Alan Christopher Biography

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Real Name:  Alan Christopher  
Nicknames:  One True God, Allstar  
Hometown:  Santa Cruz, CA  
Birthday:  May 5th, 1972  
Height:  6' 2"  
Weight:  265 lbs 


Biography:  - 5x World Champion (2x XWO; 1x ECF; 1x AWF; 1x KCW**)
- 7x Mid-Card Champion (2x GWF; 1x ECF; 3x UWL; 1x XWA [as The Tarmogoyf])
- 4x Tag Team Champion (1x ECF; 1x PWA; 2x UWL)
- Undefeated in Steel Cage Matches (5-0)
- Unpinned & unsubmitted through the entirety of the 2014 Coronation Cup
- Voted UWL's "Most Improved Writer" x2 (2013, 2014)
- UWL Outstanding Achievement Award x1 (2014)
- Sole creator and innovator of the yearly "Lord of the Mat" tournament
- Chairman and Creator of ACE Wrestling, DARC Pro Sports, & Whirlwind Wrestling LLC
- Former Head of Creative and Talent Relations of the ECF
- "Gifted" the wrestling landscape with the introduction of the most hated villain to-date in "Billionaire" Miles Blake
- Created the hugely successful stable Devastation INC, and successfully rebranded it as Devastation INC 2.0 - "Destruction Corp."
- Sole creator and innovator behind the concepts for original matches such as: "Battle For Mt. Olympus", "Back Alley Brawl", "San Fran Scuffle", "Riot & Strife", "Make or Break", "Scooby Snacks on a Pole", & the "Phoenix Streetfight"/"San Fran Streetfight"
- Created the concept behind "The Triumvirate" of ACE Wrestling
- Revealed as the perpetrator behind "The Tarmogoyf" persona in the XWA Battlezone
- Commonly hailed as one of THE most creative minds in the business over the past thirteen years