Posted by WrestleUTA on 21 Mar 2017

It was reported today that WrestleUTA distributed random drug and performance enhancing tests to all members of the current roster. While this is a normal practice and has been in place since Mikey Unlikely purchased the company some six months ago, today marks the first time a wrestler has failed such a test. 

WrestleUTA superstar Michael Byrd failed the test, and although we've not been told what he tested positive for, we have been passed a memo directly from Mr. Unlikely.

"WrestleUTA has set the bar for exciting and high impact wrestling in todays marketplace. Our fans hold us, as well as our programming to the highest standards, as such we also hold our talent to those same standards. Unfortunately Michael Byrd has in fact failed one of our Florida state approved narcotic and performance enhancing tests. As is our guideline, Michael Byrd will be suspended without pay for the next 4 weeks. We will be working along side Michael, helping him to overcome this obstacle, get healthy, and return to the WrestleUTA ring when he is ready."

It appears Mikey is not leaning towards releasing the superstar, however Mr. Byrd was scheduled to face El Dragon Rojo this week on Hulu, Mikey Unlikely has replaced him in this match with the man who most recently was number one contender to the World Title, Crimson Lord. Stay tuned to WrestleUTA.com for more information as it becomes available.

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