Posted by WrestleUTA on 24 May 2017

WRESTLEUTA.COM EXCLUSIVE appears at the bottom left of your screen. Moments after WrestleUTA went off air appears in bottom right hand corner. We open up to a locker room with a few chairs set up. A door is kicked open and loud voices come into the scene. Jay Harvey comes into the frame, quickly tossing a chair into a nearby locker.


Harvey: That goddamn piece of shit! I can’t believe this! Raahhhh!

Jay Harvey picks up a chair and swings it into one of the lockers. Catalina comes into the picture but keeps her distance.

Harvey: I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him!

Harvey throws the chair still in his hands across the room, shattering the mirror on the wall.

Catalina: Jay! Stop!

Harvey continues the wreckage now flipping a crafts service table. Harvey turns around and Catalina gets in his path.

Catalina: You need to stop…

Catalina puts both hands on Harvey’s face. His skin is red with rage. Spit flies from his mouth as he breathes deeply.

Catalina: Baby… I know you’re angry. That savage cost you your title. You need to take that anger…

Harvey lets out a deep exhale. Catalina glides her hand down from his face to his chest.

Catalina: And take it out on Crimson Lord.

Harvey turns his head, still feeling hot from losing his title moments ago.

Harvey: He took my title from me. I swear... I’ll take everything from him.

Catalina comes in close to her man. Her tone goes more soft and sweet… and devilish.

Catalina: I know you will, Baby. There will be no absolution for Crimson Lord.

She puts on a smile as Harvey looks into her eyes. We fade to black.

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