Jarvis Valentine Biography

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Real Name:  Jarvis Hemotoad  
Nicknames:  JV  
Hometown:  Lincoln, Nebraska  
Birthday:  Jan 1, 1990  
Height:  6'0"  
Weight:  270 lbs 


Biography:  Jarvis grew up in the middle of Nebraska in a town named Aurora. He always loved sports and always wanted to cover them. He made his way through school and college landing a dream job at the Lincoln Journal Star as the sports editor. He covered his first love of Husker football among many other things in sports including pro-wrestling.

As a kid he always loved to watch wrestling but never thought he would be able to be one, but one day sitting at his desk he said to himself, "It's time for a change man, I want to be a pro-wrestler".

With that said, he quit his job and became to train to be a wrestler. Now after a couple years of training Jarvis is ready to make his debut in FWF. Time will only tell if he made the right choices.

*Side Note*

Being part of the media and having his own beliefs, Jarvis can also come off as a major conspiracists. He believes things from aliens, to the Government being behind 9/11. 


  • Jarvis was the Sports Editor for the Lincoln Journal Star
  • Jarvis can get very nervous when entering the ring with a bigger opponent.
  • Jarvis is a very smart negotiator when it comes to business matters.
  • Jarvis is a firm believer that Tom Brady will not re-sign with the Pats. He has said this from the start of the year.
  • Jarvis is also very interested in current tech, military current news, classified documents and time travelers.
  • Jarvis would love to learn how to access the deepweb