Mikey Unlikely Biography

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Real Name:  Mikey Unlikely  
Nicknames:  The World's Greatest Entertainer!  
Hometown:  Hollywood, CA  
Birthday:  04/01/88  
Height:  5'11"  
Weight:  230 lbs 


Biography:  Mikey Unlikely rapped his way into the UTA coming off major commercial success in music. Selling millions of copies of his now notorious one hit wonder "Certified Suburban".

The young, wealthy, fun loving wrestler took the UTA by storm. After singles success, he quickly helped found "W.T.F. Collective" Which included Mikey, Bobby Dean, Doozer, and Will "The Thrill" Haynes. Mikey would go on to have a classic three match series with Bechtel Kush, in the early part of 2015, that would help Mikey move up the card.

In May of 2015, Unlikely landed a huge movie deal, being cast in a lead role, along side of three other actors in the blockbuster "The Wolfpack". Unlikely was injured once again just before filming and took time away from the ring to explore the movie business and heal up.

In August he shocked the world by not only making his return to the UTA, but in doing so abandoning his W.T.F.C. friends and aligning with Dynasty! This version of Unlikely would have a brand new attitude, and a sole motivation of success. Mikey would turn on Will "The Thrill" Haynes, sending them into a furious feud that would last four months. Tearing apart the UTA in the process. At International Affair 2015, Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes put on what many are calling the match of the year, in the epic I Quit match.

A few short weeks later, it was announced that Dynasty has been disbanded. Mikey Unlikely would move on from the group with his new "Best friend" Kendrix. Forming the tag team known as the "Hollywood Bruvs."

The "Hollywood Bruvs" would go on to win tag team gold everywhere they went. Eventually teaming up with the Pop Culture Phenoms in DEFIANCE To form the Supergroup: "The Sports Entertainment Guild" or "SEG". After a year of DEFIANCE Dominance, the Hollywood Bruvs would eventually split with Kendrix turning on his Hollywood Cohort. This culminated in a hellacious feud. Since then Mikey has been in singles action taking on some of the top stars in the world in Multiple DEFIANCE Main Events.

Now he's made his way to the FWF with a new goal in mind. To Become World Champion.