Posted by WrestleUTA on 7 Apr 2017

As of today, WrestleUTA has only announced that it's next PPV will be Absolution on June 18th.  There is plenty of heavy speculation on where the show will come from.  The only thing we're hearing right now is that the company's officials are thinking about the Northeast section of the United States.  

The rumored cities up for consideration include New York and Madison Square Garden.  There is Philadelphia and the Wells Fargo Center. The Barclay Arena in Brooklyn New York.  There is Boston and the TD Garden, the Meadowlands in New Jersey and the Console Energy Center in Pittsburgh just to name a few. 

Where will the promotion's next PPV emanate from?  Stay tuned to WrestleUTA on Hulu and here to WrestleUTA.com for more information.

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