time will tell.


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Match Cancelled

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Jan 3, 2020

Kenneth Williams vs. B.R. Ellis has been scrapped from the upcoming Pandemonium in Las Vegas due to personal issues on Kenneth's side. Sources are saying he flew home early this morning to handle family business, but they were not able to elaborate on what.

B.R. Ellis is expected to still be in attendance, but it is unknown if he will have an on-air role.

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FWF Settles in Las Vegas

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 27, 2019

In a bold move, the FWF is announcing that all future events will be taking place at the newly opened FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV. The venue seats up to 300 and will be the home for studio tapings as well as a training center for the future of professional wrestling. When asked to comment on the sudden move, Dick Fury had this to say:

The end game was always this once previously booked venue obligations were completed. It's not a negative move at all. We've established the promotion in front of large audiences in person, expanded our reach thanks to the great partnership with Fite.TV, and now can build from one central base. It's just smart business by cutting down production cost tremendously.

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Second Title Revealed at #MAWA

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 26, 2019

After a surprise debut of Bobby Dean in the hardcore match, he brought out an old United Toughness Alliance Hardcore Championship. While nothing that happened seems like it would be official, we are noting that the official FWF website is now listing the title with Dean as the champion.

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Major Shift in 2020?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 18, 2019

As seen on the Pre-#MAWA episode of Pandemonium, Dick Fury announced that the FWF would be airing on Fite.TV every other Wednesday starting on January 8th. While that show is currently booked for the Expo Hall at the Tampa Fairgrounds, rumors are circulating that there will not be many traveling shows remaining after.

Records show that the FWF has leased a venue in Las Vegas, NV. The word is that to cut down on operating cost, the show will be set to a studio format sometime in 2020. Along with this, there is word that officials are trying to think of a new show name to replace Pandemonium. It is expected that the name still holds a bad taste in some mouths regarding previous ownership of the company.

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CoV Re-signs?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 16, 2019

In a strange set of circumstances, the recently release group, Circle of Violence (Lexi Havoc, Blaze Havoc, and Chad Chaos), are said to have resigned with the company this morning. Nothing has been confirmed officially, but their profiles were quietly re-added to the website early Monday morning.

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New #MAWA Match

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 13, 2019

Shawn Kutter and Michael Byrd will meet at #MAWA. This comes after Michael Byrd accidently bumped into Shawn Kutter backstage at the last Pandemonium, causing him to drop the chicken leg he was eating.

Kutter challenged Byrd to the match, who while confused, accepted.

Shawn Kutter later revealed that he calls his favorite baseball bat "Chicken Leg" and looks forward to introducing her to the FWF universe at Make America Wrestle Agian.

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Six People Released

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 12, 2019

Huge news out of the office this morning as a press release has been issued detailing the release of six people.

The Fans Wrestling Federation has come to terms with the release of Blaze Havoc, Brandon Moore, Chad Chaos, Enforcer, Erik Gamble, and Lexi Havoc. We wish them well in their future endevours.

There are rumblings that more moves are coming soon as well as new talent being seen this week.

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No Authority on Screen?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 5, 2019

The big news coming out of Pandemonium last night was the apparent outing of the Lynch brothers while Dick Fury has become the new controlling member of the FWF. We are getting reports this morning that Fury plans on taking a back seat to on air talent and does not want to be seen as an on screen authority figure. Last night's segment that aired on is being said to just explain why Fury will not be moving forward in the FWF World Championship tournament or active competition.

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Roster Changes Coming?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 5, 2019

After the on screen firing of Cool Breeze and Lizardperson on last night's addition of Pandemonium by Dick Fury, the hot topic today is what other roster changes are coming? As revealed on the show, Fury is now a majority stakeholder in the FWF and has promised to shake things up. This is apparent by the quiet signing of B.R. Ellis and Michael Byrd.

It's being said that Fury is analyzing current talent as well as setting meetings with other potential signees this week in the hopes that by the time Make America Wrestle Again is over, the FWF is set for 2020.

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Dick Fury Announcement?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 3, 2019

We are hearing this morning that Dick Fury is to make an announcement at Pandemonium 3 tomorrow regarding his in ring career. You may have noticed that Fury was a main player on the first episode but has been in the shadows since, not even being found on reports for the FWF World Championship Tournament that he has secured a spot in. While we are unsure what this announcement is, there are some reports of Fury being evaluated by medical professionals over the last couple of weeks.

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Eric Dane Coming to FWF?

Posted by Rumor Man Stan on Dec 2, 2019

Nothing has been confirmed, but sources are saying that pro wrestling legend, Eric Dane, has began talks with the FWF. It is unknown if he has been representing himself, or Eric Dane JR. Nothing official has come from these closed door meetings, but if they do, we will let you know first!

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