Posted by WrestleUTA on 1 Jan 2017

CFE Arena
Orlando Florida
9,917 in attendance 

Mikey Unlikely comes out, cuts a promo running down the fans and the city of Orlando. He announces that JFK is here but deserves a night off so he will not be wrestling tonight.  Scott Stevens comes out and confronts Mikey.  He wants a match with the new WrestleUTA champion.  Mikey initially refuses, but JFK comes out and joins them in the ring.  He says he's a fighting champion and won't back down from anyone.  Stevens challenges him, JFK calls Stevens a "night off" and agrees to the match despite Mikey's objections.  

The Dibbins over El Dragon Rojo and El Treblor  Duke pinned El Treblor after the Dibbins hit him with Hillbilly Rock at 6:57

Jay Harvey over Micheal Byrd by pinfall with the Game Over in 8:12

David Hightower over Theo Baylor with the 5 AM The Next Morning in 9:10

Gemini beat Kelly by pinfall with the Split Legged Moonsalt in 11:43

Impulse signed autographs during intermission 

Bobby Dean beat Dexter Poindexter by pinfall after Jestal interfered and hit Poindexter with a keyboard letting Bobby get the pin in 14:04

Andy Murray and Crimson Lord beat Chris Ross & Dylan Daniels by pinfall.  Chris spent most of the match berating Daniels until Daniels finally got fed up and walked out on him. Ross got hit with the Blood Lust for the pin fall in 17:19

WrestleUTA World Champion JFK beats Scott Stevens by pinfall after clocking Stevens with the title belt and covering him in 25:51

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