Posted by WrestleUTA on 25 Feb 2017

As was recently announced, Andy Murray will face off with a yet to be named former WrestleUTA World Champion on March 5th.  The rumor mill has been working overtime with names.   

Sean Jackson, Perfection, and La Flama Blanca are all names that have surfaced and make sense due to their ties and prior relationships to Mr. Unlikely.  

There are others that the fans still miss such as Yoshi, and Eric Dane.  The word is that the company has reached out to Mr. Dane

The long shot that we've heard is that Spectre.  That's right, the Sadistic Nut and 4 time world champion has been contacted.  We're not sure how Mr. Spectre's parting with the federation in 2015 would impact his potential return but it is a tantalizing idea.

Then again, one source in the front office has stated that the boss might actually be wanting to resolve this issue himself, as Mr. Unlikely was champion when he bought the fed and relinquished the title.


However it shakes it, it will be one of many things that makes No Love Lost worth seeing on PPV on March 5th

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