Posted by WrestleUTA on 16 Jan 2017

Al Lang Stadium
St. Petersburg Florida
4,079 in attendance 

Mikey Unlikely comes out to start the show and cuts a promo stating that he has unfinished business with Crimson Lord but has been approached by someone offering to take care of this for him.  He announces that he has made a deal with and is going to allow Chris Ross and a partner of his choosing to face Crimson Lord in a handicap match later tonight. The fans were booing loudly and a small "Asshole" chant broke out.

The Dibbins over El Dragon Rojo in 2:17.  Luke scored the pin after Duke hit the DUI.  El Treblor was supposed to be his tag team partner but apparently had travel issues and couldn't make it to the show.  Luke and Duke refused Rojo's request for a one on one match.

Kelly beat Gemini by pinfall with a top rope belly to back superplex in 6:40

David Hightower over Michael Byrd with the 5 AM The Next Morning in 8:19

Jay Harvey over Theo Baylor by pinfall with THE Shooting Star Press in 10:36

Bobby Dean signed autographs during intermission 

Following intermission, a masked man calling himself the "New York Yankee" came to the ring and cut a promo insulting the fans and the MLB Tampa Bay Rays.  He issued an open challenge to anyone to fight him.  This brought out Andy Murray to a huge ovation, Murray announces that he's not scheduled to wrestle tonight so he's willing to take the Yankee up on his challenge

Andy Murray beat the New York Yankee with the GITB in 12:48. Murray looked to be protective of his injured shoulder throughout most of the match

Jestal beat Impulse by disqualification after Dexter Pointdexter interfered and attacked Jestal at 16:26

Crimson Lord beat Chris Ross & Dylan Daniels by pinfall in what was supposed to be a two on one handicap match.  Chris repeatedly interrupted Daniels attempts to pin Lord until Daniels finally got fed up and gave Chris a low blow and enabled Lord to hit Ross with the Blood Lust for the pin fall in 19:02

Scott Stevens beat WrestleUTA World Champion JFK by disqualification after Kendrix hit the referee with the title belt and causing the dq in 28:53

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