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Real Name:  Demon  
Real Name:  Lucius Cornelius Jones  
Nicknames:  Grim Reaper  
Nicknames:  Doctor Lovegood, The Doctor, Doc  
Hometown:  Salisbury, MD  
Hometown:  Birmingham, Alabama  
Birthday:  January, 27th 1985  
Birthday:  9/19/88  
Height:  6’7  
Height:  6'8"  
Weight:  330 lbs 
Weight:  385 lbs 


Biography:  He comes from a broken home. His father was not around to see the monster he has become. He lets the hatred for his dad fuel his passion for good vs evil. His mother is the biggest support system he has. He fears no one or anything except God. 
Biography:  Born to a poor momma, Lucius Cornelius Jones never knew his father. His mother always said he was an illegitimate son of Don Cornelius of Soul Train fame, but despite the fact there was not way this was true Lucius went along with the lie. Having no real male role models instead he used movies to tell him how he should act. Using Jim Brown, James Brown, and Richard Roundtree(Shaft) as his main idols his demeanor is a mixture of all three.

First getting into wrestling at his High School he learned some slams and holds but mainly just used the fact he was about a foot taller and fifty pounds heavier than any other heavyweight in the county to win championships. After High School he went through a few different jobs. Bouncing at bars, working construction, whatever paid the bills. He was discovered and given a run in the now defunct XWrestling. It was there they give him the name "Doctor Lovegood".

However once that company went under Lucius went back to what he did best, making money however he could. He ended up as a bail bondsman for a bit but the attention and rush of wrestling called him back to test his luck in the UTA. Lucius had a less than memorable initial run in the UTA before drifting from the world of wrestling. After a few months Lucius found himself back working dead end job after dead end job. Lucius decided to better himself and started hitting the gym more, increasing body mass, strength, and cardio. He also trained for several months with a wrestling coach multiple times a week to better understand the technical aspects of wrestling to lessen his one dimensional style.

Now over a year later Lucius finds himself with another shot at getting it right in the UTA. 


  • There is a demon inside of all of us.


  • In 2017, Stalker held three titles in three different promotions at one time.